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  1. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/newsroom/news-releases/fast-acting-psychedelic-associated-with-improvements-in-depressionanxiety
  2. https://www.lesswrong.com/s/3ELrPerFTSo75WnrH
  3. What difference did you notice on the forum, if any, before and after the Spiral Dynamics model? Is it political by the way?
  4. Do you think this would work better? Blue = Traditional. Orange = Modern. Green = Post-Modern or After Modernism. Yellow = Integral.
  5. We all do. Especially when it pertains to our out-group. If you're a liberal and someone says they're a conservative all kinds of stories pop up in your mind just like it does for a conservative when someone says they're liberal. On another note. Integral theory is a joke if people who haven't integrated the best traditional and modern values are considered stage post-modern or integral. That goes against the model itself of where the upper stages have integrated the best values of the previous ones. Maybe people need more traditional good values like family and modern values like freedom of speech and responsibility. Not many people are taught that in school. And online.
  6. JP from what I've seen have said he's high in conscientiousness which is a conservative personality trait, but also openness which is a liberal trait. So he said he is not really either. So I'm not sure where you've seen him identify as a conservative. Anyway group-affiliation does not mean an individual member of that group, take the perceived values of that group. That is wrong.
  7. Basically Integral uses words that people are already familiar with rather than colors.
  8. What do you mean "as stated"? The definition of racialism as you said: The belief in the existence and significance of racial categories. Do you think Emerald falls under that category with that post under that definition?
  9. I don't know what evidence you're expecting? Emerald just goes on and on about gender in this thread. Just change the word feminine to women and masculine to men. Because I assume that might be what it is all about. See my altered text and then Emerald's. Cursive changed words.
  10. Also, in some countries, being a racialist is equal to being a racist. "Most dictionaries define the term racialism as synonymous with racism." -Wikipedia
  11. Emerald is a racialist and genderist.
  12. Providing evidence for one's claims is a good idea. The greater the claim the greater must the evidence supporting that claim be.
  13. Maybe he's a shill for nuclear power... https://environmentalprogress.org/germany https://environmentalprogress.org/founder-president
  14. Nuclear power is populist crap LOL. Guess Bill Gates is a populist.
  15. Lol. I guess 2+2 isn't 4. It's literally math, numbers and economics. See what happened in Germany once they shut off most of their nuclear power plants. They are now building new coal plants because unlike nuclear power, solar panels only work when the sun shines and wind turbines only work when the wind blows. And batteries are expensive.