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  1. I mean it is approved to be used, so I assume its safe. I think the only other option for a severe case is surgery which could lead to sweating in other places...
  2. What deodorant are you using? Have you tried the one you put on overnight with Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate? You need to use it for a while in most cases before it starts to work, then you only need to apply it a few times a week if that.. Works for most people, they are pretty cheap so haven't got much to lose.
  3. I'm 90% sure joe is talking about him in that vid. I dont dislike Leo. Might disagree on some of the stuff he says. I was respectful to leo in that thread didnt say anything bad about him.... And i would like to see leo on the podcast get some general spiritual knowledge out to the masses. i posted the link above.
  4. didnt know how to use this forum so I dint post it first time round managed to find the thread
  5. Guess you havent seen that thread of Joe taking the piss out of Leo? Dont think he will have him on anytime soon?
  6. He will want to come back on again in a few weeks times after a few DMT trips as he changes his views to say something different.
  7. Leo says hes legit. Take that for what its worth lol....
  8. Both Funny and sad at the same time.
  9. Thought you guys might like this. Can easily watch at 2x speed if you want Starts of with basic stuff. Talks about tolerance. Future studies. Indigenous DMT and Prophets. Would have liked to hear more about this. I thought of making a separate thread about this as I have read loads of Spiritual experiences written thousands of years ago which coincide with people taking Psychedelics today. Crowd asks some decent questions. Wish this part was longer along with the whole vid actually.
  10. ‘There is no fate for those who reach or experience the heavens.’
  11. yes it does. Along with those fake smiles. scary
  12. depends if you are in a calorie deficit