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  1. I'm going to another of those spiritual retreats at the end of the month and yes I feel such an incredible high when I do.....but it's such a good high of bonding time with each other and spiritual enlightenment within. So if you can go to a retreat that will probably lift the spirits naturally. So if you choose to smoke a a little here or a little there ..... Cheers ? or just Omm Omm away if it makes you feel good naturally. The singing bowls give me a high. It's like I'm lost in another dimension with no time or clock. I love them. Namaste ? Yoga starts at 6 am sharp don't be late
  2. I always here one must obtain there own validation within. But it's not entirely true. If you have common core relationships that are stable and healthy -- validation comes from your own circle, to edify....... To build up . ..but most importantly.. yes from within - You. Melachony can be somewhat normal but shouldn't hurt too much and last too long. We snap out of it - we enter sometimes into it. Life cycles and seasons come & go, we experience emotion & questions within that the brain is trying to resolve from within. We grow. It's like building blocks. I spent a lot of my life not understanding and running from my emotions --now I face it. Sometimes I feel pathetic but it's really not. Ego wants me to feel that way. The more I face my emotions , the solid foundation I build upon. I feel secure. You have valid concerns and questions, I promise the answers will come. You are building your own foundation. A power house. Good work. Enjoy the ride, and stick also to like minded people. Not all people will understand but than you'll meet others who do. I hear your language and I validate what your saying.
  3. Healthy mechanical structured-eating and I won't flare up guaranteed. Also not over busying myself which I can suck at at times. I can have lots on my plate and accomplish it all.....but the flare will creep up. So listening to my body cues. I'm also an an empath (I feel things deeply.) But as years have gone by I learnt to observe and not absorb the environment around me too much. Just observe things without any judgment. "It is what it is." Avoid dramatic situations and the flare cycles lesson. Avoid toxic relationship ( gossip) and surround yourself with people who edify you with support and you give the same honour to them. My sister and I go to healing women retreats and meet like minded people who are on a quest to always better themselves. That's who I choose to surround myself with. I can spot drama from a mile away. I'll be kind but steer the convo quickly and regulalate the frame of mind. Life's too short for nonsense. Drama people complainers, people who ask you for money and gossipers. Fuck off already. Lol.
  4. Emerald really enjoying your ptsd video on you tube right now. I've listened to another video awhile back when you posted your channel on a comment thread before. You have a gift at presenting yourself. You're knowledge of topics you present is good stuff. ?
  5. If you normalized mechanically eat for a few years -your body will stabilze to where it wants to be. We all come in various forms of body sizes and shapes. Weight is just a number. Your current country will have a guideline to follow. I'm in Canada so I do try to follow the Canada food guide. The 80/2O rule keeps me at balance. Which means I do incorporate sweets into my diet. Yeah. No bad foods for me. It's about a balance within. But I do work at farmers markets and raise my own meat on my farm and have gardens as well. 500 calories a day could indicate an eating disorder. It's not enough. A body at rest doing nothing all day needs a suffient number of calories for ur own heart, brain and organs to function properly. It's way more than 500 calories. Your fighting your own body and putting your own metabolism under much strain by depleting it. Really reflect within and get a life couch or a - nutritionist professional to help you in this area. All the best to you.
  6. This is awesomeness ! Thanks for sharing. :-)
  7. Oops I keep posting on older posts. Still learning my way here. Not sure OP will even see this, lol.
  8. Infrared red light helps for me to sleep and wind down. Keeps me warm and cozy. It can help people with sleeping issues. Specially achy muscles. I have this spa like thingy I bought because of arthritis. And it penetrates deep within. It's wonderful. My husband jokes with me how the room is like an oven when he comes in. I then shut it off. Lol. I also do something to calm my mind. Read, listen to video blogs, affirmations, etc. I've developed a habit, a good one me thinks. Plus melatonin is my aid. I happily just submit to it.
  9. I'm new here I'm not sure if you'll even see this. Didn't notice this post was awhile back.
  10. Keep up the good work. You're recognition and insight will pave the road and keep you within the lines -- even if you fall outside of them, it's all good. : ) I struggle with an eating disorder that's pretty stable right now. But I know my triggers. My thorn in my flesh I like to call it. What keeps me steady was realizing that the relapsing mode or just minor setbacks are part of the journey for overall growth. We learn so much in the uncomfortable parts . Two steps back really is a huge leap forward. Keep resetting yourself , keep striving, and keep persevering --it all adds up. All your personal work adds up. All your work you've done is still in you, it ain't going anywhere. How powerful. : ) and it's yours. Plus sounds like you want to be accountable for yourself. That's bonus. Thumbs up. Dip into grey like thinking , put away any black & white thinking and I promise you you you'll be more aware - more mindful - and attain all that you desire for yourself. That anxiety will lesson. Peace comes. Being content where your at.. You're going places. Every timing serves a purpose. It's already in you! Best of luck on your journey.
  11. What visual said. Thumbs up to every word. Yes. When I was in my late teens I almost got sucked into a cult. I traveled to Montanna for three days with a girlfriend. But my intuition knew inside something was off, deeply off for me. My friend was stuck in the religious chants and the works they did. The lists of things they could do and couldn't do. I told her, "we get back on the bus now and leave this place. Go home. Please." When we told them we were leaving, a master of higher rank came up to us and told us " But God wants to know you." I respected him and told him, "with all due respect sir, if this is your God - I don't want to know him....but I do respect your own personal belief system if this is where you find your rest and peace." He was a kind man but all this dogma and religious teaching seemed to be brainwashing a certain kind of people. My heart went out to them because they were normal individuals that just wanted wanted enlightenment, a truth of some kind... I respected that.....each to their own belief system. Who am i to say that this is fucked. Maybe I'm fucked. Lol. Heres the thing , I'm pretty odd , lol I love and respect evolution and intelligent design together. It's sounds like an oxymoron ....but for me in my mind, I believe they can work together stimutaneousy. I have many atheist friends who show me the power of the gospel without a zealous hell fire sermon. Then I have religious friends who are like the religious leaders of Christs day ... Always elevating zealous doctrine & scripture but missing the mark completely..... Grace, mercy, love. It's just comes off dogmatic and stinks. Then I have religious friends who elevate grace, love, mercy (visa versa) who are an absolute joy to be around and there personalities are not extreme.... more easygoing and a balanced outlook on life. So for awhile I wanted nothing to with this God. I clinged with my atheist friends because a lot of them had a respect and love for humanity. It was where I wanted to be. It was restful. They showed me God I told them. And they respected me for it -- never invalidated my position. Because I respected there truth. Then this spiritual mind grabbed a hold of my heart one day and I fought it tooth and nail " please go" , I said. But it wouldn't. I can't explain it , there's something more and it draws me in. I joke with my husband and tell him that he's raising these oppositional bones in me. Somethings out there that's controlling all of this. Haha. I believe in different faucets.....that they can work together for good. But to someone else I could just be spewing out bullshit to their ears. I understand that. Sometimes I look at that cross and say inside "you are so marvellous and powerful what you show me" ....then I think God I must sound so foolish to others looking in. I get it but why the heck is He drawing me in. I just can't explain it because it's like from a different realm.... Your spiritual mind maybe can't understand the physical mind. They do clash .....but they can also work together if we really listen and be still. Maybe they can harmonize together. Haha, see I sound like a religious nut to some... but to others , maybe they can understand where I'm coming from. It's really weird how I can be in both camps and enjoy the grey areas in between.