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  1. Hi Guys, I am trying to learn Spanish and need a couple more interesting resources to expose myself to the language. So I was wondering whether anyone knows any high quality speaker / YouTuber for topics on personal development, business or relationships. Let me know your suggestions. Thanks
  2. @Leo Gura Thanks for the answer much appreciated. I also see a lot of similarities with SD and the stages of ego development. I haven't checked out the chakra system. Is there any straight forward resource you can recommend for learning about the chakra system? And to follow up on the initial question. I'd be curious what you think about the overall application of the iPEC Model. Since I feel the main difference to other models like e.g. SD is that the model focuses more on the moment to moment behavior & emotional experience / reaction one shows. Therefore I am getting the feeling it might be helpful to apply the iPEC model more in the daily space, whereas models like SD are very helpful with a longterm outlook since value changes do not occur overnight. Even though I tend to get a couple of insights and hints here and there on almost daily bases for where my SD development is headed. Let me know what you think about this difference in perspective when working with such models. Whether you also see a difference for example the ones that are more for daily practice and the ones that are more for longterm development and change. Thanks again!
  3. @Preety_India I don't believe there are any free resources to this. Though you can read a book talking about it called Energy Leadership by Bruce D. Schneider who is the founder of the program / model.
  4. Hi @Leo Gura, Over the years I noticed you have shoot a couple of episodes about topics that also get covered in the iPEC Coach Training Program (4 Stages of Life Development etc.). I went through the training myself, about 4 years ago, and I am still trying to wrap my head around a couple of principles and techniques that I have learned. I do understand them of course though I feel there is always room for improvment in terms of gaining more awareness and a deeper level of comprehension. Therefore I was wondering: How do you like / resonate with the whole model of the 7 levels of energy? What's your take on applying the concept onto daily life in order to learn more about one self and raise self awareness? Ideas for that can be to journal and try to get more awareness about the different emotions that come and go throughout the day or similar self awareness practices. In case you have worked with the model yourself, for yourself, I'd be very curious to hear what practices you have tried / implemented, if any. Thanks for the great work!
  5. Absolutely Devastating.. A man who was pure inspiration!
  6. @Ferdi Le for sure you are doing the same in your own way and areas. Still this is not the point of discussion. I would also be very interested in understanding his own self deception and the story he tells himself while being in the middle of the success & devilry.
  7. Interesting Topic today I have been thinking about this for quite some time now. What is a judgment and what purpose does it serve for the ego? @Leo Gura I unterstand that to demonize something or somebody means to not fully look at them. It keeps you from self reflecting and keeps up your self bias. How does this work with a judgment? I feel a judgement is the subtle, smaller version of demonizing and condemning something or somebody. You resist a certain part of reality, not accept it as something equally valid. It is also a protection mechanism to stay the way you are (physically or mentally). Still what is a judgement? Is it the "unacceptance" of a certain thing or person. Is it the demonization of that very thing? Is it just resisting something? And with these questions comes another one. Can a judgment be valid or not? From an existential point of view it cannot be valid since it carries a certain self bias with it. Still I can be hurt and die if war starts. So me judging it is not valid just because there is my self bias entailed? The annoying thing about this topic is that I have 1000 examples of judgements. I know what it does partially, but I have no on point definition or understanding of it. Please help me to create one. Share your thoughts and definitions!
  8. Hey Guys, I was curious to hear some perspectives on this specific points. What do you think are the most important 20+ life skills a human being in todays (western european) society has to develop in order to self actualize properly? @Leo Gura & everybody else Please list your 20 most fundamental "Life Skills". Obviously each of these skills has a subjective meaning. Example List - Hard Work - Strategizing - Knowing how to gain Clarity about own Goals & Dreams - Researching - Growing, Maintaining and Using a Commonplacebook - Setting Goals - Observing the Mind / Ego (self reflect) - Observing & Feeling the Body - Defining Your Core (Values, Purpose etc.) - Following Your Dreams & Passions - Being Confident & Dreaming Big - Self Mastery about Addictions (Food, Entertainment, Porn etc.) Gonna stop here. Do not want to influence to heavy even though I probably did already. Also I am well aware that these skills show my current state of development. At a later stage e.g. 10 years from now these priorities on the skills I listed might change and other skills would be more important. Now I am excited for someone else list!
  9. @Sahil Pandit thanks for sharing your advice. Especially like the 5 action step. Feel free to share them all. I am not just starting out which is why I already have or are implementing some of the stuff you mentioned naturally and more. Still I would be curious to hear all your teachings
  10. @Elisabeth Great point. It again refers to not being clear about intentions. I noticed lately that there is a growing fear of missing out a little on actively creating my social circle (especially girl friends) and I believe I just wanted to make sure that I am not holding myself back on that end. As I mentioned I am no really interested in sleeping with other girls at this point. Still I want to have some in my social circle, but can't get around this annoying standard for girls to be attractive in order to get my full attention. Not very proud about it, but that is what programing creates I believe. I guess I misconceived wanting to widen my social circle with doing some minor pick up in my post. But as intention clarifies. I also noticed that there is this internal pressure I put on myself that says "You always have to be able to attract any girl you like." It is not ruling my life in any bigger way then thinking about it once a month for a few minutes or so. So please don't think it is a big thing for me. Actually it is not. And regarding the power thing. I am not really into having a lot of power over people consciously, though my ego wants to be able to handle all situations with ease and success when it comes to having the intention of manipulating situations with beautiful woman if that makes sense. Another good lesson for becoming clear of what answers you would like to hear when posting. With this one I had no serious which creates an unclear message and question I believe. Still thanks for your answer. Grounded me.
  11. @Knock There was no very serious intention behind the post. I had some thoughts about this topic the day I posted and wanted to understand in which direction I can develop myself further. Your question about my intention is actually very helpful question to ask myself. Anyways thanks for the grounding post Really appreciate it. @Anna1 It could develop into a dangerous game I noticed as well. However at the moment I am not interested in that, which is why I am not creating any burning situations. But still a great reminder. @Leo Gura Getting clear on what I want is the key. That is causing the main internal problem. Loved the if a girl meets your standards spend time with her.
  12. Thank You @Leo Gura Yeah I am well aware about that. Being in a happy relationship already. I am also well aware that sleeping with a new girl each week is more than reasonable. The thing I mean specifically, if that makes sense, is what are the limits to creating a fast and lasting connection with a girl in the first place. Like first 5 to 10 minutes you meet her. So far this always came naturally to me at times and sometimes it doesn't which I am generally fine with since you don't connect with everybody. But I wanted to understand to which degree I got to develop myself to being able to have lasting connection with a girl within these first minutes and if I am maybe trying to create something that is stupid, since it is not really important. I know that if I would date a girl I would have dates etc. and it be on. But randomly without the direct intention of sleeping with her next days to create a connection that she is naturally attracted and kind of in (love). That is what I want to understand, wether I am still lacking this kind of fast connection skill at times. I also don't want to fake anything but be myself for sure. By the way I see that this is highly egoic intention for validation seeking. This whole description might be hard to put into words, because it is not so much about the "fuck a bunch of hot girls" thing. But more about my ability to show up as myself and be able to game or attract girls passively while creating a genuine attraction from my side. Any further advice on this particular thing? Thanks
  13. Hey Leo & Guys I was wondering lately up to which level I can develop me own attraction skills with girls to. I am a genuine looking guy, in this work for quite some time, have a wonderful girlfriend and am very fulfilled with the girl experiences I have had so far in my life. Lately I was engaging with girls a little more again. No cheating or anything but just engaging in conversation and reading there attraction. In comfortable settings I am getting great responses. Naturally there are not that many very engaged responses from girls I have met for a few minutes if it is in a more random setting (cold approaching). I don't want to fuck them or something since I am very happy, just wanted to understand to what level I could develop my skills to create very genuine, authentic connection with girls in very short amount of time (like a 5 to 10 minute conversation). This post is not so much about my own stage, level of skill or situation, but more about understanding what high developed people are able to create. By creating genuine connection I mean: - The Girl showing attraction - Being very authentic about who I am - Being light hearted - Making her get interested I know that there is a plenty of pick up and dating material out there so no need to explain any techniques or stuff I find that myself. More interest in hearing what some of you guys are able to do on high level (no states or one timers, but stage like development and high percentage of positive responses you can create). Appreciate it!
  14. @Sahil Pandit awesome story! Really cool that you started it, eliminated distractions & made things happen! Could you give some more insight on what exact distractions you have eliminated? And what your lifestyle looks like at the moment?
  15. @Michael569 even though you are on the path it sounds very inspiring. Love the passion and courage!