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  1. @Mafortu How would you know? I've had paranormal experiences myself that others in the same house have also shared that were all eerily similar to mine, which included floating objects, bizarre sounds and much more, that the son of psychic would have visions/nightmares about during this debacle without having any prior contact to any of us.
  2. @zeroISinfinity Shhhhh my son....more love is needed. May you be well.
  3. Yea never found much of a reason to take such big doses especially since like Leo said one might just end up not knowing wtf is happening which is just the worst honestly. Would be better to stay within the 100-300microgram range and just meditate/contemplate a fuck ton in the midst of the experience. Alternatively 80-100 mics can be useful when doing the same but I could never enter that ego dissolving point, but definitely helps spark some creative inspiration.
  4. I'd look into Lions Mane and take it daily alongside the microdosing protocol for maximum neurogenesis effects, Paul Stamets on Rogan's podcast briefly discusses this I believe. I take it myself and have a much better brain for it. (Nootropics Depot 8:1 is the form I take). It will definitely help you see the brighter side of things.
  5. Can defs agree a strong foundation is important, the spiritual ego may as well be a meme at this point it's so abundant. Terms like "empath" and "indigo child" kinda grind my gears and is usually coming from mentally unstable people often being abused by narcissists from what I've seen (but that discussion's probably for another time). Being able to understand the ego and how it functions and skews one's perception alongside separating oneself from the emotion of a situation in my opinion is critical for this work. Total and complete surrender is crucial too, but this also means surrendering one's scientific beliefs as well. All beliefs must be let go of for one to see this consciousness from my experience. Holding onto anything will rob you of the opportunity. What you do following this experience and how you interpret it however is what ultimately makes all the difference, which is where this critical thinking comes into play, plenty of idiots have glimpsed this on psychs and come back equally stupid and clueless. This is why I actually think LESS people should be doing psychs, their ego has way too many defences and they can't handle being so exposed so fast. But on another note I do have a hunch you're holding onto the scientific framework purely out of fear of what will happen if you were to even temporarily surrender it to see what comes to you on the other side. Fear is just another barrier (the ultimate barrier between you and god imo).
  6. Bro u just have diarrhoea from purging the negative spirits myyyyyyaaaaaannnnnnn cmooonn myaaaannnn
  7. I love the trippy 360 shots, deadass feels like the trip I had where I would switch through other people's perspectives upon the death of my ego.
  8. Ahhhh yess. The cosmic joke you were playing with yourself until this very moment. Sit back, relax and laugh. The ride shouldn't be taken too seriously.
  9. Agreed, especially when "enlightenment" has so many different degrees and flavours. It's a useless label. The spectrum is too vast.
  10. Formlessness is literally the god-mind, all of reality is a conceptualisation of this very god-mind.
  11. @Tim R Nothing @Arzack If there's a you to experience formlessness then it isn't formless. Being is totally selfless.
  12. I found that response amusing as well and I don't even claim to be remotely awake. @Arzack If one hasn't experienced formlessness directly, then they haven't got it. If they haven't subsequently realised form and formlessness as a false duality, then they really haven't got it.
  13. Why is it that you experience form when all of reality is ultimately formless?
  14. Sounds like an ego death is on the horizon my friend
  15. That dude lost the plot somewhere down the line...
  16. Because "doing" is the primary mode of operating for the ego; by doing nothing and letting go more and more the ego has a chance to fully dissolve. Whilst doing is the primary function of the ego, BEING is the primary function of non-dual consciousness. Surrender more and you'll realise this.
  17. @electroBeam Since when are enlightened people beyond the dream? Literally everything of form is within the dream.
  18. @Red-White-Light Give this a shot, Just stop thinking, you’re way too in your head, way too closed to suggestion, this whole post just seems like an excuse to complain rather than finding an actual solution. A good dose of humility and surrender is what u need my friend. The guide from Leo I linked above will help with that. Nonduality is void of all conceptual framings and ideas, it’s a purely intuitive primal “knowing” at the core of one’s very essence. Everything about your mindset screams over-intellectualisation and close-mindedness, none of such qualities is going to help you but only forever leave you separated from this understanding. I don’t wanna come off as a dick but it’s the truth, a certain kind of attitude is required for this understanding. If you want to understand nonduality in the same fashion as learning mathematics then fucking forget about it.
  19. There’s definitely no real absolute with this as others have said but I think at least most people would agree that it is past the 200ug mark where things start to get truly profound and allows someone to transcend their ego.
  20. Dying can be an unbelievably painful experience that I think deserves more compassion in this community.
  21. @PenguinPablo immediately popped into my head upon reading the title lmao
  22. @outlandish Hey, I was curious to know if you've had any of these kind of "clear light" 5meo type experiences with LSD? I've had experiences with LSD at the very peak that sound very 5meo like, the sense of complete merging with everything for all eternity as my whole experience dissolves into that light, but I've never had 5 meo and I'm very interested, I resonate a lot with people's 5-meo reports (more so than reports with other psychedelics) but since I have never done it I feel I could still very well be missing something, perhaps it's just not of the same calibre as 5meo I have no idea. I'd bite the bullet and just do it, but...I'm only 20 lol. You seem much more educated on this subject than me so I was hoping you could help me here, regarding the similarities and differences of nondual experiences regarding a whole host of different psychedelics but specifically traditional psychs like LSD. Sorry if I came off a bit vague aha. Personally the experience felt completely undeniable but I'm still humble enough to recognise how little I know compared to many other people on this thread. Thanks ver much