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  1. That's definitely true. I've seen people from all walks of life. I've spent time in the roughest parts of Detroit, MI (mostly black) and have spent time in the Appalachia (mostly white) and can honestly say despair and hopelessness is at the heart of both communities. But I will say Black people have a bit of a unique set of circumstances given the history of Jim Crow, Slavery and The Drug War. All of that has shaped the "ghetto" culture we see today and that OP is hinting at but too afraid to say it.
  2. Its his homework assignment to become a more compassionate human being. He cannot progress as a human being if he continues to look down and dehumanize ghetto "animalistic" people as he calls them.
  3. Your life assignment from here on out is to see the humanity in these "animalistic" ghetto people as you describe them. They are not animals. They are human beings conditioned to survive in the environment they were born in. You may find their behavior off putting and problematic. That's fine. You don't have to like it because a lot of it is problematic and off putting. But I would implore you to stop with the demonization and instead critique the conditions that spawn such human beings. Wealth inequality, Generational/Collective trauma, Poor schools. Lack of access to healthy foods, Pollution, The long term impacts of America's Drug War, etc. It isn't them that is animalistic. The conditions they find themselves in is animalistic. And a society that has allowed these conditions to fester and permeate is animalistic.
  4. Trauma. Traumatized people have problems. There is a lot of collective trauma and PTSD in the ghetto. Many children who grow up in impoverished and high crime areas suffer from PTSD.
  5. The centralization of AGI is a huge concern I found I a recent post from an employee on OpenAI's Future/Governance Team that brings up this point. https://www.reddit.com/r/singularity/comments/1axsmtm/daniel_kokotajlo_openai_futuresgovernance_team_on/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  6. Recent interview with Demis Hassabis, whose the CEO of Google DeepMind
  7. It depends on your definition of AGI. 15 years ago people would have considered ChatGPT 4 an AGI. ChatGPT has already passed the turing test. But now that test is considered outdated. https://www.pnas.org/doi/full/10.1073/pnas.2313925121 I personally think we'll have AGI by 2029 as predicted by Ray Kurzweil. By that time we'll have AI that satisfies most people's definition of AGI.
  8. True but it isn't grounded in reality. Biden isn't an actual authoritarian. Trump has clearly shown authoritarian tendencies and he's quite open about it.
  9. I don't think its hyperbolic to say that if Trump gets elected again American democracy will be in great danger. But perhaps Americans need to go through this in order to appreciate democracy and civics a little more. There is a clear sense of aloofness when it comes acknowledging the danger of Trump by many Americans. It doesn't help with mainstreams media constant needs to appear unbiased.
  10. The Republican party is firmly in the hands of Trump unfortunately. Trump is going to destroy Nikki Haley in New Hampshire. And once she loses in South Carolina I suspect she'll drop her campaign. Hopefully traditional conservatives who supported Haley will vote Biden and enough people will look at all of Trump's court cases and realize he isn't fit be president again.
  11. A lot of us did. I didn't realize how socially awkward he is.
  12. I don't think A.I. is another hype cycle. Sure there's a lot of hypemen saying AGI is a few months to a few years away but there's some semblance of truth behind it. Many A.I. experts now agree that AGI will likely be accomplished within the next 10 years. How fast such tech will be adopted and impact our economy as a whole is uncertain. Historically tech takes time for people to feel real world impact. But this also isn't like any other tech. This is intelligence. There are also many other emerging technologies that will soon have impact on and by A.I.. Such as genetic engineering, quantum computing, autonomous vehicles, renewable energy etc.
  13. I can see why one would think that is a problem. Especially someone with such a rigid worldview as him. VR porn world sounds fun btw and I'm all for it. He'll be the one missing out and clinging on to his outdated worldview while the world moves on.
  14. I'll have to do a little research on his philosophy to see why this idea would be considered Satanic lol. I don't want to take away from the main conversation but I don't see the problem with a society in which the bulk of human labor has been mostly automated away. And I wouldn't take humans completely out the equation. We'll still have to determine what role advanced A.I. will play in our society. I envision a society where the need for human labor is minimal and our basic needs are taken care of. You want a job? Fine. But it isn't required to live a good life. Further, A.I. could help determine how to ration resources responsibly to the benefit of everyone and the planet as a whole. Or perhaps transition us into a post scarcity society. With everyones basic needs being met we wouldn't need to waste time with concocting stupid theories that are ultimately rooted in scarcity.
  15. All of it is nonsense and human bullshit. Let the machines take over so we can fully automated luxury communism. At this point, I'd rather have advanced A.I. organize human society than other humans.