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  1. @Peo I think there can be value in communicating about your non-dual pursuit and belief systems to other people. I don't know how far along you are, but for me it started as just beliefs and theory. At this stage you still have a very persistent sense of self, just your identity and perspective on the world changes. At this point I mostly kept to myself because with every conversation I tried to start about this type of stuff I pushed people further away. This however created problems for me because it created this rift between what I thought and felt and what I said and did, for which I felt increasingly inauthentic. This closed down my throat chakra. I had to work quite a bit to restore this balance again. Not sure in what position you are and what is wise to do for you, just wanted to share my experience so you are aware that not talking about it can produce some problems. I like welcometoreality's approach: talk about it in a way other people can relate or understand a bit. For me the dream metaphor and virtual reality worked all right. Also, writing your views out can help.
  2. @Highest It feels more like a process for me. Detaching from myself and seeing myself as an occurance. Throughout my days I go to a variety of states, being more or less attached. I’ve had some peak experiences, but don’t think I have hit rock bottem yet. I have a hard time interpreting these peak experiences as well when “I land” again.
  3. This made me cry like a baby
  4. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. @Serotoninluv What Rupert Spira explains in the video is what confuses me. What is the relationship between seeing the screen and the movie changing? The way he explains it is as if getting enlightened will not have any influence on life. But this is not the full story, right? Because when you do get enlightened you change yourself as well.. and you are part of the movie... There is this side of being more loving, moral, at peace and all this is all form, right? And also it is possible to grasp insights about the absolute in relative form, I mean Rupert has the capacity to explain it in some way.. Isnt this talk about there being nothing to grasp, the absolute, only part of the story? What is the relationship between absolute and relative?
  6. @Aaron p Yeah the Kriya yoga book has been laying on my shelf for quite some time, right now I am implementing a lot of things, so it will have to wait a bit longer. I will definitely get to it though! "Don't worry about confusion, just watch the one who is confused. And if you become clear, watch the one who has become clear." This is great, thanks, I will use this. @Nahm "What do you mean by “the relative and the absolute?” What do you currently see as the difference and or relationship between them?" "What do you mean when you say “the relative?” Right now I see relative as part of absolute. But I see it as different perspectives kind of. Like infinity includes all finitudes, so from an absolute perspective, there is no separation between anything. But from the relative, finitude, ego, my current perspective there is this idea of separation. I feel like I have to kind of zoom out from this relative perspective, let the identification with the part go to move towards this absolute perspective. Like the ego fades more and more till it completely seen through. "How is it that you are not already formless? (Pen & paper - keep answering each question which arises beyond that one)" I tried this, here is part of what I wrote down: How is it that I am not already formless? Who is the I that has to be formless? Where am I? Who is looking for me? Can there be a looker and someone to look at? Who am I trying to impress right now? (mind wandered) Where is this taking place? What is this? Who is trying to focus? (mind wandered) Where am I trying to go? Who is trying to go somewhere? "Describe this thing or process you refer to as “becoming aware”. What is that?" To me it feels like separating awareness from myself, trying to look at what this self without categorizing it as me. Also, a lot is trying to shut myself up, which I know can't be done by thinking more about it... but just trying to kind of keep still. It feels like if I keep still enough awareness kind of shines through, kind of like I zoom out a bit, or become more of the screen then the one in the movie. This process I have been able to follow until I, for example, look at my handwriting something down, and no longer feel like I am writing something down or that it is my hand. This is what I wrote down: "It's possible to literally let yourself be guided by the creativity and intelligence of reality. Let yourself be guided by nothing, watching how form gets created, and letting it come from yourself, or better, see yourself as part of the painting". That's one of the experiences I think of as a mystical experience. I have more of these types of experiences, but I find it hard to interpret them afterward. At the moment it seems very obvious and clear, and after it, I question whether I was just deluding myself. Also, the range of my experiences seems very large to me. Like I am only able to reach these states at a very small part of the time. Ps. These questions really put me to work, which is great, thank you
  7. Thanks for your responses, they are very helpful @Nahm Pretty sure that most of that, except for the "that's what she said" part, flew over my head. I guess what really confuses me here is the relationship between relative and absolute. So, if I understand you right, you are trying to point me to the fact that everything that arises, all form and categorizations are part of the whole. Creating this distinction between the mind and escaping from it is a duality and overlooks that all of it is consciousness, there is nothing not IT. But how then is it that becoming aware of this influences the relative as well? There is to some degree always this duality between you and it until you become completely formless, right? There is always someone or something that becomes aware, because otherwise there would be nothing, right? @WelcometoReality Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. I tried this for a bit and it felt great, so I will keep experimenting with it, thank you.
  8. @Mikael89 That makes some sense, but from the perspective of the ego you are doing something to realize you are a small flame part of the sun, to extend on your metaphor, right? When I am doing these practices whilst not at that moment aware of the full truth of myself, I am doing something... Either calming the mind, or questioning myself, "melting myself off myself". Letting your mind get fucked by reality feels like a pretty accurate description. In a sense, you are disidentifying with the self to realize the True Self, and identity takes place in the mind... Pff, I am getting confused lol
  9. Is enlightenment something that only takes place from the mind? So, meditation, self-inquiry, contemplation type practices seem to focus on the mind. At least, to me it feels like I am really in this battle with myself in my head. "trying to let go", surrender, "catching yourself", finer distinctions of how the mind operates and trying to let awareness shine through it. To me this feels what is mostly talked about, at least in the content I am watching. In this part, I also feel like I am really making some progress. However, the heart also seems to play an important role. Someone on this forum recommended following a few teachers with different orientations, mind centered, heart-centered, and something else I don't remember. Also, Leo emphasized the importance of a "teotlized heart" and has mentioned love as one of the "facets of the absolute". So are this different, and are there perhaps more, facets of the absolute? Like different fingers on a hand? Or is enlightenment one thing that these different avenues lead towards? Like different rivers ending up in the same ocean? Or am I completely confused? How fucking big is this thing? It feels like I'm in a dark room and have been told there is an "elephant". I might or might not have been able to touch this elephant with one hand. However, I am not sure if it is this supposed elephant or just the wall.
  10. @Recursoinominado Sure, here is the link to her website: She also gives courses in massage, in case you might be interested in that. I believe she also wrote a book, not sure if it is specifically about massage though.
  11. I had this weird experience last Friday. I met up with a woman who works a lot with healing through massages but also helps to guide people on their spiritual path. We were just sitting down having a cup of tea. She was sharing all types of experiences and insights, enlightenment experiences she has had, how everyone around you is just a reflection of yourself, and a lot more. I was already in this crazy mindstate from just talking to her, it was like I could see the emptiness when looking in her eyes like she pulled me up to her level of awareness a bit. So then, all of a sudden, when we were talking everything around her face turned vague and white, and all I could see was her face. It was a bit like her face was the center of the sun and everything around it where strays of light, like a child would draw it. Her face also seemed to change a bit. This lasted for maybe a minute, and I was kind of going in and out of it. Strangely enough, at that moment it did not seem very weird at all. I mean, I was surprised by it, but reality seemed so moldable when I was with her that it was just another thing that happened. Anyways, I told her what I just experienced. She was like "oh, you experienced it too, then we experienced the same thing". She went on saying that we were looking into past lives of each other. From the experience, I couldn't tell anything about her or her past life, but she had quite a bit to say about mine. At this point I don't want to share what exactly she had to say about me, but it made quite some sense. I'm not sure how to interpret what happened. Before this experience, I didn't really have an opinion on past lives, but I was more on the skeptical side. So far I'm leaving it open whether it was really about my past life, or maybe just some insight she had about me, and really I'm not very attached to what it was either way. I'm curious though about what you guys think about it, and if others have had similar experiences.