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  1. For a couple months this has been in the back of my mind. I want to take a next step in my health and fitness and feel like setting some kind of goal or challenge will help me with it. For some context, I’m a 26 year old guy. Have always been fit and still am decently fit. I take good care of my body, eat relatively healthy, do yoga, stretching, self-massage, a workout here and there. But I want something that is going to challenge my body. Feeling like being more in my physical prime. Perhaps also something that’s more masculine. I used to play soccer my whole life, did a bunch of weight lifting as well. What is that challenge? Marathon, triatlon, personal records in weight lifting, none of these really vibe with me. Training for a boxing match is the thing that sticks with me the most, yet I also don’t quite feel like bashing skulls in and would like for it to be something I can train for without to much focus on the technique or skill of a particular sport. also something quite different, but fasting has been on my mind as well. anyone that has ideas?
  2. @Leo Gura Oeh, thank you. Am going to sit with that one for a while 🙏🏼
  3. Oke, so the distinction between first order absolute truth and second order relative truth is pretty clear to me. first order absolute truth is being, direct experience , a merging of one’s sense of self with everything, becoming the field of awareness, god. second order is conceptual, the ego mind, a construction of concepts language, a limited explanation. I also grasp the collapse of these two; in the end the second order IS also the first order in this strange-loopy way. What I’m struggling with, is the relationship between the two. How does the second order try to grasp the first order? I see that it’s a sub-set, a limited part trying to grasp the infinite… but how can this have any resemblance at all? it appears that there can be ‘degrees of truthfulness’ or accuracy to the second order mind constructions. How is this the case and on what grounds does it depend? Leo mentions that ‘utility’ is not an accurate measurement for it. Yet utility appears to me to have at least something to do with it, right? I mean, one’s ability to manipulate means that at least something of the construction makes sense. It’s a step forward from constructions that don’t even ‘work’ right? what would it mean to have a second order construction that is as truthful as humanly possible? in a sense, this is what Leo is trying to do, right? Any and all episodes and communications happen at this second order level. Fingers pointing to the moon. What makes some of Leo’s second order work ‘more truthful’ than a teaching like Andrew Tate’s 😉 This kind of questioning is trippy, because it’s like going meta on second order understanding whilst still being in the domain of the second order, lol. oke, enough mindgames, let’s do some survival stuff ✌🏼
  4. Just completed the in-person Dutch track of Creative Consciousness coaching program. Can highly recommend. Beyond gaining a lot of coaching skills, it helped me to take my personal development to the next level. The founder, Marc Steinberg, I hold in high regard. I would put him as a stage yellow/turquoise mystic who has the purpose to make love a worldwide reality. I was already coaching people before taking part, but now I feel that the impact I’m able to make is in a different ballpark.
  5. To understand the value someone like Andrew Tate brings, it’s useful to distinguish between horizontal and vertical growth. What is admirable about Andrew Tate is his horizontal growth. How he has been able to bring what he believes to be valuable in life into fruition. It is a tremendous journey that to achieve the things he has achieved. It’s rare for someone to create that much in their life. What Andrew has missed out on so far is the (arguable more important) vertical growth. He has not changed his perspective. He has not changed his lens of looking at the world. He has not upgraded and matured his value systems. Therefore the things he has created are not very wise and comparatively unrewarding. It’s like he has gone all around the world with a Nokia phone camera and has taken pictures of everything there is to see. Amazing! However, if he would buy a better camera, he would have way more intriguing pictures, even if just taking a few. ’The good news is, you came a long way. The bad news is, you went the wrong way.’ - Jermain Cole
  6. Hmm yeah, I have more work to do on accepting reality as it is. starting off with myself. Fully loving and accepting who I am right now and where I stand. Then it will also be natural to do the same for the people around me. Then my encouragement to grow will be detached. Now there is still a certain needing to it, a certain rejection from where they are right now.
  7. This is really a core challenge I’ve been facing over the last couple of years now that I think about it. Leo’s new video of love brought it to the surface. So… one key element of love is accepting things the way they are, seeing the beauty, without needing it to change. Then there is the side of vision, improvement, potential, growth. Encouraging something to be better. How can these two be united in a healthy way? Example; A good friend of mine has been going through some challenging times. Usually a super healthy guy, now picked up smoking. Now, what would it mean for me to love him? Because, yes, there is the side of embracing him, supporting him, understanding, listening, perhaps the more feminine side of love. But is there not also place for a more masculine type of love? Something like, cmon dude, I know you can do better than this. You have way more potential, get your ass off that couch. There is more I can share on this, but perhaps this is a good place to get a discussion going.
  8. The first thing that comes to mind when reading this; You want to learn how to love… so you are going to invest your energy into business, to than in some unsure future come back to love? What if that story is just another sneaky way of your ego avoiding love? What if you would walk the direct path instead and let the light of love burn away your fears and limitations?
  9. Thank you all for your messages. Last weeks there has been a lot going on for me, therefore I haven’t had space to respond. I’ve read all posts and they have been helpful. @Ulax the meditation was interesting. Helped me to connect with the part in me that is protecting me from unleashing my sexuality. Will explore the relationship with that part more. Also, got a yoga nidra meditation qued up for when I go to bed in a bit. Also an update; went to another ecstatic dance last weekend and had a beautiful interaction with a girl there. We ended up spending the night as well. We resonated in a lot of ways, am curious to see what will come from this. Am creating the space to explore our connection further. I’m telling you guys, ecstatic dance is where it’s at ?
  10. This sentence came to me about helping people to move from stage orange to green; ’convince people’s mind that it’s worth connect to their hearts’
  11. @Razard86 Thank you, that resonates. Also, just filled out a spiral dynamics questionnaire for a certification I’m getting. It shows that I’m mostly in the ‘delta stage’ moving to a new way living. Mostly functioning from stage green/yellow. In terms of what I want in a relationship, dug up this old post: I want a girl that is seriously tasty. A girl who’s whole body and energy is radiating juicy femininity. I see some thick glossy lips. A booty that lends itself to be grabbed and slapped appropriately, nice and curvy. The look in her eyes is strong, confident, embodied, loving, giving. She has a lot to offer and is here to give, but she isn’t here to play around with bullshit. Her gaze looks right into my soul, because is she fully connected to hers. She allows herself to melt into surrender and love as I hold her. Her body is radiating pleasure. She is like a juicy peach that wants to be bitten into. Her heart is so open it scares me. She is so vulnerable and fearless. Love pours out through her arms as we hold eachother. I can feel it break down my own barriers as I match her love. It brings tears into my eyes to hold her. She is free, we are free. There are no expectation games, a need for the other to act in a certain way. Being together naturally emerges effortlessly and timelessly. The more practical questions you mention indeed get some gears turning. In a way they have been turning for a while. I want to attract a life partner, or at least someone who I could spend the next chapter of my life with. Probably monogamous, maaybe experimenting a bit with blurring the lines, but that would definitely bring up challenges. I’d like to have sex in a ‘conscious’ way. Experimenting with things like tantra, open communication, maybe BDSM type stuff. Definitely using sex as a practice for deep intimacy, healing, expansion from a safe space. Kids… maybe in 5-10 years.
  12. @StarStruck Yeah, I’ve seen quite some video’s and read part of Robert Glover’s book on it. Perhaps something to dig in deeper, I’ll sit with it for a bit ??
  13. @StarStruck Hmm, don’t like to hear that, but sounds like there is at least partial truth to it. ”you are tucking your dick between your legs” Pretty accurate. Sexuality in general is a topic I generally have more healing to do. There are some deep beliefs and patterns I adopted of hiding my sexuality and it’s poorly integrated in my overal personality. It’s more this shadowy sub-self that sometimes comes out to play. It’s like this untamed beast within me, that is usually locked in a cage. I’m not sure yet how to integrate it in a healthy way. I would like to explore and integrate that more in a safe space where there is room to be vulnerable. Have had plenty of interactions where I just ‘pushed through’ or played the part of standing in my sexual power, without actually standing in it. That’s exhausting and doesn’t bring me any further. It’s a bit of a bit of a catch 22. No sexual mastery —> no sex —> no practice —> no sexual mastery. Any suggestions?
  14. Insights from this video; - feels like my heart is ‘open enough’. Always more work to be done.. but is not the main problem. - asking my higher self, immediately the words ‘CREATE SPACE’ came. This seems to be right from the rational mind as well.. to be honest there is next to no space in my life right now for a partner to enter. Have been working 6 days a week with the 7th day for deep rest. The one or two social events a week I have been going to are seeds being planted in a jungle.
  15. @somegirl Thank you ?? @Leo Gura Yes, in a wierd way, consciousness actually makes less free. In the sense that some things just no longer become possible once you’ve seen through the dysfuction of it. Not as a belief, but as something you know. @SeaMonster Indeed! That’s advise my friend gave me as well, if you try to catch a certain type of fish, go to the right pond with the right bait. Regular daygame and nightgame has proven to not be a very effective pond to fish in. Only the occasional lost fish in between the mud. I’m also part of this hippy scene group chat, but even though its deeply stage green, it’s a bit too far outside of society for me. I want a girl that’s one foot in one foot out. Will be scouting more potential ponds ??‍♂️ Already bought a ticket for the next ecstatic dance with the same group. Beautiful energy there. Literally burst out laughing when I walked into the toom because it felt so good there.