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  1. From ego perspective, I think beauty is longing for an idea. Your dream, no matter how small like a jewel, manifested in material world. Once you immerse yourself with the beautiful thing, it becomes ordinary. Like a trophy wife, beauty can also be used to boost your ego in social circles.
  2. I'd say that you would get more out of reading story writing theory and reading novels while paying attention to how the theory apply to the novels. Personally I would love to learn how to explain my ideas on the spot. Its easy on a forum as you have all the time in the world to write, but a lot harder during live discussion.
  3. @dflores321 Try blocking porn sites and all the time wasting sites you go to. On Firefox, the addon "leechblock" allows you to block sites you want, and porn blockers you will find plenty. I had the same problem you had until I blocked all the meme sites, social media, porn and news sites. Now Im reading 50+ pages every evening without effort. The change came same day as I put on the blockers.
  4. Im not Leo, but there is big difference between the average joe and average user of this forum. I've noticed that self-actualizators question teachings more in general. The average joe in other hand takes whatever an authority tells them and believes its good. My favourite teaching from Leo is "Dont believe anything I say, experience it yourself"
  5. If you want to still support the channels you watch on phone, you can download Auto Skip Ads Pro from play store. It mutes the ads and skips them after the minimum wait time. Its also Google approved app, so it shouldnt do anything shady in the background. Its not perfect tho. Sometimes it dont autoskip or block ads, but it does work 99% of time.
  6. @Farnaby The bright side is that the more people talk about these issues, the more these traits are understood and discovered by the general public. Also, people who benefit from understanding why they are different discover the help they need easier. However, it is a double edged sword. People who bullshit themselves and others with their fake or true mental traits/disorders create prejudice not only against themselves, but also against those who actively do work on their problems. So dont write your mental traits/disorders on your CV.
  7. I dont have any problems mentally anymore, and I am a highly sensitive person. Being aware of this fact helps me to understand my emotions and reactions better. This awareness is just a tool for me, nothing more. But I can see how some people could use this kind of self-identification as an excuse to be an asshole or not take responsibility for ones action. Like demanding "Im highly sensitive person, so you must not say offhand comments about me" while in reality that person should learn to accept that offhand comments are a thing. Id say that give people the benefit of doubt. If they are bullshitting themselves with these self-identifications, just make a mental note and dont care
  8. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia Nah, Im just pulling your legs. My fears are on-off, and most of the time they are off. So I cant pinpoint what I fear Companionless is probably the closest.
  9. I came across a really good video that explains brilliantly why social media is so toxic to your life. The video doesn't only explain social media, but also why other easy dopamine sources cause problems in our lives. However, social media has a negativity twist that makes it even worse.
  10. Did you do the detox just once, or are you doing them every weekend?
  11. Something is a little off about this thread. Seems like a troll to me. On the off chance tho, do you want sex offenders to spend more time in prisons to punish them or to reform them? You do know that USA prisons are more like relapse centers than reform centers right?
  12. Yeah, I always thought this was just a stepping stone towards something more powerful. Nevertheless, it feels so powerful in comparison to everything else I've ever realized in self help that it feels supernatural
  13. Yes, I learned this through the video "Power of self-acceptance". Now whenever if I guilt myself, I do the visualization of attaching the thing that guilts me into myself and then giving myself love from an incredebly powerful source I found. This doesnt only help me with self-acceptance, but with every overwhelming emotion I have. It can even dissolve physical pain momentarily (couple seconds). I've thought about turning it into some sort of physical pain acceptance meditation
  14. So, I figured I should write an update on my progress. I now do this every day. The second I feel a "negative" emotion, I go through the visualization, and all the negativity just melts away. When that negativity comes back, its much less powerful. On strong, overwhelming emotions it usually takes me 2-3 days to fully dissolve the emotion, and to return to a peaceful mind. Its incredible. It helps me so much when I can just move the emotions away and think through my thoughts without judgement or shame or anything. Sometimes all I need is to just realize that the thing aggrevating me is a part of me, and immediately I return to a peaceful mind. Im living less and less in the past, and Im much more focused on the present as my thoughts cant jail me anymore. If you are also a highly sensitive person, you should definitely try this out! It will help you to not get stuck in others negativity if they manage to suck you in. Its incredible!
  15. Nope. I have shared parts of my past here that would be taken out of context, and I would be cancelled in a heart beat.