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  1. Yeah, I'd say that 99% of civilian guns are owned by people who hone their skill in reserve, sports and hunting. Its incredebly hard to get a gun, and you must have proof that you use the gun for the intended purpose or it will be taken away. Handguns are almost impossible to get nowadays, basically requires proof of practice for over 2 years. Its a big difference when comparing to what you usually see on USA gun range videos on Youtube. Also, Finnish. Not "Finish"
  2. Finland has 56 guns per 100 people, third highest per capita in the world Difference to USA is that when people are told to put their hands up, they follow the order most of the time. EDIT: Oh, and you dont have to turn to crime to stay alive if you are jobless.
  3. I feel like we are going to lose the definition of "rich" as robots begin to manufacture everything. The first society living in virtual reality will probably be the first one to lose the idea of wealth, even though they probably still need to do some kind of job to pay off living in the VR world. But it could be really expensive or really cheap.
  4. The first step towards superhumans with AI and infinite information always in their grasp. In my vision, the children in elementary school wont be learning math in 30-50 years. Instead they are building AI:s that work in perfect synchrony with their brains, and proceed to make faster and more accurate calculations on say, building strenght than our engineers with their computers do today. Imagine not having to do learn math because you already have it. On other hand, internet has robbed us of freedom to time. We are pressurised to be on social platforms 24/7. Didnt answer someone in 15 minutes? You inconsiderable asshole! In the past, you had to leave your home and look for attention. Now attention comes to you.
  5. Whats wrong with VR, as in Virtual Reality? If I were you, I'd be more worried about Augmented Reality. When AR glasses become popular, every human being wearing them becomes another pair of eyes for the big bro scanning faces of people. Possibly even videofeed. This will happen, unless they physically separate the cameras and LIDAR sensors from the internet, which they wont because even the fucking car brakes are connected to the internet nowadays. EDIT: My dumbass just answered to over a year old topic.
  6. Lmao You are a man of culture! I dont think cultural artefacts are for anyone to sell. They are significant for a specific culture, and just because someone has high position in that culture doesn't mean they can sell their artefacts and reap short term monetary gains. Artefacts should be returned to their original owners, if that is requested and the owner is capable of keeping them safe.
  7. I think people have a problem with the idea, that having CCTV all around us implies that we are dishonest people. Its obviously not the point. Its going to be interesting when AR glasses start to become mainstream, and everyone has a pair. They are definitely going to have built-in cameras too, so in the future it wont be so obvious if someone is recording you
  8. I actually have a problem with these kind of videos, that are conveniently cut to start at a specific moment so that it only shows one side. I dont agree with tazing someone physically weaker than you, but still it would be good to know how the situation escalated, and have that written/shown in the video itself.
  9. https://apnews.com/article/police-paris-police-brutality-france-emmanuel-macron-27f4206b9716691e4ba4172e9b6252ac France recently passed a law, which made it illegal for someone to publish a video of on-duty police officers "with intent of harm" Of course, anyone can see that this kind of joker card law is going to be used against innocent people. You can make any excuse for why any video is harming a person featured in it. Whats your opinion? Would this kind of law allow police brutality to go unpunished? Why would an honest police officer need to be protected from evaluation of their performance on duty?
  10. My thoughts exactly. Hollywood has done good work on making people think that army personnel do whatever someone with a higher rank tells them to do.
  11. Why would it be any more than a civil war? USA army cant be so stupid that they'd invade a country just because the president flipped his dick around and demanded so on the end of his term. Unless they are ready to betray their country and their new, democraticly elected president. Please tell me they wouldnt...
  12. I never really cared about zodiac signs, but after checking out mine: https://blog.prepscholar.com/taurus-traits-personality I can say its, about 99% correct. Waddya know.
  13. 4chan and Actualized.org has one thing in common: Super diverse user base. I think Actualized.org has more 4chan users than we can imagine. As for OP, yeah you should cut it out. 90% of posters on 4chan are self-loathing lowlife and teenagers who try to find life satisfaction and acceptance by "serving" other people who comment on the platform, by accusing women for all their problems, making up conspiracies etc. If you are a long time user, you might have gotten numb to that side of 4chan as you chase those good things below all the negative. Dont take my word on it. Take couple months off 4chan and you'll be surprised how blind you were to all the negative shit on that platform that eats you from inside as you continue using it year after year.
  14. My perception is that 1. You are most likely not debating with a person who has any power to do anything. People in power tell you how to do shit, they dont argue. 2. Even if you are debating someone with power, say a powerful politician or the president, you'll get defensive and start looking up anything to back your argument if you start losing, hence not achieving growth nor giving anyone a new perspective IMO its better to strike good conversation than to debate, at least on internet. If someone tries to agitate you, just don't answer.
  15. I have a proposition, instead of warmongering, how about: