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  1. If taken on separate days can armodafinil effect the function of microdosing psilocybin? I know that armodafinil has long half life, I was thinking microdosing when completely dissolving, but this will not be consistent microdosing.
  2. Does anyone have experience with monoatomic gold?
  3. Does anyone know any sources for developing the fourth-mental body in the context of the seven spiritual bodies?
  4. Consciousness is very strange, I have begun to think that when you think you have consciousness you do not have it and when you have it you think you do not have it. I have noticed that when I am really focused on doing yoga and being disciplined, everything is showing me that I do not have a high consciousness and the ways I am fooling myself comes to the surface, and today at the moment I am writing this after a few shots of rum and alcohol I feel that I'm more aware than ever, quite interesting.
  5. I haven't felt any heat sensation, but I have heard that is a common symptom. I only feel the movements, and refreshed and in a good mood after kriya for now.
  6. I was maditating and I stared seeing strings everywhere and I felt like something was about to happen so I stopped and in that moment I felt pain in perineum like pressure and energy started moving all over the body I didn't know what it was so I panicked and my reality became a ball of jelly moving and stretching for a while, after that only the moving sensation in perineum remained for like 1 week.
  7. I have been experimenting with kriya yoga for about 3 years and I have tried various techniques. After a very intense experience with lsd I noticed a movement in the prostate and this energy was going all over my body, after this experience nothing similar happened for the last 3 months, now on I have started daily kriya exercise after some tips from the books of Santana Gamana. The movement in the perineum has become quite intense at the time of exercise, and at moments during the day but mainly when I am resting or when I am ready to sleep. The feeling between my eyebrows is becoming quite intense throughout the day, and I feel my spine more than ever before, I also feel a more intense sensation at the point of the heart but in the spine. At bedtime I also experience vibrations in my head going throughout the body and energy and movement in the perineum. The symptoms do not seem strange or annoying I just want to ask if anyone has any idea what else to expect and other tips, thanks. ?
  8. Something has been going on for quite some time now and I want to share it. About 2 years ago I started listening to ram dass lectures, the day that I started was when I had taken lsd and back then his voice brought me so much calm and clarity so I continued to do it without being under the influence of lsd. Some experiences started to happen, at first for no reason I just felt happiness, emotions, and but I did not pay much attention, then something like vibrations started to happen in my head and an energy was passing through and I had goosebumps all over my body that made me feel very nice, I have noticed that this happens almost constantly when I lie down to listen to lectures and I just relax, I feel my body hovering and these vibrations constantly. Today it started again with these vibrations, I started to feel that my body rose with my head down and I started to turn like a whirlpool and at the same time these vibrations were hitting me, I started to leave more, and I found myself in a house (in my mind I was still listening to the lecture) in my head there was this feeling like numbness and at the same time I felt my face smiling and I felt very happy, I looked around and saw that the whole house had pictures of ram dass guru maharaji, in all these pictures he seemed to be looking at me and laughing, he was pointing me, it was like he was teasing me, and I just felt happy, and for some reason I thought I was there again, and that it must be the ram dass house, I left and found myself in a military based in Russia, (I have nothing to do with Russia) I went to my room while I was wearing headphones and I was still listening to the lecture, there was a soldier who started talking to me when I entered, so I took off the headphones, but when he was talking I heard ram dass talking through his mouth, at that moment I thought he was really saying something to me, and that I just could not hear him, so I started telling him I do not feel well so we will talk tomorrow, at that moment he looked at me with a look as if he knew what was happening he smiled, and changed to a woman who fell on the bed and was talking to me but I could not hear her because I was still listening to the voice of ram dass, I told her the same, and she looked at me with the same look as if she knew and left, again I was caught by the seriousness of the situation and did not see through the illusion but very extraordinary experience.
  9. The fire is burning for 5 days YouCut_20210807_132137653.mp4
  10. Just now, something quite strange happened, I was lying down and listening to the autobiography of a yogi with headphones, I was lying down for a long time and after a while, I started feeling movement in the prostate, in the whole back, and a feeling between the eyebrows, at the same time I felt a sensation all over my head that I can not describe but I felt like I was going deeper into my consciousness, like a buzzing but not continuously instead like hits. Because I had similar experiences in the past I had not a problem with that. After a while, as I was listening and feeling these sensations, I started hearing hysterical laughter from a woman, which seemed very strange, at the same time I wanted to stop and to continue, I decided to stop and at that moment I realized that my body had paralyzed my eyes needed force to open and it took a lot of effort to get out of this state, what exactly it was I really do not know.
  11. I am really impressed by how much they want the whole population to be vaccinated, the Greek government decided to give 150 euros to people aged 18 to 25 who will get the vaccine. Also, new measures will start from July, people who have done the vaccine will be able to sit in specific places inside a store and will receive 85% of the space, and the remaining 15% for people who have not done it, as well as the fact that every business will have the right not to allow you to sit if it chooses to. This seems to me to be quite strange since the mortality rate at these ages is very small and the rest of the population that really needs it has already done the vaccines so I see no reason for people at these ages to do it and take these measures.
  12. For a long time I feel very strange as if I have a lack of energy, my mood drops, and I get bored very easily, and I have noticed that only meditation lifts my mood and I feel happy but for a while, then I feel like I miss something again, I think I feel these thanks to meditation and spiritual work but I'm not entirely sure.
  13. I have realized that one of the obstacles that limit me and do not allow me to evolve as much as possible, is the feeling of loneliness. Even if I have enough close people that I hang out with and I will go out with them often, I have come to the point of knowing that going out often and not devoting the time I would like to my spiritual and cognitive development is not something useful and what really I would like to do, during the day I will dedicate a lot of time to my development but quite often I have feelings of loneliness that lead me to go out, I would like to hear some advice for this issue.
  14. @NoSelfSelf Is just so fucking weird that when I am trying to astral project with some technics it won't happening, and it happens out of the blue, fuck me.
  15. I was gonna sleep, and for some reason it came to my mind to listen some lectures of Ram Dass. While I was sleeping I could still hear him talking and I remember saying that ''When I talk to you for me it's like talking straight to god'' in that moment I felt goosebumps all over my body and a buzzing in my ears like when I have sleep paralysis, in that moment I started feeling my legs floating as if there was no gravity, but that made me wake up and it stoped. What are your thoughts about that?