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  1. You could also date older girls/women. Don’t count those out 😛
  2. I was just reading an article for a managment course, and was positively suprised. The article is called “Creating shared value” by Micheal E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer. The article provides a new perspective on capitalism. A stage yellow perspective that aligns organisations and societies. The main quote for me in the article is: “ Our vision has simply been to narrow”. They point out all the deeper structures and causal chains that organisations nowadays dont take into account. How they are shooting themselves in the foot with their selfishness without realising it. Instead of some CSR window dressing, they propose radical realignments with social needs, and point out succeses booked by leading organisations. Check it out, worth the read 🙂
  3. Oh, and can’t the same analogy be useful for explaining understanding? How higher order phenomonon such as language, words, models, pictures, etc. Can reflect the existential nature of reality. Consciousness configuring into limited forms so it can look back at itself.
  4. @Leo Gura Hee Leo, in your last video you talk about the existential “form” of Love (lego blocks), and its connection to higher order forms of love (lego blocks made out of lego blocks). How I interpreted it, is that as human beings we want to try to let the higher order structures we create to reflect the absolute nature of Love. Higher order structures here including things like our actions, inventions, social structures, etc. Etc. What would these higher order structures look like practicaly? Does that come down to the mainstream form of love we see now? Should I even be worried about what it would look like, or should I just go for Love and see where it brings me? How would I know I am actually connected to Love, and not just justifying selfishness? Are higher structures of love reflecting Love better in some way? Its hard for me to see something is more desirable without making a “good” and “bad” category out of it. Anyways, I don’t expect you to answer all this, I will rewatch the video soon, and continue my own journey ofcourse 😉
  5. @zeroISinfinity 😄❤️
  6. @Wekz Interesting, could you share more about what happened with your hearth chakra? Perhaps your problem lays there. I know that mdma blasts open my hearth chakra. Perhaps mdma fills that void of heart energy for you.
  7. @zeroISinfinity Why do you want to return back to “normal life”? Utter euporia has a nice ring to it 😄 I’ve also had this fear of somehow leaving the body behind, and what others would perceive if they saw me.
  8. @Leo Gura Aah, that makes sense, thanks. @tsuki People love to chose suffering over change 😝
  9. Lol I dont really agree. I think every stage has lessons in it and the stages build on eachother. You need the ethics and order and collective to support the personal success from orange etc.
  10. This is somewhat confusing to me. When are you mastering a spiral dynamics stage in a healthy way, and when are you digging yourself into one stage and getting yourself stuck? The main critisism for example I heard from Leo about JP is that he makes people get stuck in blue/orange. How are some teachings more healthy in this sense than others? Is it about critisism of the next stages? Is it about rigidness/ideology of the belief system? What makes the difference here?
  11. @Max8 Its not about finding one perse, its about creating one. What would you like your life to be like? Dont overthink it in the sense that there is somehow one right vision for you. I highly recommend the book Your life as art by Robert Fritz.
  12. I guess a corelary to this; relative truth and all its dynamics