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  1. I did not do much research, just looked at your link, so don’t take my perspective to seriously. The source against the university seems to be low quality and judging from below. First impression is that it is indeed green and above 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. @Nickyy Yeah, wanting to be understood has definitely been a struggle. Even made some posts about it on this forum. Lately that desire has been less prevalent. Partly acceptance, partly having a girlfriend that understands me emotionaly.
  3. Yes makes sense to me. But like you said, largely depends on the definition. A leader you can see as someone who embodies high spiritual truths, self-mastery. Love, wisdom whilst helping others to grow and awaken. That would be a deep definition that includes and transcends other values. But leadership could also be seen as one facet of embodying love. Same for growth. You could see leadership as one facet of assisting the universe’s growth. For me personaly, growth is more fundamental to leadership. Its largely dependent on definition, but also on what accents you want to have. You can slice it in different ways. Depth of definition is the main thing perhaps. Was giving a workshop on this last week, where one girl had Truth as her highest value. When I asked her about it some shallow garbage came.
  4. Over the last few years, as I’ve been following Leo’s videos, I have shared videos with around 15 people in my environment. I was just thinking about it now, and every time I am surprised by the reactions. What surprises me is the neutrality of the reaction. I would think that people would either go “oh my god, I need to rethink my whole life”, or would strongly repel and argue against it. Interestingly though, I always get vanilla response. Let me give you some examples: I shared the “a vision for the self-actualized life” with around 5-10 people over time, because its one that had a big impact on me. Almost unanimously I get reactions like “yeah, I see what he is saying, getting the most out of life, yeah, thats kind of what I am doing. Yup, yeah, oke, decent video” And I am sitting there like, WHAT? Do you not hear what this man is saying? This is totally not what anyone is doing. If you want to live in alignment with this vision your life has to totally change. It would have to crash and burn and you would have to rebuild it from the ground up. Or when I have shared more spiritual videos like “why brains do not exist”, or “introduction to spirituality” or some others, I get the same vanilla responses. This is even more surprising to me. I would think that oke, some of the statements made here must hit you. You would either have to go into denial and demonization, or it would have a deep impact in you. But nope, just some “ah yeah oke, hmm, interesting. Lets go on with my life”.
  5. Aaaah it is because I think I am a physical creature that I think that awakening will make all physical form disappear
  6. One of the meta-beliefs about changing and growing oneself shared through is that change is hard. Themes like setting the proper expectation, hard work, discipline, long-term thinking, etc. Etc. This is, if you will, a meta-belief structure from within which we are doing our self-actualization work. What, however, if we challenge this meta-belief? What if we change the structure so that change becomes easy and effortless? What if we short-cut into being the thing we want to be? Could we break free from this structure into a new structure of effortless manifestation?
  7. This is one of the highest values of it seems to me. Its one of the most meta things we are doing here. Creating understanding. However, I feel like most of us, and me for sure, don’t know what understanding actually is at its core. What is understanding? What are the ways of understanding? What is being understood? By whom? How does understanding evolve? Is it even possible to go meta on understanding, or is it a strangeloop? Seems like you are engaged in the activity of understanding whilst understanding. Reminds me of the metaphor of the basketbal with the hand, trying to reach out to grab itself, but all there is is itself. Seems like understanding ultimately leads to being? Anyways, you get the understand What I mean (but how? Lol).
  8. Well, that seems pretty clear. Thanks for your responses. I know what to do.
  9. Is it important to connect with others on the spiritual path? To meet masters face to face? So far, Ive mostly been watching video’s, reading books, interacting on the forum. Not to forget practices ofcourse. Very little contact with awakened people, or people on a similar journey. Has it helped you to do so? In what ways?
  10. Is it a clear transition? From oke I am alive to no longer being there? trying to figure out whether I have died before or not lol. It just seems to go deeper and deeper for me. Theres never been a point where I fully wasnt there anymore I think. Would I even know? Who than knows? Are there depths of dying? Uggghhhhh man I just cant stop thinking can I? I JUST WANT IT TO MAKE SENSE 😔
  11. @assx95 I don’t think trying to trancend sex at this point, because you can’t get it, is comes from the right place. Ive seen people trying to do that on this forum before. I can’t get sex —> Rationalization that it would’t be so bad without —> lets make something spiritual out of it and trancend it! Id say just invest some time and energy into getting better with woman. Jerk off a bit less and use that energy to go out there and chat some woman up. Horniness carries one hell of a drive 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ Than, after you’ve had the taste and the abundance, consider transcending it.
  12. One enormous dream board coming right up! 😄❤️
  13. @Mu_ Nice video! I like the exploratative style. A while back I was walking home, than I saw this clock tikking. You know, the oldschool type that swings back and forth. I stood there, just looking at it. Trying to figure out what the hell was going on.
  14. Hmm yeah, I guess I keep having this idea that Truth is somehow somewhere else...