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  1. Come on dude... like you can't find this advice from multiple sources with a simple search, why such self importance ?
  2. I have thought about this from afar, during the French Revolution, all manner of falsehoods and conspiracy theories were peddled about the French Royal Family. Yet, they were grossly corrupt, and repressive (from the point of view of the peasant). Might these myths serve a greater purpose? It wasn't enough to kick the King of his throne, to say hey we aren't getting a fair deal after all, he was appointed by god, so a peasant should know his place. No, they needed something more outrageous to take action. The replacements were no better, (sightly) but still corrupt. As the same forces inside the elites, sprang to life, inside their replacements. Corruption is inside everyone. As for a cabal of evil elites running the world. Do they do business together, and get involved in power, probably. But many conspiracy theories are suggesting a full co ordained group effort. It's likely they would fight amongst themselves, it's a bit too Legion of Doom for my taste. Where they cartoonishly collaborate together with leader around a round table, and then all cackle out loud at the same time. Things like population control is a lot to ask, and pretty hard to pull off, What about bringing a Chinese style social credit system to the west, because it would be more profitable for elites if people had less freedom... Possible, hard to pull off, perhaps such a big country like China actually needs such a system, like a purple stage country needs a dictator. Nobody actually knows...
  3. @Leo Gura I was in a very powerful position and I was "providing for my family" or just doing business in a free society (what other people might call corruption). Depending on my personality I would sweep that dirty business under the rug, sue people, shame and hide as much of it as possible. That's what's happening now, naked monkey's playing power games, if I knew the lesser monkey would complain, of course I am going to keep them in the dark. Rack up the bananas and then pass them to your offspring. Anyone else would do it. Apart from the rare ape who thinks of the group.
  4. Yeah, but where does corruption end, and conspiracy start? Lobbying exists, do we know the full extent of it? No we don't. Corruption in large industries, the media or big companies being unethical to maximise shareholder returns, we have some evidence of that for sure. Do we know the full extent of it? No we don't. The danger is when you start saying oh stupid conspiracy theorists even pointing out corruption becomes a "conspiracy theory" it's a great way to shame people into shutting up.
  5. @Leo Gura I liked the point about if there were a group of elite's planning to enslave the world, what makes you think they would all agree and like be unified, like a council of cartoon villains. I had a similar realisation when I was in Duomo in Florence, staring at the roof painting inside the dome. 1) What would all the monster's do in their spare time when not terrorising humans? - Did they hang out together, have other interests or needs or did they get drained from all the hard work and need a rest? - If they didn't have any of these needs, why serve a master at all? 2) Given that they are presumably of "poor character", how did they get along and play as a team, given they are likely self serving and there's multiple types of demon? (There's a frog creature, Medusa, stock standard devil, dancing skeleton, a giant dragon) This sounds ridiculous, but. I speculate that the painting was created to inspire fear in the medieval mind, yet they could have pondered these points themselves as well.
  6. I second this. On one hand, I see Leo locking down topics, but on the other he makes videos like this conscious politics videos. In a sense if you just changed some of the languaging we are really only talking about corruption. Banks, pharma etc do some “shady” practices, this is hardly a conspiracy theory. better to address this topic, instead of sweeping it under the rug or pulling out the “ban hammer”
  7. @Nivsch might it possibly benefit you to try psychedelics?
  8. @astrokeen It's an underground ceremony, it's not in Peru. But we know someone who have been to it 5 times, and they were just fine.
  9. Hi all, I have an x 2 ayahuasca ceremonies next Friday (6 days time) and Saturday and a San Pedro ceremony on the Sunday. I will post here with a full report for each ceremony the week after next (the 23rd - 25th etc) The advice I've gotten so far is: * Go on an empty stomach * Set an intention beforehand Anything to add? We have been spot on with the diet beforehand
  10. The most transformative teachers for me: Using TRE - Trauma Realise Exercises Bio Emotive Framework - A way to feel and focus in on your body/ process feelings /emotions Loving what is by Bryon Katie Eating super clean/raw food + my meditation habit.. Next up, I'll explore Psychedelics.. Despite all this, I decided to go on an RSD hotseat and it was great getting about of the comfort zone etc. I have done quite a bit of sober cold approach and got a bit of "success" The social conditioning part is real. But ahh get fussy about my mentors esp when it comes to healing... and I think there are better than him. Yeah the countdown clock is lame, even others marketers dislike them.
  11. Yeah but compared to other people who teach this stuff. He just seems like the wrong sorta dude. However I'll keep an open mind, I haven't actually seen any of the material myself.
  12. The programs claims to heal trauma etc.. I just think a pick up guy is the wrong person to teach this sort of stuff... (guy with a massive ego etc) I'd want in healer someone who is high consciousness, and who really cares Thoughts? P.S Yeah I've done a lot of sober cold approach in the past - and it's actually great, I've also done healing with other people before. I don't know how I feel about RSD teaching this sorta stuff, it's like he got publicly attacked then they are moving into this area now.
  13. I live in Oceania, New Zealand and it's awesome. I didn't read your essay try being more concise ...
  14. @Feel Good I haven't, thanks. I was thinking about getting a portable infrared sauna