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  1. @roar Unfortunately I work on a different department so I dont know how to fit, let alone retrofit one on a ship since my knowledge of electric propulsion systems is limited to their general knowledge and maintenance Quick googling showed me that there are some fishing ships converted to electric propulsion with batteries a few years back in Norway. You could try to look those ships up and see if there is any information on where they were converted? Ship yards are terrible at advertisement
  2. I'd say I gave enough time expecting an answer for my request, but they never answered me. This is a pity, because Second Thought has done some incredible videos before, but what I've learned here isnt putting the channel in a respectful position in my eyes. I have some statistics on shipbuilding on 2019 and orders for upcoming years if someone is interested. Its looking much better environmentally than 10 years ago.
  3. For a long time I have been pondering on how different groups of people use language in vastly different ways. I pondered whether this changes how we see the world? Like the word "racist" has a huge difference when it comes from a blue farmer, orange business man or from a green activist. Words simply dont mean one thing in the world anymore, I think that is causing friction between groups when they discuss politics, and the reason is that they barely understand the language the other is using. When I accepted the stage green definition of the world racism, it helped me to understand the green ideas of racial problems in our modern society. I then realized that I didnt learn anything, all I did was accepting the new definition for racism and suddenly I became open to so much information in my brain that was related to that word, which I didnt want to believe in for whatever reason. I've been thinking about learning these different meanings among different groups and learning how to focus one's mind to speak and listen in any of these groups point of view. They all have so similiar but different languages of english. Maybe one could better understand different political parties if their mind didnt place different meaning on words than what the representative is trying to say? Its not like words are going to have one single meaning despite the fact it would be so much easier, but we could try being more lingually flexible.
  4. Followed instructions as stated. Dick now stuck in snow. Frozen. Halp
  5. To the larger context it doesn't. An animal is animal and a pigs life is equal to dogs when you think about it logically. But when you speak about the average human they have biases, and one of those biases is that pets>animals grown to be food. They dont have empathy for the farm animals life. Unless its your rent-horse, of course.
  6. Im confused. I thought the stage turquoise was supposed to be like understanding of other stages and have the ability to morph one self to momentarily become an other stage? Am I totally in wrong here? Like in my imagination a state turquoise person could use their knowledge to lead a stage blue people towards stage orange, but he wouldn't look like a stage turquoise person to us because he was momentarily morphed into this stage orange person who was leading the people towards the said stage. Is this all just bogus?
  7. True, but not my point. My point is that they did not disclose on what kind of technology the researchers were measuring. If the researchers measured a cruise ship using Heavy Fuel Oil without scrubbers, then of course it would release high amounts of sulphur. This would have been great data 10-20 years ago, but since the scrubber systems are becoming mandatory in 2020, and since more and more ports are banning use of HFO in port, the data would be very old. Comparing this kind of data with modern day LNG cruise ships would be like comparing a gasoline car with no catalyst converter from 1980 to a modern car that runs on natural gasses and then pointing out how all cars pollute air with lead and sulphur and should be banned. This however is just speculation, so I decided to dig deeper and e-mail the channel. I asked them for their sources, and will be sharing my findings when they answer me.
  8. Its not really my area of expertise(Im just a marine engineer and currently work as ship designer so I dont know much about cancerous toxins) but there is definitely research out there that points out higher cancer risk for people living in port cities. There was this document I watched of a man who worked as ship engineer until his 70's who's lungs were as bad as someone who was a chain smoker for their entire lifetime, but he claimed that he never smoked in is life. However, this was back in the day when we were paying little attention to the quality of gasses we let out of those engines. Nowdays we have higher engine efficiency(less exhaust gasses and less harmful substances in the exhaust gas), better fuel distillation processes(cleaner fuel), shipping industry is moving towards using Liquefied Natural Gas instead of HFO and MDO (cleaner than MDO and MUCH cleaner than HFO) more and more ports are requiring you to switch over to cleaner fuels before you enter the port, scrubbers are here which are a big game changer etc. Something to criticize about the video; It claims that one ship in port according to experts in Brussels and Germany releases more sulphur in a day than millions of cars but they leave out whether this study was done on HFO, MDO, or LNG fuel and if the ships were using HFO, did they use scrubbers. This is critical information due to the 2020 sulphur regulations and the move towards LNG. I would love to check this myself but they didnt care to share sources in their video or its description TL;DR I think their claims are based on actual research, but the research is outdated and does not take into account the recent and upcoming changes in fuel quality, fuel types and post-cleansing of exhaust gasses.
  9. Just like on the ship, the treated water is released back to the environment. This is true in ship and ground facilities.
  10. @Nak Khid For one, they use the argument that the ship dumps human waste into the ocean and makes it seem like its a bad thing. However, they leave out the fact that the waste goes through extensive cleaning before its let out into the ocean. The same process that city waste management facilities go through before dumping their waste into the ocean. They left that fact out purposely because it would have nullified their argument. They do it because they have agenda and that fact doesn't fit that agenda. Im not gonna go deeper into the other mis/twisted information on the video, but Im just saying dont take their words at face value.
  11. There is tremendous pressure in the shipping world to move towards greener technology. One reason is of course lower costs (Ships use a LOT of fuel) and one reason is IMO regulations. Electric ships are amazing because they are easy to maintain without engineers onboard 24/7. In my opinion and with 5 years of experience I believe that a diesel powered ship will never be unmanned. The engine room simply cannot be left unmanned unless you build so much redundancy that you lose more money in lost cargo space than when you hire someone to upkeep the engine room. And then there is IMO, and without IMO the sulphur 2020 regulations would have never happened. The scrubber system required to reduce suplhur emissions from Heavy Fuel Oil is a costly system, its an engineers nightmare when its malfunctioning, its an engineers nightmare to retrofit to a ship and the cheaper scrubber solutions have limited areas of use because not all sea areas contain water that can be used in the scrubber system. Because of these problems, a lot of shipping companies have objected the sulphur 2020 regulations and some shipping companies have contemplated on moving to the sulphur free Marine Diesel Oil alltogether and ditch the HFO, but IMO wont budge. IMO is an environmental fighter that sadly lacks the praise it deserves
  12. This. Its not the repetition that changes you, but the thoughts and realizations that pop up during the repetitions that tend to be life changing.