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  1. @zazed Because in general, I am operating from the level of ego-development where I am a separate human-being on the hero's journey. At times this construct can resolve to various degrees. But for now, there is the belief that I need myself to build up my life. When in this state of mind there is a strong sense of personal identity, control and future. After some self-reflection, this was the best story that came up.
  2. @JosephKnecht I am at times. And then I quickly get back to distracting myself and denying what I saw.
  3. I am willing to do it. No matter the obstacles that I will have to face, I am willing to do it. Looking back at the last years of self-actualizing, it hasn’t been easy, but I am willing to keep pushing forwards. I can see what I am creating. I can sense that I am on the right path. Even though times will get dark and bright, I will keep moving forwards. I can feel in my heart that I am laying the foundation for something beautiful. I see the glimpses of what my life will become. Every now and again, I look at the sky and my soul is filled with beauty that brings tears in my eyes. I know god is calling me and cheering me on, even though I am rarely connected to it as I go through my day. I am proud of how far I have come. And although there are few people cheering me on to continue the journey, I am on my own team. I know there is great potential in me and I will keep chipping away steadily to realize it. I love you all, thank you for being on this journey.
  4. Hmm interesting. Let’s say confidence = success in business. One claims: experience —> confidence —> success the other claims: confidence —> success Maybe both are true, but one has the belief that there needs to be experience in order to be confident, which creates a self-fulfilling prophecy? Nice talk, but in my direct experience I also see that the more I have done in a field, the more confident I get and the more successful.
  5. I love J. Cole! I’ve tried to psychoanalyse him before 😂 My guess would be that his normal cognitive survival mechanisms are between orange and green. Than maybe in some moments of rest and detachment he reaches into yellow. It’s the same for me. Making a living, social interactions, entertainment, and all of these big survival fields are hard to crank up to stage yellow. It’s relatively easy to think from that perspective at night making posts on the Actualized forum 😝
  6. Amazing podcast. Randall Carlson incorporates huge amounts of research from various scientific disciplines to see a big-picture of the history of the earth and civilization that will make your jaw drop. He displays a great example of stage yellow thinking in this episode. from just before the 2 hour mark, he has a nice 2 minute rand for anyone looking to move from stage green to stage yellow. Enjoy! 😄
  7. @herghly That’s basically what I’m doing atm. I helped to develop a training called ‘transformational leadership’ where we used spiral dynamics to help leaders to transition from orange to green. The business for that is growing. Another big challenge is the younger generations growing up with a stage green mindset not finding their place in an overwelmingly stage orange workplace.
  8. You know how in math both sides of the '=' sign have to be equal and can be resolved to 0? I had this insight like that is what is happening with reality. There is nothing. But then on both sides of the "=" you can make up numbers. Therefore at first glance, it appears like there is a lot, but in actuality, there is nothing. For example; 0 0=0 (add 15 on each side) 15 = 15 (multiply by 3 each side) 15 x 3 = 15 x 3 (divide by 7) (15 x 3)/7 = (15 x 3)/7 Look at all this form that is created! Oh, it is actually still nothingness?
  9. Thank you all for your replies, I really appreciate it. It was nice to hear some other perspectives on this. Over the past few days my girlfriend and I have talked quite a bit about it. Now that we both understand eachother’s perspectives better, a lot of the differences have been resolved automatically. We’re gonna talk more to find a good way to move forwards. @bejapuskas Would you be so kind to close the thread my friend? 😊🙏🏼
  10. @flume Thanks for your response! Interesting to hear your perspective on this and how it changed. It must be quite hard being at the other side of this, and I see how one would indeed need high self-esteem and stuff to be able to deal with it. For me it is easy, as she has no desires (maybe some sneaky ones you mention 🕵🏻‍♂️). But if she would also have these types of desires, I would probably also be scared and hurt. 🙏🏼
  11. @Preety_India So.. I am not talking about actually acting on thoughts and desires. That in my mind does indeed cross the line of our monogamous Relationship. How does this question apply to you?; - To girls in relationships; do you ever have desires for different men? If yes, what form do they take?
  12. @wwhy Hahaha, funny, I must have spend 10 minutes giving her different scenarios. So... you have no attraction in this situation whatsoever?! You never have this type of thought?! No feelings in your body arise.. at all?! She was pretty adamant. But yeah, she does say she can ‘objectively’ say that a man is good looking. But she does not make the step to saying that she is attracted in any way. I guess we are both doing some mental gymnastics, making distinctions in certain ways, that help us justify our view.
  13. @Meta-Man Cool thanks for your reply. Your perspective basically overlaps 95% with my perspective on this issue. Now I’m gonna defend my position even harder. Just kidding 😝
  14. Don’t let yourself get pushed around by any ‘have to’s’ There is no specific hard requirements, well maybe one hard requirement LOL It’s relative to a lot of different factors