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  1. wait a sec... is Leo recommending someone play a videogame? my reality is melting.
  2. religious texts are all metaphorical, to believe otherwise is misinterpretation. most preaches misinterpret their own religion. Jordan Paterson's Biblical lecture series my open your mind a bit regarding religion.
  3. @Nahm yes usually hard for me to take an intellectual seriously when it's clear their entire world view would be blown to smithereens with a single DMT trip. my goodness the brilliant minds that get wasted on silly paradigms, it's such a shame.
  4. @blazed i'm probably not gonna play the game but i enjoyed the video and the whole time i watched the dude struggling and falling and failing to then lonesomely continue with no encouraging voice it reminded me of the mastery process. also reminded me of leo's self-inquiry metaphor of withering down a rock with a feather.
  5. I thought you all would find this very interesting.
  6. I agree, I feel like I've gotten more out of this forum than all his videos. It's so useful to be able to talk with others on a similar path.
  7. @supremeyingyang When he did his commonplace book video I believe there was a tab called "Epistemology Book" @DnoReally I really wish I could remember how I found out about Leo. I was either interested in meditation, enlightenment, or making girls squirt. I honestly can't remember.
  8. I feel like in the future, maybe after Leo releases his book, he'll go down as one of the most important minds of our time, if he doesn't than he should. People criticize him for unintentionally taking on a "guru" role. He takes on this role even as someone who self-admittedly isn't enlightened. But regardless of that i'd say there's plenty of philosophers and intellectuals out there who are less wise and have influenced more people, and these people were influenced positively as well. So although Leo would probably have a different approach if he was enlightened, at least he has the wisdom to know that enlightenment is the most worthwhile thing to peruse, this knowledge alone can be enough to change someones life, the fact that he's got people in different age groups all over the world genuinely interested in non-duality puts him on a higher level than people like say Nietzsche. Nietzsche influenced many people but it'd take a very strong intuition to get an enlightenment experience out of reading his works. Leo's conceptual knowledge of non-duality and personal development gets people motivated to make real positive change in their, while at the same time gives them the tools to create a more solid metaphysical framework which is what most philosophers seem to lack. The point of this post is to remind you all how lucky we are to have this, my grand kids can say "my grandpa was a direct disciple of Leo Gura, he visited the Actualized Forum and everything" I know it seems like I'm buttering the guy up but really I'm just taking a moment to express gratitude in for something that I see a lot of value in. My interpretation of Leo's work is as follows: It's all meaningless, this includes the concept of meaninglessness, so construct meaning as you see fit.
  9. @Leo Gura Okay, definitely glad I asked and checked out some threads on reddit. Thank you.
  10. @Leo Gura If I can handle the 1 and 2 grams should I then just take 4 a week later? Will this help guide me towards a better idea of what the Truth is? That's mostly what I'm after. I would like to know that when I self-inquire I'm on the right track, I figure mushrooms will tell me where I'm fucking up.
  11. Don't do drugs, I don't do drugs, I will never do drugs, this whole post is a joke. I have 7 grams of dried mushrooms. How should I approach this? My plan is to spend the next week getting things off my plate as well as cleaning up my diet a bit and ramping up the consciousness work. Then once I'm in the right head-space I'm thinking of just eating like 1 cap and stem to get a little acclimated to it since I've never done any psychedelic before. Then maybe the next day I'll eat the rest of them and trace it with some orange juice. I'm thinking I'm gonna do this outside at a local canyon that has lots of beautiful nature around. I'm probably going to have a trip sitter as well. What are your thoughts on this? Am I approaching this correctly? My intention is an enlightenment experience.
  12. I replied to a post where I think I was essentially referring to what you're talking about here. Interesting it seems we came to similar conclusions on our own.
  13. I do the same, I sit down with a vague instruction like "allow" or "be" or "let go". but also sometimes no instruction at all, It'll seamlessly blend from do nothing, to self-inquiry, to meditation, to contemplation and so on. probably the best way to do it since research has shown most meditation techniques stop yielding any results after a certain amount of time and then it's best to switch to a new one that does.
  14. watch out with anything that involves full contact sparing with strikes, one punch to the head can fuck up a lifetime of meditation and it doesn't even need to be that devastating of a blow. grappling, hitting pads, and inner martial arts like tai chi and qui gon are the way to go. imo the only people who should be punching each other in the head are the ones who've made competitive martial arts their life purpose. other than that stay away from hobbies that can cause brain damage.
  15. @Sevi I'm moving out on saturday regardless, my friend from my hometown got some days off of work a while back when me and her where still together and they wanted to surprise me when he showed up. When he found out about the breakup he told me about it and said he can take me back home on the 25th. I'll talk to both my sister and mom today, I'm still trying to figure out which one I should go live with.