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  1. @Leo Gura could this kind of audios be used during meditation?
  2. @ULFBERHT at least once a day. some days twice
  3. So I got a big problem. I masturbate every day and it's really starting to affect me. I feel tired and I feel like I don't get stuff done because of it. I'm about to start my second semester in college and I want to be as focused as possible. I did extremely well last semester, but I could have done better if I didn't masturbate. I also feel like it's keeping me from doing some cool ideas that I have in music and business. I really need some help. Any advice that anyone could give me would be really helpful. thanks in advance!
  4. @eskwire Sounds to me like a great idea haha!
  5. So I decided to start using the "do nothing" meditation technique leo talks about. However, since this is my first time doing it i'm not sure if it's being done right. I sat with my eyes open in my bed and did absolutely nothing, I had my eyes focus on a paint in the wall. I tried to not move as much as possible. My eyes would catch patterns on the paint, even though my mind itself was not looking for them. After 15 minutes my back started hurting, so I moved my back a little bit to feel comfortable (not sure how much of a big deal this was since you're not suppose to do nothing at all). I would also have thoughts about things, but I wasn't sure if I was the one creating this thoughts or it was my mind doing it by itself. in that situation, I wasn't sure if to stop the thought or let do its thing. Am I doing this right or is there something wrong or missing? will this technique have the same effects and benefits as meditating with your eyes close?
  6. be careful to take anything leo says as moralizing and be careful on doing it to yourself. When Leo says something, he's not telling you that you should be doing it, he's simple giving advice and it's up to you if you want to do it or not. I'm going to leave you three of leo's videos so that you can get a deeper understanding (the videos are a bit long, but have patience and you will be glad you watch the whole thing). One thing you can do like a guy said early is observe yourself doing certain things, but with awareness. After a while you will realize it's not helping you or really making you happy. watch Leo's content from time to time (he releases a video each Sunday!) and really try to learn as much as you can of these topics. I'm 19 and starting watching when I turned 17 years old. Unfortunately his content back then wasn't as deep as it's now, you're lucky to be exposed to this deep insights at such a young age, so take advantage of it. I wish I had so bad!!!
  7. I kinda thought about that too. they were living in different place with different culture. Basically, Jesus message could best spread best because of the culture and people he was living with, while Muhammed could be spread best the way he did (in this case, war) because of the people and culture he was living with right? All the things you been saying are very interesting, I feel like I'm beginning to understand this much better. Thanks!
  8. @Leo Gura well when I heard the story, one explanation I came up with was that he had an awakening during the cave or possibly full enlightened , but at the same time I found it hard to believe that he was enlightened and wage war at the same time, especially since people like jesus and buddha tried to spread their message but without violence. If you could give me a deeper explanation that would really help me understand this better.
  9. @Prabhaker wait so are you saying they are bodiless souls in this universe trying to send messages through people and Muhammed just happen to be one of them?
  10. I just watched Leo's video about "becoming a Zen devil-the dangers of half-assing enlightenment" and I started to think about all the people throughout history that were able to gather masses of people. some who were enlightened and some who weren't. One of these people I keep thinking about is Muhammed, the founder of Islam. Of course the history goes that he was in a cave and an angel gave him a revelation. Of course I think the whole angel part is bs, but could it be that he had an awakening experience, without becoming enlightened, which cause him to do what he would later do? I'm interested in hearing what you guys think.
  11. Hey Carlos (ironically we have the same name lol), I can relate quite to your experience since I cared a lot about this too back in high school. I graduated in June of this year so my memories from high school are still quite fresh, First of all, if you want to improve your interactions with girls then start actualizing. Which means start meditating if you haven't started and follow the advice Leo gives in his videos, don't just listen. I had problem with girls so bad in high school, but when I started doing some of the things Leo said, all that fear and anxiety went away! thanks to that I was able to talk to a girl whom I had a crush for a long time, but never had the balls to talk to her. Focus on actualizing and many things will just start falling into place. It's totally fine to go out from time to time, maybe go to football games with your friends or go out to eat or something. Make sure, however, that your life does not revolve around just going out or partying though, I can tell you from experience that sometimes people look like they're happy because they're very out going or party too much, but deep deep inside they're sad, depressed or insecure. you might look at some of the guys at school and think they're happy, but they are probably not. there's no reason why you should be sad of watching others have fun, that only creates misery inside you, that's something you need to work on. overall, focus on actualizing and your social life will get better. if you combine that with taking action (like talking to girls more) it's going to give great results, but never make girls or going out more important than self actualizing, it will only lead to feeling like crap after a while. Wish you lots of luck and really enjoy your time in high school. I wish I could repeat high school all over again with the knowledge I know now.
  12. never used it before or heard of it. but it doesn't hurt to give it a try. wish you lots of luck!
  13. so I been meditating for the last couple of weeks and one thing I have noticed is that I feel like I "fade" and all the suddenly I hear my alarm telling me that my 30 minute meditation has ended. But when I meditate I feel like time flies and I feel like I get lost somewhere. I'm not sure if this is happening because i'm really concentrated or i'm falling sleep. It's really starting to annoy me. I'm not sure if i'm meditating or actually sleeping. so what's going on? I been meditating since early July, so it's been only 3 months. any tips are also welcome!
  14. How did you achieved this experience? i'm so curious!