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  1. @RichardY I was talking with his sister and we both agreed that he seemed to always want more out of life, he felt severe lack. Looking back I wish I would've tried to connect with him more on a heart to heart level, that seems to be the only cure for someone feeling that level of lack. I would tell him it's all in his head, ironically that statement was coming purely from my head and not my heart. I guess it took the death of my best friend to realize the difference between preaching and helping. For some of us younger souls that's what it takes to get the message.
  2. @RichardY That's one of the main things I've been thinking about. I went for a short jog and a long walk which helped me emotionally.
  3. @ajasatya @Luna @Maximus Thanks, I'm having trouble getting the emotions out. I'm really sad and confused but I haven't really felt a strong urge to cry which adds to my confusion. Maybe I'll go for a run or clean the kitchen or something.
  4. My best friend of 10 years just committed suicide and I'm having trouble processing it.
  5. strawman argument. there has only ever been like 3 people in all of human history that have achieved enlightenment through smoking potatoes and those where baked potatoes. while thousands have achieved enlightenment through chakra work.
  6. I imagine things all the time without believing in them. I guess that's another thing to add to my gratitude journal.
  7. @Spacious There is a popular saying in occult circles "Acceptance and Will". This song comes to mind.
  8. I'm beginning to realize that I'm doing the best I can. No need for self judgement, I'm doing the best I can given the cards I was dealt in this life, there is no possible way for me to be in a better place than the one I'm in right now, It can't get any better because better implies a sub-par alternative, sub-par doesn't exist, it's all "the best" as Donald Trump would say. Sadly this means there is no valid reason for me to judge others, however I will still continue to do so because it's a habit of mine, no reason to judge myself for judging either but I will continue with that as well. Everything is where it needs to be.
  9. haha whoa dude, so you're using something non-physical to perceive physical objects? that's the most magical thing i've ever heard.
  10. @see_on_see your inability to think of creative ways to make gaming videos shows a lack of imagination. frankly, as a human being with access to infinite creativity, you can do better.
  11. I'm beginning to get genuinely fed up with the procrastination and habitual thought patterns I've been experiencing for some time now. I'm beginning to see to increasingly deeper degrees how it effects my happiness levels. Maybe it's time for a change.
  12. very good point there
  13. Teal may very well be turquoise, it's hard to tell. I seems she is focused helping green transcend up to yellow and then turquoise. Her content seems to be pretty yellow if you ask me, usually swaying from green/yellow to yellow/turquoise.