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  1. here is a video by daniel Mackler, he goes deep on his rule #5 of the book 12 rules for life : Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them. also how Jordan Peterson misunderstands just how much kids are affected by childhood trauma and its not all nature or genetics.
  2. im not sure would it. how do you compress air?
  3. if the ice melts wouldn't the water level be at the same level because the size of the ice was pushing the water high so by melting it remains the same level? i saw a video that proves this. what do you guys think?
  4. @Matt8800 what do you mean by that? if you find someone repulsive its most likely got to do something with you rather then the person you find repulsive.
  5. @Joseph Maynor that's the seriousness of the game or dream. surviving is no joke
  6. @Wasem what are you currently doing? as in career.
  7. @Anirban657 i feel for you buddy. im also diagonsed with psychosis and are on medication. the medication is paliperidone 150mg monthly. im also experiencing chronic headache and foggy brain for the past couple of years. all i can say is stay strong and continue to work on yourself. how are your family supporting you?
  8. i have been having headache and foggy brain for over 2 years now do you think this could help. i started getting foggy brain and this dull headache feeling in my head when i was smoking weed about 3-4 years ago. the headache is consistent and im also diagnosed with psychosis smoking triggered it.
  9. so i've been thinking about suicide lately for the past couple of days and i believe on of the reasons is that i have the belief "i believe i will be happy when i die" so i did some work by byron katie and changed it to "i wont be happy when i die" now idk if its the belief its self but i got this feeling on my chest and its a weird sensation like a worry tightening sensation. not sure if its because its a change of believe that caused it. to change a belief you also need to change the emotion you attach it to. my question is it okay to have the belief "i wont be happy when i die" if it means you wont commit suicide or get a more neutral belief. also what happens when you change a belief? like do you get a sensation in the body or anything like that?
  10. that is so true and i love it lol aajjajaajaj
  11. @Antonius iv'e always wanted a girlfriend but it took me decades to have the epiphany if i actually wanted to be a boyfriend! to look at it from a different angle, do you want to be a boyfriend? what does it mean to be a boyfriend? why do you want a girlfriend? ive come to the conclusion that its okay not to have a girlfriend.
  12. hi guys. as it says at the top can you do shadow work while on anti-psychotic medication? i'm wondering because i'm on anti-psychotic medication for my psychosis?! or is it harder?
  13. yeah i also think its good to get rid of beliefs all together. what would happen if a person didn't have any beliefs at all?
  14. hi guys, my name is Daniel and i tend to just believe my mind with what ever it tells me. this then creates an emotional reaction. they tend to be fearful thoughts or create fearful emotions.the thoughts imply....if i don't do this then something bad will happen to me. an example would be lets say i'm at mcdonalds and i just finished my order and the lady gives my change back. now that i have the change a thought might pop up if you don't donate then you will go broke....and i automatically believe it and just assume its true and it creates emotional reaction out of me. this can happen multiple times a couple minutes. so how do i stop believing my mind and become a skeptic until its automatic i question things my mind tells me.
  15. thank you everyone
  16. @brugluiz thank you for posting the video
  17. @martins name lol
  18. does anyone know a website where you can talk to people like counselling and its free. like a place where you get to talk to them about anything that is concerning you. video sessions and send messages to each other.
  19. good luck buddy!
  20. i got a subtle realization when i read that lol very subtle insight
  21. whats your channel ill check it out!?
  22. growing up i always wanted a girlfriend and its something that brought me lots of anxiety and fear because even when i was young i thought i should of had a girlfriend by then. so the older i got the more anxious i was and was afraid of talking to people about it or even mentioning the fact that i don't have a girlfriend. so like when i was 10 i put lots of pressure that i should of had a girlfriend by then which made me feel inadequate. i have gotten over it now and feel less inclined to get a girlfriend. growing up and realizing its not something you must have. i have been part of the pick up community for about 2 years and i have gotten results like dates and numbers and lots of flakes lol, but still no girlfriend. i want to stop chasing and stop being afraid if i end up growing old alone and the fear of judgments of not ever having a girlfriend. so the reason i want a girlfriend is to just get it and over and done with so i dont have to think about it again and to just say ive had a girlfriend. i used to worry about not having kissed a girl and when i finally kissed a girl i never thought about it again and getting a blow job the same day i kissed a girl lol. my question is it normal to never have a girlfriend and to never have sex and grow old? i personally think its normal so idk why im asking you guys but i want the opinions of my fellow actualizes is it also ok to just stop chasing and move on to other things after doing pick up for 2 years? i also trust in the universe that if its meant to be i will get a girlfriend without me chasing thanks for taking the time to read this!
  23. Thanks for all your answers everyone. Much appreciated!
  24. i have this intuitive feeling that i should stop taking my psychosis medication. ive had this feeling since last year. i feel it on my chest that taking the medication is not the path for me. i know that not taking the medication could make me relapse but its whats meant to happen is what i feel. during leos latest video (My Deepest Awakening Yet - Becoming Infinite) when his talking but him having intuitive feeling not to take a certain path and how he followed it it triggered me and urged me to do the same. what do you guys think should i follow my heart?! im not scared to relapse and actually looking forward to it. right now in my life i feel numbed i don't know if its the medication or the headache i have. i'v had dreams about not taking the medication i'm scared to tell my parents and the doctors because their all worried about me and want me to take the medication i really want to follow my heart as its the best path to take and better long term outcome. thank you for taking the time to read my post. peace