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  1. @Leo Gura So I've decided to take a shot at university despite throwing the towel in on it 2 years ago. I'm quite happy with my progress so far and have found learning about deeper topics in regard to Human Physiology to be deeply fascinating. I believe the cost to me is worth it at this point as I've figured doing something is better than nothing in regards to a career. I am interested in health, I think it would be difficult for myself to open my own practice without the proper training that a university could potentially offer to me. What are your thoughts on University when it comes to health in a country where Medicare exists and there seems to be a trend of an ageing population?
  2. Hello Actualized community I've had dreams for the past 2 nights about a place I lived for 7 years but left almost exactly a decade ago now. I haven't been back since and had to leave friends behind for a more promising future. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by it at the moment and I'm thinking of doing a trip back down there soon. Not really clear on what dreams mean so if anybody has any knowledge on this please reply.
  3. I went to orientation for psychology yesterday and am nervous about it not being practical enough for me. I thought I'd give it a try because I expected there to be some personal development involved. I also got an offer for sport and exercise science so I'm confused as to what I should pick like I don't just wanna quit before its even started. Like for me I do lots of jobs that feel below what I'm truly capable of and sometimes I wish I had better direction to do something better or to at least follow through with it. I do advanced personal development as well as more fundamental stuff with Jordan Peterson and I guess I feel alone on this journey. Like I want to help people to become happy with themselves and I'm an advocate personality so can anybody here help me.
  4. So I left school 2 years ago and have some university offers for sport and exercise science along with Psychology. Can't choose what to do as 2 years ago I got into sport and exercise but backed out due to lack of focus also the uncertainty about if it were for me. I found it to be quite heavy in Mathematics and Science, so my reason for choosing it again was because I enjoy sport and also go to the gym regularly. I enjoy topics such as human optimisation and often enjoy watching psychology related content. I do have an interest in Physiology when it comes to things such as benefits from cold water showers and improving diet etc. So the life purpose course came up with Personal Trainer for me a couple years ago. I haven't actually done it for a living yet but don't expect much money when it comes to paying rent and when it is such a competitive industry. So my mission was to help people to become happy with themselves through strength training. I have done Go for your win by Aubrey Marcus which pretty much told me to gain a better understanding and to live out my dream day which was really just an improvement of my quite solid daily routine outside of the work part as I don't currently hold a job. I'm closing in on completing JPs self authoring Suite which my future section was a little jumbled. Kind of between trying University and then becoming a Police Officer as I think it suits my circumstances also my top 3 values Purpose, Personal Development and independence. So yes I'm a bit confused with it and some advice to work from would be great thankyou.
  5. @luismatos Get clear on your values from the life purpose course and use those as a compass to guide you. They will also help you to prioritise where you place your energy and bust any limiting beliefs that are holding you back with programming.
  6. I'm thinking of documenting my life purpose on the forum, YouTube, social media or through a Journal has anybody had a similar idea. How have you gone about documenting your story? is it a wise idea or the idea or a fool? I'd like multiple opinions on this if possible and for the record I completed the Life Purpose course 1 year ago and have completed a course done multiple jobs also have a read a couple books etc. Looking to share insights, ideas and helpful information along the way so maybe I could inspire people to pursue a life of purpose.
  7. Get in there and have a look for yourself if you have an interest in health and fitness.
  8. Hey guys for anybody involved in health and fitness I highly recommend this page lots of knowledge around Personal Training, Nutrition, Wellness Coaching and Writing. Thought I'd document it here for not only my own reference point but for anyone like myself considering taking a similar path etc.
  9. Thanks @Wyatt observing group training and taking on a PT certification sounds good. I sort of see this career as maybe a stepping stone towards coaching people or something like that as I have a passion for Personal development as well as Fitness like most Personal Trainers would. Do you see many trainers who do something like this and move into nutrition, coaching or moving into other spaces. I see trainers paying like $250 rent a week and to me it sounds like a feast or famine kind of industry. I enjoy the training and personal development aspects I just think it must be a hard place to make money if you do what everyone else does I guess I'd like to bring something a little different to the table than simply being an ordinary trainer who pays to work in a gym and has to find a way to simply keep clients. I just think maybe I should be striving for something greater such as coaching people with nutritional advice and maybe holding boot camps for these people as well for a more rounded approach rather than simply telling somebody to do squats or something.
  10. The recommended books are something I didn't read maybe I could try getting a few on Audible and some Hard Copies thanks @SgtPepper. @Wyatt Any recommendations for somebody with only their Group Trainer Certificate?
  11. Hey guys I finished the life purpose course at the start of this year which propelled me to do switch jobs and pursue a fitness course I still haven't entered into that industry yet have been going to the gym now for 3 years which has helped my self confidence etc. The thing I'm stuck on at the moment is at the end of the LP course I didn't feel fully convinced by my purpose and may have limiting beliefs about failure or money surrounding the industry. There is another trade I've been considering it's the job my father and his have done except my Dad has always tried to steer me from this path saying not to do it due to inconsistent work or tried to set me up with different jobs. Don't have anyone around me who I trust enough to turn to but myself and another note I might add is I've done a few different jobs lately but now I've been unemployed for a bit as those jobs didn't feel authentic. Starting to feel like a dabbler... when it comes to finding work I've tried to steer clear of an industry I once worked in but seems to be quite prevalent in my area but I've found other opportunities. So yeah I'm a year away from mature age so feel a time pressure to know what I want to do. What are some good questions I can ask myself or what can I do from here to get to my purpose.
  12. In a similar situation in that becoming a professional sports player was a dream as a kid. I'm now 20 have a passion for the gym but fear not making enough money and becoming a failure etc. So I've been through 5 jobs this past year and find myself unemployed 2 jobs I left and 3 let me go mostly for not having anymore work for me or because I simply didn't see that job as a career. I gave up sport about 3 years ago when I got a girlfriend who I'm still with and to be honest I enjoy working itself but I tend to eventually clash with my boss in some way or another. Personality type is an advocate in which could have some relation. When I tend to do a course such as life purpose course or a fitness course I change jobs guess I beat myself up a bit. Just trying to figure this out and understand why I'm in this predicament. I've worked in Hospitality, Construction and have done a few other side gigs advice is welcome.
  13. @Leo Gura do you practice cold showers? I have found the Wim Hof Method to be an effective tool in my personal development over the past couple of months.
  14. @Leo Gura 1. What time of the day do you practice Kriya? 2. What is a good practice time to start with and work towards in your experience?