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Is Psychology only based on the ego ?

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Hi everyone, i would like to share/discuss a personal doubt about psychology .

I'm thinking going to study pscyhology, but many doubt arose in these days. I questioned my self if psychology has something useful. I think that the main problem is the ego, in every situation and in e at the source you find the ego/persona/.

I read the Social Psychology book , and in every arogument my mind finds ego . Maybe i'm influenced a lot by spirituality and can not go beyond this ideas .

Osho influenced me a lot saying that psychology is only pure madness.  Maybe all this spiritual stuff distorted my clearness to se psychology .

So, if anyone of you is a Psychologist or Psychitrist could help me to understand better this mechanism of ego and the structure . 

Thank you very much .  And sorry for my enlgish 

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Much of academic psychology is pretty crude. It certainly won't incorporate spiritual or mystical insights. But there's some value in it.

What you really want is transpersonal psychology, humanistic psychology, positive psychology.

Or just straight up spirituality, mysticism, and nonduality.

"Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself." -- Rumi

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It has value. Don't expect to learn anything about spirituality in your courses though. But relative knowledge is valuable to live in the world.

Actually I think spirituality should be a part of psychology. But it will take some time and some effort. Maybe you can help with that.


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No different from Christian indoctrination, just it has different images. 

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It's a really nice field to know about the mind.

Even if you realize your true self you will still have an ego, therefore a mind.

Like Leo said Enlightenment is the beginning, even Shinzen Young had to go see a psychologue to resolve some problems after enlightenment so ...

Nowadays there is psychologies that use consciousness has a tool to cure their patients.

I don't recall the name, but it's in the book of @Shanmugam 

There is also an University who study consciousness in England.

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