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  1. Or I mean... it matters what psychedelic you use the first time. You should not use dmt, 5-meo or ayahuasca the first times, but I think you understand that
  2. It does'nt matter what psychedelic you pick first, try the ones that you know are safe and take 20% under the "standard" trip and see how you react. The first time I tripped on shrooms I did 1.2 grams on an empty stomach, and I felt that was enough. What would be the alternative to shrooms?
  3. Is’nt your social anxiety the problem? If so, you have to talk to people. What you do around, that makes you raise your consciousness have to be figured out by you. Here you have some options: Psychedelics meditation yoga cold showers positive media Quality food Quality sleep walking/running Binaural beats Traveling Dancing
  4. I don’t know you so I can just give advice, if meditation works for you, keep doing it. I feel like meditation and self inquiry can be the worst and most subtle distraction you can have because It can create a deception of high consciousness and the ego will use that for its own good. All this high consciosness talk can be so dam silly. All this talk about that nothing will make you happy and only ”being” will... Yes, that might be true when you go full cirkle or have dedicated your whole life to meditation and self-inquiry and that’s all you do. But if not, healthy relationships are a way more easy and direct way of getting higher consciousness, and it will make you happier. I don’t have any definate answer. Self inquiry to some extend can be healthy for everybody I think. You just gotta be really honest with yourself and see what’s working for you, and since you have social anxiety, you should probably change strategy.
  5. Have you tried microdosing? I don’t think you are at the point where you should self-inquiry. You need to build a stronger self-structure first. I don’t think you should meditate either. Eat more healthy and do yoga instead:)
  6. @Raymondo do you remember when you were at your peak of happiness in your life? Did the actions had to have a meaning for you to do them?
  7. Okay, that can be true but that’s what I’ve heard atleast;) I highly recommend you to try shrooms or lsd a couple of times before. It’s hard to imagine how humble you will get when the psychedelic takes you. What’s the training you’ve done that’s supposed to make you confident during an ayahuasca trip?
  8. I have’nt experinced any of them, but from what I’ve heard is the first ayahuasca trip usually quite positive. Have you done any psychedelic before?
  9. The more conscious people get, the harder it will be to manipulate them. Alcohol makes you sick and unconscious. Again, it has nothing to do with honesty, it's about maintaining power. Do you know what else you do when you are unconscious? You eat shitty food that will give you cancer, heart disease, diabetes, alzhiemerz, dementia etc. Who do you think will sell you the pills that will "help" your sickness? When you eat shitty food, drink alcohol, your sleep and your relationships will get worse. Do you understand how hard it will be for you to get aware of how the goverment manipulates you when you have serious lack of these fundamental aspects in your life? And then they'll tell you that money will make you happy. And tell you to drink more milk to get strong bones... whch instead probably will give you prostate cancer or some other shit. That's just two lies, and that shapes the life of millions of people. They will not even think about it, and might even like it because they think it feels amazing to stay unconscious. Just because you drick alcohol once or twice does'nt mean anything, but if you imagnie society at large, what a change that would happen if everybody stoped drinking alcohol? The goverment would not like it
  10. Do you think the ones how makes the law care about what’s true? Or what’s ethical? They care about maintaining power way more than they care about your health. It will become legal, but the process has to be slow, and the process will never go too fast.
  11. Awesome!=) @JustinS @WildeChilde
  12. @JustinS @WildeChilde Okay, in what practical way have your life changed since you started with it?:)