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  1. @Lorcan The best thing you can learn from Stoicism is how to differentiate between: 1/ Situations in which you have full control. E.g. Your reaction to getting punched in the face 2/ Situations you have some control over. E.g. Persuading someone to do something. 3/ Situations you have no control over. E.g. Getting to the airport on time when you are on a train. Stoicism advices you to focus all of your mental effort into what you control. This means no more stressing, worrying or mourning over things you cannot change. Also, it advices that you try to convert goals which are 2/ based into goals which are 1/ based. For example, if your goal was to persuade someone to buy a chocolate bar, you would change it to be as persuasive as I possibly can in my next interaction. This subtle difference means that even if the person rejects your chocolate bar, you wouldn't have failed your goal if you were as persuasive as you could be. This mindset will shake anyone out of a victim mentality and force them to focus on what actions they can take.
  2. Firstly, Physicist try and present theories in as simple a form as possible. However, these concepts are incredibly difficult to grasp—so they require a high level of mathematical ability to understand. There is no big scientific cult making everything too confusing for the layman to understand. Secondly, great question! Nothing is 'directly' perceived. For example, when you look at a table you aren't actually perceiving it, you are seeing photons (light particles) hit your eyeball. In much the same way you don't observe atoms directly—but you infer their existence from interactions with other particles.
  3. Your voice goes high pitched at the end of every sentence. If you fix that, you'll sound 10x more confindent.
  4. If something 'supernatural' is observed, It becomes a natural phenomenon. Therefore the laws of physics would have to change to encompass it.
  5. @Psychonaut what a profound insight
  6. @philosogi His personal life is a shambles. Although he is undoubtedly a genius, I predict he is orange on the spiral dynamics scale.
  7. I agree with @quantum —'Sapiens' is fantastic!
  8. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in self-help. In an industry where we are told 'fake it till you make it' and 'follow your passion' Holiday gives us a good case for rationality above puffing up our egos. Expect a LOT of resistance when reading this book—your ego is not going to like it's bubble of illusion being popped.
  9. @Heart of Space It's pretty simple, you have three options: 1) Keep doing what you are doing—and keep fucking things up. 2) Take responsibility of your actions, stop breaking your commitments to your girl, and cultivate some self-control. (Easier said than done for some people) 3) Stop getting in monogamous relationship when you cant be monogamous. Look into polygamy if you can get past the need for your girlfriend to only bang you.
  10. Coach Corey Wayne will help you out. Look at his YouTube videos and free book on his site.
  11. Youre right, as of yet nobody has been able to combine quantum mechanics and reletivity into a single unified theory. However that's not to say it's impossible to do so. You're right, in quantum physics particles can only exist with certain discrete physical properties (energy, momentum etc.). On the macroscopic scale, these discrete changes between physical properties are so small that it cannot be measured.
  12. @Progress I can think of a couple of ways it can be done with your equipment, but it's up to you!
  13. Good start man. I Loved your analogy about us being caged up from childhood—not knowing how to adapt to the realities of life—never getting the chance to learn from our mistakes. A tip for your presentation. If you stand up while you speak you will be able project your voice with more energy and enthusiasm, and show off some swarve body language. All the best to you, Harry.