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  1. What are you literally asking?
  2. @Shin and anyone else considering this topic, Jiu jitsu / western boxing are generally the best way to start.
  3. The best supplement for concentration is a clean diet ☺️
  4. You can also download the .mp3 audio files directly from for free under “My Content”
  5. In a recent video of Leo’s he mentions this. I don’t recall what vid or his exact words but he says something to the effect “if you were the ego trying to hide the greatest treasure, what door would you put it behind that no one would ever go behind? Physical death.” an that you have to “trick the ego into killing itself. If you understood what it truly meant, you would never do it. But, you tell it about all the great things you’ll get along the way and eventually after the years, you’re almost there so you might as well go through with it.” He’s also described there being many levels of enlightenment and that it is a pursuit with an unbelievable amount of depth. It’s not, “ok, I’m enlightened, my work’s done” In the self deception videos, Leo also talks about the need to be physically alive as one of the foundational deceptions. So what is true vs what do you want to be true? Wtf do any of us ACTUALLY know about enlightenment? These are all just beliefs.
  6.ādhi to directly answer your question: yes.
  7. “I have lived with many Zen masters - all of them, cats” -Eckhart Tolle
  8. I was inspired by Leo’s commitment to his spiritual journey to participate in a 30 day challenge of my own. On May 1st, and every day since, I have been studying and practicing yoga. What are all of you doing to break your routine and produce results towards your inner and outer goals during this time? I have been doing stretching to properly attain yogic poses, reading books about the premise and history of these traditions and their application and performing the techniques. Day 1: after several hours of reading and basic practices I settled into a session of practicing the techniques. My lower body is very tight and I was not able to properly sit in the recommended poses. After some time fighting the positions I returned to a chair so that I could concentrate on the techniques. During my 2nd technique I felt as though the world disappeared. I felt a strong spinning sensation in a slowly moving plane. This was extremely exciting but I tried my best to maintain my concentration but I just couldn’t stay focused. I noticed it starting to fade so I focused back on my breath and discovered I could control it with the depth of my breathing. Before long my time was over and I retreated to bed. Day 2: I spent more time reading and learned another technique. I am up to 3 now. I started with trying different poses and I noticed a remarkable improvement in my flexibility. I could actually achieve one of the poses but it required some strain to maintain it so I decided to go back to the chair after another round of stretching. I did not have the dramatic experience I did last time, but I was fine with that. My focus was on a different technique. It was a pleasant experience and I am looking forward to being able to hold the proper poses. Day 3: Before bed I’d experienced some negative emotions during a conversation and I observed that I had a desire to sabatoge my practice, citing the negative as justification. I didn’t attempt any new techniques, but this was a great opportunity to experience that there is no reason not to practice yoga. It doesn’t “cost” anything. It restores more energy than it requires. It creates more stillness than it requires. After warming up my hips, knees and ankles I was finally able to meditate briefly in a half lotus. My right side is a bit tighter than my left. I believe the physiological reason for this is a particular way I’ve always sat on the ground, leaning to one side. After stretching and a few minutes of meditation I performed the techniques seated again.
  9. "Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own." - Bruce Lee Ultimately, "i" statements might not be resourceful to you. But you are not "there". You are here. Are they resourceful to you now?
  10. Bruce has become a favorite of mine as of late for this reason. A man with worldly power, influence and true wisdom. Exceedingly rare. Leo even quoted him in recently. I don't recall which video, but he commented about "a finger pointing to the moon" and not focusing on the finger. Might have been in the Quantum series.
  11. @Memeito I would tend to think not. In general, most fantastical claims are rather easy to prove, and never are, for simple reasons. As such, the James Randi Educational Fund was founded with its "One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge". That being said, i wouldn't put too much energy into researching breatharianism, telepathy, "faith healing", mind reading, future telling, ect.. other than for entertainment purposes
  12. It's not that rotten apples exist that bothers me, but that people are eating them.
  13. I. Hate. Bad Advice. If you've been involved with personal development for a while then you've seen it. Bad advice is everywhere. Some of it is intentional but the vast majority of it is not. Observing someone giving, or being given, bad advice just "bothers" me. How do you deal with it?
  14. "Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it." -Eckhart Tolle I find that I get more value from Phocusing on one particular quote and understanding it deeply. I apply it to as many situations as I can; almost as a personal mantra. Reading too many overwhelms my subconscious and, though it does make me feel good for a few minutes after reading them, I don't get any lasting benefit.
  15. @Revolutionary Think Leo's Ultimate Life Purpose course is a very good place to start.