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  1. Yes. I think that's it. He gives crystal clear examples of what it means to discover your true nature. He challenged someone in the audience who had a solipsistic take on non-duality. And the love he had for each and every person there. So many people in tears of joy. Just....
  2. Thanks for your interest Anna1 :). I asked if being a parent and this path were compatible. I was fearful that awakening may impact on my ability to parent my children and have been pursuing this with a metaphorical weight of concern. He said, and I'm paraphrasing, that there is nothing about non-duality that isn't compatible with being a parent. You can be a parent, and be attached to and love your children. The suffering comes when you don't realise you are not separate beings and in adulthood they will have to deal with your non realisation. However, being enlightened can give you the means to help them come to their own understanding. Later on, someone else asked something and he referred back to my question, and said that when you become enlightened your goals (being the best parent you can be) don't necessarily change but your motivations do.
  3. So much. So very much. He's the real deal. I was also lucky enough to have a question answered which has allowed me to carry on with my spiritual practice in more peace.
  4. He is awesome.
  5. Hi All, I've been making some significant progress with meditation and lucid dreaming/dream yoga on a path to awakening. I have had insights into ego death, the feeling of not being my body/mind during meditation and outside of meditation. Having those realizations that "of course" the I does not exist and everything is one. I have found this to be very amusing and laugh spontaneously at the absurdity. I have experienced an increase in senses, to the point of when I am reading a book the pages feel delicious to touch. Staring at my hand as if I've never seen it before. After sobbing during one mediation, I was left with a feeling of bliss lodged in my chest. I am smiling and happy and this won't go away. However, this did not scratch the surface of what happened in my dream last night. This was in the very early stages of sleep after a bought of insomnia. In my dream, I was sitting at a table with a friend (also very spiritual). Suddenly, I had an incredible feeling of disassociation with my body. This increased exponentially, until I slumped over the table (in my dream) as the feeling increased infinitely. My freind was saying "it's ok, it's ok". My ego died, and I was left with the most unbelievable feeling/experience of being God I suppose! It was beautiful and terrifying. I can't describe it. A trillion trillion trillion diamonds all shattering at once, leaving a viscous pool of infinity. It was incredible. Oh god the feeling. I still can't process it. The feeling became so intense, it woke me up. What the fuck was that? I've opened Pandora's Box. How deep does this rabbit hole go?? Please, and comments/reassurance would be MUCH appreciated!
  6. Could be remote viewing rather than Astral Projection. Still amazing!
  7. Hi Ryan, I have found Erin Pavlina's techniques the most useful. Here's what you need to do. Although I said AP and Lucid dreaming are different (they are) conversely, you need to learn how to lucid dream as it put's you in the same physical state you need for AP. Ie being asleep, but realising you are asleep. So have your lucid dream, then at the end of the dream you want to bring yourself back into your physical body. This is the easiest way to put you in a state of sleep paralysis (but there are other methods. Ending a lucid dream is just one). Then you've cracked it. You're consciousness is at that point separate from your physical body and you can initiate separation. You will possibly experience several symptoms of this. Loud whooshing sound, like a jet taking off. Or voices. Or a heavy weight. Then you can just float out of your body. Or you can ask for help from other entities (pretty cool). You can sink down. You kind of end up floating around your mattress, but you can fly off from there. Or you can whoosh out of your body. I hope that helps get you started!
  8. Hi OBEler. Yes, I have gone astral. I just wanted to lay my astral cards on the table and say my experience of AP is very different to lucid dreaming. It's one of those ongoing arguments about AP, you know? My experience of AP so far has been incredibly positive. Even when being tugged out of my body and audible "hallucinations" during separation. It's a goal of mine to work on this year. I think it's and important part of spirituality and raising of consciousness. And it's soooooooo cool! You can fly to space! I mean, who doesn't want to do that!? Have you ever AP's to a black hole? I have not, but am so incredibly curious about it!
  9. This thread started off about a man eating a burger. Leo mentioned enlightened Monks raping children.
  10. Yes, I have. It's utterly mind blowing. You get the confirmation that your consciousness is separate from your physical body. And you can fly and go into space! And you can experience other beings. Just to be clear, my experience is it is very different from astral projecting being the same as dreaming or lucid dreaming.
  11. You don't say?! Rape is non consensual sex. If a woman consents to non consensual sex, then it's just sex acted out under certain conditions. But it's not rape. Also, rape and fantasy role play rape is the difference between being force fed shit and being invited to dine at a gourmet meal. It seems that enlightenment is being used as a fantastic excuse to do what ever you please, because, you know, your God etc etc, blah blah blah, and under these conditions it's usually, women, children and animal who suffer. As with most (every?) other religion. I hope Leo, who is in a remarkable position to promote enlightenment as a reason to exercise compassion and love, does this. At the moment, it seems not.