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  1. What is the feeling "I Am"? are you --and everyone else the same "I Am"?
  2. Neuroscientists use N-back to assess working memory performance. You press A or L when either visual or audio is matching what you've seen or heard two rounds back. Some people have trained themselves to do 7 times back. Here's one person writing of their N-back program: https://github.com/HMB-Entertainment/NZT
  3. Dual N-Back probably works in training working memory. See it as a form of meditation, most people answer the n-back question using intuition. Whether greater working memory is useful is another question, maybe for some things. https://www.gwern.net/DNB-FAQ
  4. http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
  5. Maybe try to look for used sets of dumbbells someone is selling for cheap or giving away, using whatever websites and apps you have available. If you are expecting to succeed it is pointless to buy the most expensive, brand new ones, since you will become so strong that you will need to buy more weights. Then buy a cheap healthy fat source like different nut butters. Or you can just eat a lot of nuts. But look what is cheapest in your local grocery stores. In my opinion you should just work on getting stronger, that's a bit easier to understand than how to gain a lot of muscle. As you get stronger you will also gain more muscle. So see your muscle growth as a bonus. Once you cannot gain any more strength, look into building muscle. Hope that helps.
  6. Stage Half-Life 2. This below is a video to Chairman Kim Jong-Un.
  7. Also you can always try different medications if you want to try.
  8. There are "nootropics" and supplements. https://examine.com/supplements/sarcosine/ https://examine.com/supplements/d-serine/ etc Scroll down here to see different supplements that have evidence in treating schizophrenia, whether its related to psychosis i dont know. But supplements can many times act like medications. https://examine.com/topics/symptoms-of-schizophrenia/ I'm sure there's other treatments that dont involve medications with large side-effects like therapy. Maybe exercise.
  9. I think that flights release a significant amount of emissions too. If EV's are the norm, then energy production and mining can be tackled next. So it's about solving one problem and then the next. If people just make cars last longer, they will still release emissions and so will everything in their production cycle.
  10. https://www.vegetology.com/opti3-omega-3-epa-dha
  11. Some people think its about having no thoughts. Yeah you can have no thoughts. But if you wanna function you're gonna have a few non-self-referential thoughts, like for calculating. It is already an exponential difference from your current state though. If you're interested in this topic I suggest that you search for Gary Weber on youTube.
  12. Culadasa writes in his book: "Historically, the prevailing view in cultures throughout the world has been dualism, the idea that matter is one thing and the mind another. However, close examination renders this view untenable. As a result, two reductionist interpretations have always existed side by side with the dualistic view, each eliminating one side or the other of this dualism. Materialistic reductionism asserts there is only matter, and the mind is at best an emergent property of highly organized matter. And modern neuroscience is believed by many to support this view. On the other hand, meditation and other spiritual practices often make it clear that our subjectively experienced reality is mind-created --- exactly the realization I had in my teens, although I arrived at it from a different route. This realization often draws people to some form of idealism, the other reductionist interpretation, which asserts there is only mind, and that matter is an illusion, a mere projection of the mind to account for experience. For them, science is irrelevant to any search for ultimate Truth. Obviously, I'm not one of those, either. I am a non-dualist. Primarily as a result of meditation experiences, but supported by rational analysis as well, I hold strong to this fourth alternative view. There is only one kind of "stuff," and both mind and matter are mere appearances. When looked at from the outside, this "stuff" appears as matter, and as such has been the object of scientific investigation. But when examined from the inside, this exact same "stuff" appears as mind. Non-duality, as realized through direct experience in meditation, completely resolves this dilemma. Both the implications and explanatory power of non-dualism are vast, and would require at least another book to even scratch the surface. But thus, I say that I have spent my life investigating the mind from the outside through neuroscience, and the brain from the inside through meditation." What do you think of this?
  13. Elon Musk actually created his own school for his kids and others.