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  1. I did a 3 month backpacking trip around SE Asia at around the same age as you and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Also suffered with social anxiety and by the end of the trip was a completly different person in this respect due to being forced to push myself out of my comfort zone repeatedly. In the last week of the trip I experienced a 2 day period of no-self too, which I didn't fully understand at the time. You're at the perfect age for it, so my advice would be to go. When you're older it becomes increasingly difficult to do these trips. Also you don't nesseserially need to spend all your savings on an entire year. Do 6 months initially and decide if you want to continue from there. Backpacking is rewarding but also tiring, personally I think 6 months is more than enough. Enjoy!
  2. I've been living in Taipei, Taiwan for the last three years. I would highly recommend it. Not quite as cheap as somewhere like Indonesia, but I rent a decent apartment with public swimming pool and gym for around $600 usd a month. You could go way cheaper if you are prepared to live somewhere not as nice . Benefits of living here: - Affordable for a big city - One of the lowest crime rates in the world - City surrounded by mountains and nature - Amazing and cheap public transport system. - Very convenient for almost everything you would want (similar to Japan) - Friendly local people and a chilled out vibe compared to most major cities. - Taiwan hasn't been affected much by Covid. Life has been mostly normal here for the last year. Cons of living here: - Food not so great (in my opinion) but some disagree - Language barrier can be slightly difficult at times, but most people speak at least some English. - Small expat community. Maybe this is a positive thing ? I don't know. Let me know if you want any more info.
  3. What was the darkest time of your life? What do you consider to be your greatest personal flaw? How do you see yourself/your life at 70 years old? Congratulations and thanks for everything.
  4. I'd say do what makes you happy. You don't have any obligation. But also, it depends on the reasons why you think you won't feel happy or fulfilled doing your original life purpose. If the idea of following through with this life purpose doesn't at least somewhat excite you, I think it'll be hard to stick with in the long term.
  5. Great film. I loved the moon shot - how did you achieve that?
  6. @LfcCharlie4 Can I ask how you got started with your publishing business? Did you take a course? I'm intrigued...
  7. Obama - yellow challenging green?
  8. I dont know what your purpose is but at 17 I would start working on building skills you think you'll need for your LP. Also enjoy your life and have as many new experiences as possible. You have so much time, dont take things to seriously and enjoy your youth!!
  9. You're a great writer. I could relate alot to what you wrote and was inspired by it. So you already have one person you have influenced through your work (me). Keep going !
  10. I like your positive attitude and your action oriented approach to making a difference in the world. You can do it !
  11. @Mirror of Confusion Hi. Can I ask how you organised learning Yoga for 6 months in India? It's potentially something I would like to do.
  12. How to balance enjoying the moment (being) vs. strategizing for future plans, goals or life purpose?
  13. I teach English as a foreign language. I think really it just comes down to speaking practice and building confidence. If you are prepared to invest some money, I would suggest finding an online teacher through a website like Lessons are much cheaper than in person classes. You can practice one-on-one speaking in a comfortable enviroment rather than a pressured social situation.