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  1. @CroMagna Ok thanks. Is there anyone else out there who works from home?
  2. I've been working on the Life Purpose Course. I knew there was 25 hours of video but I didn't realize the course as a whole would take this long. I'm finishing college this semester and I don't like my major. I'm not sure what field I want to go into and I was doing the Life Purpose Course so it could help me with that. The problem is it's taking me so long to complete it. I need to finish this thing soon, and I'm not sure how much longer it will take me. I am currently on part 76 the busting limiting beliefs exercise. I had 101 pages of work before part 76 and I currently have 106 pages of work for part 76. I still have more work to do for part 76. For the people who have completed the course, how many more hours of work do you think I have left to do before I finish the course?
  3. To people doing psychedelics: I'm not saying psychedelics are good or bad. I have never researched them, but I would like to mention that Leo has not produced a single source saying that psychedelics aren't bad for your brain.
  4. Ehhhh I groan so much when I read stuff like this on topics like this. nothing good happens to me Are you sure there is nothing? I have no friends and I don't have a girlfriend. You don't need friends or a girlfriend in order to be happy. In fact if you want them so they can make you happy then you are going to be a lot worse off if they end on a bad note. Boy have I heard enough songs about that listening to popular modern music. I would guess 70% of modern pop music is complaining about a romantic relationship that has ended, is currently going on, or won't start.
  5. The TV news was playing on in the background of the room I was in yesterday and I heard that the oldest person alive in the world currently was 116.
  6. Like the neurotic video with a twist relating to the past. I like it.
  7. Lol I guess. The actual odds of it happening must be really crazy. (I didn't see this earlier) You're willing to help for free. I wouldn't care if you took 3 years. I'm very bad at responding on time.
  8. Thank you for the advice and thank you for the support you're offering. That is very cool about Lancaster. The even crazier thing is I have posted my hometown in my profile on 2 forums and on each forum someone mentioned about living super close to me. I have her book on Audible. I haven't started it yet. I never thought about looking up videos with her. That is a great idea. Ok thank you. I'll check them out in due time. I like the titles of the books. Thank you!
  9. Is this the correct book? The website linked only has a few pages. There are multiple books with the same name.
  10. @Zigzag Idiot @d0ornokey @Gabriel Antonio Thank you for such detailed responses. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I'm juggling a lot of different things in my life right now. I should probably slow down and focus better. Is The Course On Miracles very religious? I'm not anti-religion but organized religion kind of annoys me. With the link I was given it doesn't go past lesson 1.
  11. Thanks for the response! I didn't think I was going to get one. I will check that stuff out. I'll probably be annoying the forum with a lot of threads about book recommendations. The thing is I don't trust Googling something like this because if I was selling a book I would learn to beat that system the same with Amazon ratings by giving them out to tons of friends and making them rate *****, etc.
  12. Does anyone have any book recommendations about forgiving others, and yourself? Thanks.