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  1. depends if you have problems that you need to fix... better to first fix your diet + exercise get blood tests done see how you feel and go on from there if you need to correct anything diet wise...
  2. I have been meditating close to 2 years now. Only a few weeks ago I have actually learnt how to mediate, where my mind is still and single pointed. I used to get glimpses of this stillness every 1-2 months or so, but now I get it every time I meditate. However there is a distinct awareness of that which I am meditating upon and myself. What can I do so I am fully absorbed into what I am meditating upon? Shall I meditate and wait until I am fully absorbed, will that work? Anyone meditated for long periods can you chime in on this?( @Leo Gura Thanks.
  3. I see what you are saying. I didn't think he wasn't enlightened just questioned it as many other people have questioned it too.
  4. 1 Sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi This is the state of the jnani who has finally and irrevocably eliminated his ego. Sahaja means ‘natural’ and nirvikalpa means ‘no differences’. A jnani in this state is able to function naturally in the world, just as any ordinary person does. Knowing that he is the Self, the sahaja jnani sees no difference between himself and others and no difference between himself and the world. For such a person, everything is a manifestation of the indivisible Self.
  5. staying in a spiritually elevated state outside of mediation.
  6. up to a certain point. But you will eventually have to drop that train of thought of just rewiring the brain.
  7. personally I find its best to do it right after I get up in the morning. Its when my mind is already clear and I find it much easier to mediate. Also I try to carry on the meditative state I achieve in the morning throughout the day. Also the general consensus is to wait 2-3 hours after eating to mediate.
  8. Initially no. With sincere practice it wont be needed.
  9. yes, but many people cannot do that. Meditation is usually needed to get to that state in the first place or to make the now more prevalent . Q: How is meditation to be practised? Ramana.: Meditation is, truly speaking, Atmanishtha (to be fixed as the Self). But when thoughts cross the mind and an effort is made to eliminate them the effort is usually termed meditation. Atmanishtha is your real nature. Remain as you are. That is the aim.