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  1. Very good point! Joker may be a necessary evil.
  2. This is true. However, I think he is the most electable canditate given his popularity and current poll numbers. I know of many Trump supporters who'd vote for Bernie but wouldnt cast their ballots for Biden in a million years. And if it comes down to Biden/Trump or even Warren/Trump, there is high probability that we'll have to endure another 4 years of Trump. Also a lot of Americans are willfully politically ignorant. After leaving the rally I spoke to many of my friends and family about it and some had no idea that Bernie was even running. Others have simply given up all hope in the political system and do not vote at all. If there is one thing that can be said about Trump's base it is that they do and will VOTE. This is why we need a candidate that will rouse people to get off their behinds and vote and perhaps win over a portion of Trumps white working class base.
  3. Joker himself is apolitical and an agent of chaos. I think the film in itself is a critique against capitalism and wealth inequality. In such systems people like the Joker can be potentially bred and take advantage of all the chaos. Also its pretty funny how many on the right wing side of the spectrum totally miss that this film is a critique of capitalism and the disparities it creates.
  4. I volunteered at one last week in Michigan. It was totally awesome. Everyone was so friendly and down to earth. I truly think he's the only candidate capable of beating Trump. Hopefully the DNC wont sabotage his chances this time around.
  5. According to US military officials This is pretty concerning. What do you guys think?
  6. this may sound overly simplistic but have you considered taking a hiatus from digital media? You mentioned this is what you're doing all day. Could it be that you are overloading your mind with too much information and ideas from other human beings? Maybe take a week and refrain from all digital media. Refrain from composing music while your at it. Try journaling your thoughts to keep yourself occupied.
  7. I have not interests that compel me enough to center them around a life purpose. I have no useful skills with the exception of what I went to school for (Information Tech) and I have absolutely no passion for that. I get paid good money from it but its drained my soul All the skills I would like to learn would take decades for me to master much less monitize from them Finally my soul has disintegrated to such an extent that I have no desire or fuel to learn something new In this profit driven society I am conditioned to believe if it doesn't make money it isn't worth it. Despite all this I still want to live a passionate life. Anyone else been in this situation before?
  8. I like his videos on parenting and thats about it. I listened to him periodically up until the 2016 elections. His content is now a gateway to the far right. He has hours and hours of content defending white supremacy while denigrating non-whites and non-western culture. I also got sick of all his race/IQ videos and his constant promotion of Donald Trump.
  9. Unfortunately I dont think the Demotratic establishment will allow a true progressive to win the nomination. They are more comfortable with the idea of another 4 years of Trump than to allow someone like Bernie or even Warren to win. And with that strategy Trump is almost guaranteed to get another 4 years. I truly fear for the planet if Trump gets elected another 4 years.
  10. I stand with Greta. Excellent speech. For those saying she is too young to be so worried, you obviously haven't come to grips with the full gravity of the climate crisis. This young lady speaks because the adults of this world chose to focus on their own self interest. It is us adults who fell for the propaganda of endless economic growth at the expense of the planet. When I look at teens like Greta I have tremendous hope for the future. While we were all (meaning adults) fixated on becoming millionaires, it is her generation that may bring about the social/political change we finally need.
  11. Check out this video. The author argues that mindfulness has become a tool for capitalist exploitation and works to obscure real systematic issues. Is what we're seeing the Stage Orange version of mindfulness?
  12. Its a word that is used as a term of endearment. Its been used that way for decades. It isn't necessarily a new phenomena. Its just popularized by hip hop/rap culture.I've used it out of ignorance when I was younger. But that was cultural conditioning.
  13. I am black (ADOS) and I am into Spirituality and Non-Duality. Also please be more conscious on your usage of the n-word. Not all of us believe in using that verbage to describe one another. I think non-dualistic teachings can be very beneficial to the African American community. Particularly due to the amount of suffering endured in our community. It is a goal of mine to one day set up meditation retreats for at risk youth in the black community. A lot of the problem that persist in the black community is due to a lack of consciousness.
  14. Future generations will regard the Koch brothers as criminals against humanity.
  15. Thank you for sharing this. We need to start having serious discussions about our not so distant future. Especially here in the USA. Ecological collapse is perhaps the greatest threat of our time and supercedes almost any other issue. What's the point of free college and free health if there is food insecurity?! The system that facilitated our climate crisis is ultimately the root cause of many of the other ancillary issues we face. Here is a great interview of Roger Hallam of Extinction Rebellion. For too long we've painted the climate crisis with rosy red optimism with little to no effect. Roger's harshness is appropriate and perhaps necessary given the severity of this crisis.