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  2. CIA can make a plot to dipose of some dictator. Check out how he acknowledges this but makes sure that it sounds good. Like oh, well, they did conspire but they did something good! Dictators = bad so CIA are still good guys! What about the facts that they removed legaly elected presidents of Chile, Allende, to put a dictator, Pinochet, because it suited their interest? No man or group can exert so much influence over World, but then in previoius videos mentions that Russians conspired to bring Trump to power, thus putting their men effectively at the head of the country exerting the biggest influence over the World. The video is skewed towards US public and touches on rather "strawman", US territory related, conspiracy theories.
  3. He got so conscious that he flipped his head upside down
  4. "It is the best of times for Thought Leaders. It is the worst of times for Public Intellectuals. It is the most confusing of times for those of us in the academy." - Daniel Drezner
  5. @the_end_of_me @PsiloPutty Black and white image in the middle is Ramana Maharshi, is it not
  6. Check this synchronicity: I was relaxing and listening to some music and I stumble upon the video: Check out the small picture on the wall at 2:55 Hope you see the same thing as I do
  7. You can check book "Set Your Voice Free: How To Get The Singing Or Speaking Voice You Want" by Roger Love There are many exercises in the book. You will be working with voice recorder to get a better feel of how your voice sounds and changes.
  8. During watching Leo's video this song started to play in my head and can't stop
  9. @Spiral From my experience, aproval seeking and need for acceptance Check "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Robert A. Glover for more information, really eye opening book.
  10. I use It has quite a lot of different meditaion programs, most of them are not free however. I use Open ended meditaion with 10 minute bell played, since I use different techniques and it keeps me stay alert. Also huge plus is that it counts the time you spent meditating and how many consecutive days you have meditated. This is very helpful for the beginners who still struggle with making it a habit.
  11. You can try to break your schedule by varying time needed for study/rest/meditation/running. Try for a few days to do some activity not watching at the clock. For example, go for a run and do it for as long as you like and do not look at the clock until you come back home. Just enjoy the moment while you are running, moving your body, breathing the air. From my experience I know it may come as a shock when you see how much time have you spent on one activity and that you have a shit load more stuff to do, Then it is a great time to ask yourself about your values and priorities and align yourself according to them and not just for the sake of being productive
  12. Happy Birthday. All the best and thank you!
  13. Really glad to see you are still with us!
  14. Let say you mosquito lands on your testicles and you use the violence to solve the problem. You smack the mosquito hard, kill it and then what is the aftermath? It could last for a long time