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  1. @Marinus Sounds great! You seem very motivated to study, but do not over-study to the point where you burn out. 41 hours/week seems like a lot unless you are in university. Make sure that you take care of your mental and physical health as well. This means socializing, working out, getting involved with your hobbies, etc. I regret studying too much when I was in high school. Spent so much time studying that I neglected other aspects of my life such as relationships...
  2. You cannot stop your judgements because you do not exist. Surrender to the fact that you have zero control and it might get better. Maybe this will not change your tendency to judge, but at least you will stop percieving yourself as bad for judging others. Do not moralize yourself for judging others. That is not the way to go. Become mindful of the judgement as it happens and love yourself when you judge.
  3. The reason why your family dislike Leo is because his teachings are threatening their paradigm. They say he advocates falsehood and he is the reason why the world has suffering because they are afraid of adopting his perspective because it lies outside their comfort zone. It triggers fear. If this is their reaction to personal development, that means they are probably not ready to hear about it. I know you want moral support from your parents and it is scary to go against their authority, but sometimes you need to do the most emotionally difficult thing. Just avoid mentioning personal development in conversations with them, but still keep doing it. Keep doing consciousness work, keep reading PD material, etc. Not everyone will support you, that is the hard truth, but I remember Leo talked about how he never got any encouragement from his parents to start doing personal development. But look where he is at. That just proves that even if your family are not supporting you, you can still keep doing it and succeed
  4. Since you have not spoken to her in years, it seems to me that you and the family member do not have a close relationship. Therefore, it would be socially acceptable imo to decline her suggestion if you have other plans. So I agree with @Truth
  5. Dude, chill... Why are you so angry at the world? Please tell me why specifically. Of course life is hard, It's fucked up, but that's the way life works. You are lucky to be in a position where you can meditate, grow yourself and learn personal development. Most people never get that chance! All those popular people you envy so much are all hollow inside and they will likely never achieve unconditional happiness. Do you actually realize that? They all have all external succes, but that is shallow and stupid. If you actually achieved whatever external success they have, you would realize It's not going to make you happy. You have a chance to make something great of your life if you take responsibility, start being grateful for your journey and take small steps each day to improve your life.
  6. @WaterfallMachine This is a self-help forum with 6000 users where people seek advice and share knowledge, experiences etc. Some users on this forum are better at offering advice than others. That's to be expected. But forums, blogs, etc. are often not a reliable source for high-quality information. Books written by experts are much more ressourceful so look for that if you want to be taught properly. The people who give advice on this forum don't get paid for it, they don't know you well enough to help you, that is why they don't teach you properly. You can't expect much of strangers on the internet is my point.
  7. @Elton
  8. To become good at understanding your emotions, you need to develop awareness of your body. For this, I highly recommend that you meditate daily, socialize regularly and go outside your comfort zone every day. To raise your EQ, you must first change your lifestyle and set up the proper habits first before the improvements in your EQ start to show. Sidenote: You don't need to read an entire book about EQ -- that is usually a distraction -- just learn the basic theory and take ACTION.
  9. I think the point of systems thinking is to become conscious of how reality is interconnected. That sounds very abstract, I know, but let me explain. Many people try to fragment reality and look at problems only from the surface. But as a systems thinker, you are not interested in the superficial vanilla layer. You want to get to the true cause of global and personal issues and understand them from big picture point of view. If you apply systems thinking to society, you will begin to see how it is connected to spirituality and consciousness. Have you ever wondered why a society even exists? The people who are only interested in the superficial answers will say to get a job, survive and reproduce. But what function do these things serve? If you really introspect, you can clearly see they are a distraction from enlightenment and tools the ego can use to remain the tyrant in power. But why are most people not able to see this? There are two main reasons 1) Because of our society -- and all the cultural beliefs that come along with it. 2) 99.999% of people care about self-survival at the cost of Truth.
  10. You say you feel inferior when you see people who are better at skills you want to improve at. That might be a sign of low self esteem and the solution to that is not to become the best. If you become a master at x, then that will not make you satisfied because the very notion of being the best is a hollow illusion! It will not lead to a meaningful shift in the quality of your every day experience. Also, you cannot become the best from a place of inferiority, that's neurotic motivation and it's not sustainable. However, dropping your whole inferior vs superior concept could definetly do you some good. When you believe some people are superior and others inferior based on a relative belief system, you will tend to find people who are superior to you in different areas of life. Since you have this belief system in place, you are blindsided by it and can't see it as a belief system. So to you, it might really feel like this person is better than you at x, but that is a belief! Notice that the notion of better/worse, inferior/superior is a construction of your mind, not inherent to reality itself. Reality is absolutely neutral and nothing in reality has any value. Value and meaning is something we assign to reality to fulfill our human desires and purposes. That means nothing can be better than any other thing in the absolute sense. Everything is 100% equal. This is a really bitter pill to swallow, but hopefully you have enough self honesty and courage to do it. Good luck
  11. That was awesome man!
  12. I think the important transition for me will be to change my perspective on taking action. I literally thought in the past that listening to videos and reading books were ways of taking action and from that standpoint, actually changing my habits was difficult because I did not see the value in just getting started. I made rationalizations and oversimplified things to the point where I said when I have enough theory, only then will I begin. But that point never came. There is always more material to learn. But now I know better and I think raising the bar for what it means to learn is great for adoptiong this new paradigm that learning=repetition. It creates a clear distinction between real learning and fake learning aka mental masturbation or theory collecting. The paradigm will make me more aware when I am engaging in fake learning. I will use this paradigm in all areas of my life and ask myself the question: "how will this change my behavior?" I'll use this questionwhile I watch Leo's videos on meditation to set up a regular meditation practice.
  13. @Fredrik Andersson How do you know what to prioritize? Get a good understanding of your values as a human being. Before you can prioritize, you want to be sure that the things you are making time for is connected to fulfilling some of your higher values. How do I focus on one thing at a time? You sit with 1 task, don't have any distractions nearby, just focus on that one thing until you build momentum and enter a flow-state. Usually it takes 30-45 minutes for me to enter the flow state, but once I've achieved it, working becomes easy and fun and at that point, I don't want to distract myself because I've built up that positive momentum.
  14. Why do we need a thread on this forum for people to let their monkey minds freely Express themselves? Have you seen Facebook, Twitter, instagram? Go on there if you want some 😂
  15. Training your subconscious is like training a dog implying that repetition is more important than variety. My advice for you is that you do one affirmation for 5-10 minutes a day and do that for 60-90 days straight. So if you want to be a millionaire for instance, you can say: "I'm a millionaire, I'm a millionaire, I'm a millionaire for 5 minutes per day 60-90 days straight to really cement the idea in your subconscious. Notice that the important part is consistency. You gotta discipline yourself here.