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  1. I've had severe anxiety in the past (a lot of headaches, stuttering, social phobia, insomnia etc) until I had some mushrooms lately. Man this shit is so powerful it can throw anxiety away in a couple of hours. Just start small dosing. I recommend <2 grams. Because of your anxiety you will probably experience a lot of fear coming up into the surface. Just be open to the experience, either "good" or "bad".
  2. @abrakamowse yup the little me is afraid of everything..
  3. Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my experience with my first time of doing magic mushrooms. So on 20-03-2018 I made a cup of tea full of magic mushrooms (1,8 gram). I drank my tea alone in the room with the window closed. I hided any kind of sharp objects such as knives and a razor as well as the lighter. Before drinking the tea I meditated for 1 hour to calm my mind down. I was really scared to drink my tea but I knew that I had to drink it. So, I drank the tea and for the first 15 or 20 minutes nothing happened. I was really scared of what I did, because I was thinking I am gonna die. I was feeling nausea and I told my older brother to stay with me, because I was feeling sick (at least in my mind). He called my father in the phone and told him what I did so he immediately came home with my mother. I told my mother I wanna go to the hospital because I was feeling that I am gonna die ( I was so scared ). We arrived at the back of the hospital and told my mother "Wait mom, I do not wanna go in the emergency room" I don't feel any stomach pain or any head ache, I just feel like I want to faint. If I faint drag me in the emergency". While we were waiting outside of the hospital I was feeling that I was slowly dying, I was feeling cold. After almost 1 hour of drinking the mushroom tea i relaxed and said to her "No, mom, i do not want to faint, I just wanna relax". I closed my eyes and the visuals kicked in. I saw red,orange,pink colors so intensely. Every thought stopped. I watched the view from the hospital and it was just AMAZING! Then we sit on the car for about an hour and a lot of new thoughts and ideas were coming up to my mind. After an hour we returned home. On the way back home I was sitting in the car when a sunlight hit my face and..... WOW!!! That was the most beautiful sunlight I've ever seen in my entire life!!! It was very strong, thick and bright. Then I couldn't find myself anywhere. I became vast...spacious..I became everything... I just wanted to fly..Before we arrive home I've started crying in the car. Tears were all over my face. I cried a lot. I cried so intensely when, all of a sudden, I felt so much love for my mother. I love you mom, I shouted!! I love you so much!! I love you! That's what I wanted to say to you all these years!! I love you!! We went back home and I laid on the sofa and I closed my eyes. When I opened them I saw the air condition like I was seeing it for the first time ever!! So amazing!! Then, my breath was getting deeper and deeper. I was scared as my little ego thought that I will have a heart attack. I felt resistance, but I just wanted to fill my lungs with air. I just wanted to BREATH all the air in the room.. I felt that I am pure breath.. Then I started crying again because I had so much anxiety I couldn't breath properly all these years. But, I cried and I really enjoyed it. I cried and I did't suffer. I just wanted all of my tears to wash the pain away. I love you mom, I said once again! You are so beautiful. A lot of insights came out of my subconscious mind like: I want to be more spontaneous in my life, I want to be free from all the criticism, I want to let go, I want all of my suffering to go away, I need to laugh more, I need to relax more, the world is magic, there is no one i need to control, breathing is perfect, life is as it is, life is always as it should be. I could't write all these but i said to my mother to write them down.. When a new insight was popping out of my mind I was like: WoW!!!! Then I get to the bedroom and i hugged the pillow. I love the pillow so much.. I just love it!!!! Then I got a pen and a paper and started writing some random stuff. My hand was so free I could't control it. I was writing extremely fast. My trip lasted about 5 hours. It was THE most intense experience I've had in my entire life Aftermath: My stuttering has almost gone, the wall between me and the other people become less thick as the fear of people diminished. My meditation became 10 times better, my love for other people became stronger, my mind slowed down, my body is less tight as it was and my grief has diminished. All in all, I enjoy life more!!! Please feel free to leave your comments down below. Thanks for reading
  4. I was like: WOW, dude you are right about the analogy with maths!!!!!
  5. How is your sleep? Do you feel refreshed after waking up in the morning?
  6. Today i relapsed after a 4 day streak... I ejaculated after masturbating to a youtube video.. But I keep on my 6th day of arctic shower.. I am feeling them gains coming pretty smoothly...
  7. @Shin Yes! It feels very uncomfortable at first since I go ALL IN without any thought, but after some deep and fast breaths I get used to it. I noticed that even my stuttering has diminished like magic (I stutter since i was 12 years old) because I don't overanalyze shit in my mind and words come out of my mouth pretty fluently and spontaneously.. Today the arctic shower lasted approximately 3 minutes.. Came out revitalized and I full of energy.. Looking forward to cold shower tomorrow..
  8. Yesterday I turned the water cold and I said FCK IT I go all in.. And i did go all in and it was such a shock for my body I wanna do it again because I am a masochist.. And I'll do it again for 2 minutes... Benifits here we goooo.. Turn the water cold and don't thing a damn and go balls in..
  9. Are you still watching porn and masturbate like teen ager? 😁😀🤔
  10. @Shin hahahahah... No, I mean you might have 50% feminine and 50% masculine sexuality...
  11. Isn't enlightenment the merging of extroversion and introversion >?
  12. True Love, according to Eckhart Tolle is when you "see" yourself into the other person. It's the recognition of "your" self, the essence of who you truly are, to the other.