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  1. Dark humor doesn't translate very well. It could also be that when you told the jokes, your body language didn't translate so your spoken language spoke English but your body language spoke Spanish, naturally people from other cultures cant pick up the joke then.
  2. I'd go. Who knows how powerful connections you can make belonging to those societies.
  3. This is whats on my mind. Being tired made me wonder why tiredness gives up your energy to do creative and mind challenging tasks. I also noticed that thinking about this question, while being mind challenging itself, somehow made me less tired for the rest of the day. Did I elevate into higher state of consciousness? Would highly conscious beings have been more alert, more capable of doing challenging tasks if they had been in my position yesterday? Could I use tiredness to understand these states of consciousness better? What is a state outside infinite states of consciousness? Is a part of me always in such a state, or only when Im tired? Is 99.999% of me outside the infinite states of consciousness right now, and Im just imagining that Im awaken and alert?
  4. I slept terribly last night, so now Im tired. Now its hard to start tasks that are productive. Im constantly craving quick shots of pleasure and releases of dopamine, so Im scrolling through crappy websites like Reddit and 9gag I can do robotic tasks at work just fine, but everything that requires thinking are harder to start and to do. What is tiredness? Why does it make me crave quick dopamine while making me unmotivated to do tasks that require thinking? Why does it lower my willpower? Why do I have energy to unravel the mystery that is tiredness but no energy to figure out mysteries I have clear understanding and plans of? Why am I, right at this moment, getting more energy when I think about tiredness and try to unravel its mystery? Why am I motivated to unravel new mysteries but not work on old ones? Am I like this because I want to be like this when Im tired? Does tiredness actually have nothing to do with motivation and energy? Is it just a state of mind? Is it just an excuse to be lazy? Something I picked up from childhood when I was bombarded with messages saying "You need to sleep! Otherwise you get tired and lazy!" ? Last night I couldn't sleep well because I was lost in fantasy land imagining how Im going to build my next big creative project. I had a ton of energy and I wasn't tired at all despite the fact that I had been without sleep for 17 hours. Now I have been without sleep for 3 hours, and Im tired as fuck! I slept for 5 out of 8 hours, so shouldn't I have energy for 5 out of 8 parts of this day? Clearly this has to be some kind of mental thing! Whats your view on this subject? Do you think that motivation and energy to do things are dependent on sleep, or is that just fabrication of our minds? Could one change their way of thinking to increase energy?
  5. @mkieblesz Just wanted to say that Im impressed how accurate this video is. These kinds of videos are rarely accurate, but this one shows exactly how the education works here Superb documentating 💪
  6. @Sizeable Oof Why not get high, watch porn, eat sweets and take naps? Naturally watch yourself as you do those activities.
  7. Im 26 and I have been learning English since I was 11, and I like to think that I got the writing part of English pretty well handled but my spoken English is very poor. Grammar is fine, but the pronunciation is difficult for me and words often come out unclear. Its also difficult in the moment. But the darnest thing happened to me once while I was sitting in a taxi in another country. Basically I was extremely relaxed and my life was at its best in the moment as I was on my way to the airport, and when I spoke with the taxi driver my English was beautiful! Every word came out clear like English was my mother language! I didn't have to think any word, I didn't notice any flaws, I just sat and everything I wanted to communicate came out loud and clear! So I have been wondering, could it be that my poor spoken English is due to some kind of anxiety Im not aware of? Something that the temporary moment of extreme happiness just dissolved and allowed me to speak the language to my fullest potential? Has anyone else experienced something like this?
  8. Whites, blacks, yellows. African American is not South African and Hungarian is not Spanish. Fuck this. How about we stop categorizing people based on the color of the skin and start speaking of cultures instead? Or is this some kind of American thing Im too European to understand?
  9. Lol, this test is a joke. "The stronger the leadership, the better." Do you agree or disagree? "Should a victimless crime, such as drug use (Not 100% victimless crime) be punishable?"
  10. @Average Investor Damn, dried dragon fruit sounds and looks awesome. I'll have to see if there is any at my local store Im atm eating almonds, walnuts and pecans. All unroasted and unsweetened. Awesome addon to the self-made oats, peanut-butter and honey snack bars
  11. @montecristo@mind_blownI I slept on my floor for 4 months due to serious back pain. Now i prefer it over my old bed, lol. I need to revamp my bedroom 😁
  12. @Average Investor Looks good! Thanks
  13. I did IT and OMAD for 6 years and it did increase my mental performance when I was in fasted state, but when I tried 5 meals a day I was completely blown off by the sheer willpower and increased bodily awareness I got from doing the 5 meals a day diet. Its not that I don't think IT and OMAD work, but they have their time and place just like 5 meals has its time and place, so I'll switch around as I feel the need. Isnt dried fruit kinda like candy tho? Dried banana is awesome though Ah! This reminded me, I can make my own bars! Thanks
  14. I think its really a problem with communication. To quote @outlandish: I think women communicate less with definitions of the words and more on the level of expression and they read more on the context while men throw the context out of the window and focus like a laser on (their own) definitions. Like when woman says "I dont care about men with a lot of money". That doesn't mean that she wouldn't date a man with a lot of money, but that the money isn't what is what is the most important. But the average man would read that sentence like it was an absolute rule and then say that the woman is lying if she later finds an intelligent husband who happens to be rich. Meanwhile where I live men often want their women to be like the ideal next door girl who is always happy and never bitches. Their demands are often tangible, something you can absolutely write down. If a man says "I dont care about women who are unintelligent" then that is often an absolute rule with no exceptions. Its really about perspectives. Something Leo's masculinity vs femininity video bites on very well, I have to rewatch it again