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  1. Why do you need Ayahuasca having the possibility of just smoking pure N,N-DMT? Far deeper, profound and much more gentle. If you have a good vaporization technique (something like VaporGenie Sherlock, not a common crystal pipe) and surrender completely to the experience, yes, you can get to see God. I did in my first time. But it’s very rare mainly due to poor vaporization and burning the molecule.
  2. Satanism is not about praying a “deity” called Satan. Satanism is really about deifying the ego (their god is themselves). Satan just means “adversary” or “opposer” (to God) in Hebrew.
  3. Just personal things, sorry. Everything I didn’t face in my daily-basis. I was ignoring that things, simple fear.
  4. I did a 1P-LSD trip last Monday and it was so intense. I felt that heavy energetic release as well. At some point my ego was literally collapsing. Even that pleasuring hand shaking that @Leo Gura described in his DPT trip report. Very profound insights about how all reality is a manifestation of two opposite energies (masculine and feminine) which really are the same. The yin-yang. It’s something primitive, universal, inherent to all manifested existence. An eternal battle that gives life to all what exists. But it’s just a game. And always ends in a draw. I could see that literally anywhere, in everything. After that I realized all my blockages, that was not fun. But I know exactly what I have to do to free myself.
  5. Do you want to know what satanism really is and what New-Age movement really is? Just see Mark Passio.
  6. The toad’s venom contains about 15% of 5-MeO-DMT, the rest is bufotenine and other alkaloids. Also it only can vaped. So you need to smoke a much larger dose, which is not easy. Honestly, I don’t see any benefits compared with the synthetic form.
  7. So... I’ve just tried to vaporize 8 mg of 5-MeO oxalate and it works absolutely fine. At least if you have a good technique with VaporGenie Sherlock, I can say it’s equally effective as freebase form. No difference. And just WOW, of course. Surrender to the «whiteout» is precisely the «bottom level», beyond Life and Death. I’m one of those who were lucky to experiment this with N,N-DMT in my first time long time ago. I know it’s very rare but it can happen. I didn’t even know what non-duality was in that time. That «bottom level» is so close to @Leo Gura‘s dream experience after his DPT heavy breakthrough.
  8. One year ago I adopted a little kitty. Since then, every time I do some psychedelics (5-MeO-DMT, N,N-DMT, mushrooms, etc) she knows immediately that “something” is happening. Cats are extremely sensitive beings and they notice any little change in your mood and state of consciousness. Not only that, in my case, looking at her eyes I know that she knows exactly what I’m experiencing. For example, with N,N-DMT is like she was saying “oh, so you’re THERE, huh?”; or in my last mushrooms trip she was like a “helper”, supporting me and looking at me as if I were some divine god-like being. Have you guys experienced this? How do your cats react when you’re tripping or in a higher state of consciousness?
  9. Yeah, @Leo Gura, I know it’s just my ego’s prejudices, you’re right... but you didn’t have that pain snorting HCl, right? Shouldn’t oxalate be so similar?
  10. Hi all, Recently I got some 5-MeO-DMT oxalate (can’t find in freebase or HCl form) and I’ve tried 8 mg insufflated just for testing. So far I had only smoked freebase. The thing is it burns much more than I could expect. Probably bad technique, but definitely you don’t want this in your throat, so don’t snort in a heavy way like it was cocaine or something like that. I assume it must be just into the nostrils and be absorbed. Don’t put your head back neither because then it will go further to your throat. Anyway fortunately I’ve been careful with the dosage and only had slight effects, nothing close to physical death feelings or so. Most of the time I’ve been spitting out in the bathroom, since my mouth was salivating as hell with that physiological serum-like taste. Has anyone experienced this pain snorting oxalate form or it’s just me? Any recommendations? (I’m not interested in plug-in method, honestly don’t like the anal ROA idea)
  11. I noticed in many of lastest videos you named the word “chakras” and talk about “open it”. Probably we already know about that concept, but I really like if you could explain a deep understanding of what “chakras” really are and how really work at any level, including tips.
  12. Good point. It works. My friend did this way. No anxiety.
  13. Don't you find it contradictory to say "all time is happening AT THE SAME TIME" and "PAST lifes"? If it's all happening simultaneously (which is true) then just present exists, so there is no place for past or future, and consequently neither for past lifes or future lifes. Temporary perception only happens in the observer, in the separation, in the mind, in the ego.