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  1. For me this have worked ειμαι απαλλαγμένος απο ολα τα αρνητικα και θετικα σχολια των αλλων.. I did this for 3 months every night for 5 minutes and it worked like magic!
  2. I am at no porn for 5 months and man... women are amazing!! You can have conversations with them without thinking having sex with them or without staring their boobs all the time
  3. I dont agree with egoeimai. You told the truth man. Well done. Actually you didn't hurt her. She hurt herself by believing what you said. She took it personally because deep down she agrees with your opinion. As Byron Katie said: nobody can hurt me, thats my job.
  4. So, i understand that :you will be judged means that I will judge myseef after judging others right?
  5. What do you think Jesus was meaning by saying don't judge or you will be judged?
  6. @philosogi i mean everything changes. How can friends remain best friends? I think Barry Long once said that its not wise to have a friend for the rest of your life...
  7. Is there this "thing" that we, humans, call best friends or best friends forever and especially between a man and a woman? What do you think?
  8. I am 25 and im in personal development since last year.. I can assure you after that much work i have done with myself i can see almost everyone having a 10 year old brain...
  9. @Psychonaut levander oil for me helps sleeping faster
  10. @Max_V its from the tape how to live joyously by barry long. You can find it on youtube as well
  11. @Max_V Read th1is article!
  12. My life, my problems, my opinions, my body, my situation... It that "my" ultimately a dellusion?
  13. To realize what is not true. Basically you can have a hawk eye view of reality
  14. @egoeimai unfortunately i dont have any. But you can find some affirmations through Internet readily and just modify them. @SOUL yup, i was sick of the depressed mood and really put the work to get rid of it. I hope this post does have a positive impact on others life as well. I enjoy life a lot more to tell you the truth, as i am feeling more free.