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  1. I want to try my own dark room retreat soon so I bought some contact lenses that basically blind you and I’m wondering if it’s safe to wear them for upwards of 3 days straight? I believe with this tech one must be in ABSOLUTE darkness for at least a couple days and blindfolds seem to always let a tiny bit of light in so i’m doubling up with Stranger Things-esque duct tape swim goggles + BDSM contact lenses. If anyone can think of a better way of going about this any suggestions would be great. Also if anyone is just knowledgeable on the subject of sensory deprivation in general any useful info would be cool. like weather or not light touching the skin has any effect or is it all just about not SEEING light? As I started typing this post I then started to check out some potentially better ways of going about this and it looks like I probably could try my hands at sleeping in a light proof grow tent. I also found an insulated tent called the Cura Cacoon and on the site it’s blackout rating is 10/10 and I messaged them asking if it’s truly completely light proof, I’ve yet to get a response but if it is that’s likely what I’ll be getting.
  2. Oh you'll get spider brain. Spider brain is when you start hallucinating spiders crawling all over your fleshy pink brain. Some people enjoy this sensation however, some have even reported orgasms induced by such a sensation.
  3. I'm the worst, my dearest apologies for the clickbait. I'm probably going to be trying DPT soon and for some stupid reason I feel like I shouldn't, like it's "unearned wisdom" as Jung would say. So in some respect I'm hoping to have a really bad/challenging trip, I just want to feel like I've earned the growth I receive. Have any of you had these issues? How does one reconcile these odd thoughts? Hard mode: don't reply with some cliche ass "oh that's just your ego defense mechanism at play because it knows that this drug could spell the end of it's lifelong devilish deceit" that's probably true but I'm scanning for a fresh perspective on the issue (one I haven't considered already).
  4. @ajasatya i saw your comment and thought "why not i'll try it also" i did it and kept dosing off, i would doze off and go into these different dreams about finishing something finishing work mostly (because i just wanted to be finished with this 20 minutes). I was dreaming about clocking out or walking out the building being relieved that the day/ task is over, then i would wake up and go "fuck it's not over, how have 20 minutes not passed yet?" this happened so many times it was actually trippy, got me contemplating forgetfulness on the spiritual path. just so funny how i got completely sucked into every one of those little dreams while i dozed off. thank you.
  5. I have given up cooked foods, masturbation, hot showers, and eating before 12pm.
  6. @bejapuskas I love you. <3
  7. @LaucherJunge lol women.... that's how they are, they have basically no center. when a girl says you're the most important thing in the world she isn't lying she really means it, however that's only true for that very moment, she can be disgusted with you 10 minutes later, she could say "i hate you" and mean it. women are just too naturally attuned to the now and it makes them airy.
  8. @Wyatt yes doing an astrology reading based on the month alone is like doing a big 5 assessment based on 5 questions. a proper reading takes into account your exact time of birth. find someone born the same minute as you.
  9. Sup y'all, still depressed. I'm making a movie with my friends though, this is a picture of some of the crew.
  10. Didn't draw the drawings, the credit there goes to Austin Osman Spare. But I put them all together and edited my face in there and messed around with filters. So anyone need an artist for the album cover of their sludge metal band? I might be the guy.
  11. consider that women might think differently than you.
  12. @Shroomdoctor most people believe that you can release toxins from your body. these toxins don't exist to materialists, they haven't found a molecule in the sweat from saunas and sweat lodges that they could call a toxin therefore they don't exist. massage therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractics are very common practices that normal people use, these practices all take toxins into account. do you really not know people who believe in chiropractics? do you only know STEM students?
  13. I feel like he isn't. In fact most cultures around the world, most people, know that the spirit world exists and can effect "physical" reality. Westerners commonly are skeptical of this but don't go as far as shitting on alt healing. I feel like Joe is as open minded as the materialist worldview will let you be which isn't very.
  14. @Mezanti @Soulbass@Sahil Pandit@Garuda @iridule I DO NOT want to see Leo on JRE EVER. Man you people do not understand Rogan at all. He's a dogmatic materialist shamelessly citing shill academic research papers and articles to prove his claims, he doesn't understand epistemology, he understands how to regurgitate popular science truisms, his arguments are formed on the basis of how prestigious the university is that did the research. The dude doesn't even believe in chiropractors. Joe is the one who started me on this journey with his conversations with Duncan Trussell about DMT, mushrooms, and simulation theory. It got me really questioning my atheistic materialistic metaphysics, looking into Buddhism, meditation, and enlightenment, which led me to Leo's work. That was the Joe Rogan of long ago, that Joe Rogan is no longer here, if he starts talking about unforeseen energies the cool kids like Sam Harris and Neil Strauss won't come on his show and he won't get to LARP as a member of the intellectual dark web. I would literally listen to JRE all day long and I still tune in from time to time as a habit but it just gets more difficult to stomach.