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  1. Richard Branson: Simon Sinek: Christopher Nolan: Leonardo Dicaprio: Jim Carrey: Russell Brand:
  2. @mikeyy Why doesn't everyone read books? Apart from saying that everyone is different, I think they simply don't realize of it's potential. They never heard about it, they never saw any benefits from it... I keep trying to get people into it, but... They don't see it's potential, or if they see it they don't have the vision to keep it as a habit so they fall back. Maybe if school teached something like that the story would be different.
  3. Hey John! I totally relate with what you are saying. I finished the Life Purpose course about 5 months ago, and I feel like I haven't even started understanding it. I also had some depression after it and the feeling of being really hard to keep going and staying on track. Don't worry that's something normal. Have you tried to do some introspection of why is it so hard for you to have a clear vision? Sometimes might be because you have maybe some conflict between your true real goals and what others expect from you. Also, I would recommend to give yourself some time, to think about it. What I found after a couple months of just letting it sink in brain was that my understanding got deeper and deeper and more of clear direction of where I wanted to head to. Hope that works! My last advice would be to not really stress about it, but... don't forget that you are on the journey