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  1. @Leo Gura what about corn? is it good for you?
  2. VICE just released a new video about 5 meo dmt and it has great detailed information. They had also released one a couple years ago, but it was shorter and did not go as deep as this one. Anyways, I will leave the new video here. it's 45 minutes long so enjoy it!
  3. @ajasatya @Prabhaker @Joseph Maynor UPDATE: She passed away this morning, much more sooner than I expected. Thanks for all the responses, it seems to be helping me. Unfortunately, I did not have time to tell her that I love her Joseph. Her being in a hospital in Mexico made contact very difficult, but thanks!
  4. My grandmother has been feeling extremely sick for the last 2 weeks and her health is just getting worse by a milestone every single day. Just today we found out she is having now more issues that I don't think anyone here would like to even think or heard about (that's how bad it is!). She is going to pass away some time in the next few days, we can all tell it's just a matter of time. Of course I kinda have been preparing for all this. Since I been following these topics about consciousness and spirituality I been asking myself how can I deal with this issue in a way that can probably be a learning experience and also maybe grow some consciousness. I remember in one of leo's videos he mention how the biggest belief or misconception people have is that you die once you have, also seem to be related to how everything is infinite. how can I deal with this situation in a way that hopefully will make me more conscious and be able to understand more about death consciously? thank you all in advance!
  5. I live in Dallas, Texas but I was born in Mexico City, Mexico and came to this country when I was just 10 years old.
  6. @Prabhaker sounds very interesting! have you tried it yet? what were your results?
  7. So apparently scientists are finally studying higher consciousness and doing it with psychedelics, which seems like they are not the type of "psychedelics are bad" scientists. do you guys think this could finally be the start of something new? the start of science itself realizing the importance of higher consciousness?
  8. umm... sounds quite interesting. I will give it a try!
  9. My biggest obstacles when it comes to enlightenment/spirituality is staying in the path when i'm living in a society and have a family that is very materialistic, big egos and always feeding you with shit. I try to avoid it so much, but how are you going to successfully do that when everyone around you is doing it all the time? My other problem personally is money. I been wanting to eat much healthier, fund trips to a retreat and many other things that could help me with enlightenment. The problem is that i'm in college and really can't afford none of those things at all, plus i'm up at night from time to time thinking if being in college is really worth it. All i'm doing right now is trying to learn as much as I can, but I feel like the stuff that could really help me get to enlightenment is very tough to afford and pursue.
  10. @Prabhaker it's much worse in many parts of China. There have been also killings of innocent people for their organs and the main targets have been meditators and spiritual people
  11. @jse oh goodness! Trump is the perfect example of someone stuck in the orange stage and never getting out of it! unfortunately some followers are like that too haha!
  12. @Leo Gura But if they were truly spiritual, shouldn't they have been able to see through their bullshit right away? instead I feel like they embraced it. It could be because those countries were in need during those times and had to accept it, but they should have turn around after a while and gotten back to spirituality which is something they didn't do.
  13. I have been asking myself this question for quite a while. why are so many countries in Asia, especially Japan, South Korea and China, becoming so materialistic? From what it seems, they're slightly worse than us! In Japan, for example, they now have "virtual wives" and have so many types of technology that seems to be replacing every single human aspect. They have become so immerse in materialistic stuff that it's actually quite sad to see it. While I admit i'm still materialistic myself, I can't see myself going that far as they do especially since the more aware I become, the more I realized how unnecessary it is. How is it possible that these Asian countries with a long history of spirituality and being dominated by Buddhism is all the suddenly becoming so materialistic at a very fast pace? How long will it take for them to start moving towards spirituality again (if possible)?
  14. Do you exercise? I exercise a lot and I found that I get better sleep because of it. Even on days that I go to bed late because of work or homework, I feel like I get enough sleep and part of that reason I believe is because of all my exercising. One thing I do to get better sleep is put some really relaxing music. I play moonlight sonata almost every single night before going to sleep or I play raining sounds videos to help me relax (I love it when it rains because it relaxes me and makes me sleep much better, if it's not raining then I put some of those rain sound videos). Also, I heard that it's much better if you stay away from TV and Phones at least 45 minutes before going to be, otherwise your brain will keep thinking it's daylight from the light coming from devices. Here are two of the videos I use at night to sleep, I hope it works for you.