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  1. Tried again with cotton and some cleaning liqour and rubbed really hard, it's now gone
  2. I still have the shrooms in my blood, but I maybe do it before the next time
  3. Yes, but since im not alergic towards anything and this has never happend before, the chances are quite low
  4. Okey, thanks! @cetus56 @snowleopard
  5. Nothing else but the wierd pigment. It must be the mushrooms.
  6. I’ve touched the mushrooms several times and days before I took them. And the day was an ordinary day and i have nerer been alergic towards anything. This is the first time in my entire life something like this happend. @cetus56 @snowleopard
  7. I took my fist shroom trip yesterday, 1,34 g, and I woke up with this and I can’t wash it away.
  8. My experience with binaural beats is really good. It could be realy helpful to use it when your sleepscedual is off, because it makes your find so fucking calm if you never use it and then all the sudden do it in a high manner. Not only that, but I've fond my sleep been veery good too, so it's not that it just helps you go in to sleep, it makes the sleep wayy deeper
  9. Hi, I dried my mushrooms a couple of days ago and they got fairly dry, then i put them in a plasticbag for a day and now they're quite moisty, could this be bad? They are quite blue overall and I just get a bad feeling over them... Can I just put them in some papertowel and get the job done anyways? will they be as potent as they should? Thanks
  10. Holy fuck, I took around 30ug the first time and I felt like a saint haha;) Have you done other psychedelics than LSD?
  11. but they might see the cut our pieces in the book and understands what it is.
  12. @wavydude Don't they have some form of x-ray so they can see the LSD tabs?