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  1. Lol I guess. The actual odds of it happening must be really crazy. (I didn't see this earlier) You're willing to help for free. I wouldn't care if you took 3 years. I'm very bad at responding on time.
  2. Thank you for the advice and thank you for the support you're offering. That is very cool about Lancaster. The even crazier thing is I have posted my hometown in my profile on 2 forums and on each forum someone mentioned about living super close to me. I have her book on Audible. I haven't started it yet. I never thought about looking up videos with her. That is a great idea. Ok thank you. I'll check them out in due time. I like the titles of the books. Thank you!
  3. Is this the correct book? The website linked only has a few pages. There are multiple books with the same name.
  4. @Zigzag Idiot @d0ornokey @Gabriel Antonio Thank you for such detailed responses. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I'm juggling a lot of different things in my life right now. I should probably slow down and focus better. Is The Course On Miracles very religious? I'm not anti-religion but organized religion kind of annoys me. With the link I was given it doesn't go past lesson 1.
  5. Thanks for the response! I didn't think I was going to get one. I will check that stuff out. I'll probably be annoying the forum with a lot of threads about book recommendations. The thing is I don't trust Googling something like this because if I was selling a book I would learn to beat that system the same with Amazon ratings by giving them out to tons of friends and making them rate *****, etc.
  6. Does anyone have any book recommendations about forgiving others, and yourself? Thanks.
  7. For part 74 dealing with fear my answer for question 1 and question 5 are the same. Because of that my answer for question 2 is the same as question 6, question 3 for question 7, and question 4 for question 8. Should I come up with different answers? Or does this emphasize the importance of those answers? Thanks.
  8. @Shin I'm going to start working on shadow work. @pluto8 " Why is suicide illegal" I didn't know it was. What are they going to do arrest the dead body? "Yo, guys, I highly encourage yall to check out what cryochambers are. They basically freeze you down and preserve you to be revived in the future." I'm too paranoid I'll appear dead but I actually still have feeling and am still alive. That is why I am getting cremated. Yes, I know they test for that. I know my paranoia is odd over it.@purerogue "but you will get huge progress if you put time and trust into it. " My lack of results based on my work is soooooooooooooooooo frustrating.
  9. @XYZ Sorry if I sounded ignorant about it with my comment.
  10. Damn that is crazy. Sure makes me feel better about mine, I got nothing on him.
  11. Wow, impressive. Any recommendations that stick out from the others?
  12. When searching for videos I recommend using the YouTube feature that shows you the text of the videos and then try CNTL+F for what you're looking for.
  13. @CroMagna @CroMagna How is the job search going?
  14. Easier said than done. Trust me I know. I have been trying and mostly failing for 3 years. I disagree. I think this site can be helpful, but one should also see a counselor. Really? I didn't know that. My depression level is pretty much always the same.