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  1. I think the important transition for me will be to change my perspective on taking action. I literally thought in the past that listening to videos and reading books were ways of taking action and from that standpoint, actually changing my habits was difficult because I did not see the value in just getting started. I made rationalizations and oversimplified things to the point where I said when I have enough theory, only then will I begin. But that point never came. There is always more material to learn. But now I know better and I think raising the bar for what it means to learn is great for adoptiong this new paradigm that learning=repetition. It creates a clear distinction between real learning and fake learning aka mental masturbation or theory collecting. The paradigm will make me more aware when I am engaging in fake learning. I will use this paradigm in all areas of my life and ask myself the question: "how will this change my behavior?" I'll use this questionwhile I watch Leo's videos on meditation to set up a regular meditation practice.
  2. @Fredrik Andersson How do you know what to prioritize? Get a good understanding of your values as a human being. Before you can prioritize, you want to be sure that the things you are making time for is connected to fulfilling some of your higher values. How do I focus on one thing at a time? You sit with 1 task, don't have any distractions nearby, just focus on that one thing until you build momentum and enter a flow-state. Usually it takes 30-45 minutes for me to enter the flow state, but once I've achieved it, working becomes easy and fun and at that point, I don't want to distract myself because I've built up that positive momentum.
  3. Why do we need a thread on this forum for people to let their monkey minds freely Express themselves? Have you seen Facebook, Twitter, instagram? Go on there if you want some 😂
  4. Training your subconscious is like training a dog implying that repetition is more important than variety. My advice for you is that you do one affirmation for 5-10 minutes a day and do that for 60-90 days straight. So if you want to be a millionaire for instance, you can say: "I'm a millionaire, I'm a millionaire, I'm a millionaire for 5 minutes per day 60-90 days straight to really cement the idea in your subconscious. Notice that the important part is consistency. You gotta discipline yourself here.
  5. Firstly, most people simply do not know that personal development exists. So how can they discuss a topic they've never heard about? Secondly, personal development is a personal and private topic for many people including myself. I don't personally enjoy discussing PD topics with people in real life as I feel that it is a waste of time and energy. I would rather keep things light and friendly. Talk is cheap anyways. I just take action and let my actions speak for themselves. They are the true indicator of personal growth, not how well you can talk.
  6. I don't think there is a simple black/white answer. Whether you should spend much time with others depends on many factors. 1) Whether you authentically like to be social 2) Your values 3) The current stage you are at in life Most importantly is be true to yourself; don't play any games or manipulate yourself to be someone other than who you are. Just because a study says relationships are beneficial for your health and longevity does not mean you now have to put pressure on yourself to meet people and be social. If you find that you need to always "should" your way into doing something, that thing is probably not right for you. I recently quit going to the gym because I did not enjoy it and thus I had to manipulate myself to go. At that point, it was clear that it just was not right for me.
  7. @Milos Uzelac Glad I could help I feel like having a journal on a forum keeps me more accountable because if I backslide, it feels like I've let the viewers of my journal down (along with myself). So it keeps me more motivated to stay consistent. Hopefully, it will have the same effect on you!
  8. Day 7: Meditated 20 minutes from 8am-8:20am Glad I decided to meditate in the morning today especially since it had an amazing impact on my day. Felt a lot less stressed out, but was still pretty stressed/nervous since it was the first day of school after summer break. Right now, I just want to continue this meditation streak and install the habit permanently so I can focus on other important habits. But I know I have to be patient and dedicate myself to this project, otherwise I will just backslide like I have in the past...
  9. Starting a debate is rarely worth it. People are generally closed minded and are biases to hold certain beliefs they don't want to question. Before starting a debate, always be aware of the purpose of why you wish to even have a debate. Is it because you want to promote how great your views self-actualization are? Or do you genuinely care to understand different perspectives and integrate them to your model of the world? A debate is beneficial when you care to understand and leave the interaction with more knowledge, rather than feeling angry because your views were not externally validated. If you just care about being right, forget about it. Don't demonize her for the views she has even though they are completely opposite to yours. They might seem ridiculous, but they serve a purpose -- to remind you of how you sometimes are ridiculous. Yeah, you! Put the focus right back on yourself first. Ask yourself: "how am I being ridiculous in my life?" If you care about self actualization, live by the principles of the field rather than trying to convince others how great it is.
  10. The fact that life is truly meaningless is a hard pill to swallow. Either, you can judge that as negative and become depressed or accept it. By the way, judging the meaninglessness of reality as negative is yet another interpretation, and a false one at that. There is no reason why the fact that reality is meaningless should be negative from god's perspective. In fact, the fact that reality is meaningless is meaningless too! Reality is deeply profoundly meaningless and that is beautiful and liberating because it allows us to experience life in a detached and dispassionate way that creates inner peace and contentment with life. Only from the ego's perspective because ego is concerned with meaning to maintain self-survival. The ego thrives on meaning because it is the driving force of its selfishness and deception. When we commit egoic acts, often we do it out of self deception which often involves creating some story about reality and adding meaning to that story in a way that makes us unconscious of our own selfishness and the suffering it creates. This is why it is so important to always question our own motives and the meaning we attach to things in reality rather than simply manipulating reality to suit our egoic image of how it ought to be.
  11. Day 6: Update: The third time I wrote day 3 in this topic, I actually should have written day 4. This means the current day 4 is in fact day 5 and today is day 6. Note to self: Since the summer vacation is over and I will be entering my second year of highschool, I figured it would be a good idea to meditate in the morning. It will make me calmer throughout the day and give me more mental clarity, allowing me to study more effectively.
  12. Day 4: Meditated 20 min from 11:40pm-12pm During the meditation, I was sitting outside in a chair on my balcony, admiring the universe and life itself. It hit me that it is such a miracle at all that experience as a whole exists and how blessed I'm to be alive. Definetly doing more outdoor meditations like this one in the future.
  13. Day 3 - meditated 20 minutes from 9pm-9:20pm. Insight: Today's meditation made me realize how out of touch I am with reality and being.
  14. Hey, self actualizers. I want to talk about habits and how to build habits because it is one of the most important aspects of personal development. Setting up quality habits will mean the difference between a life of suffering and happiness so It's very important that you listen carefully. I have been on this PD journey for close to 3 years now and I have had a lot of trouble making habits. One of the reasons why is because I've focused too much on building many habits at once. Just recently, I was trying to go to the gym, eat healthy, overcome approach anxiety and meditate. All great things, but NOT when you do them all at once. My advice to you is please make sure that you ONLY focus on one habit at a time. Not two, one. Building new habits is difficult and do not overestimate your will-power. It is a finite and precious ressource. I did not fully get that so here I am back to square one with no habits installed, I failed miserably because I was trying to do too much too soon. Don't be like me, be smart and patient when it comes to building habits and I gurantee you will have more success
  15. Smells like a sneaky form of procrastination. It's probably related to perfectionism and you getting lost in the details. Try to zoom out and understand the big picture of what you are reading in Greek next time. That way, you will develop a deeper understanding of the main points. Maybe try some daily meditation too..