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  1. @philosogi i mean everything changes. How can friends remain best friends? I think Barry Long once said that its not wise to have a friend for the rest of your life...
  2. Is there this "thing" that we, humans, call best friends or best friends forever and especially between a man and a woman? What do you think?
  3. I am 25 and im in personal development since last year.. I can assure you after that much work i have done with myself i can see almost everyone having a 10 year old brain...
  4. @Psychonaut levander oil for me helps sleeping faster
  5. @Max_V its from the tape how to live joyously by barry long. You can find it on youtube as well
  6. @Max_V Read th1is article!
  7. My life, my problems, my opinions, my body, my situation... It that "my" ultimately a dellusion?
  8. To realize what is not true. Basically you can have a hawk eye view of reality
  9. @egoeimai unfortunately i dont have any. But you can find some affirmations through Internet readily and just modify them. @SOUL yup, i was sick of the depressed mood and really put the work to get rid of it. I hope this post does have a positive impact on others life as well. I enjoy life a lot more to tell you the truth, as i am feeling more free.
  10. Hey guys! I have been fearful from negative criticism since i was a teenager and that has given me even depression. So the last 2,5 months I have started doing this simple affirmation exercise for 5 minutes before a fall asleep at night. So the affirmation goes like this: "I am free of any negative and positive comments of others". The key is that if you want to be free of negative opinions you also have to be independable of positive ones. Long story short here are the benefits i have noticed untill now: Far far less anxiety when I am speaking with strangers I used to stutter so bad, but now it has diminished about 80% I speak to women with more confidence. I am not afraid to do things because of others opinions (e.g. Wear the clothes i like) Have more fun and do more jokes as i dont have much fear of look like "stupid" Approach women and not fear rejection. I am not feeling sad, bad, frustrated when someone calls me names. I am expressing myself more easily and genuinely. I dont take things personally anymore. The benifits are awesone and i hope that gets you motivated to start, if you dont have already, doing affirmations in your daily context. Thank you for reading my post
  11. Ive stopped porn for 3,5 months and it feels amazing. Women seem so beautiful and i can see them as human beings. No stress at all when i am with them.
  12. @Loreena why so?
  13. @tashawoodfall tell us a few things about your emotions. For example what emotions do you experience after having finished sexual contact?
  14. @Leo Gura I see... But I think his teachings are very simple to understand for beginners.. Try reading I AM THAT for begging and you will understand nothing.