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  1. Its definitely the ass tolerance madude might wanna get it checked out
  2. of course you can wish well for everyone and everything, but could you love hitler like you love your mum or your puppy? To that same degree totally authentically with no effort at all? In this human form I doubt it. But of course that doesn't mean you can't reach a depth of unconditional love that is truly profound by many measures, I just doubt a human can achieve it to this same level, unless your God.
  3. For me fasting just gives me hella anxiety for no reason, anyone relate? Maybe smaller fasts while doing a contemplation/meditation focused day are better than such long sessions? Assuming you don't want to lose too much weight? Idk
  4. I just use the insight timer app for my meditations, there's heaps there for you to see what resonates most with you. I'm just doing guided ones at the moment, but either are fine. It's a very simple practice; you just bring to mind someone you love, perhaps recall a memory of feeling love and compassion, and by focussing it you kindle it more and more and send it to others with statements such as "may you be well, may you be happy, may you be peaceful and at ease". Eventually you can try and expand to yourself, strangers, and even enemies. Just be warned though it's really difficult at the start, many people even cry the first few times they do it, takes a lot of focus and commitment but so worth it; pairs fantastically with mindfulness. IMO it can curb a lot of the side effects people might get from this path such as nihilism.
  5. 100% loving kindness, when you get enough skill it's like taking a microdose of MDMA. Do it enough and microdose will be an understatement lol. Definitely a practice you want in your toolkit whilst tripping that's for damn sure aha.
  6. @Stenne Ikr! Definitely one of my favourites as well, thanks for sharing will defs check it out!
  7. It really is an amazing practice and it's kinda sad how underrated it is in this community
  8. Haha yes! Music for me on a psychedelic is like focusing this powerful energy into a laser beam that I can direct with precision into nondual insight. For me without art what's the point of this work? Without sharing it's beauty?
  9. I had ego death (to some degree at least) after smoking weed at the peak of an LSD trip (250ug). If you don't know, weed shoots the experience through the roof. It's supposed to be more gentle on LSD but I'm honestly not sure. For me the experience felt terrifying initially, but then beautiful. Initially it felt like I was completely losing my mind, dying and entering some black hole. This must be the classic "void" talked about in Zen. So much emotion came up that felt like it was bottled up over so many years, an explosion of tears followed, so much pain releasing as my ego was fading, it was incredibly therapeutic. What followed were moments of pure infinite light that consumed my being. It's like your essence is melting into your experience and conforming to it; as if the universe were a blank canvas, you were the paint in a bucket, and the psychedelic grabs that bucket and throws the paint onto the canvas creating the entire universe (a weird description I know). I also saw this "infinite mirror" of buddhas surrounding the sun which was really fucking cool aha. Hopefully that gives you some idea of where to reach without sounding too convoluted. I'd say anything under 200ug is unlikely to produce ego death. If you see the void, go into it as much as you possibly can, if you see the white light, surrender completely. It'll pay off big time. You can also act like the psychedelic is some spirit that you're respectively bowing to and asking for insight (in a non-clingy way). Put your hand into its hands with complete humility.
  10. His confidence in science being able to explain consciousness seems straight up delusional to me. Science will never explain it, could bet ya a million bucks on that.
  11. Maybe adopt a yoga nidra practice before bed? Definitely helps sleep and balances out any issues that could arise when doing more energising practices
  12. I've heard it has some bizarre side effect on your eyes so I'm pretty sus about that stuff now. https://www.peoplespharmacy.com/articles/st-johns-wort-can-lift-mood-but-may-damage-eyes Ashwagandha, L-theanine, CBD, 5-htp... search round for those ones first I say
  13. OCD

    Honestly? None @Maxman Check out Mark Freeman's videos about ERP and ACT, that's your best bet for getting over this awful disorder. Had it myself a few years back, don't even recognise the symptoms now, a little bit of anxiety here and there but nothing close to what is once was.
  14. @Peo to be honest, a lot of the negatives of MDMA can be avoided. If you're taking it (PURITY TESTED) in a safe environment, having supplements, drinking plenty of water and staying cool you should be totally fine. This isn't really the problem I see with MDMA. It's the fact that it depletes around a month's supply of serotonin. I've done all these things whilst rolling and still felt the depression afterwards. In my eyes, it is not a sustainable drug to be taking. But at the same time, trying it once or twice in your life is totally worth it. The first time was without a doubt the most therapeutic experience I had ever had, so much trauma and guilt surrounding that trauma healed in a matter of minutes. I was not the same after. It's one of those experiences that's worth having, but not worth repeating. At least not much.
  15. @Shadowraix fun fact, taking a big dose of magnesium supplements beforehand significantly reducing jaw clenching. Can vouch for this myself, although gum was still great aha.
  16. @acidgoofy Plenty of my friends have done it. All of them agree on this: You take one dose, you're gonna wanna have more. Its like doing a bump of coke, no one just calls it a day after their first bump. It's insanely addictive.
  17. @Bridge to Infinity would u consider modafinil as an alternative to ritalin?
  18. So I've recently been diagnosed with OCD, and was wondering if in the future (maybe 5-7 years) when my OCD is no longer there (or at least not bothering me) that enlightenment is still possible for me.
  19. I'd practice letting go more in meditation and letting things unfold more naturally
  20. The amazing thing about LSD from my experience is that it hits on so many of these different notes - selflessness, unconditional love, infinity; it's one of the most versatile psychedelics IMO
  21. It's not masturbation per se that is the problem. It's porn, abusing it especially messes with your dopamine, it doesn't have an infinite supply.
  22. @Display_Name Kids see ghosts was fucking mindblowing, psychedelic trip in an album. The blend of genres, style and emotions was undeniably genius. Cudi and kanye ftw aha.