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  1. What exactly would you say makes your worldview better? @Leo Gura
  2. If there was a blanket advice you could give for most people interested in this stuff, this would be it. Currently reintegrating to human life to make the most of it whilst maintaining this awareness. I heard Teal Swan say “Find your alignment before you act”, as literally every endeavour in life will be so much more meaningful, profound and you will have way more strength to deal with the stress of it all because of that temporary renunciation. This has certainly been true for me at least.
  3. Meaninglessness is the doorway to infinite meaning, anything less is no awakening to anything at all IME
  4. Think of it like this: The single eye of God manifests infinite narratives. And also non-duality is only a half-truth, many people on this forum are yet to accept that Non-duality and even God realisation are the beginning of spirituality, where subsequently one approaches the spiritual validity of the narratives that spring from this ground of being, that spirituality is so much more broad and deep than just oneness. It’s so multilayered, it is infinite after all, no?
  5. A finite mind that’s stuck in its own head. Alone as the only human being stuck inside his/her brain. That’s actually what’s terrifying people, and is clearly incorrect.
  6. It’s sad to people who haven’t experienced infinite consciousness, believing their finite mind is all there is; that’s what OP clearly believes. Is Aloneness as infinite potentiality the aloneness the human animal is truly fearing? Or is that fear merely an obstacle the human animal has to go through to experience infinity? All of dualistic existence is a narrative, it appears solipsism is also a narrative regarding the human animal who doesn’t even (ultimately) exist in the first place. Lots more to unpack regarding people’s confusion and the sources of it, helps everyone.
  7. I find Yoga with intense breathing exercises to be much more powerful for reaching an infinite, God-consciousness state than meditation, which is better for reaching No-mind, void and the ever present spacious stillness. They’re really 2 sides of the same coin, but by combining them all you see these different aspects, leading to a more full and wholistic understanding. Yoga is also quite grounding in certain forms (vinyasa especially) which is necessary when going really deep; greatly enhances a more integrated, embodied spiritual way of being. Totally underrated on the forum I think. You gotta get the body involved!
  8. I hope it was edibles 👀😂
  9. Or perhaps another exploration of itself for its own sake? By creating the illusion of finitude the infinite can understand it’s fullness ever deeper. It seems that God is a mystery onto itself, constantly learning new aspects of itself through infinite lenses.
  10. That’s why the ability to flow between the 2 is so incredibly beautiful to me; diversity flowing out of unity. The only trade off is that you can’t be fully in one or the other, so the practice becomes like a dance.
  11. You cannot answer these questions ultimately, the itch of uncertainty will never be scratched, you have to let this go before it ruins you. The light of acceptance is calling you. The longer you sit in accepting these uncertainties the easier it will be. The more you react and try to solve it the more you’re feeding that demon. It’s an addiction. Look into Mark Freeman on YouTube, that’s what helped my tendencies for OCD.
  12. As much as you don’t wanna hear this wanting them to go away is the problem, accepting them whilst being mindful and doing what you value regardless is the solution. Just don’t react. Easier said then done though. Don’t read too much meaning into them either, there’s little to no meaning to them. Look into acceptance and commitment therapy.
  13. I didn’t say God doesn’t want anything, but that rather either wanting or not wanting are human qualities.
  14. I’ve never thought of God as wanting anything.
  15. For some people it’s like your ground before you even start living. Not that everyone should be like that though, the people closest to God are the most depressed when it’s absent.
  16. 2 infinities ? does not compute ?? Infinities within infinities could just be described as Infinity. People are already confused enough ?.
  17. Say waat?!? There’s another Leo vid??? ? I neeeeedd it ?
  18. A single backdrop to infinite experience. Best way I could put it. And yes that “one eye” (consciousness) manifests as human, but cannot be limited to one human, because it cannot be limited period.
  19. For me it feels like a contraction in awareness that simultaneously evokes forms in a specific place/time. That’s where the bubble with a self is formed you might say. It literally has to shrink into something finite for these purposes. It’s so difficult to articulate these things.
  20. Noooooooo omg ? ALL bubbles including your own are imagined. Infinite consciousness is where the boundaries that make it a bubble dissolve, alongside the seperate self. The seperate self IS what a finite POV bubble is, so if you believe that finite separated experience is God then by definition you believe that the ego is God, which is extremely delusional and dangerous.
  21. There’s a lot more to spirituality than just non-duality lol.
  22. By my use of the word “universe” I would include those other universes, it would still be contained in the nothingness that is the very essence of God. It’s something I cannot unsee; that Nothingness is the backdrop to absolutely everything all the time, and it cannot be any other way, no matter what dimension it occurs in. That quality of stillness is completely unshakable. Concepts are a mere joke compared to something this actual. So literally everything you look at is the face of God because of it, but you can still appreciate the dualistic surface manifestation of it as a cat, chair, etc.