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  1. Since you have done so much of it, how has it affected you life? Have you tried dmt or something stronger?
  2. I will probably not go put and pick them myself, seems so complicated and ill probably fuck it up somehow, har ingen koll på hur det funkar och pallar inte lära mig allt och typ läsa om vart man kan plocka svamp haha
  3. But it’s a guy in my area that will get the dellics for me, I will probably meet him if I buy them.
  4. Australia is an awesome country in general, psychedelics isnt everything you know @Outer And even in Sweden it’s really hard to get, I just posted a random post that i wanted psychedelics with my snapchat in a random open forum and then he added me lucky as fuck, I have no contact with that type of folks what so ever.
  5. 2 years is quite long, who do you think that person would be? Someone who is 40, have two children and reached his career?
  6. @Berjohansen Yeah I want shrooms more than LSD, I just have’nt asked him, and he hasnt mentioned it. what do you mean? Fleinsopp? Are you picking it in the woods?
  7. @Outer there is no schizofrenia or personality disorders in my family tree, there has just been derpression from what I know, and i was severly depressed 5 years ago. Right now I just work as a barista, im 21 years old I almost never have anxiety, altho worries. I kind of plan to move to Australia quite soon so that might be a problem, but I don’t think so
  8. @Serotoninluv I have’nt tried anything yet, he has lsd, can likely get dmt and even 5-meo. If just got a chance to buy 5 meo i would buy for like four trips just in case ive said to him that i want three of each to begin with, so i’ll try lsd three times before dmt and then hopefully meo
  9. @Serotoninluv the person i’m getting dmt from says that it could be good to not take a very small dose the first time, becuase the brain get’s used to it? Seems false, regarding psychedelics.
  10. @Serotoninluv when your trips included anxiey and such, was that because you saw supressed stuff in yourself or was it just pure unconcsious anxiety?
  11. @Serotoninluv which psychedelic did you take?:) ofc, the ego always want controll, it doesnt work trying not having controll
  12. @liquid hahaha, I will always be sceptical about flashback;) but reading tripreports seems fine there:)
  13. @username have you tried it yourself and how many books have you read?
  14. @username does it seem like I think it’s toys? I have huge trust in Leo and what he says regarding psychedelics in his videos, i have a pretty good understanding of how deceptive the ego is which I think is the most important thing. Is it really nessecary to read alot about it?
  15. @username i havent read anything about psychedelics, the thingis I know l know is what leo have said in his videos, since many have in this forum O thought I could get an everlasting answer. I get scared when a vaild website say that you can get psychosis and personality distordes, so O figure l question it here:)