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  1. Animals(including humans) make milk for their offspring. The dairy industry is as cruel as the meat industry, which is why vegetarianism isn't enough if one wants to stop contributing to animal abuse.
  2. Same age as you. Didn't care a few years ago either. Now i'm vegan and running minimum 30km every week. So what changed? For me, seeing the fleeting nature of reality and how both fragile and adaptable life can be. How your routines, what you put into yourself and how you treat your body create a lot of the foundations for the rest of your life. You can both die next week, but you can also turn your life around and make great changes both in your personal life and for those around you. Changing your underlying beliefs about yourself and reality is key to making the changes stick. Starting to actually see the infinite possibilites of the body to adapt in the way you use it is one of my biggest drivers to make the habits stick, but also the aspect of building mental strength through not falling into the trap of eating for satisfaction and getting trapped by the fear of discomfort when excercising. Some obvious of the benefits both long & short term - More energy. Getting the energy to do what you want in life. Some people might think that excercising will take energy from you(and it will while you're doing it). In time you'll notice that you can focus more on your studies work or run that extra mile without much extra effort, because you're doing those small things perhaps the people around you aren't. If your goal is to better than others in areas it will give you an edge. If your goal is to help other it will make you more suited to do so. Win-win either way. - Less disease(vegetarians and vegans are less prone to heart disease, obesity etc. And you can have a bad vegan diet consisting of processed fake meat, chips and coke. But plant based whole foods are key here. Also you need to take B12.) - In average, you'll live longer. There are so many benefits to eating healthy and excercising, that i could go on forever tbh. Just go to youtube or google and get inspired by other people making those changes. There are tons of inspiring people out there ready to guide you to make the steps you really want to. And it will never become easier than it is right now. The older you get, changing habits will be harder. If you start now you'll most likely live a longer and happier life, and you'll be thankful to your former self for doing so.
  3. I usually dont tear up when people die. Especially not people i did not know personally. I did this time though. I think that says something about Michael. Rest in peace.
  4. Your mind is bullshitting you, so you should seek some professional help instead of playing into delusion. Not saying this to be mean, but seems like you need a reality check. Whatever you're experiencing has nothing to do with enlightenment.
  5. First of all, drop the notion that self deception and lazyness is something that is happening to you. It is something YOU are doing. The only way you'll get out of those patterns is to take responsibility for them.
  6. @Outer In some cases arguments can get you out. But im sensing when you have 2500 posts on a forum about spirituality, development and psychology and you somehow are still in a mindset where you would use energy on defending Donald Trump i can honestly say no argument will solve anything here. Good luck to you.
  7. @Outer Your previous posts show you're going in circles. Arguments wont bring you out of it, only brutal self honesty. I can't help you out any more than pointing that out.
  8. Meaninglessness is not a bad thing. Reality is fundamentally beyond meaning and all these human concepts most of us cling to. Striving for these concepts to align with a reality which do not hold them to be true will only create more suffering. The good news is that you can transcend them, but in order to get there you need to pursue truth, and not want you want to be true.
  9. @Outer Jesus christ man, stop going in circles. You're in full paradigm lock, be honest with yourself. You might think you want to prove a point or something but you're only hurting your own progress. If you actually use your time advocating in favour of someone like Trump your perception is so distorted that you should be working on it asap, not falling further into the delusion. I actually used to be a conservative before i delved into my own psychology with a hard honest look, and it was very uncomfortable to confront my own views that were fueled by insecurity and ego but actually admitting it was a step forward. I see you just from nowhere linked a study that supposedly show conservatives being smarter etc. You do realise you're revealing your need to be superior by posting stuff like that, a need which is fueled by insecurity. You won't get anywhere until you start confronting those needs and beliefs.
  10. 1. They're contrails. 2. Why does this forum attract so many loonies? It's about self development, so stop the victim mentality and blaming the government for everything wrong in your life.
  11. @billiesimon No, this isnt a free speech issue at all. People need to learn what freedom of speech actually is. I see this being misunderstood all the time, especially by right wingers who cry about freedom of speech if anyone speaks against them or calls them out. Freedom of speech is freedom to speak without the fear of government reprisal and sanctions, it has nothing to do with how private websites or companies decide to moderate. Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from social consequences.
  12. @MarkusSweden I truly feel nothing but sorry for you, i'm not even mad. I have jewish relatives that died in concentration camps and i can promise you that they were just normal people having normal lives, not like the crazy conspiracy theories you peddle. I'm pretty sure your beliefs have very little to do with jews but more to do with something inside yourself. Perhaps you should focus working on that instead of spreading hatred.