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  1. I know what they are protesting for, and I know why their choice of time and place was poor. However, I figured that in their mind they had a good reason for both, so Im trying to understand their perspective on the choice of protest, time and place. Like did they choose protesting as a desperate attempt to drive a cause that is important to them, since they dont have enough political power or social connections to do the same without taking over a train station? Why did they choose a poor residence instead of the one where the London cream lives? In short, what is going on in their mind when they plan and do the protest?
  2. Im hoping that someone who understands young green people could explain me what was the goal of this "protest"? What on earth can you achieve for the environment by bullying peoole going to work? Edit: I mean, like if everything went like they planned, what would have happened? What was their expectations, did they feel like it was a long shot or did they think that those people going to work were going to join them in an instant?
  3. One of the ways affirmations work is that they are part of law of attraction. Yous subconscious may pick the words you say or hear, but if you listen like a monkey then thats all that happens. Your subconscious picks up the message. So? Magical gnomes appear and start working for you to achieve whatever your goal is while you sit on your ass? When you concentrate on those affirmations, you are not so much changing your subconscious with the words but instead you are priming your mind to change your subconscious so that it will pursue those words You tell, with conviction, to yourself that you are going to make a million dollars long enough and eventually you start to think like a millionaire. The three or four words in themselves are not a magical sources of wisdom that pull in some kind of universal energy that turns you into a millionaire. One sentence is not that strong, its the work that you do around that sentence that is the power behind your path to being a millionaire. Monkey listens to something with one ear and lets whatever it hears out the other. Dont be a monkey Edit: I may have made this sound more difficult than it is. You dont have to understand any of this for affirmations to work for you. You simply need to concentrate on your affirmations, thats the most important note to take away here. Do them for few months and you'll probably learn what I explained in your first hand experience, you'll be amazed!
  4. @Michael569 What I really like about what I saw in the few videos of Primal movement is how it combines the different sets to a kind of a dance. I always found timing a set of stretch to be tidious and boring, so turning the workout into this kind of a ritual is really intriguing!
  5. @roar Lol, we do everything Sweden does with a few years of delay 😁
  6. @Bodigger @Bodigger "Vain hullu ryhtyy yrittäjäksi" - "Only the mentally ill pursues entrepeurship" -Finnish idiom I'd say that honesty, quality, ability to keep promised schedules and reliability of production are the Finnish strong points. When Mercedes opened their factory in Uusikaupunki in 2015, I would bet my ass it was because they wanted to have a reliable stream of quality cars with the expense of some profit
  7. @Michael569 I checked few videos and damn! Those guys flow like water when they do the workout! Im definitely going to try it out, might even be everything I need. Thanks!
  8. True. In Finland we have these industry and position related TES contracts which specify the minimum wage, mandatory increases after gained experience and you cannot make a contract that does not meet the TES minimums. The minumum pay requirement in these contracts have three purposes: 1, to make low-skill work pay more livable wage. 2, to make important industries pay its workers honey compared to the degree or skill level required (Paper-, steel-, shipping-, dock-industriec, they have some of the highest pay in the country because of union extortion) and the reason number 3 is to make it less appealing to hire people from a foreign country to do the work specified in the second reason Fun fact: Design engineers median pay is 3400 euros a month, and dockworkers median pay is 4300 euros a month. Guess which position does not require schooling after high school.
  9. Socrates hated democracy because that way incompetent people get to power. "You would not choose the captain of a ship byt lot" I agree with the captain analogy, but I also see that on governmental level it would give all the power to conservative elite. However, if you force everyone to the polls isnt that also going to give more power to conservative elite that can fish previously sleeping voters with simple populism? I mean, its not like those voters are going to follow whether their candidate keeps the promise
  10. No. Repeating a task like a monkey does not teach you to do it better, nor listening to something like a monkey affect your brain wirings. Multitasking is the best way to kill your productivity, concentration and learning abilities Laser focus on the affirmations you are doing. Some sources on the internet claims that you need to be in meditative theta state for affirmations to work, but personally I found different techniques to work on different areas of improvement. For body image I used a hypnosis tape that came with affirmations However, to me words alone on some affirmations just didnt work. For self esteem affirmations I used a technique I developed myself. For example, I worked on my crippling fear of speaking up by doing this: 1 Stand in front of a mirror 2 Clear your mind and focus on the upcoming affirmations 3 Set timer for 5 minutes per affirmation 4 Start repeating your affirmation (For my fear of speaking up I used "I speak up my mind!" with emphasis on "speak" and "my") 5 As you repeat your affirmation, imagine doing the task it in your mind 6 Emotions start to bubble up. Dont fake them, but let them come naturally and dont stop them when they come up. Shout if you want 7 If you get urges to clench your fist, kick, punch air, roar like a lion then let it happen My self-esteem affirmation practice usually ended up with me smiling, adrealine running through my body as my emotions winded up as I shouted my affirmations. Sometimes I would dance, sometimes I would stand my ground like a gorilla protecting her young while I imagined telling my narcissist co-worker to stick it up where the sun dont shine. This style however did not work with some affirmations, like the body image affirmations. TL;DR: Find what works for you, and your spesific affirmations. Observe the results you get and dont be a monkey, build up on what works and try something else when it dont work Hope this helped
  11. @Sahil Pandit Thanks!
  12. @ivory Yikes, 12.5 dollars an hour does not sound that much anymore Even if rent was only 500 a month, another 500 dollars on healthcare really changes the perspective
  13. So, stretching. Who wants to do it? I guess not many I've been dealing with lower back pain and as I have built some body-mindfulness, Im slowly learning that my lower back problems are probably not due to lack of excercise but lack of stretching. My body is extremely stiff all the way from my lower back to my toes. I have found stiffness in my back, frontal AND side leg muscles. Is there any good stretching program that is designed to go through the whole body over a long period of time? Something that would help me loosen up and also to build mindfulness of my body. Something that starts with something simple and builds up to more stretches and overall is designed to loosen up the whole body Im ready to spend 1 hour per time 3 times per week on top of daily stretching. If anyone here knows a program like this, that would be awesome
  14. @ivory How much is the rent for a basic, about 40m^2 or 430ft^2 apartment in California when its approx 12 miles away from the border of a city centre? 12 dollars/hour for burger flipping sounds a lot to me so I'd guess rents have to be expensive
  15. Minimum wage is good tool to fight against companies that need to compete by taking advantage of the people who are desperate enough to live with any salary in a job that can be done by anyone with 2 weeks of training. Jobs like burger flipping at McDonalds cant pay a decent salary unless every other fast food joint pays a decent salary too. However, minimum wage limits job opportunities for mentally or physically handicapped people. It also comes to question how long it takes that a burger flipping machine replaces the human flipper, and too high minumum wage would certainly speed up that process.