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  1. That would be interesting. What is your purpose and how are you acting on it ?
  2. I have been creative forever, but decided to take art seriously about 8 years ago. I did art school as well.
  3. In 2017 I did the Life Purpose Course. I already had a general idea of my life purpose. The course helped me to finetune my purpose, and most of all, it gave me insights into mastery and getting things done. A few months ago this culminated in an exhibition about Arjen Kamphuis. A well known hacktivist who disappeared in Norway. You can read more about this mystery here. I contacted close friends of Kamphuis and got the opportunity to exhibit in a chapel in which Kamphuis gave lectures and workshops. External success because: I was satisfied about my paintings and the arrangement of the exhibition, there was national media coverage and a high attendance. Internally, there were some congruence and authenticity problems. I was very happy though to burn through some last desire to prove myself as an artist. Important stage orange work has been done. And I worked like crazy, I created all the 13 paintings, did field research in Norway, and arranged the exhibition in a 9 month period. I’m currently doing the LPC again, because my purpose is morphing. And that’s one of the great things about the LPC: it’s a lifelong tool. Use it, and get to work in the outside world as quickly as possible !
  4. What is the best waterfilter out there ? And what are the options ? Filtering water from heavy metals, etc is one of the first steps of prevention. That being said, I'm a complete noob when it comes to this, so anyone any tips, or reliable sources of information ?
  5. Can you tell more about how detox works exactly ? Maybe other people know good sources/books about detoxing your body from metals ? I need to know more.
  6. I'm simply too busy (have other priorities) to respond extensively. Responding more extensively would be justified given all the useful advice. Let me just say that since starting this topic I made a soup for the whole week (to make eating healthier easier), tried to not fall in the bingetrap during weekends, and dig deeper why I crave unhealthy food sometimes (hint: stopping boredom and getting a feeling of love + plain pleasure of course). I don't know how this will develop in the future. It's still frustrating that going 100% clean (at least with the big offenders like grains, dairy and processed food) is something I'm apparently not willing to do. Going 70-80% clean in that area is still a huge risk to end up with serious health issues down the road. Btw, I'm around 10% bodyfat and in general in good health. But I do have some auto-immune issues that will worsen with half-assed clean eating.
  7. Some very helpful advice here. Thanks a lot and let me get back to you guys later (busy weekend).
  8. I know how to eat healthy and I eat healthy half of the time. But eating healthy is such a battle, every day it's a fight, evolving around 3 things: 1. It takes loads of time to eat healthy (at least 1,5 hours preparing/cooking a day). I hate that. 2. I am too addicted to food as one of the main pleasures in live and not willing to give it up. 3. Social difficulties: Never eating grains/dairy literally means I have to break up with my girlfriend and cut off a few friends. With my current food habits I'm on the road to serious health problems (also recently developed eczema), so I need to solve this. But I'm too addicted. Does anyone have any help ? Or should I maybe give up on eating healthy and accept my addiction ?
  9. Two paintings that were mostly practice orientated.
  10. @Michael569 I rely on good air flow, but a respirator is better (protective clothing I have). Apart from that chlorella seems the most safe and reliable choice.
  11. Because of my work/life purpose, I'm exposed to heavy metals. Of course I keep it to an absolute minimum, but I can't 100% eliminate exposure. What are some good supplements to detoxify from heavy metals ? I've heard of chlorella, but basically I don't know anything.
  12. Of course you are right that there has to be some push-pull. I do believe complimenting a girl is still great, but only after she deserved it, not too soon, and never be only positive/uncritical about her. Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough. When I mean top 5%, I mean the top 5% of at least the social environment I hang out in. I mostly hang around with academic or arty people in the main European cities (where the hot girls flock to): let's say clearly above average social and educational level, and also a good economical background. Let's face it, in these kind of social environments people tend to be healthier, which translates in being in better shape, better skin, etc and just better looking in general (also when it comes to fashion). Also, 'secretly' getting this 1 in 1000 girl is the goal, but 'my top 5%' is already a good start, and I got girls close to this on several occasions already, so it's a transition I can believe in today. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you would perceive my girlfriend (open relationship) to be close to a 10 if I would show you her best pictures. She isn't, but it's funny how perception can work. For example, men often overestimate the beauty of a famous girl all dressed up for a photoshoot and underestimate the (potential) beauty of a great looking girl that just woke up.
  13. In general I don't judge my friends on the basis of what they can bring to me network-wise. For me it's more important what value friends add in terms of humour, creativity/talents, adventure, loyalty (also in 'bad' times), honesty. In basic terms liking eachother for the people we are, not for what material success we can gain through eachother. Of course networking doesn't exclude the possibility of being real, loyal, etc with eachother, but it's a slippery slope. I'm also not that interested anymore in showing how amazing my life is (through social media and in real life), and maintaining that image. I've mostly gone through that phase over the last few years. But I didn't completely exhaust it, so there's still some motivation to live that out totally. And if my half-assed efforts in the past worked to get girls, then I can only imagine how effective a real effort would be. All this being said, I can set my 'higher' values aside temporarily, believe in the process and make things happen. I do believe you are right that it's necessary. Also, I do have some talent for manipulation (in the broad sense of the word - not the negative connotation), so if I have to create certain circumstances to succeed, I can. I started to make a list of concrete behaviours that I can apply to become more subtle. I already use many of those, but there's so much more. Good to know money on itself is still not a dealbreaker (not even for the best looking girls). My logistics (place I live) is far from ideal though and that's a money issue. I won't go into all my life details now, but the only realistic short term option to solve this logistical issue is to squat a place in Amsterdam (it's semi-legal). Thanks for the advice, it's good to hear the truth @aurum
  14. @Emerald, that’s a solid piece of advice I was already aware of and based on my own experience I strongly agree with you. @aurum Solid tips and I believe you are right. Redesigning my facebook profile helped me in the past, I also have good experiences setting up online dating profiles and my youtube channel. The question is how much I want to ‘whore myself out’, but it’s probably necessary to go one step further than I have done so far, in this area. I have very little experience with making friends for the sake of their high status. If it’s (temporarily) necessary, then it’s necessary. I had some glimpses into these kind of girls/places over the last few years (interacting with international models a few times, having sex with a girl that officially was a tribal princess and ‘connecting’ myself into the most high end club of Stockholm for free). So at least I have seen it’s possible, but I really have to step up to create frequent opportunities to meet the best girls. The good news is that these girls are slightly more accessible here in the Netherlands/Northern Europe than the US. Apart from this, my game also needs improvement. With my somewhat above average looks and bold personality I get away with sloppy game for the normal girls. But it lacks subtlety, tension-building and chasing qualities for the top looking ones. Let me ask one last thing: I know money is not a huge deal, but how problematic for the best girls is it that I live under minimum wage level ? This is tied to gaining momentum with my life purpose (art), but still… @CreamCatI'm not really good looking enough to answer your question, but as having slight advantages in this area I do notice girls are more open to me from the get go, compared to the very average looking guys. I can only imagine how much easier it is to get opportunities if you look like a model. Of course opportunities are just opportunities, you still have to make it work. Also the enemy of great is good, if you look amazing there may not be enough incentive to develop yourself.