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  1. That's great! Thank you!
  2. @staciebesler I have tinnitus too from over a year or more, first I would suggest daily meditation for better sleep as also a doctor suggested me. I had varius implants this year, at least 4 crowns, and overall I haven't perceived an increment or worsen of the tinnitus so I'd say if you need the dentist don't worry about the tinnitus, it's not a big deal. I didn't know that dental implants may cause tinnitus and I'm not sure if it's been the case for me as I had varius implants over the years. Anyway there are some reserch that shows that it wear off after a while and people that vanish from forums concerned about this issue after they get better seems to confirm it, so don't focus too much on it. Hope this helps .
  3. Virginity Doesn't Exist, it's just a social costruct!! "For many young people, virginity is a hot topic. Boys are pressured to lose it as soon as possible, while girls are expected in many communities to stay “pure." But, what is virginity, exactly? Many define it as the first time someone has penetrative (or ‘P in V’) sex. But what if the individual is a lesbian? Does she remain a virgin her whole life? Should virginity even matter?" "Your virginity or lack thereof does not define your worth in any way, shape, or form. If it’s important to you, more power to you! I respect that. But if it’s not something that especially matters to you, it really shouldn’t have to matter at all." "Virginity is not a thing. Not really. It is a social construct meant to make people, especially women, feel badly about their sexuality and sexual experience. It is a way of policing other people’s bodies and passing judgment on how they use them. It is, at its very core, a way of controlling and subjugating women." "Why is virginity so damn important to us? We don’t have nouns for who or what we were before we hit any other life milestones – there’s no term to refer to a person before they can walk or talk or read and write – all of which I would argue are more important achievements than getting laid – and yet it’s the sex that we focus on. Why do we put so much more weight on this one small facet of human life than we do on any of the others? Why are we still making a big deal out of who is a virgin and who isn’t?"
  4. Also notice that the ego makes them mistakely believe to be whatever they are attached the most be the body, their car, forniture or whatever
  5. That's good that you want to improve and get a job that you like but be awere of wage slavery and in the long run trough the years, remember that even if it's the best job you can think you're still working for make money for somebody else, find your life purpuse And you will able to give a greater contribution to the world
  6. This video explains in detail the advantages to eat one meal for day and fasting. I'm already vegan myself maybe I'll give a go to one of them
  7. Might it be wrong as you say, or inaccurate but what about all the rest? There is a whole list of things that can be prevented, he doesn't says that a plant based diet is the only solution but still one of the best or most effective
  8. So you got none, right? look yours before judging others
  9. How you can prevent death? what's the best way to be in the best healt possible?
  10. As I see it, a life purpuse might be to reach Enlightenment and then become a master or a guide of it for as much people in the world as possible, that's kind what I'm thinking to do for my life purpuse, also will need to decide which medium would be the best. Could be interesting to know all jobs or opportunieties that are avilable in spirituality and conciusness.
  11. Watch out for moralism here. I might have writed a rushed answer. I'll make it more clear, first that's a concept I learned from Osho, not just a my idea. Watch your moods - when a mood against someone arises, do not place it on the person in question, but remain centered. The other is not the source, the source is always whitin you. The other is hitting the source, but if there is no anger within you it cannot come out. Remember that you are the source of everything that you go on projecting onto others. And whatever there is a mood against or for, immediately go within and go to the source from where this hate is coming. Remain centered there; do not move to the object. Someone has given you a chance to be awere of your own anger - thank him/her immediately and forget him/her. Close your eyes , move within and look at the source from where this love of anger is coming. You will find the source there because the anger is coming from your source. It is easy to go to the source at the moment you are angry or in love or in hate, because then you are hot. The wire is hot and you can take it in, you can move inward with that hotness. And when you reach a cool point within , you will suddenly realize a different dimension, a different world opening before you. Use anger, use hate , use love to go within. Osho - The book of secrets
  12. @Matthew Lamot A few days ago I read something about Vedanta in an article that follow this comment, would you agree with the author of it? I'll have a read at the article you display as well, seems interesting, thanks.
  13. The pratice which David Deida talks about seems similar to Tantric Sex, which can be used also for reach Enlightement or bliss according to Osho for instance. Search it on google or here there are a few good articles. Also here a talk of Osho where he mentions some tips and guidelines By the way David Deida writed The Enlightened Sex Manual: Sexual Skills for the Superior Lover , that could be useful as well.
  14. Follow your instinct, ask yourself things like: what would do a preson who loves himself? Or which choice will serve me the most in the long run? Or you can take one choice And first write down all good aspects on one side of a pièce of paper then all bad aspects on the other side in a brainstorming session, same with the other choice And see which one is best.
  15. It's fine to express anger otherwise It will remain repress until it will expode soon or later, in a relationship there has to be hate and love like a pendolum otherwise there wouldn't be a intimate relationship at all, you could even use a mood like this one to dig and center into yourself straight to to the source when that energy came from in the first place