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  1. People (art nazis?) complain about the perspectives being wrong and things being crooked. Personally I dont see a problem with it. His art is really nice.
  2. @soos_mite_ah Imagine waking up every morning in a bed that is too small, driving your daughter to a school that is too expensive and then going to work that pays too little, and then seeing someone dares to be happy Envy, my answer is envy
  3. @Preety_India You are going to be just fine, trust me. This little bug has nothing on you
  4. Why so many users here take his ways so personally? Take whats there and if you feel like there is no net positive value in what he says, then clearly you are not in his target audience. I feel like Leo is teaching to people who are brutally honest with themselves, so be brutally honest with yourself. If you are, his words cannot hurt you. If you are brutally honest with yourself, then his words are one of three things: "Genius", "moronic", or "not applicable in this context" (in the latter one you need to elaborate your view/problem). His words literally can not hurt you if you are not in self denial, so start being brutally honest with yourself. This same thread is remade once a month and I really dont see the value in repeating this circus time after time.
  5. Im being devils advocate here when I say that could it be, that you dont get triggered by misandry itself, but by the fear that misandric people could one day get power and start to move the nordic countries from equality to inequality? That was my problem with the Twitter misandrists, and when I realized that they will never get real power due to their extreme views, all my anxiety towards those people went away. Your case could be different, tho. I undestand, the quote out of context can be interpeted as misandric, but in the context of western societies and systemic oppression of women it starts to make a lot of sense. You are definitely on the right path though, keep rocking Personally I think your problem is that you were born in a country with very high (perhaps worlds highest?) equality of opportunity. It feels stupid to think that there is inequality in the nordic countries, thats what I thought for 25 years too.
  6. The algorithm also favors short 5-20 minute videos with maximum amount of ads over longer videos. When I searched "How to meditate" on youtube, Leo's 35 minute video on the topic comes up eleventh. This is despite the fact that Leos video has the second most views. But I guess our average attention span cuts off around 7 minutes, at least thats what the algorithm seems to think. EDIT: I think the search engine is intended to work as follows: 1 Find the videos with highest watch time to video lenght ratio 2 Suggest similiar videos (and cat videos) so that after the viewer finishes the first video, they go watch another one 3 Repeat until the viewer exhausts their dopamine receptors And vola, maximum amount of profit has been aquired. Someone who watches Leos 35 minute video on meditation with presumably low ad count (I dont know how many ads there is in Leos videos) and then goes off to meditate generates a lot less profit than watching 60 minutes of maximum ad, candy colored videos with trigger sounds and images. Watching Leos videos is not good for Youtubes business
  7. @SamC Do you view Twitter feminists as feminists? In my view they lean more into misandry than feminism. I think Tarja Halonen is a good example of a true feminist https://www.fininst.uk/events/tarja-halonen-calls-for-change-in-attitudes-towards-sexual-violence/
  8. Yeah, it could be that to some extend you can control your fear. Like I can easily control my fear of flight when someone with 3 years of schooling flies the plane, but If Im in the cockpit flying myself, Im terrified. I know you mean something like using your mind to control fear, but I dont think thats a healthy way to deal with dangerous situations. Personally I think that in the end of the day, you need to know that "I will be socially and physically okay when I go to sleep" in order to have healthy fear control. With bodyguards and fame you can easily achieve that when it comes to human on human-violence. You know that hes not actually trained to fight, I know that he is actually not trained to fight, but he still looks like one mean motherfucker with the confidence of the king ape and massive chest muscles. I dont care how much training he has, a beta male wont confront him with fists and he knows it Now thats a confidence booster! I think there is some cultural differences at play here. In Finland we have a very high respect for one's physical bubble and we only touch a stranger in love and in fight, so to me an egg to my face is prelude to violence (or really nice night with my Domina). Please excuse me for the misunderstanding Having read Arnold's autobiography, I can say that he is very intelligent (except for that one time when he drove a tank through the tank garage) and he has gone through a lot in his life. He is very compassionate and passionate guy, I even dare to say that he is self-actualized man
  9. I think its a chicken and egg problem, is he staying confident and positive because he lacks fear (rightly so) or does he lack fear because he is staying confident and positive? He also has nothing to prove, because he is already in the top 1% of men. He knows that if a beta male comes and starts to pick a fight with him, we can all laugh and point at the beta male until he is embarrassed enough to either leave or get restrained by the mob if he gets physical. Arnold literally can not lose unless he decides to beat the beta male into hospital, which would be a social suicide for him. If a beta male comes to me and starts to pick a fight, I have a reason to fear in that situation, socially and physically. My survival is 100% dependent on me doing the right decisions, I dont have trained bodyguards or mob helping me. If I answer physical attack by getting physical too and cops arrive at the scene at the wrong time, Im the one going to jail. If someone films the fight and makes clever cuts, I could get fired from my workplace and otherwise socially castrated. If I do nothing, I might get killed. If I run, I might fall over and still get beaten or killed. Staying calm and positive in that situation could get me killed, so my brain basically returns to monke while trying to process what the hell I should do to stay socially and physically alive I think the best thing for a regular guy to achieve Arnolds level of confidence and positivity in a violent situation would be to master some martial art that gives you ability to disarm and restrain the aggressor with ease and without causing injuries (I think grappling arts like Judo are the best ones for this). That way you could easily restrain the aggressor and call the cops while the guy under your ass contemplates his life choices. You would also be socially well because you can show that no harm was done to the aggressor. If cops arrive to the scene just to see how you grab the guys fist and make them kneel with Jedi trick, they probably wont shoot your ass and you have time to explain what happened before they arrived. If someone films you, you probably get applauded at the next training session. All in all, I dont think it has anything to do with Arnolds political views. He is just being a politic when he is saying so EDIT: You can also get fear by clinging into beliefs such as honor, so if you dishonor a politician with this belief with an egg they go into a fight or flight mode because the dishonorable behavior of the aggressor. They fear that they lose their face and political points when someone dishonors them with an egg.
  10. In my perspective he lacks fear when it comes to an egg being thrown at him. If it was a blank gun round (Gunshot with loud sound but no bullet) it'd probably be a whole different case. If I was thrown with an egg, my mind would start calculating the probability of an upcoming fight, he can just continue walking and let his bodyguards deal with the assaulter. He also knows that he is intimidating, so the assaulter probably don't want to fight with fists (That's why he threw an egg) That's my two cents.
  11. In some of your videos there are comments that say "I found this dude from Tik Tok"
  12. I recently started to work in a company, I wont disclose what I do because the job title attracts spam bots to forums, and this thread wouldn't be the first one to be locked and removed due to this problem. My work is highly independent, I get paid based on my results and get 0 commission for sitting on my ass so I have to work hard. But the potential payoff is good, I could earn 3-5 times more than the salary I had in my earlier workplace (That required college education). The work that gets me paid is also focused on 5-30 minutes long bursts so that short segment has to be perfected in order for me to get good at this job. Anyone have powerful questions I could use before those segments, after them, before/after/during the day, during the week, during a month? Perhaps something that successful entrepreneurs use? The company tells me to just wing it but... Well, "If I Am To Speak Ten Minutes, I Need a Week for Preparation" so Im a little skeptical about winging it when I want to be the most successful performer in the company.
  13. Could you elaborate? Can you give me an example of someone -theoretical or real- who has out-evolved from MBTI model?
  14. I have discovered that choosing a diet is kinda like buying something for 90% of the people Buying works like this: Emotions buy, then logic explains why you were right to buy. Car vs diet example: You first get the car/diet on your emotion, such as "car: its cool, my old one is makes me embarrassed" or "diet: it ideologically aligns with my view, my old one makes me look bad in my friends eyes", and then you find a logical reason why to choose that diet: "car: It helps me overtake people on the road, so its safer" or "diet: research paper said its healthier than the average diet in *insert nation*" I rarely see someone doing proper research on food and then choosing ingredients that are suitable for you based on how your ancestors lived, genes and how the food makes you feel and look physically. Most often the reasons are emotional, and then the logical reason is something vague such as: "My diet promotes autophagy/my diet is healthy according to this (very small sample size) research paper/my political partners are on this diet and its the correct for our future/Fat is unhealthy according to this (another useless) research paper from 1970's/warriors of Greece ate like this and they were fit/it makes my muscles grow". Can you guess which diets Im speaking of? These arguments always come up when someone wants to talk how their diet is superior to yours. Lol. We trust biased research, beliefs and political ideologies way too much when we choose a diet. This has to stop, we need to go back and choose our diet based on how things taste to us, how things smell to us, how things make our bodies feel, how our bodies change on a diet. We need more body awareness and less research papers. We have delegated something that our ancestors found through trial and error by tasting berries, different kinds of fish, mushrooms, stalks, vegetables etc. to biased researchers who twist data and make their findings in perfect laboratory conditions. They dont even care if the results can be replicated in a societal level, if *insert diet* gives you *insert benefit* in laboratory conditions, then thats all they need to know to get their paycheck and whatever awards they get for "groundbreaking discoveries" I dont know how many diets @Preety_India have tried, but if she has always been on vegan diet, then her comment shows remarkable open mindedness on her part. For me, I have tried and bought a lot of different diets and seen their positive and negative sides. Today Im proud to say that I eat whatever I want, but that doesn't mean that I eat at Mcdonalds. I thought about making a whole new thread about this topic alone. Sorry if some parts didnt make sense to you, Im too busy with my career atm so I cant put more thought on the subject. But I hope someone here finds wisdom in my view, if there is any.
  15. This is the healthiest view on diets I have ever heard coming out of someones mouth ?