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  1. @Leo Gura But Leooo, why threaten to set boundaries?🤔
  2. No one is 100% genuine and that was the reason why she left me.. I told her that you need to "spiritually wake up" in order to become 100% genuine..
  3. Has anyone micro dosed magic mushrooms for pick up purposes? Is it worth it?
  4. @Psyche_92I@Psyche_92I also told her that I would like to be in a state that no negative emotion arises and she said to me that it isn't possible.. I don't want to be with a man like that Is it possible or not?
  5. @Psyche_92 mmm I do worry, it's not that i truly want to stop ejaculation... I think it's impossible to find that kind of a girl
  6. Yesterday I told a girl that I do not want to ejaculate and waste my sexual energy and she was offended saying : I don't like a man that does not cum, I don't want to become a Guinea pig for you just to practice non ejaculation... She is thinking of leaving me.. Also, she told me that she want sex all day, I would become a whore if it wasn't for my conscience... I was like fuck man why I even told it....
  7. Hey guys! I feel very sad because yesterday I was with a girl and, while we were starting to have an intercourse she asked me if I had some STD.. And I replies yes a have some genital warts.. Now I am afraid that I can't have sex with her and that she will leave me because of these... Is there a cure for this?
  8. @Shin Good point there.. Maybe not all the time during your "fapping session".. It's preferable than using your pure imagination for fapping. Yup! Not fapping at all is ideal I am interacting with the opposite sex daily due to my work and I do not feel lust either, I just enjoy their feminine presence ...
  9. @Shin Yup its better in my opinion because, although it is still imaginary, it isn't a "movie". The whole point of getting rid of pornography is getting rid of that movie.. So stop using the "movie" in your mind while fapping
  10. @Shin yup! To be clear.. Just watch the images and fap without imagination.. Just watch don't fantasize... Masturbating using imagination is like watching a porn movie..
  11. @Shin mmmm where is the contradiction?
  12. Day 0..i had a good insight this time. Although I haven't watched porn since 2016 I am using my imagination to masturbate which is the same as watching porn... I see "myself" in my imagination pretendig to have sex... Guys use internet photos for masturbating not your imagination.
  13. Try shamanic breathing and reickian therapy
  14. She asked me to go for a glass of whine these days.. So I guess I ll make my moves there.
  15. @SFRL what if she rejects my moves.. I was thinking of going to her place and asking her for a twerk because she loves it