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  1. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/newsroom/news-releases/fast-acting-psychedelic-associated-with-improvements-in-depressionanxiety
  2. https://www.lesswrong.com/s/3ELrPerFTSo75WnrH
  3. Basically Integral uses words that people are already familiar with rather than colors.
  4. Maybe he's a shill for nuclear power... https://environmentalprogress.org/germany https://environmentalprogress.org/founder-president
  5. Nuclear power is populist crap LOL. Guess Bill Gates is a populist.
  6. Lol. I guess 2+2 isn't 4. It's literally math, numbers and economics. See what happened in Germany once they shut off most of their nuclear power plants. They are now building new coal plants because unlike nuclear power, solar panels only work when the sun shines and wind turbines only work when the wind blows. And batteries are expensive.
  7. The writer of the article. ALSO Bill Gates is the chairman and investor for a nuclear power company called TerraPower but of course they can't build their new power plants in the U.S.A because of ideologues who are doing massive amount of damage to the environment due to their ignorance.
  8. Also, if you actually read the article, this forum isn't for spreading fake news and lies. Think before you post. Because anyone who actually read it know what you said isn't true. Here's some of the "Psuedo-scientific" facts brought up in the article.
  9. How about actually reading the article? It's not psuedo-scientific, short-term or reactionistic. Spoiler alert: It's about the case for nuclear power.
  10. Why Renewables Can’t Save the Planet https://quillette.com/2019/02/27/why-renewables-cant-save-the-planet/
  11. It's not a feeling, it's just "I Am". Sight, hearing, touch, feeling, thought (except the circular I-thought which is a kind of trance state), is I Am to me. I don't know what this I Am is though, that's weird. I think it's just consciousness. What can be. Not what can be in it. What is. The difference in searching for I Am and negating the questioner to me is that the search affirms the I Am with thinking. I know I Am. Of course in an intuitive way. But with dissolving the questioner I never pay attention to I Am. I think the only way you could've started this thread is because you search for the I Am and affirm it. Else you could've just been anybody else, except without a questioner. To know that you (winterknight) is enlightened you must've non-self-referentially thought it, I think, right now. But that is just a hypothesis.
  12. Also includes topics like: Psychedelics, Lucid Dreaming, Alternative Healing, Paranormal, New Age, etc.
  13. What's the difference between using "Who/where/what am I?" to dissolve the questioner/I-thought, and focusing on the feeling of "I Am"? When would you use one over the other in the pre-enlightened state? Can they be combined? And is it correct these are the two practices you recommend outside of the psychoanalysis/follow desire/emotions stuff? Sorry if you've already answered this. & Thanks in advance.