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  1. Great post man. I remember when i took shrooms I was crying and saying to my mom: Mom I love you so much! I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU!!!! How does your belly feel now after crying ? Does it feel less tensed ?
  2. Hey guys what's up? I want to ask is it effective to say affirmations when you are on the go (whenever you remember to say) ? Meaning, for example, when I am waiting on red light and say: I am calm, I am calm. Or is it more effective to find time throughout the day (let's say 5 to 10 minutes) to make affirmations like this. Thanks!
  3. @Zweistein Wow!!!! Never really thought about if stuttering is really my problem or their problem! Who is the one that is projecting the problem? Me or the others? Great reply, thanks!
  4. Hey, just watched the video about contemplation. I am facing the issue of stuttering, so I would like to know whether we can use the contemplation technique to fix this. Thanks!
  5. Don't forget the age factor as well..
  6. Remember to notice your breath throughout the day as often as you can. You can ask: Am I still breathing? Root yourself into the Present Moment!
  7. @Nahm @Nahm I 'get high' every time I read your comments! Love you!!! Currently, I am using meditation with curiosity to discover how insane the mind is. I try to focus my attention on the belly while I let my breath flow in and out naturally. And whenever thoughts come it's just like watching a movie. I don't cling onto them. After my 30 minutes of meditation I open my eyes and concentrate on a thing while I am saying the mantra : Present with every cell of my body..
  8. I am currently reading for the 3rd time the book and I it's just pure gold!! There are so many realizations for me!!! The pain body is actually an entity that leaves inside of us that has accumulated pain from the past and this pain is deeply rooted on the psyche. Every now and then it wakes up and needs more misery to feed on. It's a bit scary when you realize it for the first time. By the way I am feeling more alert and aware of my thoughts,feelings and sensations while I am reading the book.. I am guessing that Truth penetrates to some degrees into my psyche.
  9. @S33K3R could you please refer to some obsessive thoughts? I have obsessive thought for my body all the time.
  10. @BuddhaTree I have not purchased that book, yet. Could you mention how to in a brief.
  11. Could someone tell me how to practice the Mahamudra, because in the book: The Secret power of Kriya Yoga, the author does not mention how to. Thanks!
  12. @Mirror of Confusion oh! Thank youuu!!!
  13. I am thinking of starting the Kriya Bow practice. How can someone do the "oceanic breathing"?
  14. @How to be wise Then what am I ???
  15. My mind just blew away pffff!! So fcking deep!