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  1. @My_Name_Is_Mud how can you compare a human getting draged out of an airplane to animal slaughtery?
  2. everything you write is also a belief or meta-belief. You still did not point out what the root of all suffering is. Regardless, I think all your "advanced" theories just mess things up. Try to leave all your books aside for a second and just be a normal human being. @My_Name_Is_Mud "NO THE REASON YOU SUFFER IS BECAUSE YOU SO FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING"
  3. ok, explain what you mean by this then
  4. @My_Name_Is_Mud it was a question, and yes I think it's relevant if you know what you are talking about, which I doubt, therefore the question
  5. Do you know what you are talking about?
  6. Can't the people in this thread just observe their thought process instead and see that everything that you projekt has everything to do with you?
  7. Just wanted to share this
  8. The ideal is ofc to have a solid self structure when you do that work, rather than using it as an escape for the more basic development work that's well needed.
  9. Ofc getting success it telling something about your happiness level? It's maybe not the success in and of itself that does it. But it tells sometng about your psyche and development that you've succeeded with something? It says that you have a relative good self-esteem and are independent, wich brings some happiness compared to someone that can't succeed. @Leo Gura
  10. @Mat Pav yes, enjoying anything require mindfulness. But doing and accomplishing these things is a singn of raised awareness.
  11. I don't understand what I really need in life. The pyramid of needs is of course relevant. I never understand what the fuck I should do. IF I'm bad in school, SHOULD I get better? IF I'm bad with relationships, SHOULD I get better? IF I'm fat and overweight, SHOULD I get better? The answer is of course yes, but since they really don't bring fulfillment how serious should them be taken? Even if material and external thing in general don't bring fulfillment, it must be more fulfilling pursuing all these things than just be an half lazy in general not that happy person? I mean of course you should your basic human needs, but I still don't get it.
  12. Hi, I just found out about a youtube channel that seems have alot good stuff in it. It's a guy from canada that lived the westerner lifestyle but later transformed himself in to a monk. His message seems very valid and awsome for those who want's to go down the spiritual path. Here is the channel: