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  1. Here is a series of the 10 Zen Ox-Herding Pictures. Enjoy!
  2. hahahahahah, I am that kind of a man that looks deeply into the eyes and just listens carefully to what a girl says. I remember I was once with a girl and she was talking about all her problems (we had a therapy session), and she fell in love with me. I literally did nothing. So, I guess it's very important to have a grounded stance: be present, don't judge, let the girl speak without interrupting her, breath normally and relax your body. For me, it works! I'd also add to make eye gestures. Generally, I am serious when I am in a date, but girls like me ( they have no option not to )
  3. Read Models:attract women through honesty
  4. Here is a great video on Body Awareness. Give it a try, it will definitely worth your time.
  5. Here is a great site I wanna share with you on emotions, that might be helpful to your actualization
  6. H How do you qualify someone as special?
  7. 20 months without porn, 3 days without orgasm, 30 minutes without fap, 1 month wihtout sex .. Lawl.
  8. Love you! This words.. they are like coming from my heart (even though you have written them)!
  9. What characteristics of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and physical appearance are difficult for you to accept ?
  10. @cetus56 Maybe not, or rather it will (for sure) when the body dies.
  11. @Nahm Thanks you for reminding me to relax my body. It is something that I need to remember to myself to do constantly. Relaxing the body and breathing can get me to the I, the aware Presence. I combine Reikian Therapy with Holotropic Breath work and Body Awareness and the effects are magical!
  12. @Nahm I am starting to understand that with thoughts I can not understand. The only thing I understand is that I (can) understand. Even though I do not understand, I still understand that I do not understand. And the loop continues.... There is always understanding, isn't there?
  13. Yes! For me self-acceptance is absolutely crucial form self expansion. Mainly, the acceptance of the physical body. I am currently doing the daily exercises of Reikian Therapy and the last month I can look myself easily in the mirror without a lot of judgment about how I look. This has increased my self confidence and self esteem (one pillar of self-esteem is the practice of accepting ones self). Practice non judgment in front of your mirror if you struggle with this issue. It works wonders, 5-10 minutes daily. Also try to affirm that you love yourself in front of your mirror. Do this 1st thing in the morning with all of your focus. I would suggest that we need to practice self-acceptance daily, in every step we make, every breath we take, consciously. We definitely do not have to wait the "precious moment of awakening". Find a balance in your life, do not let yourself get absorbed in personal development all of the time.
  14. Actually not. There is only an awareness of the dream, because if there was not, then I would not wake up remembering the dream. Is it correct ? Did not get you! Yes, mainly while I am meditating. But where is that 'space' ? I do not know. I want to ask you, when I am looking at the space in the night am I that space ?