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  1. @Hellspeed Doesn't the ego create all notions of evil? Because you are identified with a part of reality and trying to sustain it, you create notions of good and bad. To survive you must see the things that destroy you as evil. And then I suppose when you realize you are god, this whole evil thing becomes part of infinite love. All conceptualization here btw, I might just start calling you evil if you don't agree with me soon
  2. @Spiritual_Seeker Thank you, that means a lot to me I'm simultaneously working on a workshop to help students to create a vision for their life. Decided to apply some of the principles I'm putting together to the massage business. This is what I came up with: I want to have a massage business by the beginning of September that is up and running. A fully functioning business with everything in place that is necessary for it to run smoothly. A nice website, a nice room with towels and oils and music, social media, well-rounded packages with pricing and everything. A growing client base with happy customers that promote me through word of mouth. Nice flyers I can hand out at any time I want. Contacts with other businesses that refer clients to me and help me to promote and grow. I also want to feel comfortable and confident in the business. Handling clients with ease. Talking about my business to others without any resistance, do it proudly. Feeling like I am really contributing to the health and mind state of my customers. Being pleased through the fact that they are pleased.
  3. Oke sick, I guess you have a better idea what you are getting yourself into than me 😛
  4. @GreenWoods daym, a 1 year meditation retreat... Do you have any experience with shorter retreats? Do you have solid daily practices in place?
  5. So I'm interested in helping people to change and grow. I had this idea about the relationship between ego/selfishness/devilry and change. The basic idea is that the more you move from ego/selfish/devil to god/conscious, the easier it becomes to change.
  6. I promised to post some progression, so here it is: I have talked with a woman who also gives massage’s in my city a few times. She doesn’t use her room full time. We have a verbal agreement on me sub-renting her room and using her massage table for 1 full day and one evening in the week. Next week we will sign the contract. This is a big and crucial step. I have taken more massage lessons. I have read more about massage and watched some video’s online. I have talked to people about my plans. Pretty much everyone around me knows my plan. I think this is also an important step, because part of what was holding me back is fears about what others would think, my image and stuff. That is no longer an obstacle. Also, it helps to push me forward, because people are asking questions about it, giving me information and tips, etc. I have made a schedule for everything I have to do and when I will do it: 10- 16 June: - Keep taking the massage lessons from my course - Keep practicing on people, read more about it, get comfortable with it, keep spreading the word, etc. - Decide on what I want on my website: First look at other similar websites and the components they have on there. Then think about what I want to have on mine; what kind vibe do I want to give off? What do I want to tell about my background? What specific massages and pricing will be displayed? Etc. Also, contact my friend at the end of the week, when I have some more concrete idea’s, for putting it all together. - Get in touch with the KvK to start my own business. I will call them tomorrow to get advice on the best structure etc. (I have some other stuff that makes it more complicated than just this business). 17-23 June: - Keep taking the massage lessons from my course - Keep practicing on people, read more about it, get comfortable with it, keep spreading the word, etc. - Sign the contract for the sub-renting - Continue with the website and make it more concrete. Make pictures I need, specific texts, all this. Depending on the contact with my friend, build the site. - Hopefully make the business side complete during this week. 24-30 June: - Keep taking the massage lessons from my course, this week are the final lessons. - Keep practicing on people, read more about it, get comfortable with it, keep spreading the word, etc. - Talk to the other massage therapist at the beginning of the week and plan in the extra lessons with him (most likely already for the 29th and 30th of June). - Hopefully finish the website this week. At this point I am done with the massage course and should have a solid idea of how I am going to market myself, what my pricing will be etc. The month of July will be focussed on marketing and getting clients. I won’t make a specific week-to-week planning just yet, as it things are getting to uncertain at this point. However, what I definitely want to do: - Make a lot of flyers at the beginning of the month. Start handing them out. Not just to people on the street, but also going door-to-door. - Call up nearby hotels and other potential businesses with which I can collaborate. - Set up an Instagram and facebook page (will be easy after I have the content for my website). - Look at potentially getting involved with deal sites where I will provide a cheaper deal on for the first month for example or something like that. - Talk to a friend who does google search optimization; maybe he can help me to become more visible. - Make appointments with friends for massages for the start of August so I can practice with them, get comfortable with it etc. Do this for free and ask them to post reviews.
  7. @Zigzag Idiot Hahaha nice, love the way god is being adressed here. Especially this rant 😂
  8. Had this idea whilst tripping yesterday. So the idea is that the masculine and feminine overlap. So if you deny the feminine as a male you are denying part of yourself, because a part of you is when you are together with the feminine. So as a male not having a relationship with females you are missing part of yourself. Like in this picture on the right from the cover of Earthgang feat. Arin Ray's song "Stuck". Two people being stuck together, melted together.
  9. Just had this idea after you posted you won't be shooting a video this week because you are integrating an awakening. This term "integrating" is thrown around quite a lot in personal development. "It's important to integrate your psychedelic/mystical experiences" But I don't hear a lot about what that actually means. Does it mean you should for example take notes during trips and then make specific concrete action lits of what to do? Or is it more loosy goosy, meditate well, don't fall back a sleep kind of thing? How do you integrate psychedelic/mystical experiences in an effective manner?
  10. @Nahm I’m sorry, I didnt understand a word of that.
  11. Oke, in a way this is very comforting. It's all in my own hands. My own sneaky hands.
  12. I just had this thought. If self-deception is the only real thing that's holding you back from realizing you are god, isn't all you really need a true desire to awaken? I know that I've noticed many times that my desire wasn't true and deep enough, when it really comes down to it I'm just not willing to give myself up.
  13. I know this has been said many times in different ways, but I just grasped this at a much deeper level and felt like sharing it. the mind is secondary, it arises within consciousness. It makes no sense to explain your way into enlightenment, because all your explanations are part of it. Its like text on a screen, you can write a whole book if you want, but the text wil always be an appearance on the screen. its just that you are so focussed on the text that you cant see its appearing on a screen. better ask yourself; where are these thoughts happening? I know it goes deeper and this is all still dual and stuff, but yeah, maybe it helps someone to stop overthinking, including myself.
  14. @Joseph ICU Thanks! Yeah, actually letting girls come close is suprisingly hard, I notice myself pushing them away quite often. May the growth be with us indeed 🙌🏻