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  1. Do you exercise? I exercise a lot and I found that I get better sleep because of it. Even on days that I go to bed late because of work or homework, I feel like I get enough sleep and part of that reason I believe is because of all my exercising. One thing I do to get better sleep is put some really relaxing music. I play moonlight sonata almost every single night before going to sleep or I play raining sounds videos to help me relax (I love it when it rains because it relaxes me and makes me sleep much better, if it's not raining then I put some of those rain sound videos). Also, I heard that it's much better if you stay away from TV and Phones at least 45 minutes before going to be, otherwise your brain will keep thinking it's daylight from the light coming from devices. Here are two of the videos I use at night to sleep, I hope it works for you.
  2. So I was talking to my boss the other day and he told me that one of the coworkers that he works from time to time (and I myself have to work with him once) just had a panic attack in the middle of his shift at some other job. We both work for a sound company that sets up the stage sound for bands playing in restaurants/clubs, but that only happens on weekends, so we of course have other jobs beside this one. Like I said early, he got a panic attack on his other job and had to leave early. He's homeschool because of his panic attacks and his father just got tired of all of it and send him to Colorado to live with his mom for a couple of months. I really feel bad for him because he's a good guy and it sucks that this keeps happening to him. I have never had a panic attack in my life (thankfully lol) so I have no clue what can be done to help a person who suffers from it. I wanted to know if any of you could give me any advice that could help him to get rid of them or how to deal with them so that it won't keep messing up his life.
  3. @Alex K Have you tried finding other people to exercise with?? I found that it's one of the best ways to stay motivated and not go off the rails so easily. same thing with eating healthy, finding someone in your house who can keep you accountable is good. This is something I did, instead of buying junk food, I would buy healthy food that's very delicious to me like watermelon, grapes, mangos and some other stuff. after a while you will not miss the junk food or at least you will end up reducing the amount you eat.
  4. I agree with Leo. I have never done a retreat myself, but to do a 40 day retreat all the suddenly would be extremely challenging. That would be like a person saying he is going to do a full iron man triathlon race with no training at all.
  5. I watched this and I was quite amazed at how powerful meditation can be. apparently I think he is using Vajrayana techniques, which are kept secret from the rest of the world by tibetan monks. supposedly because they can be dangerous if not used properly or can be so easily misunderstood. here is the video:
  6. @Prabhaker I been wanting to meet these kinds of mystics for a while, where could I find them?
  7. @Sarah Marie Hello, i'm very curious about this. When you talk to the "dead", what exactly do they tell you? Do they talk about their life or regrets? can you see them while talking to them or just hear them?
  8. @Snick what about naked reality? he's quite a good teacher. He did some reactions in some of leo's videos and I thought they were really good.
  9. @Leo Gura @Bronsoval of course he did! Leo is secretly Rob Halford, the singer of judas priest! watch him sing here:
  10. @Progress I love rainbow. They're quite unique musically and lyrically. even if they're not metal, it can be denied that they were a huge influence on heavy metal bands. I love how Dio once said "this earth is your heaven and your hell and it becomes what you choose it to be." Feel like this can go with self-actualization, a lot of times we feel miserable because we create that hell ourselves.
  11. @SLICKHAWK I have been meditating for a while now, but I have done so much awareness work before meditating too. Being more aware of everything I do.
  12. @Tanuj I have meditate really late at night and i'm fine. just don't meditate when you're so sleepy!
  13. @Leo Gura haha well that depends of what you would define as "art". for some a certain thing is art while to others is not. I think my dog is art!
  14. @Oneness I don't really ever relate to the lyrics at all. Most people who know me would never believe in a 100 years that I actually listen to many of these heavy metal bands, the reason why it's because they probably are expecting me to be some angry, violent or dumb dude but i'm actually quite the opposite. I graduated in the top 14% of my class in high school and I was like by many for my calmness lol.
  15. @art It's interesting to hear that it helped you, I have heard many say it helped them find their life purpose. I wonder however, if that passion (in this case playing heavy metal) has some downsides too.