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  1. Vsauce Big Think Closer to truth School of life Cold fusion Derren Brown Vertasium PBS spacetime CGP Grey TED TED Education
  2. You're welcome. About your idea , are you saying we should observer our thoughts while our mind try to understand something? meaning that observe how our mind works. I am doing exactly that in order to "hack" my mind.
  3. Try this one: The Phenomenological Mind
  4. Interesting idea, there is that guy named "Athene" who leads a group of people working on something similar
  5. Best books I know about scientific method are: 1. A Beginner's Guide to Scientific Method This is easy one it's only introduction, but it's necessary if you are new to how science works. 2. The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World This is deep stuff and it's a big book , I was proud of my self to finish it, it's one of best books ever, can give you the big picture of history of science and how we get to scientific methods we have today. 3. Every Thing Must Go: Metaphysics Naturalized Now this one is very hard, it's combination of epistemology and ontology, I did't finish it yet, but if you are into philosophy maybe you will find it useful. Now I can't guarantee that you will find everything you look for in these books but it's the best I can think of , close enough to your request.
  6. I noticed couple of things about these videos : 1. They are about cosmology or quantum mechanics, is that reference to yellow/Turquoise thinking of the big picture? But you need to consider the big picture no matter what you do in your life "big picture" does not mean you should think about the universe all the time but to consider everything that might get affected because of your decisions, even small decisions . 2. There is no such thing as "post-rationalist", sure it's sexy statement, but it does not exist, everything is logical , and I am talking about Logic in very broad sense , I am not referring to Formal Logic or Mathematics, so I am talking about reason, you can't argue against reason because you need reason to argue in the first place, if you say logic is bad because , for example : Gödel's incompleteness theorems , you are using reason to think about Godel's theorem as an example of anti-logic or something. Realizing limits of logic is logical and reasonable so reason is the foundation of everything. Reason or Logic does not imply materialism or Scientism, of course science can't answer everything and matter may not exist, but you need Logic to understand all of this.
  7. I didn't read much of Nietzsche writings, I assumed he was on red stage but thank you for clarification.
  8. I don't know what to say to you but you look like ascended orange and about to ascend green, it's true what you are saying that too much accepting of other cultures will have negative consequences , but of course there is always a middle ground between seeing your race or culture as superior and between allow everyone to access your country and do whatever they want. The same thing with military don't spent too much nor not enough. I think your reasoning is fine to me , but of course all of us need to learn as much as we can and seeing the world from different perspective as we can.
  9. Obviously it's Red, looks like someone like Friedrich Nietzsche would say that.
  10. Being intellectually above your society is the definition of hell, it's almost impossible for you to fit in. If there is any consolation I live in purple/red/blue society, sometimes it feels like living with me explain more: Any "blue" individual in our society is considered enlightened because the rest is below him, luckily - I guess - I grow up with very religious family so they are mostly blue. Thank god for the gift of the Internet. Anyway, if I discover any solution I will tell you.
  11. This channel : School Of Life is green (or maybe somewhat yellow) but it's great channel anyone can learn from them
  12. Yes exactly, Islam is 100% blue (I am talking about the majority of Muslims) this is why non-duality is a strange idea in the Islamic world and some muslims consider non-duality as a form of atheism because according to them, saying god is reality itself is the same thing is saying god is not real (they cant imagine god but an invisible emperor living in the sky).
  13. Currently in the most blue area of the world, I will move or die trying
  14. Islam is the Arabic version of Christianity if you understand Christianity then you understand at least 70% of Islam. The problem when discussing topics like this is that Muslims will find it as opportunity to try to convert you, so be careful.
  15. How do I post YouTube video instead of a link?