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  1. So by the sounds of it, it's basically a K Hole/Deep K experience whilst Infinity is more akin to psychedelics. Bitta both is good.
  2. This^ No reason to overthink it. @Illusory Self Yoga is amazing especially if you're semi practiced with meditation, the more mental concentration you put in the more you get out. There are a variety of different breathing exercises you can incorporate into the practice especially before meditation that will massively improve your seated practice. It's at least my personal belief that yoga and breath work dramatically speed meditation progress.
  3. Depends how much in the "illusion" you are; any POV is completely imaginary and there's definitely no limit to the amount of POVs that could be taken on, which could manifest in literally infinite ways that a small monkey brain on a flying rock couldn't ever possibly imagine or know about. There is nothing outside YOU as this infinite, vast divine nothingness, and yet paradoxically any collection of experiences that are imagined from this are by definition finite. If you delude yourself into believing that the finite imaginations you're experiencing are all that is, you are a solipsist. If you awake to realise any content of consciousness at all is by definition finite yet occurring in an unknowingly, boundlessly infinite space as its context then you are God. It's pretty simple actually.
  4. Because the contents of one's conscious experience has finitude, whilst the space/substratum from which it all plays out has no perceivable boundary or limit at all and is therefore infinite in nature, meaning that one can very easily draw the conclusion of there being infinite minds due to one experiencing finite contents in an infinite context. You cannot know but you're damn close to it.
  5. The very quality of wanting itself is completely human.
  6. They work similarly
  7. Noopept sucks, all the racetams suck. Such an unpleasant feeling. So yeah defs combine let me know how it goes 😉
  8. I see infinity as a negative aspect of reality rather than additive; meaning that finitude itself is imagined whilst infinity is the absence of that imagination. Hence why ceasing the mind leaves one bare with nothing but a vast, boundless reality. So in that sense silence and infinity go together, making the intellectual pursuit of infinity a total futile contradiction.
  9. “My” consciousness as being here whilst others over there have none, notice that whilst yes all of that is your “direct experience”, your taking what is just the appearances of your direct experience and regarding it as real. If consciousness is the only thing there is, then that’s it. The idea that one holds it, whilst something else may not, is itself completely and utterly imagined. Alongside that the appearances themselves are obviously finite to you atm no? Finitude itself is imagined. Infinity is the absence of that. A “point of view” at all is imagined. _ imagined solipsism.
  10. In this (ultimate) instance your own ego would be an “other” relative to the essence that it springs from.
  11. Time for ketamine with mushrooms lmao; welcome to inner peace.
  12. A good drinking game would be to take a shot every time you say attractive or attraction ; I was talking about Long term relationships none of the points you made I disagree with, but rather that in LTRs overly valuing that is simplistic; the very fact you said it's foundational points to that. It's foundational not the end all be all. That was really all I was at least trying to communicate, maybe I did it poorly.
  13. I summed it up pretty well haha, the flippancy certainly saves time. Answer to your Q: cos I ain't chasing her, just showing interest in a detached chill way. Everyone's got their own style assuming they're decent.
  14. I’m communicating that it’s more than looks and money that make a long term relationship which is true. Obviously looks and money attract, money matters in a logistic sense, but outside of that that doesn’t make a long term relationship and there’s way more that goes into than that. It’s really you who’s trying to simplify this issue as if it’s nothing but hierarchies that is itself naïve; those hierarchies only matter to such a degree with regards to attraction, not long term romantic relationships. In modern society it is both genders that need to be the “bread winner”. Nice collection of assumptions for a literal stranger on the internet btw.
  15. If you could read I said it didn’t justify it, never called you cheap either, but I did say you promote toxic masculinity and femininity.
  16. No we aren't; we're shamed for our preferences all the time. You're sexual preferences are not threatening to anyone but yourself it doesn't affect me. Men and women will both suffer the consequences of sleeping around too much. Both parties need to be accommodated for. Men are expected to compromise all the time. At the end of the day both should be working as a team. Looks and money are both attraction strategies that have nothing to do with real romantic love; overly valuing either is shallow on both ends. Here's the study I referred to: https://www.ibtimes.com/are-women-more-emotional-men-not-really-study-finds-3324258 It's just very obvious that you've had some terrible relationship experiences that have made you biased around this issue; I just hope you aren't doing something to continuously attract such types because that's usually the case if this becomes a recurring pattern. We're all hurt in some ways, but it's never an excuse to take it out on anyone, including a naive man. Even just believing that men are like this creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and it is ugly. Beneath every abusive man you've ever known is a weak, vulnerable little child, and I can say that because I've been around abusive people I know how traumatising it can get. Continuing to demonise and dehumanise such people only prevents one from healing and letting go; it never justifies what they did but it does allow you to let it go. Don't stoop to the level of shallow people; there's plenty of guys myself included that care way more about personality and character than looks. Find those guys and you won't even have the thought of money enter your head. I guarantee it.
  17. Yeah and that's an issue. Plenty of non-abusive, non-insecure men who make less than their female counterparts; it's only an assumption that all lesser earning men would be this way. It may come from lived experience but it is still a generalisation. "I think women are called the gentler sex for a reason." There's studies that prove that men are actually the more emotional gender, so that statement is toxic masculinity. Maybe the insecurity those men feel about making less money comes from the toxically masculine idea that they need to earn more which you're promoting. You say you don't want a man who makes less, and the previous men in your life who did make less felt insecure about it. Coincidence? No it isn't. I'm certain they had their own issues on top of that and were extremely fucked up mentally no doubt, but the toxically masculine idea you're promoting contributes to that very problem. "In the end, most relationships are going to be toxic anyway." Wrong. That also sounds like an excuse to use a man for his money.
  18. LSD is more stimulating so might be even better
  19. hahahaha. Trust me you won't have anyone watching cos they'll be nothing to watch! Unless you're willing to date a lower earning man of course; he could very well be the man of your dreams in literally every other aspect of human life, but you say no because of lower income? Well! Good luck to you then! Certainly won't be easy. "I'm just promoting survival agenda and nothing else." No it's a sexual reference; you don't need a man to survive, and if you think you do then you're definitely the very furthest thing from a feminist.
  20. Women can survive on their own now so that statement is simply irrelevant; you're not dropping your survival agenda at all you're just admitting that this particular sexual preference is something you'll have to work around; we all have to adjust our desires because no one is going to tick all the boxes. It's actually this mindset being perpetuated that is toxically feminine because it presumes women still need a man to survive when this is simply not the case; you're promoting toxic masculinity AND toxic femininity right now with such unrealistic expectations.
  21. Oh I'm fine with that, it's that they will end up alone because statistically this is the direction we are going in; women are making more, men are making less and it's only going in that direction more. Nothing wrong with it, I don't care at all I'm not complaining, I know I can still score a quality person, it's just that this massive delusional demographic will end up alone. This is only your loss unless you're willing to date a man who makes less than you. Also you completely assumed what my type is or who I even am based off what I said so nice one.
  22. Wow see I thought women were like plants or robots with no sentience that just exist for my sexual gratification as an insecure beta boy but now that you've told me they're actually real people with real emotions my entire reality has truly changed forever. Sorry couldn't help myself. But yeah seriously dude go outside and talk to women more because no who does that speaks like this. Just remember that the internet isn't actually indicative at all of the real world.
  23. Providing can also mean being a stay at home Dad... As far as protecting we could only do so much even if we were twice your size; it's called a gun lol. We definitely don't need to be your knight in shining armour love, get used to it. We definitely don't need to make more money than you either, so get used to that as well. These would be the 2 reasonable changes in mindset modern women should adopt to adapt to the times just like how men have to adjust to modernity in their own ways. Not to say there aren't plenty of women who know this already and are totally fine with it, but there's also a certain demographic that want these traditional ideals without being traditional themselves which is hypocritical. If you want a good modern man as a modern women accept they may make less money than you and that does not make them any less of a man because of it, if you believe that to be the case then you are contributing to genuine toxic masculinity.