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  1. People get emotional about Islam because they are witnessing so much negative things done by Islamic people, but they also read about the media always playing down wrongdoings of Islamic people, while up-playing the wrongdoings of white males. When you identify yourself as something like white male and you get constantly wrongly attacked by people who protect and downplay another group, you get this feeling that there is a systematic attempt to silence you. Media is literally oppressing white males, and this ruffles the ego of said white male. Rationality goes away and emotions bubble up. Im not that surprised that this happens on this forum though, as it seems like despite Leo's teachings, emotions run wild even here on Actualized.org (Myself included) The reason why people think people of certain religion are lower human beings than themselves is because they never took their time to learn about that religion. Just like how people here seem to get emotional about the orange man.
  2. We want to change the world. Ye. We self-actualizers have the best tools, means to speak with other actualizers and the best material to lead our society to the right direction But isn't it a little early to think about this problem? Why not let it fly and be off our minds? Shouldn't we focus on problems that lead to a society where we can weed this problem of fakery out?
  3. I got to experience a glimpse of this as I realized that I don't have a food or alcohol addiction, but I have a childhood vow that if I have money, I MUST go to the store. As soon as I began to work on my "I must go to the store" vow, my food and alcohol addictions vanished. All my life I was told that these addictions come from subconscious, a place I cant reach, and all my life these addictions came from my own conscious mind. I thought it really was food and alcohol addiction, but now I realize that my mind simply took "You must go to the store and... Buy food and alcohol because you are __________" and filled the blank with a bullshit excuse for hurting itself. I feel like this is some of the most important basic things of self-help/spirituality to understand and be aware of, but I dont recollect reading about this anywhere. Have I just been blind? @Markus This makes sense. As long as you dig deep enough and look for the things, you'll discover them. For me, term subconscious is practically dead now. Its like a term you throw around so you have an excuse not to probe and question your mind and thoughts
  4. Lately I have been deconstructing my thoughts and trying to see what they really are, and as a result I have began doubting if there is subconscious and conscious mind altogether When I have an impulse for food or alcohol, they are really really easy for me to spot. Why? Because a second or two before I get that impulse, a vivid image flashes before my minds eye. When I want greasy food like McDonalds, I see my local provider flash in front of my eyes. Then I focus on my thoughts, a second or two later the impulse hits me, I feel the impulse, feel the need to get McDonalds, deconstruct the thought as impulse, become aware of its root cause(s) and immediately lose my hunger for fast food. But a few days ago, I was not aware of my impulses. I was not aware that when I focus, almost every thought have a vivid mental image linked to them that flash during or just before that thought. I thought they were in my subconscious mind! I thought I cant see them! Is subconscious mind just a bunch of thoughts you are unaware of? Is it just a fancy term for thoughts that are really hard to notice, but which you can if you focus enough?
  5. This kind of policy is legal in USA? Im not saying that Leo is hoax, because I know he is a great teacher but some random jury doesen't know that. Im just wondering how this kind of refund policy is legal unless its outside the time windows according to law regarding refunds
  6. EDIT: I think I was beating around the bush and not going for the root issue, so I figured its better I delete this comment. Advice below come from more experienced people
  7. Do you have to grow? Why is it so important to keep growing faster and faster? Self-improvement is not like capitalism. It doesen't keep going faster and faster until it dies. Its like rollercoaster, there is ups and downs and sometimes you may go up for a year and sometimes you may down for a year. You are college aged, so you have 60-80 years of life to reach whatever spiritual goals you have. You have used 25% of your life and how many years of those have you been growing spiritually? If thats 5 years, then you have spent less than 5% of the potential years you have been conscious of spiritual growth to actually grow. Just lay back. Focus on your college and lay down some of your spiritual work. You'll notice that the spirit for growing will come back in a month or two, and you will build on those experiences you have had so far. The following is just my own theory and Im not actually sure if its true, but its something that helped me: In his guided mediation, Leo tells you to "Let go of trying to become enlightened, or to have any other kind of "meditative experience". The meditative experience is always the case. Every experience is a meditative experience, because meditation is simply what is." So, isn't watching Youtube and eating fast food a meditative experience? You just have to meditate while you do that. Do "do nothing" while you watch shit like political videos on Youtube. That's growing in itself.
  8. I have diagnosed ADHD and the "Do nothing" technique is by far the most effective and most relaxing meditation technique I have tried. My most spiritual and "ego versus being" disconnection experiences have come from this technique, so I doubt a racing mind is in any way major cause for this technique to be unproductive. Now this is pretty accurate depiction about how you learn to observe your mind and thoughts EDIT: Quote by @Nahm Wait what, really? I thought do nothing is more like suitable for beginners and the more advanced meditators, most suitable for those who yet haven't practiced it no matter whether they are veteran or beginners in meditation?
  9. I tried the exercises for a little over a month, but I just found them tedious and not really helping. My self esteem has gone up ever since reading the book though, but it has not been thanks to the book but thanks to being mindful on my lacks of self-esteem and tearing down mental blocks. Meditation has been a big, big part of this. Many swear on the name of this book, but I guess the technique did not work for me because my lack of self-esteem developed when I was teen and were based mostly on big mental blocks, while the book seems to focus on smaller mental blocks and training your overall subconscious mind. Im not saying its a bad book, but it just didn't work for me
  10. This actually sounds really promising since it takes out biggest reason for my procrastination; "where should I start?" I'll definitely try it out, thanks!
  11. Its been long known technique to increase productivity by setting earlier than due times for your work. For example, if you are a writer and you have contract for a book and contract says due time is in 12 months, then setting an artificial due time of "I will have this book done in 4 months" has been shown to greatly increase your effectiveness and quality of your work, helping you to write faster, polish the work more and avoid procrastination I have tried this with my schoolwork, but it doesen't seem to work. I have tried to set goals for projects a week before they are due, but still I tend to procrastinate and push through the project a day or two before it is due which creates unnecessary stress and lowers the quality of my work. So, how can I trick my brain to think the artificial due times are as real as the actual due times are?
  12. What I meant was to not take advice with face value and take everything with a grain of salt. As you said, to figure nuance and context. Its newbie self-developement realization I made a few weeks ago and just felt like sharing. 100 pages was intended overkill
  13. If an advice is less than 100 pages long, take it with a grain of salt And yeah Im aware of the irony