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  1. The only people who may understand you are those who went through similar experiences. We should just accept them as they are, we may have done the same many times in our lives without realizing.
  2. @Nahm @hyruga All models are innacurate to some degree. All physics is based on classical mechanics, the Schrodinger equation is literally Hamiltonian Mechanics + probability. But the classical conception of time being universal, has been disproved by special relativity.
  3. Check out this website, the author is danish Nobel Laureate in Physics (1999 ) : Gerard 't Hooft The forefront of science is Theoretical Physics.
  4. "Silence is like a watchman guarding a desolate garden From faraway comes the sound of a voice weeping by the barrier In response, flowers bloom freely in the garden And flawlessly send you a message of gold"
  5. Music can make you very present. But you don't need it, I wouldn't listen to music while meditating, silence is the most beautiful melody.
  6. @korbes Actually everything is : non sentient and non physical. This is the same thing as saying that everything is sentient and physical. To be something you need to become something. Our confusion is born with language, I think that language and ego/mind are more than related, they may be the same thing. If you look at animals like lions, you can see that they exhibit many forms of language, not only sound-language, but also body-language which constitutes a great portion of communication even in us humans. When I look at a tree, I see no confusion in him, no fear, nothing to defend. Language will always be misleading, no matter how hard we try, because it is duality itself. I find poetry to be a really good way language can be used to describe experience. Language is the only thing we have, to communicate, but it may also be our greatest obstacle towards realization of the truth.
  7. @Guided Liberate itself from what ? Wouldn't that imply that there is something outside of the universe ? Maybe this thing that we call life is just another concept (?), life has a meaning only when not-life has a meaning, they cannot be separated. But I did not experience not-life or death, I don't know an opposite to being. Suffering is only an activity of the mind, life has no attributes. I would say.
  8. "The thief Left it behind - The moon at the window." - Ryokan
  9. From an experiential point of view, if we didn't experience Birth, why would we assume Death? Yes, nothing will ever stain it.
  10. One night I was staring at the ceiling, a sudden thought emerged with the realization that I've always expected that something would happen, that some experience would come from the outside, alter my consciousness and Enlighten me, so I did what I never did before, and the attention got inverted, it really felt like a total inversion of attention, from expecting something to come, to seeing what Is. And there it was, the most precious nothing one could never imagine, there was no fear of losing it, because it was not an experience, it was the essence, prior to all experience. I think that the concepts of Enlightened people, Ego's, Life and Death, won't do anything for us as far as truth is concerned. @The Don Look into your direct present experience and notice if there is an ego. The fascination with experience and images is what overlooks the obvious.
  11. Maybe because we can't give ourselves what we already have ?
  12. Stop masturbating, eating sugar and smoking. All of those habits that make you feel good for a short time, strive to get rid of them. I wish you all the best.