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  1. The only two companies you can trust on the gray market is Hab Pharma and Sun Pharma. They make Artvigil and Waklert. The pills must come in the original packaging.
  2. Why does the body-mind change with awakening if it's just an illusion within the Self? How come any body-mind can write of anything related to Awakening? Why are there measurements in body-mind to gauge progress of Awakening like peaceful mind, calmness, steadiness of concentration and inquiry? Might there not be a relationship with the body-mind and the Self beyond just one being an appearance or illusion within the Self?
  3. What's the relationship between the body-mind and the Self?
  4. Alright so I'm supposed to do this every time, when? Whenever I have a thought?
  5. So what we actually should be focusing on achieving is mental peace, calmness, steadiness of concentration in inquiry?
  6. What would be the markers in the body-mind of awakening progress?
  7. Is the Self all that can ever exist, at any point of time, in any universe?
  8. Is it possible for the body-mind to have no beliefs? Or must the body-mind have them and if so how do you choose? How does the body-mind change after nondual Awakening?
  9. Can you share some art you've painted? From before and after Realization?
  10. Good luck figuring it out. If you do, you will for all of us. There's a few users (possible the same user) saying those things.
  11. I think he means the physical buildings don't exist even though you think you see them.
  12. So realization is like seeing reality but knowing it doesn't exist? Or that it is a mirage? It is a dream? I was watching a video about China developing and deploying solar panels and then I imagined (thought) about it in my mind's eye but then there came a barrier. There was no need to think about it. Or I did and it was just blank. It was a relief. It was similar to when I did self-inquiry to stop thought and I did, and then a bunch of thoughts came up that everything was obviously determined. Because I've seen it to be true.