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  1. @Leo Gura I actually have thought about this before. In some ways i realize now how bad experiences or atrocities have played a role in helping us move forward as a society and up the spiral dynamics stages. I doubt we would be as conscious as we are now if it wasn't for world war 2 and all of the atrocities that happened. While many people did suffer and die, many positive things came out of it to help prevent something like that from happening again (e.g. the UN). Sometimes I ask myself if the fact that Trump became president will help us become more conscious and avoid another person like him to be elected again. Of course, this is a hit or miss situation. Atrocities can help us move forward or it can kill us right there in the spot (nuclear weapons came close to destroying at certain points in history). Am I right about this or am I missing something?
  2. This movie is one I could think of the main character going from orange to green. Started with being all about success and money, but ended with caring about others and saving lives, even if it meant going bankrupt.
  3. Here are a couple of songs that are green from John Lennon. They either talk about love or other green causes.
  4. I'm not going to lie, there was a time I stopped watching your videos because I started to hear these words from you and I thought "oh great, religious nonsense." However, something in my mind kept telling me to keep watching your videos and I did. I'm glad because I became more open minded and now realize what you mean with all of these words. I'm still pretty stuck in orange, probably about 60% orange. I have however changed my views on psychedelics, spirituality and god. I have also stopped seeing religions as "bullshit made up stories" which is how I used to describe them. I actually left atheists groups and forums because I realized this was hurting my progress. It can be a tough transition!
  5. @DMM710 I have been following this channel since 2014 when I was 17 years old actually. Most of us got into the channel when most of the videos were orange type videos. Also, many people who got into the channel later might have actually thought this channel was about spirituality in other ways than they expected. That's my guess! it's been interesting seeing how i have changed as this channel progresses. I started following this channel because I was all about success and being the best, but now i'm more about trying to calm my monkey mind, be more mindful and raise my own consciousness.
  6. Here is an example from a TV show my mom loves to watch. both of these individuals are orange and basically trading something for each other. He likes her for sex and she likes him for his money! Two orange stage individuals exchanging something for each other!
  7. Mr. Krabs is a perfect example of orange! Very obsessed with money and success! That's all he thinks about!
  8. This is a good example of Blue in our pop culture. His politics are also very blue stage like. It was disappointing since I was a big fan of his back in the day. Good boxer, but not very conscious human being.
  9. Austin is a pretty green city, there's a lot of hippies down there. Go to downtown during the night and just see for yourself how diverse and free the whole atmosphere is down there. The first time I went 2 months ago I was just shocked at how good the place felt to me. I live in East Texas, which is heavily blue and I been living here for almost 10 years. I will definitely be moving down to Austin or somewhere in Oregon or Vermont as soon as I can. If you want to move from your blue place then move to Austin, it will be probably cheaper and better than moving to Colorado. As far as I am concerned, Colorado is not a green as you think!
  10. @John Iverson This video is a good example of blue just like Leo talked about it in his video. Most people in blue stage are nice, but when talking about certain topics they can get triggered. @MarkusSweden It's either orange or green, i'm not exactly sure. is there feminism in Texas? yes. Is it as strong in other parts of the country like let's say California or New York? no, especially if you live in a rural area of Texas like I am.
  11. @John Iverson I'm not at the blue stage, but the majority of my family and friends are in that stage. I also live in the south, which is deeply blue. I have a little of blue on me, but i'm mostly at stage orange. if you have any questions just ask them and I will be happy to answer them!
  12. @Leo Gura Thank you for the response. I loved your video because it really helped me understand things better, especially with understanding my own country. In Mexico, people tend to be very traditionalist, religious and nationalist. Today I read that 40,000 mexicans traveled to russia to attend the Germany vs Mexico soccer game compared to 4,000 germans (even though Germany it's about 3-4 hours away from Russia). Many in the media talked about it like a good thing, but in my mind I saw it as a very blue stage type of thinking. Traveling all that way and spending so much money felt like a very nationalist and patriotic thing a blue stage person would do. Maybe I could be exaggerating, but that was my first reaction.
  13. @Leo Gura One question that popped up during the video was if past civilizations and empires evolved into a stage like orange and green, but were later taken over by a lower stage. For example, the ancient greeks were very accepting of homosexuality and other practices that were considered very taboo by other civilizations. Even the romans were accepting of this behavior. However, when these empires collapse it seems like life when backwards and all progress just stopped. Have lower stage civilizations taken over higher stages in the past?
  14. so I have been practicing boxing for quite a while and have done some MMA as well. the other day I read one of leo's posts (or maybe I heard it in a video) that high conscious people do not kill people, which I assume it must be connected to other claims I have heard in the past that doing violence will keep you from growing as an individual. I then started thinking if practicing combat sports is somehow related to this. Of course we as a society we label them as "violent" but I have been trying to stop labeling things lately. So I want to know if doing these sports is somehow stopping my growing. I enjoy doing these sports and it has helped me become more fit, but at the same time there are things we all enjoy and it doesn't mean it's a good idea to keep doing them. So I want to hear from you conscious being what you think about this since i'm a bit lost in this. Thank you in advance!