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  1. If you study the subject long enough you'll see that a lot of their actions are nonsensical.
  2. House Oversight plans UFO hearing after unconfirmed claims of crashed alien spacecraft I'm not too confident that Congress or AARO will be able to obtain classified info about this. It seems like there are echelons in our government that maintain a strict culture of secrecy regarding this topic. If what Dave Grusch says is true regarding our inability to reverse engineer these craft perhaps the only solution is an official disclosure to attract more scientists and engineers to study it.
  3. You're generalizing. Muslims are very hardworking. Immigrants may be more dependent on welfare because they are on average poorer.
  4. Apparently DeSantis recently signed a bill that shields Spacex from liability. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/ron-desantis-signs-bill-elon-musk-spacex-spaceflight-liability-1234742632/amp/ https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/13s60bz/desantis_signs_bill_shielding_musks_spacex_from/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Its starting to make sense....
  5. Compare and contrast this to Republicans banning books, threatening Civil War every 5 mins,banning abortions, trying to steal elections, allowing every crazed lunatic to purchase assault weapons, threatening corporations who don't align with their values, holding the economy hostage by allowing the US to default just to pass their agenda (which isn't in favor of the working class), trying to legalize child labor, trying to impose Christian nationalism on everyone, stoking stohastic terrorism by deliberately spreading misinfo to their lunatic base, denying systemic racism, denying climate change, calling Dems pedophiles when they're constantly involved in some scandal that involes sexual misconduct or pedophilia, opposing expanding healthcare, opposing student debt relief, opposing a livable wage, praising foreign dictators, etc etc etc No. Both parties are NOT the same.
  6. What is in your opinion considered income worthy? If you're asking if there should income requirements before starting a family then absolutely not. In the long run that will create more problems than you think it will solve.
  7. Yes, culture has a lot to do with it. And culture is deeply intertwined and influenced by economic mobility. Poorer people have more children for many different reasons that range from a lack of education, disparities when it comes to resources for family planning, gender inequality, and a range of economic incentives. Which is why we need to expand efforts to educate, empower women, and decrease economic disparities. You're correct that what I said is a half truth. Children are expensive no doubt. But people (and women in particular) are more educated and empowered when it comes to deciding whether or not they want to start a family. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. Its only a bad thing in your eyes because you ultimately feel threatened and insecure about immigrants taking over and becoming the dominant culture in your society. That's a very real and legitimate fear given the profit driven and highly competitive (excessively orange) society we live in. It sounds counter-intuitive but if you want immigrants to properly assimilate into your culture, we have to address all the forementioned things above. Economic disparity. Education. Family planning. Gender inequality. Sure it may ruffle some feathers but its a project that must be done. There's a lot of talk about the excesses of green these days and I beg to differ. IMO we haven't gone green enough. On the surface, we're becoming more green when it comes to social issues, but it's all done in the backdrop of a deeply orange, highly competitive society. Its performative green. Europe nor the US is anywhere near peak green. We'll reach half green when we make serious efforts to become a more egalitarian society , which requires a radically different approach to economics and society. Not easy task. But one that must be undertaken if we want to progress.
  8. This has nothing to do with feminism. People are not opting to have kids mostly because its too damn expensive. And yes, its true that many are deciding not to have them for environmental concerns. Based on the trajectory we're on as far as climate change I can't say I blame them. I have a child and I'm terrified of the future she'll live in. Ultimatley these concerns and the reluctance to having children is a result of orange in excess. If we didn't live in such profit driven and competitive society, people would have more time to make babies and have less anxiety about bringing children into this world. Your primary concern seems to revolve around immigration. And yes, I wont deny that there is a vast difference in worldviews between say, a Muslim man coming from Pakistan and a European women with stage green values. How you assimilate people who may have pretty rigid stage blue values into a stage orange and increasingly green society is a complex issue. But the refugees are coming and with climate change they'll continue coming. And the solution cannot be the alienation and the demonization of them. That will only cause more tension and further the divide.
  9. European birth rates aren't declining because of toxic green values. Lol. If you want to look at it through the lens of spiral dynamics, they're declining due to the excesses of stage orange. All industrialized nations are seeing declines in birthrates due to capitalism and the trajectory of economic growth, which causes people to have less time and incentive to have children. And if you want to go even deeper pollution play factor as well. Its causing infertility in many western countries. Which is ultimately a function of unregulated capitalism (orange in excess). I guarantee if you take away all the immigrants in Europe and birthrates will still be on the decline.
  10. Beau of the Fifth Column actually did an excellent video concerning this. Many people are confused about why people of color would embrace hard right and Nazi ideologies. It actually makes sense if you understand American history and how race can be a loosely defined concept used to maintain a social-economic hierarchy. https://youtu.be/vhFLoklZ-TE
  11. Lol what does this have to do with A.I.?
  12. Going to need full body combat armor just to go to the grocery store pretty soon
  13. Sad situation all around. At one point he was an MJ impersonator. It seems his mental drastically deteriorated. I agree that he shouldn't have been threatening people or assaulting people. That didn't give anyone the right to take his life though. If we start deputizing regular citizens to murder any mentally ill homeless person that is deemed a threat we lose a great deal of civility. The guy who did the chokehold was ultimately wrong. As a trained Marine he had to have known that particular type of chokehold is meant to cut off airways and eventually kill. At best he should have subdued him until proper authorities came.