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  1. Check out this video. The author argues that mindfulness has become a tool for capitalist exploitation and works to obscure real systematic issues. Is what we're seeing the Stage Orange version of mindfulness?
  2. Its a word that is used as a term of endearment. Its been used that way for decades. It isn't necessarily a new phenomena. Its just popularized by hip hop/rap culture.I've used it out of ignorance when I was younger. But that was cultural conditioning.
  3. I am black (ADOS) and I am into Spirituality and Non-Duality. Also please be more conscious on your usage of the n-word. Not all of us believe in using that verbage to describe one another. I think non-dualistic teachings can be very beneficial to the African American community. Particularly due to the amount of suffering endured in our community. It is a goal of mine to one day set up meditation retreats for at risk youth in the black community. A lot of the problem that persist in the black community is due to a lack of consciousness.
  4. Future generations will regard the Koch brothers as criminals against humanity.
  5. Thank you for sharing this. We need to start having serious discussions about our not so distant future. Especially here in the USA. Ecological collapse is perhaps the greatest threat of our time and supercedes almost any other issue. What's the point of free college and free health if there is food insecurity?! The system that facilitated our climate crisis is ultimately the root cause of many of the other ancillary issues we face. Here is a great interview of Roger Hallam of Extinction Rebellion. For too long we've painted the climate crisis with rosy red optimism with little to no effect. Roger's harshness is appropriate and perhaps necessary given the severity of this crisis.
  6. I am not sure if this is the appropriate sub-forum for this topic. Lately I've been doing some extensive research on climate change. There are multiple camps of perspectives on how severe the ramifications of climate change will be. Based on everything I've read I am beginning to have a more pessimestic outlook on our future and find myself gravitating more and more in the "doomer" sphere. The way I see it, as long as we maintain the status quo (placing profit before our environment) it is almost certain that we'll face the collapse global industrial civilization in the short term and perhaps the eventual extinction of the species in the long term. But the meaning of this thread is less about the ramifications this has on us as a collective and more about how it effects us on the individual level. It seems every day there is seems to be some new article about how we are so screwed. "July was the hottest month of record" "The artic is losing sea ice faster than previously thought" "Millions of species face extintion" I could really go on and on How do we (as individuals) find meaning in the face of surmounting evidence that our entire way of life (industrial civilization) is what may cause demise of the species? Do we reorient our life purpose around the impending ecological collapse?
  7. For those of you who meditate on a consistent basis, have you noticed any changes in your sleeping habits? Back when I meditated consistently, I noticed that I was able to fall as sleep with relative ease. I didn't have the constant monkey mind that I have now. Currently I am dealing with insomnia and it takes me at least an hour to ease my mind into sleep. I just started meditating consistently again but I am not able to regain the mental clarity that I once had that allowed me to ease my mind into sleep. I know it will take time since I have to retrain my mind all over again. What has been your experience with sleep and meditation?
  8. Awesome review! I purchased the course a while back but life got in the way. Funny, because Leo warned about this initially in the course. Your review inspires me to take it again.
  9. Well, to start I am far less triggered by things and seem to be more accepting of reality as it unfolds. Also, I am not sure, if anyone else can relate but my first enlightenment (awakening) experience was a realization of just how much I didn't know and crushed everything single notion I had about reality up until that point. Unfortunately I have undergone a major ego backlash since then and am just now able to put everything in perspective.
  10. well, when there are massive droughts, famines, migrations of biblical proportions, extreme hurricanes and heatwaves, people will be justifiably upset and angry. "environmental extremism" will be the least of our worries.
  11. Ok I hate to be the pessimistic collapsitarian alarmist in this thread but we are headed for some very troubling times. Many of us will be witnesses to some of the most traumatic and distressing events to ever unfold in human history. Part of me thinks undergoing the severe implications of abrupt climate change is a necessary step in the evolution of the human psyche. What do you guys think? Will the implications of climate change force us to move up the spiral as a collective? Or will we regress back to purple and beige like our cave dwelling ancestors?
  12. And if it weren't for Orange people/policies, a lot of these Blue and Red people wouldn't be immigrating in mass in the first place. I do agree, however that people with 'Green' values tend to be a bit naive when it comes to stage Purple, Red and Blue. There is nothing wrong with being empathetic but not to the point where it jeapardizes societal stability. There needs be an honest and open look at how we're all contributing to the problem and how we can fix it. I think that would take 'Yellow' type thinking 😁
  13. I hate to be a pessimist but perhaps the severe implications of climate change are what's necessary for human evolution. Something has to break the current paradigm we're in and climate change may just do that.