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  1. Maybe that is why 'God' does what he does.... To fragment himself into separate beings, in order not to be alone.
  2. @Sahil Pandit İ'm not focused at all on this. İ focus on things in my personal life. Aliens are not in my personal life lol.
  3. A few years ago i saw this vid. i thought it was utterly BS back then. But now i'm not so sure anymore...
  4. Just felt compelled to post this Bill Hicks vid after seeing Leo's latest
  5. This statement is false. (self referential paradox)
  6. You need clearly defined goals to take action on. What are your goals?
  7. Egos love validation alright. The trick is not to get lost in ego, but to use it as a tool. Validation can be used to create a positive feedback loop, to reinforce a positive belief. "I'm good at acting" ==> validation ==> "see, i'm really good at it" ==> more motivation, improved self image etc. ==> better acting skills. But always remember what you are doing. It is just a belief, don't let it define you as a person. Wear it as a coat that you can lay off at any time so to speak.
  8. Often, people that are good at their job don't get promoted because the manager will feel they can't be missed. The manager cares about himself. He wants his job to be easier by having hard working, competent people under him. He'll give the trouble maker or the incompetent one a promotion to get rid of him. 'He sucks at the job anyway...maybe he'll be more motivated, and perform better in another department'.
  9. Getting a degree is becoming less important. Self education and experience is the way to go. If you can show your skills and knowledge in a job interview, that will be more important than a piece of paper. Of course, not in all professions. You can't become a surgeon or a lawyer without the degree. But in fitness and nutrition...your own body will be the best proof that you've mastered the subject.
  10. Same reason i refuse to play any board games or card games with my family. It's all fake and leads to nothing. It's just a huge waste of time and it's making me depressed.