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  1. Awesome review! I purchased the course a while back but life got in the way. Funny, because Leo warned about this initially in the course. Your review inspires me to take it again.
  2. Well, to start I am far less triggered by things and seem to be more accepting of reality as it unfolds. Also, I am not sure, if anyone else can relate but my first enlightenment (awakening) experience was a realization of just how much I didn't know and crushed everything single notion I had about reality up until that point. Unfortunately I have undergone a major ego backlash since then and am just now able to put everything in perspective.
  3. well, when there are massive droughts, famines, migrations of biblical proportions, extreme hurricanes and heatwaves, people will be justifiably upset and angry. "environmental extremism" will be the least of our worries.
  4. Ok I hate to be the pessimistic collapsitarian alarmist in this thread but we are headed for some very troubling times. Many of us will be witnesses to some of the most traumatic and distressing events to ever unfold in human history. Part of me thinks undergoing the severe implications of abrupt climate change is a necessary step in the evolution of the human psyche. What do you guys think? Will the implications of climate change force us to move up the spiral as a collective? Or will we regress back to purple and beige like our cave dwelling ancestors?
  5. And if it weren't for Orange people/policies, a lot of these Blue and Red people wouldn't be immigrating in mass in the first place. I do agree, however that people with 'Green' values tend to be a bit naive when it comes to stage Purple, Red and Blue. There is nothing wrong with being empathetic but not to the point where it jeapardizes societal stability. There needs be an honest and open look at how we're all contributing to the problem and how we can fix it. I think that would take 'Yellow' type thinking 😁
  6. I hate to be a pessimist but perhaps the severe implications of climate change are what's necessary for human evolution. Something has to break the current paradigm we're in and climate change may just do that.
  7. I thought 'Arrival' was pretty yellow in terms of the multiple number of perspectives that the humans had when approaching the aliens
  8. JP just doesn't appeal to me. I find him a little corny
  9. First off, thank you very much for the detailed response. I definitely find that certain facets of non-dualistic teachings resonate with me more since the experience. Prior to the experience my understanding of nondualism and enlightenment was ALL intellectual. This in itself was a distraction for me and often led me into neglecting daily practice. The descriptions you provided are spot on, especially the one about not having any doubts, inhibition, and fears. The idea of having any one of these traits at the time of my experience would have been ludicrous. All of my fears and all notions I had about myself were shattered
  10. Last November I had a rather odd experience while driving that I can only catergorize as a brief 'awakening' experience. Last year was a very trying time for me in my personal life (working two jobs to save up for my wedding, sleep loss, demanding work at my primary job). Despite my circumstances I maintained a daily practice of meditation. There were some days I would awake extra early to do 2 hours of meditation. I believe maintaining a consistent practice is what 'opened' me up to have this experience. One day on a particularly stressful day I was driving (more like racing) to my second job after work in heavy traffic. I became very frustrated and angry with circumstances of my life. I began to mentally curse out the slow driver in front of me. My mind became a cesspool of all these negative and self defeating thoughts. I felt myself going over the edge. And in that moment the mental dialogue had abruptly ceased and I took a long look at every other driver around me. It then occured to me that most of the drivers were in the exact same sort of misery I was (beeping their horns, risking their own safety and others to get ahead of each other etc). It all looked so vividly ridiculous that I began to laugh hysterically. Any onlookers probably thought I had went insane. We were all racing to get 'somewhere'. The epihpany I had at that moment was that this 'somewhere' didnt exist. All that was, was just the present. I went deeper and began to question more. There was no 'I' that existed. 'I' was a complete and utter fabrication. The 'I' that 'I' identified myself as was a complete sham and so were all of the things 'I' stressed out about so much. Every concept. Every notion. All of it was a complete sham. 'I' felt like an actor in a lifelong movie who forgot he was a just an actor on a set For the rest of the evening I was in total bliss. I appreciated every moment in heavy traffic and complete the task at my 2nd job with joyfullness. The following days afterwards I had very intense meditations. During these sessions I would feel an unconditional sense of love and compassion for everything that made me weep tears of joy. Whenever I saw my wife, dog , or anything for that matter it was as if I was seeing them for the very first time. The world felt mystical and mysterious again. It wasn't too long before I found myself getting more and more enveloped in the world around me. I had what you may call a major ego backlash. I was exhibiting the same unconscious behaviors as I had before....but with slightly more consciousness. I have been struggling to feel that sense of union I had those days last November and often find myself confused about where I go in my practice from here. For one I am not sure if this was an elightenment or awakening experience to begin with. I know I must go further inward but present circumstances in life make the possibility to do so very limited. Has anyone ever been in the same boat? Have you ever had an awakening experience only to go unconscious shortly after? Thank you for reading all of this. Your advice is greatly appreciated.
  11. I seen things....terrible things on the dark web and have been struggling to regain my faith in humanity. There are some truly disturbed members of our race. It only solidifies the reasoning why spiritual development and self actualization is so vital for humanity.
  12. Menace II Society Blue reaction to Red in excess
  13. The Japanese Empire in 1945 is an example of blue in excess
  14. Awesome!! I am going to try next time this happens. Thank you!