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  1. Sounds cool haha. I'm going to try it
  2. @Danielle Thank You! I have heard about it a thousand times, but I haven't actually do it. Do you know any way to tap into a more authentic vision? Like, from the heart
  3. Hi I'm starting a lot of new projects, and I'm very disciplined about that. I'm getting up at time, and doing the right stuffs. The issue is this: I stared Self-actualizing like 18 months ago. The beggining, let's say, 3 months, where amazing. I learned a lot, and have all my stuff in place. Then, something happen, that I have a fall last year between May last year and July this year. At the end of july, I said to myself: That's enough. So I began doing the right stuff. The thing that made me fall, was my misunderstanding of The Sedona Method. If you know it, Hale, the autor, says: "Do this, and this technique, and suddenly, miracles will happen". To some people had work. But It took me one year to realize that it wasnt the right stuff for me. I believed that, in doing this method, I didnt needed to be disciplined. I didn't needed to read, or to learn, or anything. That sounds silly. I mean, how could I be such an ashole. The issue, now, is that I want this time to stay on track. How do you do that? How do you keep the momentum going, after the initial motivation? I have been a month motivated now, but, How can I keep it for a year, or two, or ten? I would love if you share your experience falling of track, and returning to track, then staying. What you do to keep moving?. Have a good day
  4. Hi Anxiety sometimes get so much intense, it's hard to cope with. I get what you are saying. First know that that's ok; every person at least once in their life has these moments. I have had them. Then, you can only know that what I'm saying is truth, if you test that, so, don't believe your mind. Believe your direct experience. But: Do you even know what your direct experience is? Really? Said that What you are experiencing can be labeled as anxiety. It makes very simple the stuff. Mind wants to complicate it, with stories and memories and lies and rational facts and all of that. Just label it as anxiety. Is that simple. Then, learn that you can learn to cope with anxiety. I know a lot of ways, I will present some: 1-Meditation techniques. NOT ALL MEDITATIONS WORKS. It has to be one specially designed to cope with anxiety. I recomend an online course ( Which will give you a lot of support through this process. It's the righ instruction. 2- Physical exercise and occupation. It's really hard to do an exercise when you are feeling down. But this is the thing: You get energy, by using energy.So, move your body. Make Yoga. Make something you loved as a child, even if you don't want to, just do it. Go to work. Do something. Dont stay home. 3- Being physically centered- This I recommend. It's the simplest most straight way. George Leonard, in his book Mastery adress that. If you are physically centered, it's impossible for you to be psychologycally lost. Again. MInd complicate stuff. It's very simple. Page 157. Do it every morning for one week, and you will find your balance [Note: remember to buy the book, support the autor] 4. Get into the path of mastery This is the most gratifying thing you can make. The book above can help you a lot. This is, I would say, the most foundational book you can read. Decades of learning. The only I can say, this book saved my life.
  5. Hi In my experience, there are at least two tipes of meditation One, is hardocore meditations techniques, the drive for this, is an spiritual one, This is playing at the edges od your humanity, so, if you want to do that, go do it. The other, is soft daily practise of maditation, which centers the mind and gives you balance; also, helps you to cope with stress and anxiety. I finded myself doing the hardcore ones, at the beggining. That's a very newbie mistake. My thoughs, came to be extreme, even suicidal thoughs came to me. Which I neve had had them in my whole life. Then, I said to myself: "That's enough". So I quited spiritual practice, I setted my priorities (1st Body health; 2nd Psychologycal Balance 3rd Family and close friends 4th Responsabilities and studies), and stared doing a course on techniques for calming anxiety. That's very important. I realized that before I could do any meditation advanced technique, I would have to first learn to be stable and balanced, and learn to cope with my anxiety, so it doesnt impact my day to day life. George Leonard, in his book Mastery adress that. I was being the obbsesive with meditation. I though that I would became enlightned and suddenly everything would be amazing. That's not the mastery path. The information Leo provides is very powerful, but very danger in the hand of boys. Summary: Learn to walk, before trying to run. Otherwise, gravity will teach you. Hope that helps
  6. @Truth It's amazing how one cane understamete other's advices. Watching my posts, one year after, I see how much have I learned.
  7. Hey guys Inhabitants and habitants I noticed you have done The Presence Process in the past. Need some help. Straight to the point I sometimes have this days of resistance, and when I have them, I notice a lot of supressed energy not moving free in my solar plexus and chest. I sometimes just be with it until it dissolve alone; but sometimes, I put Conciousness into the point, and it feels like having a knife anchored into some part between my column and my solar plexus, I contract; strongly contract the muscles for a while, feels a very very strong phisical and emotional feeling, and finally I feel relief. But it might be backfiring me, because at the other day it hit harder and doesnt want to leave, so I experience deeeeeep deeep deeep resistance to the moment, if you really, but really know what I mean with that, in the experiencial feeling. The question is: How can I know I'm being with the feeling unconditionally, and that I'm not trying to manipulate it? It's a very fine art of form, I have founded out the hard way. Can you give me some concrete tips? (How can I surrender vs just using the world surrender as a way to manipulate and want the emotion to dissapear.) Thanxs for answering
  8. Dude, not having a parent during your growth SURELY hurted you. and I'm not talking about some minor thing, your whole identity is built over that fact. So, when hearing about sexually stuff, it surely triggers something inside you. Not necessary that you have been abused, but some Big part of you feels painful, and thoughs difficult to bear, the thoughs you writted comes with those feelings. Now, you are aware of some sexually related issue, and it's a good thing, because only now, you can heal it. You are NOT a monster, you are an amazing being Do Not start thinking. Start feeling right fucking now in your body the hurt you feel, it will eventually dissolve. If you are interested about some help to do this, post me any concern or sent me a message. I've been through something like this, and I am. I know the difficult it is.
  9. Thanxs a Lot So, I can run this process whenever I want to come back to the present moment?@Isle of View
  10. Meditation for living an amazing clear life I got a Paradox; help me find out the way Hi guys I have been doing the Do nothing practice from 1st March (53 days from the day I'm writing this) and I see no positive results. I find my monkey mind (~half of the time, automatic negative thinking) taking control over me more often than it used to be before I stared doing this practice, with some implications like less focus, less joy, less mental energy and living in sometime outside the now. The Do Nothing technique have totally killed my ability to enjoy a bath. I'm doing 60' daily of this practice, mixed with the Strong Determination Sitting technique; and my mind usually have a period of peace in the 50'. It feels amazing. I enjoy the Technic, but I m getting bad results for it. What do you suggest me? Those are options, you can give me yours -Search for another technique: If that is the case: What meditation technique do you think is the best for Shutting the monkey mind off? -Keep doing this, this technique is effective and the results will come (I'm thinking in keeping it 90 days max) If you have experience using this technique, please share yours with the community. If you have used other techniques that could be helpful, please share it with the Community *And yes, my English is amazing, hope you notice that
  11. I just watched the video "How To Be A Strategic Motherfucker" For some reason, I experienced an unusual almost unbearable resistance with this video!!! My lower self got into power for several hours I have reaeeeaaally hard problems looking 1 year from now (I'm almost 18 years old). Hard topic, maybe the most I have heard from actualized. advises to project my thinking more than 5 minutes from know? Do I have to deal with the resistance? or maybe make baby steps? Are you a long-term thinker? You where always like that? how did you become into one? please share your experience
  12. T@Sarah_Flagg Totally interested. Totally willing to dedicate my time. See you
  13. you should definitely make a poll with all countries. takes time, greath reward I would do this, but you already created the post. You ca edit it an add one.
  14. Loool, I am from Chile, and I don't even have a yellow point. Must be the only one, totally proud of.