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  1. furthermore stay open to the idea that Ralston is onto something. maybe Leo showed him some and he saw evil demons appear in the room
  2. which means technically possible. infinity is literally infinity so there are literally infinite "improbable" universes. think about this, there are INFINITE improbable universes so OF COURSE you are living in one them, the chances are 100%
  3. ah yes, and by the looks of the rest of your comment you didn't either. listened to much of Peterson and never thought for a second he's trying to turn men into victims. he may not understand postmodernism but he understands self-help on at least a basic level pretty well. so yeah, if you have trouble listening to someone you disagree with on a few points just stop here. because on one hand his lectures are extremely helpful, but on the other hand you'll occasionally hear him say something that goes against the paradigm we populate here on the forum. however if you are gifted with the ability to pick what you like from a philosophy while leaving out what you dislike, i strongly recommend Peterson.
  4. does this paradigm need to be transcended? question that and then continue questioning. you may never get an answer but maybe the process will serve as useful to you.
  5. Do any of you know some type of school I could attend that would teach me how to be entirely self sufficient and not reliant on society/modern civilization in order to survive? I don't have faith in modern society, I genuinely believe the "shit will hit the fan" in my lifetime, It could be tomorrow, a year from now, or 30 years from now. I wanna be ready, I don't wanna be a "preper" in the traditional sense where I carry guns and stuff, I just wanna transition to a lifestyle that is sustainable independent of how fucked the world is. What's the point in life purpose and career if it's all destroyed by an EMP or economic collapse? Nothing wrong with those things but just be aware of how fragile western civilization actually is and how your career most likely depends on western civilization staying intact. I just wanna tend to my garden and my consciousness while society rips it's self to shreds.
  6. Here's another post, I didn't exactly realize how much time went by. But I figured it had been more than a week. Since we last talked I did like 5 minutes of meditation and a cold shower, did better on my diet a few days, also asked a girl from my work on a date. I'm not happy with myself that I haven't posted anything on here, not happy with myself in general really. I've tried nothing, everything works.
  7. Y'all ready for some honesty? Today I listened to interviews from the creators of Rick & Morty, went to work, ate bad non-vegan food (yeah I'm not actually vegan), got home and watched some MMA. The only thing you could consider close to personal development is me writing this. I'll do a quick (seconds long) little meditation before I knockout I guess. I actually wonder If I could get in trouble for posting stuff on here that Isn't PD based, but then again do y'all remember that girl who had a sex diary? That was fun to read! I hope she's doing well right now with a nice guy who keeps her excited. I've been making more attempts recently to humanize women more and not just see them as sexual objects, I'm speaking of random girls I see at work and such, It's easy for me to just stare at an ass and imagine doing dirty things to some girl I hardly know, I try to catch myself staring and think more loving thoughts of her instead, that's someone's daughter after all. This has been my post for the day, It's something different from what you'll usually see on here on the forum.
  8. Leo's Live enlightenment video intimidated me at first. I thought he experienced such a state with no psychedelics and it was permanent. I'm cocky but I'm not so cocky I think I could get to such a state permanently like the one in the video. Honestly glad to see him in the follow up video mostly back to normal. I personally see Leo as enlightened now, he said he accesses a state of oneness randomly throughout the day, I consider that a very low level of enlightenment. Just my thoughts on the recent happenings in this community, my posts in the future will be more about me since this is my diary.
  9. Hi, my name is Steven and I'm a liar. I lie on here about how experienced I am with personal development, not blatant lies but I'll frame "truth" in such a way that makes it look like I've done lots of personal development, and I totally don't just spend all my time watching self-help videos rather than doing anything with my life. I've done a few things sure, gone on a 10 day meditation retreat, did a Lakota ceremony in Washington, done very small amounts of meditation and such in my own free time but really I'm a total noob. However I think I'm special, like really I do think that, I don't work hard because I don't believe that I need to, I believe when I do actually decide to commit myself I'll become enlightened in like a month because it all just comes that naturally to me. I don't know if this is true but it's genuinely how I feel deep down and it's very liberating to publicly put this all out here for others to see, I didn't do that before because I feared judgement. I'm making this journal as an attempt to be honest with others and not just be honest on my own little personal booklet that I share with no one. I'm gonna try to be honest about what I think and where I'm at. You could call this an authenticity journal. I'll say things that sound outlandish, arrogant, narcissistic, judgmental, immature, and down right racist. Okay maybe not so much the last part but I am a little bit racist so I might express a bit of my feelings and such in that department. I don't know exactly why I'm making this journal but I think it's to hold my ass to the fire. I wanna make 3 or more entries a week and let you all know exactly what I've been up to and what I've been thinking about. Maybe that'll consist of exercise, meditation, journaling, cold showers, ect. Maybe it'll consist of masturbating, eating junk food, arguing with people on 4chan, watching youtube videos, ect. I'll tell you what I've been up to and I'd like feedback, like maybe call me a lazy bitch if you don't like what I've been up to, encourage me when I'm doing well, stuff like that.
  10. Sociopaths make great pickup artists.
  11. wait a sec... is Leo recommending someone play a videogame? my reality is melting.
  12. religious texts are all metaphorical, to believe otherwise is misinterpretation. most preaches misinterpret their own religion. Jordan Paterson's Biblical lecture series my open your mind a bit regarding religion.
  13. @Nahm yes usually hard for me to take an intellectual seriously when it's clear their entire world view would be blown to smithereens with a single DMT trip. my goodness the brilliant minds that get wasted on silly paradigms, it's such a shame.
  14. @blazed i'm probably not gonna play the game but i enjoyed the video and the whole time i watched the dude struggling and falling and failing to then lonesomely continue with no encouraging voice it reminded me of the mastery process. also reminded me of leo's self-inquiry metaphor of withering down a rock with a feather.