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  1. @Loreena why so?
  2. @tashawoodfall tell us a few things about your emotions. For example what emotions do you experience after having finished sexual contact?
  3. @Leo Gura I see... But I think his teachings are very simple to understand for beginners.. Try reading I AM THAT for begging and you will understand nothing.
  4. I am just curious to know why there aren't some books of Eckhart Tolle in Leo's book list.
  5. How many Zen masters are needed in order to change a light bulb? 2... One to change it and one not to change it 😂
  6. Aha.. I like the way E. Tolle sets gratitude. Not verbally, meaning thank you God for having or doing this, but actually giving your fullest attention. For example when you eat just eat as mindfully as possible, and that is real gratitude..
  7. Read the : road less traveled 2 by Scott peck. I am currently reading it and it has a chapter for sexuality and spirituality...
  8. Are you grateful for things you don't possess?
  9. I am just wondering how much did you practice with this affirmation?
  10. Hey thank you both of you for your responses. I am 25 years old, currently stuck in my home with my parents and my brother. The psychiatrist told us that we should involve the police and maybe close him to a clinic. The other option she told us is to move with my parents and leave him alone till he suffers so badly until he reaches depression and seek for help. But man I don't know everyday living with him is a bad nightmare, a hell. I am trying to keep myself strong,but for how long??
  11. Hey there. My brother was recently diagnosed with obsessive compulsive personality disorder. He is around 27 years old and as far as I can remember he was always acting problematically. We have visited several psychiatrists with my family except him, because he does not think that he has a problem and so he blames and accuses us for making him miserable. He said once to my father "if you don't do what I want I will commit suicide". Every month or so he has anger explosions. He grabbed me and my father from the neck and once he threatened me with a knife. My mother has depression that is cause by him and my father is constantly worrying and gets angry. I am keeping him a distance. We are living in the same house by the way. And we may talk once every 3 or 4 months. His behavior is really toxic, he wants us to leave according to his expectations. He is constantly anxious and occupies himself with cleaning the house almost all day. He does not go out or have any friends. So, my question is how to deal with it, because I know deep down myself I am suffering. Thanks
  12. It would be interesting for all of us to if Leo could make a video about rejection. What do you think?
  13. What judgement really is, is when you equate someone with you own label.. I.e someone might tell you very often lies, because of fear.. When you say that this person is a liar, and then you define this person by your label, you then are trapped in your own mind. You have mistaken the essence of that person, who he or she is with your label and then,of course,you act him according. to your label..
  14. Take nothing personally. Let them speak behind your back.. So ?
  15. As E. Tolle suggests, by judging, spiritually speaking, you say i.e "You are stupid" to someone! And then you act him as if he is stupid. You are facing your won label every time you meet that person and you are trapped in your own mind. By not judging you can say: "I recognize that this behavior of this person is stupid". NEVER say to someone :You are.... stupid/awful/lazy etc. Instead say to her/him: "Your behavior is.... " or better " This behavior is such and such..... " ..