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  1. You haven't changed my mind. I believe people are being honest with the polls. I believe if people are truly suffering to a large degree they will not hide it, instead they will complain about it because they want to feel sorry for themselves. "And on some random poll they are going to be fully honest and disclose their true sentiments?" This wasn't one random pole. I read about 20 and then picked one that was closest to the averages that I saw. The suicide rate in the United States is definitely increasing. That I agree with.
  2. Interesting point. I never thougt about it like that. You sound like me.@Nahm Let me be clear. I'm not saying people don't suffer. I'm saying not many people suffer deeply. 99% of people that are suffering deeply are going to respond to the pole I posted as unhappy.
  3. I think you guys are over estimating the amount of people that suffer. If someone is truly suffering a lot, whether they notice it or not, they are going to answer a survey about how happy they are as unhappy. Deep suffering leaves one unhappy. I don't believe you can be suffering a lot and not be unhappy. Well, maybe. But that percent is super small. 13% of the world considers themselves unhappy. Going back to the fact that I read on the Internet every country in the world over estimates the amount of people that are unhappy and every country over estimates the amount of people that are truly suffering.
  4. LMAO Leo's face in that picture looks hilarious.
  5. This pole is in line with the articles I have read from Google. So yes, most people are not unhappy. Here is an interesting stat (I can't remember where on the Internet I read this) every single country in the world thinks that the people in their country are more commonly unhappy then they actually are. I once asked my grandparents if people were happier when they were younger. Their response was "oh my god yeah". The way they emphasized those words was very strong. They also stated that "back then people actually cared and looked out for each other". And hell yes I would take that blue pill.
  6. I recommend ERP, even though I am sometimes afraid to use it which means I don't. Is ACT the technique that was created from Russ Harris?
  7. Im doubtful a phone can properly record sleep information. That is just my 2 cents, my opinion shouldn't be taken too seriously because I haven't looked into it.
  8. I'm skeptical about programs like this.
  9. What type of jobs have you been able to interview for? Are they for jobs that can solely be done from home?
  10. @Gligorije If it makes you feel better I sleep 12-35 hours about twice a week. That is in one sitting. I sleep through alarms loud enough for deaf people. I'm always exhausted at the same time, especially after I wake up from the the 12-35 hour nights. I would say on average per week I have 3 normal nights of sleep, 2 12-35 hours, and 2 10-15 hours of sleep.
  11. Have you made any progress in finding a job?
  12. Is there anyone on this forum who has been able to work from home full time?
  13. Is it possible to work from home and to make a decent, stable, predictable income? I have been working with a vocational type person who has told me that it is not possible. I find that hard to believe. Has anyone on here been able to?
  14. Sorry, but I feel like there are hundreds of things that are a bigger priority in my life right now.
  15. I'm impressed that you're thinking about taking it again. It is taking me a long time to just do it once.