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  1. What kind of chronic pain do you experience ??? @Charlotte
  2. Wish I had this experience as well (without psychedelics)
  3. The last few days I keep in my mind that every experience is fleeting.. How things change so fast.. But what is the one thing that does not change? It's nothing ness. Realize now that nothing is yours, not even your body.
  4. @Nahm So, you had a death experience, right ? You died before your die, as Jesus said ?
  5. @Nahm what do you mean you died?
  6. @Nahm I agree. Psychedelics are powerful shit. What injuries did you face?
  7. @Nahm Yes, I am doing some workouts and stretches daily. It got better but not gully healed. The fact is that after my mushroom trip the pain diminished a lot? How is that ? Was there some emotional suffering as well ?
  8. @Nahm @Hero in progress I have an injury in my back and I feel pain. The other day, I asked myself: Am I this pain ? If the pain seizes to exist will I also stop to exist ? And then I laughed. It was so obvious. I am identified with the pain. I am judging myself and others, how I/we look, what I say etc.
  9. What do you think is the biggest obstacle towards realizing your true nature ? I guess, mine is that I am so critical about everything as well as the physical pain I am experiencing almost continually. What is yours ?
  10. Try a psychedelic to clean up your emotional baggage.
  11. You get enlightened
  12. I am thinking all the time as well. But, I realized that it's not the thinking that's the problem, but the identification with thoughts. As Byron Katie once said: I try to stop my thoughts and here they come, and here they come, and here they come... I do not know if it is possible (for me) to stop thinking whatsoever, but I am becoming more and more detached from the thoughts. I keep a distance so they do not influence me that much any more. Try listening to this video tape: Have a great night Ether!
  13. I watched this video yesterday! Eckhart is enlightened beyond words!
  14. I ve cut my brother from my life 3 years ago. What was your problem with him?