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  1. Dont believe what I say, just think about this - "spirituality" is a correction. Thats ALL it is. When the job is done, when you understand who you are, and there is no chance of falling back into delusion, then you leave and walk away. You throw away the books, the CD's, the DVDs and you cancel your subscriptions. You return to life as you were before MINUS the ignorance that compelled you to become a spiritual seeker in the first place . You dont make a lifestyle out of spirituality, that is just another identity, and a false one. Think about it. This is what this path is about. Its not about non existent "growth".
  2. A couple of points, "Guru" means remover of ignorance. If you have a genuine enlightenment teaching and dont mess with it by throwing in a mish mash of dualistic processes then you can become your own "guru" and remove the thorn from your own eye. Thats part of enlightenment, making you not dependent on a teacher in any way shape or form. Secondly, youre correct, there are no levels to enlightenment, what a silly concept. That is nothing but a spiritual status game. There are no awakenings, stirrings, realizations, insights, there is only a process of the mind undoing its own ignorance until one day the seeking stops and you rest in complete understanding. After all the psychological work (which needs to take place BEFORE realization happens, because enlightenment proper can only take place in a very specifically cultured mind, otherwise its not enlightenment, its just a glimpse) thats all that is left and enlightenment is, understanding that happens in the intellect - oh, I am this, I knew that all along. Then all you do is stop falling into the traps again, its too simple to mess up, yet the mind makes it into something so complicated and mysterious, mystical. Load of nonsense. Its very very simple, so simple that it takes years to realize that it was there under your nose all that time. There is absolutely nothing to do, thats the point, there never was anything to do, anything to master, all mastery is based on this assumption that we need to do something in order to become complete. These desires go away if enlightenment is what youre after.
  3. Is there really such a thing as human development, or is it a fantasy? I've never met one psychologically developed person in my life. You try to develop the person for years and its still there nagging i want, i want, i want, i want... why not just wake up and be done with it? End of story? In fact, if you wake up you know there is nothing there to develop, no people, no others, no world, no human race, nothing, just you deluded by your own body and mind billions of times over. That's enlightenment, there is no development, there is only collecting knowledge about crap that only meant something to you when you thought you were stuck in a world full of others and survival and getting what you want mattered. I don't think people actually really understand what enlightenment really is, because if they did they would know that there is no need to develop the person. People would not be seeking the divine if they were able to get what they wanted in the world, it does not work, every gain you make there is an equal loss, you cant win and you cant loose, its an eternally frustrating zero sum game DESIGNED to support you finding your true self, its not here to give us what we want. Just be who you are God dammit, you are beautiful as you are already, thats the damn point, to stop chasing after shit you never needed! This Zen Devilry thing is a complete fantasy, its looking at life through the messed up lens of deficiency, enlightened people dont seek perfection, they are perfection.
  4. @karakondzula Im not sure what youre speaking of. The point is you want to understand that "I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts. I have feelings, but I am not my feelings". If you can get there and understand that you are always free as opposed to this no-self business (whatever that means?) then you are enlightened . Problem solved.
  5. This has gone over my head, thank the Lord! Ignorance is bliss
  6. Enlightenment is not about development. Consciousness does not develop. What you mistake for "consciousness" is awareness deluded by ignorance. The only thing you need to concentrate on is removing ignorance, then all your problems dissolve.
  7. First, mediation is not about getting into high states. Secondly, there is a you and noises are indeed happening to you. A good start is to quit your denial, stop listening to neo-advaita and learn how to cope with your mind. Your mind is a tool, an instrument, and if you welcome it, and welcome your ego you can learn how to train them to your benefit instead of denying them and trying to transcend them or escape them using spirituality. Thirdly, there is indeed free will, and you need to exercise it if you want to become free. Thats what its there for You have a slither of influence and you need to employ it to work in your favour. Again, listening to neo advaita and other stupid non dual teachers on youtube will not make your problems go away. Stop hiding your head in the sand and face reality. Reality is you have a mind, an ego. The notion that you dont have free will belongs to awareness, because awareness is choiceless and not bothered with life. Until you are that stop parroting the notion that you as an ego have no free will. Thats just absurd. Fourth, understand that the stomping is there because it is there and no matter what you do you cannot change that, you can only change your internal response to it. Your attitude towards it. You have no control over anything except how you interpret life, so better to start to use your thinking mind and ego to turn your conditioned attitude around. No need to do metta towards your neighbour. Its not like hes murdered a bus full of schoolchildren, is it? The very fact you are thinking about sending metta to your neighbour for stomping indicates you probably need more than Vipassana to sort your attitude out. How can you just see noise as noise? Just tell your mind "its just noise". Your mind is not you, its your mind, you can tell it what you want. Tell it that noise is just noise, and relax, and welcome the noise as an opportunity to practice patience. Good luck!
  8. I know projection is your biggest hurdle. I've been watching your activity on here and I know a sick mind when I see one. Get into a proper path, it will help remove the tamasic worldview you are holding onto, the sense of otherness you cling to, healthy minds attack ideas, not people.
  9. @WelcometoReality The question should be this: What do you think is so right with it? The problem is, Ken Wilber has misrepresented most of these paths and therapies because when you start digging deeper into the theory you find that a lot of it doesnt correlate to the actual paths hes drawing the knowledge from. When you start your own spiritual path, I assume you dont have one, you will begin to see how these integral ideas dont work because the defy common sense. Wilber has tried to catalogue everything to make it fit onto one map, but hes twisted a lot of the information in order to fit it in. Most spiritual paths dont agree with each other for very good reasons, this is why you have all these different schools of Buddhism and Hinduism, etc because of the fact they dont actually agree on the nature of reality. Once you see that, you can see easily how you people are deluding themselves thinking they are getting somewhere with this collection of fancy ideas pulled from different sources. All Leo has done has copied somebody elses work, by the looks of it its Ken Wilber. If you can see the holes in Wilbers work then everything that comes after falls. Its like dominoes stacked up, fish rots at the head first, once you adopt a integral system you have missed the point. The main point of contention is that Aurobindo and Wilber both assume that we are somehow different people and that we need to evolve the spiritual path. But people have had the same psychology since day one, it has not changed one bit, perhaps only cognitively, but no spiritual path addresses the cognitive aspect of people, its SPIRITUAL and psychological, it not cognitive nor are the spiritual paths even socially conditioned, they truths inherent in the paths are much deeper than social conditioning (if you take the time and bother to study them properly - which Wilber has not done, he has merely parroted Aurobindo and Clare Graves). It sounds very appealing on paper but its a massive flop. Do your homework guys before buying into everything Leo tells you, hes the proprietor of a youtube channel that started 3 years ago piggybacking off the work of other people, this is your health youre messing with. The final straw for me is when hes bragging about "teaching non duality" in his latest video. An unenlightened person "teaching" non duality? Give me a break. No ego is above the effects of 500k subscribers, half of which think youre some kind of prophet, who are on their first time in the scene and who has read that many books and had the 5meo experience. This sort of thing creates very big egos indeed. Now all of a sudden hes teaching non duality to the masses on the back of a few snorts of frog powder? People are idiots if they want to put their trust in a person like this. Complete idiots.
  10. @MHarris Well I dont know if you should take the cookery course, but I do think this is the sort of information Leo needs to be handing out rather than telling people how to become enlightened. I'd like to learn how to cook an omelette, and would rather watch Leo demonstrating that than listen to another video on the perennial philosophy and how I need to study 45 million books on religion just to find out that none of them agree with each other, even the non dual aspects of them.
  11. This is true, and one of the reasons I am discrediting Leos advice to people. Ive come with the logic behind the perennial philosophy theory that he is married to. The Ken Wilber/Spirial Dynamics stuff he is also identified with, and trashed most of it with simple common sense. If people are wise they will take what Gura says with a bucketfull of salt because he does not know anything about enlightenment. Im glad you are one of the first (possibly) to see this. Go to experts if you want to free yourself, dont listen to people who are not even enlightened, yet think they "have the path thats right for you" . Be sensible because this is your mental health youre messing with folks.
  12. @Babybat If you resonate with a religion you should try it out. You self is always giving you opportunities to realize freedom, putting you into situations that resonate with your inquiry vasanas. If youre attracted to Tibetean Buddhism then you must try it out because even on a common sense level, if you just did what Leo told you to do, and followed his beliefs then you would be walking HIS path, and that is not going to work. So it is common sense to follow your heart, its trying to open doors for you. I looked at the website, it looks good, I didnt have time to research it, but as always look for how the teachers live their teachings. If they are not living their own teachings then investigate more. Do some inquiry on yourself too. In the first 4-5 months I had projections onto my teacher. After looking into them along with checking the teacher out I resolved the issue, now things are fine and I'm absorbing the material well, and its working! Joining church is cool, now Im on my path Im open to other religions because I am firmly established in my practices my mind is strong enough to be able to have a healthy interest in other paths, but I dont mix the two, I stick to my path because mixing will confuse you, because not all paths speak about the same truth, they are different. The thing is to be on a path, doing the practices (and trust me a proper path will give you practices this lot arent even aware of and they will blow your mind), then as a byproduct of having your values in place your mind will become curious to investigate others and see what they are doing. Obviously you wil have your cult radar on, and a proper path will give you information about how to avoid those situations. Your personal morals and values are fine, as long as they dont cause you suffering. If they delude you and cause you suffering then you need to let them go and find the healthy version of the value that doesnt impose itself on others. Usually adpoting a value of "accommodation" for all opinions sorts this out. If you value peace of mind then accommodation will naturally be next on the list of values to assimilate. If you have peace of mind at the top, then all your thoughts and behaviours should align themselves with that core value. If your core value is destruction, then your thoughts and behaviours will reflect that value. The mind is like a computer, if you programme it a certain way, it just churns out produce aligned with its programme. All minds work the same way, they kick out thoughts which creates experience. So just programme it to churn out what you want it to churn out and you will be fine. No religion worth its salt will be asking you to ditch spiritual values. However, if you value, say, making money at the cost of others then you probably will be discouraged to continue with that value, because its not going to create conditions in the mind for spiritual growth, even tho there is nothing inherently wrong with dog eat dog ways of making money, it will impact your mind in negative ways.
  13. @Echoes God is not nothingness or emptiness. These two words emptiness and nothingness are taken from a religion called Buddhism, which is an atheist system of thought. Buddhist dont subscribe to the concept of God a creator, they are stuck inside the material universe and the aim is to free the relative person from dualistic "thinking" and call this void in the mind "emptiness" . Buddhism is a humanistic philosophy that has been subject to many changes over its history, meaning that is a man made religion. It is essentially based on pantajalis yoga sturas, and is related to a bunch of religious ideas floating around at the time, one of which was the popular enlightenment misconception "chitti vritti narhodha" - which means that in order to reveal the nature of reality, one must rid themselves of their mind. Nobody has ever become enlightened using this method. It is good for preparing the mind for enlightenment, but its not quite right as a statement of enlightenment itself, because the enlightened self is beyond thought, is beyond the person, is beyond experience, it is nir-guna (free FROM experience) whereas nir-vana is the extinction of experience itself. So God is actually "fullness" it is the Self, and the Bhraman which you mentioned. Brahman is the one sentiency that pervades existence, the knower, the SEER, the conscious indweller behind the mind, witnessing the mind of all sentient beings (Atman). It is not human specific, it is the all pervading substrate, the knower in all subtle bodies - animals and plants all have subtle bodies, and therefore are all Atma. Atma refers to Brahman when we look at the world through the conventional perspective that there are many "Atmans". Brahman is when you look at life from the perspective of the one self, when you understand that YOU ARE the sentiency, the all pervasive consciousness that looks out through every "other" apparent beings eyes. Brahman realization is when you understand that there are no others, that there is only one principle operating here - you, consciousness associated with and deluded by many different bodies and minds. We dont know, we will never know the why or how, that is for Bhraman as the creator to know. Human beings will never know this because really we will always only ever be Atmans, the knowers of self knowledge revealed in a specific subtle body. Enlightenment takes place in the psyche of the human being, so we are bound by that instrument and its limitations. But your confusion lies in the fact that you confuse the Buddhist No-thing with the Hindu Bhraman, Bhraman is not no-thing, it is the witness with the power to create. Same answer to previous question, we dont know why. Donald Trump and Ramana Maharshi, from the perspective of Brahman are the same Bhraman, the individual stories of each person are irrelevant. They are forms appearing in Bhraman, they arise, are sustained, and dissolve like everything else. IF you are ignorant and take these two characters to be their individual stories and dont see them as yourself, then there is a duality between them, but when we die we just die, reincarnation is not actually a thing, it is just being "reborn" into another ignorant thought that has been generated by believing in yourself as a separate person with separate karmas to live out. Once you realize who you are, you will understand that you were never born ad you dont die, only the physical bodies and the thought stories associated with these characters are the things that die. But it doesnt matter because all the material aspects are just mechanics.
  14. @Raquel Quick question about pranayama Raquel. And that is, what do you hope to achieve with the method? From what I understand the practice is learned to be able to eventually control the elements so that when you are ready your subtle body can leave your body and "merge" with consciousness. You will die of course, but you will have "attained enlightenment". Which Im sure was one of pantajilis fantasies. There are quite a few of them in the yoga sutras if you care to read it. I think just taking 3 yogic breaths as an entrance to a sit is enough "pranayama" for anyone, no?