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  1. When you phrase it like this, it seems that you believe enlighthenment is this one time event. This "bang" and then you awake from life. This is not really a true representation of enlightenment. More realistically you have to account for the fact that enlightenment progress is not measurable and there are many degrees of enlightenment. And in your journey, if you keep at it, you will rise higher and higher in your spiritual development and become more enlightened. But the journey in itself is amazing and the growth you will experience will be extraordinary and it will impact other areas of your life guranteed even though you are not at all in control. That is why "you" should strive to become enlightened
  2. I too feel like I have to fight for my grades, which are all A's and B's pretty much. It is stressful at times, but that is acceptable in my opinion if there is strong purpose behind fighting for top grades. With me, I really want a good education on a deep emotional level and that requires high marks of course and sometimes, you do not get what you want as far as grades. And most of the time, it is because you are ignorant (lack knowledge about the subject), but in other cases, it can be the teachers fault. And if I have a valid argument for why my teacher misjudged my work, I will at talk to them about it and try to improve the situation. I would not really call this fighting with my teachers, but rather it is about serving my self agenda in a responsible manner. And that can be hard sometimes, but life is about doing the emotionally difficult thing. Just embrace the journey and stay consistent. That is my best advice.
  3. This is good! your worst days are your best days. It is the days where you want to claw your eyes or get angry, miserable, depressed (even suicidal) that come as symptoms of the effect that meditation has on you. Think about it: Your whole life, your monkey mind has been constantly stimulated with all of the influences of mainstream media, society, culture, etc. and when you unhook from that, do you not think the mind will resist? Of course it will go crazy because you are taking yourself outside your comfort zone and forcing your mind to be still! It is like you take a heroine junkie who has been addicted for 10 years and you stop giving him his daily fix.How will he feel? Terrible, right? But does that mean he should go back to cocaine just because his emotions say so?
  4. That is trippy as hell, but true if you think about it. The mind comes after, not before because nothingness spawns everything including thoughts into being
  5. @schmitzy Why do you feel the need to be her savior? Is it because you are a people pleaser and want her approval or because you genuinely authentically want it? Really ponder that. If you are doing it to run away from something it will never make you happy anyway so what is the point? That is delusion. You do not owe anybody anything; you can surely talk to her about self improvement and help her, BUT realize that you are not responsible for her well being. So if you decide to help her, if she does not change, it is not your fault. And if you continue to be less understanding of her negativity over time and you guys drift further apart as a result, it is definitely better to just leave. Because you do not want people who are dragging you DOWN to their level and ruin your own potential. You want positive uplifting people in your life who are superstars, self actualizing, learning, growing, contributing, sharing. Those behaviors will then be transferred on to you and that is when you begin to see amazing results and life becomes awesome
  6. Getting top grades in school is different for everybody. That is a very specific area and it takes a LOT of work to get straight A's or become the best unless you are like a genius or something. I am one of the best students in my highschool class of 31 students and I am telling you; it is hard as FUCK. But definetly doable if you stay persistent. . Just make sure that you have a powerful vision for why you want it happen. Make it inspiring and commit to realizing that it is YOU who is responsible for accomplishing your goals in school. Also, you need some powerful habits and internal mindsets. One central habit is note taking. Take notes on everything relevant because it will dramatically improve your retention and learning over time. Also, it makes it much easier when exams come if you have everything written down. Of course you also need to complete EVERY homework assignment and do all of your homework (take notes for that too) if it will be on a exam or discussed later in class. Second is be active in class (pay attention, raise your hand, answer questions). How are your teachers going to be convinced that you are a great student if you never pay attention and you never communicate in class? You have to love learning in general and be fascinated about the topics you are learning. Combine that with a thirst for academic excellence and you are well on your way. Because it is the internal factors that govern your actions. Hope it helped
  7. I find pain to be a counter intuitive topic. I used to believe that pain was this real thing that just hits you when someone says or does something hurtful. But the new perspective I have adopter is that pain comes from resistance to reality or truth. And to an extend, there is a proportional relationship between pain and resistance meaning the more you resist truth, the more pain you feel. So if you want to get rid of pain, stop resisting the truth. Let it be and develop mindfulness over the pain. In other words, be the watcher. Then the pain will lessen incromentally over time if you stay vigilent. Daily mindfulness/meditation helps a lot here. Watch Leo's videos on meditation to learn more, highly reccomend it.
  8. There are many different visualization techniques out there. For instance, you can visualize with your eyes open or and with music playing in the background. You can even create a vision board and visualize when you look at it. The technique itself is not really that important in my opinion. As long as you vividly imagine your desired outcome in detail and feel aligned with your vision, you are doing it correctly. But the even bigger problem is consistency. It takes 60-90 days straight of visualization reprogram the subconscious mind which the goal with visualization. When your subconscious mind is on board with your vision, that is when the RESULTS come. Because the subconscious is responsible for approximately 90% of your actions. You need to have it on your side and that ONLY comes with consistent practice my friend. Consistency, consistency, consistency. That is what you should focus on. Get the idea?
  9. I do not think there are any real dangers with doing PD work at a young age. I do it and I am 18 myself - started at 16. Of course you become aware of how unconscious you and others around you are, you begin to draw away from unconsciousness and more toward the vision and I think it is great. Just do not get so caught up in self actualization that you neglect important practical skills because all you do is meditate or read books. You still need social skills, marketing, networking, a great physique, etc. It is a balance. Focus on becoming a hole human being and do not become a Zen devil or too involved in PD theory. You need to be someone who can crush it at life. And PD advice cannot give you that only. Action is required. 90% action and 10% PD theory should be the ideal for maximum results. Not the other way around. Good luck mate
  10. I think there is one fundamental principle at plat here and that is: You cannot change other people. If people want to change their internal belief systems, it is up to them and he probably will not do that based on the information you share with him. Especially if his self concept (ego) feels threatened and you construct this narriative of him being "the wrong one" and the one who needs to evolve or grow out of this blue stage that you describe. I would say that the best thing you can do is to show him unconditional love and accept him for who he is. Along side, inspire him with your actions so he generates his motivation to change. This is great because it means you can focus more on your self improvement in this context and if you do thar that, maybe he will get inspired to change, but avoid being attached to that outcome.
  11. @Leo Gura So true man. Wasted 2 years in that trap and now I am starting to see it. Stop talking shit. STOP IT. Do all that can be done each day and you will get your result. Actions=results It is so fucking simple, why make it any more complicated? What's the point. You are gonna die anyway so might as well crush it!
  12. If you are going to push yourself, I would reccomend also doing the following. - Daily meditation 20-60 minutes - Get at least 8-9 hours a sleep every night - Exercise 3 to 5 times a week - run/jog, ride your bike, swim, go to the gym or whatever. - I know this is more work, but it will help you sustain your pace and learn faster. - Always listen to your body/intuition, it is much more intelligent than "you" are ? But keep in mind: I am just 18 years old and talking to you on a forum. I am not an expert or anything so do not take everything I say on faith and realize I could be mistaken. But I gave you my best advice nevertheless
  13. @Aamir King It depends on how much you can push yourself. If you can do 60-hours a week without burnout, I do not care what any study says about working too much. Study yourself and experiment. And when you do, listen to your body. Listen to how you feel when you work. If you feel like you are about to break or not continue, by all means work less. Listening to your body requires that you have at least some awareness. Meditation can help you here, I myself do it daily for 20 minutes and it is a great habit to build which you probably already knew
  14. Sorry, was typing the text on my phone and accidentally sent it so what can you do In a nutshell what I was trying to say is to follow your dream, but balance your life at the same time so you do not get so consumed into pursuing academic excellence that you neglect other important aspects like your relationships, mental and physical health. And realize that the motivation is just a phase, at least it was for me. The motivation can give you the discipline to continue long term and that is what matters. If you want straight A's, you gotta see it as a LONG term project like 6-18 months and stay discipliner every day to sustain your results. And when you active straight A's and get the approval, do not use that to try to improve others or criticize them if they do not want your help in regards to achieving what you have and even if they do keep it light. You are not any better than anyone else JUST because you have good grades. And if you act like you are, that will backfire in the long run Good luck
  15. I feel you man m. I am exactly the same way when it comes to academics. That is why I get straight A's in school. It is all about having that burning desire to improve. My advice would be to honour your emotions and pursue your goal of academic excellence and pursue it. But do not get so consumed into working hard that you neglect other aspects of your life ESPECIALLY relationships if you do not want r