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  1. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying "visuals" are important. That "infinite white light" is just a "pure point of infinite CONSCIOUSNESS". It's just ABSOLUTE BLANK. No distinction between "you" and "THAT". You ARE "THAT". No memory of being anything at all. Just NOTHING and EVERYTHING. No time = forever. That's the goal, not what you see. Some people may be consciouss of "THAT" without any "visuals". Just pure understanding, pure comprehension about THE ABSOLUTE. "Infinite white light" is just a "BOOM". The "farthest" you can "go" (inside of "yourself"). You don't even have any kind of "thought" at that point. There's no exist such thing as language "there". Beyond "life" and "death", beyond the "universe" itself. Also you can barely remember what you've experienced. It's just a feeling of absolute expansion, you've completely died and reborn. Pure consciousness (what you really ARE), pure LOVE. There's no need to have a large trip neither. Ten minutes of infinity are equal to three hours of infinity. It's just infinite, no perception of time. It feels the hole eternity has passed away in ten minutes.
  2. I feel that's the ultimate ego death / God realization, dissolving yourself into infinite white light beyond any form. But I can't judge the experience of others. Maybe he doesn't need to reach that level of ego death to realize God.
  3. That’s right. Vaping N,N-DMT it seems you leave your body when you pass away the Chrisantemo (like a tunnel), but actually it’s an inner travel. Universe is inside us. That’s why it’s called ASTRAL projection. We’re fractals of God. Everything is inside us.
  4. I’ve experienced that with N,N-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT. In fact entering N,N-DMT “hyperspace” is an “out of body” experience, you leave this “reality”, or an astral projection into higher states of consciousness. While N,N-DMT acts mainly over 6th chakra (all possibilities and dimensions of existence), 5-MeO-DMT acts directly over 7th chakra (absolute oneness, infinite white light, no entities nor another dimensions, just God consciousness). My method is vaping in both cases. N,N is more difficult to vape correctly, so is harder to get to 7th chakra, but it’s possible, I also did it sometimes.
  5. Do you leave your body and this world perceptions when you realize God using psychedelics (specially 5-MeO-DMT or N,N-DMT)? Or do you remain aware of your body and this world perceptions while you realize God? Have you ever dissolved yourself in absolute infite white light, with no memory of being any form?
  6. Why do you need Ayahuasca having the possibility of just smoking pure N,N-DMT? Far deeper, profound and much more gentle. If you have a good vaporization technique (something like VaporGenie Sherlock, not a common crystal pipe) and surrender completely to the experience, yes, you can get to see God. I did in my first time. But it’s very rare mainly due to poor vaporization and burning the molecule.
  7. Satanism is not about praying a “deity” called Satan. Satanism is really about deifying the ego (their god is themselves). Satan just means “adversary” or “opposer” (to God) in Hebrew.
  8. Just personal things, sorry. Everything I didn’t face in my daily-basis. I was ignoring that things, simple fear.
  9. I did a 1P-LSD trip last Monday and it was so intense. I felt that heavy energetic release as well. At some point my ego was literally collapsing. Even that pleasuring hand shaking that @Leo Gura described in his DPT trip report. Very profound insights about how all reality is a manifestation of two opposite energies (masculine and feminine) which really are the same. The yin-yang. It’s something primitive, universal, inherent to all manifested existence. An eternal battle that gives life to all what exists. But it’s just a game. And always ends in a draw. I could see that literally anywhere, in everything. After that I realized all my blockages, that was not fun. But I know exactly what I have to do to free myself.
  10. Do you want to know what satanism really is and what New-Age movement really is? Just see Mark Passio.
  11. The toad’s venom contains about 15% of 5-MeO-DMT, the rest is bufotenine and other alkaloids. Also it only can vaped. So you need to smoke a much larger dose, which is not easy. Honestly, I don’t see any benefits compared with the synthetic form.
  12. So... I’ve just tried to vaporize 8 mg of 5-MeO oxalate and it works absolutely fine. At least if you have a good technique with VaporGenie Sherlock, I can say it’s equally effective as freebase form. No difference. And just WOW, of course. Surrender to the «whiteout» is precisely the «bottom level», beyond Life and Death. I’m one of those who were lucky to experiment this with N,N-DMT in my first time long time ago. I know it’s very rare but it can happen. I didn’t even know what non-duality was in that time. That «bottom level» is so close to @Leo Gura‘s dream experience after his DPT heavy breakthrough.
  13. Thank you!!