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  1. Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants. Fish is good in moderate quantities. Eating small fish species is a good idea to avoid heavy metals.
  2. Vagus nerve issues are a big cause of anxiety. Try practicing the things in that article, they should help. Circadian rhythm can be affecting anxiety too. You can search that same site for how to fix circadian rhythm as well. Hope it helps
  3. @Hansu haha I could instantly tell you were from Finland too. The thing you said is possibly the worst thing about our culture.
  4. Audiobooks with 2x speed. You can listen to them anytime.
  5. Check out neuro charger and gamma burst by iawake! I use those. The effect is quite suddle but definitely helps.
  6. Some background information: I’m 20 years old, I have meditated for three years and done magic mushrooms three times before. I have a pretty calm and extroverted personality type and can function quite well in stressful situations. So there’s a big music festival coming this summer where I live. I’m thinking about doing magic mushrooms there. The point is not to trip per se but to get to that magical vibe of the festival. Also I don’t really like to drink tons of poison (alcohol) which my friends will be doing. So this would basically be my way of getting into similar vibe but without the drinking. I would have one friend to do this with and we would take 1-1.5g of shrooms each. Maybe take it in three doses to make it more mellow. What do you guys think? Would this be a good idea? A big mistake? Would it be better to just drink the alcohol? And of course any suggestions or ideas to make it better would be appreciated. I realize the being sober is an option as well but I’m still young and want to have fun as well so I don’t really see anything bad in taking some substances mindfully.
  7. Studies do not support ketogenic diet being healthy. Except for helping with migraines. But overall most studies conclude that the diet is not good for the human body. Just saying...
  8. I stopped restricting food. Cured myself in two months. First I gained some weight but then it stopped and I had no more binging ever. Caloric deficit is the root cause of bingeing. Your body will look much better by eating more due to metabolism speeding up. Maybe you are still restricting on some level?
  9. If you have the genetic predisposition any major stressor could trigger it. Check out this article It’s not exactly psychedelics but cannabis comes close. You could test for those genes if you want to be really certain.
  10. @outlandish Good point. I wonder if you could also eat extremely calorie dense and non processed food and get fat. For example I imagine eating a lot of dried fruit would lead overeating. Would the body still have mechanisms to prevent fat gain just because the food is healthy?
  11. @Zizzero What I would consider right wing is lower taxes, less government control over people and businesses. Basically you have more freedom to do what you want, bur also more freedom to fuck up and make poor choices . Left wing I would define more as higher taxes, helping the poor, limiting the growth of the rich, narrowing socioeconomic differences. What do you think yellow politics would look like?
  12. @Leo Gura I see. Yeah I agree there’s no real danger of communism right now. Still I wonder what the next step beyond green politics would be. Right now in Finland we have high tax rates, free public services and social security which seems very green to me. Would stage yellow change that? I find it hard to see how yellow could allow for natural hierarchies based on talent for example without creating too big of a socioeconomic gap.
  13. So we just had elections in Finland and I started wondering how more highly conscious people tend to lean left in politics. Is this just because stage green people tend to be more leftist or do people keep going more and more to the left as the grow. I don’t really see a lot of highly conscious right wing people out there so I thought this might be the case. What do you guys think? Can highly conscious politics be right wing?
  14. @outlandish Check out Stephan Guyenet. He is the man when it comes to fat loss. His idea is basically that people get fat because the they eat food tastes too good (high food reward). When you eat food that has low reward you will be able to eat less without hunger because the body’s hunger mechanisms work properly and thus you will lose fat.
  15. @Lister Love it! I was gonna say the same things. Almost all nutrition scientist agree that mostly plant based diet is the healthies and best for energy. @luqqzr For more energy I would recommend Ari Whitten’s work. He has a great program and lots of free stuff as well to help you get more energy. You can ask me if you want to know more. I’ve read a lot of his stuff. Combine this with a good diet and you are gonna crush it.