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  1. What is your opinion on this one? It goes against of what Leo is saying on picking up girls in a mall.. Heh..
  2. @Leo Gura Finally I have come to a point that I have so much confidence in sex that even if I have sex for the first time I am pretty chill and can enjoy it very much.
  3. Show us more humor in your vids, Leo.
  4. @Leo Gura once, I said something similar and the response was : it belongs to no one ?
  5. Hey guys! Hope you are doing fine! I had a terrible break almost a month ago. Meaning my girlfriend was physically violent to me. So I had to end the relationship. At first, she had a good behavior towards me. After 3 months the behavior changed a bit. I told her that I want an exclusive relationship with her and she told me that she wanted an open relationship. Well, this kind of... "relationship" lasted 4,5 years. We lived for 10 months at the same place (different houses) and the rest from distance. During this period, she broke up with me via a phone call telling me that: I don't want to talk to you anymore. Then after 6 months she texted me asking how am I doing. Long story short we got "back together". Oh, btw, she was telling me that I am a liar, I am fearful, I am a chameleon, I do not have my own opinion. She was often angry and I was feeling like I was walking next to eggs, afraid of breaking them. She told me that she could love me, but not fall in love with me and even that we do not match romantically. She told me I am a narcissist. Last time we met she told me that she wanted to be with me but I am not acting right towards her. We had a terrible fight because she thought to I was seeing other girls (I did not). She left from my home, and I went to find her. I was trying to tell her to come home to sleep, because it was cold and rainy outside. She refused and then I left after 20 minutes. Then she phone called me and said that I abandoned her. I went back and picked her with my car. Then in my home as I was trying to sleep she was turning the lights on and off and when I told her I will lock my bedroom door, she hit me. She told me that I should be embarrassed that a woman hit me. After all these she told me that she want no contact and that shed would delete me from all social media. But she didn't. Also, she phone called me once to she how am I doing. What is wrong with her behavior? Could it possibly be BP disorder?
  6. @Butters She does not want to come back. And also she does not want to change
  7. @Butters How do you know she will come back? Also I was the one who initiated contact.
  8. Yesterday we talked about what happened. Told her that this event traumatised me and she told me "not even"..."trauma is something that happened in our childhood" (is that true?). It seemed that it didn't bother her. Then she said that she had no regrets for how she acted and what she said because she was fully conscious... Narcissistic behaviour?
  9. @integral I think yes, I am attached to some degree. My mind, also, tends to see the positive traits and Ι am willfully blind to the negatives. You are correct on both that I was sure to make her happy and that I have wasted so much energy: time, emotions and money. "she wants to chase a man she cant tame". Wow! Really got it! Absolutely! Οnce she told me that she wants a man, who will fully complete her and she can not compromise for anything else. @PlayOnWords No, not yet. We are still "friends" on social. I' ve told her that I would never have something romantically with her (no sex, no relationship). And I will keep my word! Never want to live something similar to what I have experienced. @Sucuk Ekmek What do you mean? Like, if she takes care of her health or...? @MarkKol Me neither. After this experience. Definitely, I' will be more alert to bad behaviors!
  10. @r0ckyreed You mean Borderline Personality Disorder, right? @integral I tried to set boundaries with a kind and calm way, so not to repeat what she ways sayings (because it was insulting for me), and she made fun of the way I imposed them. Nor to mention the fact that she did not want to understand. You are right! @MarkKol Hehe. Yes, wish I could just leave her to leave and never had to go find her. But.... @PlayOnWords What do you mean by: Dodged a bullet?
  11. @Leo Gura Indeed, the situation was getting worse as time was passing, as I can recall. When she hit me with her fist, then she told me: Did I hurt you? Because, I do not want to feel guilty. She did not even apologize after the event. There was a time I said: I love you and she responded: I do not f***** care! So, it was my fault that I did not end the relationship, because I cared for her. But, I lost my dignity and self-respect.
  12. @integral I am sorry for you having similar experience. Yes, now I know what I do not want in a relationship.
  13. @Leo Gura At some point, Leo, I was doubting myself. I was thinking that I was the one that was always fault. Oh, by the way one night we were laying on bed together, there was a bird outside singing and she told: I want to kill this bird! Other things she said - You are such a giving person and another time - You are stingy - You are very supportive and another time - You can support me only on practical matters - I like having sex with you and another time - Sex is 1/10 with you I told her via phone that I want to hug her and she got angry (because it was not possible to hug her) and after a few minutes she told me that she would like to hug me. - She blocked me on social and after 2 weeks she unblocked me asking me to wash her clothes. I was loosing my mind. No, I am not projecting on her.. These are her words
  14. What is mentioned in the title. We hear it a lot in sexual relationships. But, what does it mean for you? I am intrigued to know...
  15. @somegirl Quite the opposite.. No emotions whatsoever...
  16. Are you a man or a bear then ?!
  17. @Leo Gura But Leooo, why threaten to set boundaries??
  18. Im interested to know what are some masculine and some of feminine traits in your opinion....
  19. Hey guys! I feel very sad because yesterday I was with a girl and, while we were starting to have an intercourse she asked me if I had some STD.. And I replies yes a have some genital warts.. Now I am afraid that I can't have sex with her and that she will leave me because of these... Is there a cure for this?
  20. No one is 100% genuine and that was the reason why she left me.. I told her that you need to "spiritually wake up" in order to become 100% genuine..
  21. Has anyone micro dosed magic mushrooms for pick up purposes? Is it worth it?
  22. @Psyche_92I@Psyche_92I also told her that I would like to be in a state that no negative emotion arises and she said to me that it isn't possible.. I don't want to be with a man like that Is it possible or not?
  23. @Psyche_92 mmm I do worry, it's not that i truly want to stop ejaculation... I think it's impossible to find that kind of a girl