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  1. lol no worries he is the rapper married to Kim Kardashian.
  2. Ye has been through tremendous suffering and has the heavy weight of maintaining a "role" and "character" for the world audience. In fact a lot of entertainers have this weight, which is why so many are self destructive. I wish Kanye the best on his journey.
  3. Also the author mentions hearing the "OM" sound during concentration. Yesterday morning during my practice my mind was very still and I could vaguely make out a low hum in the back drop whilst hearing my heart beat. I am not sure if this is the OM sound being referred to here. It didnt occur for me this morning since my mind had many racing thoughts and I made too much of an effort to seek it out instead of letting rise on its own. Out of curiousity I was wondering if any of you have heard it or experienced it yet. Again, its not something I am purposefully seeking out but it is rather interesting to see if others have undergone some of the experiences detailed in the book.
  4. I have been doing the Lesson 4 - Concentration for a few weeks now. I feel that I am not ready to move on as of yet. I must admit that focusing on the bhrumadhya has led to some resounding states of inner peace and stillness. I am use to focusing on the breath so this practice is quite new to me. It definitely involves some visualization. I find that it is best to not force it when it comes to concentration. My most peaceful sessions have been simply observing what arises, yet not focusing on the content of it, and then pointing my awareness steadily back to bhrumadhya. I have not had any spurts of energy or weird phenomena come up yet. I am not necessarily seeking them either.
  5. no worries you'll need a ghost writer when they're ready for the 2nd album thats where i come in
  6. Yo Yo Here we go Yo *make rap beat with mouth* Im tryna self actualize So can fully capitalize on being at my full potential Thats why I'm layin in the cut, listenin to Leo, doing Kriya yoga to REwire my entire mental Maintaining daily practice remains ever more essential Being on the spiritual path is not for the weak of heart or the sentimental I stopped eating dairy, wheat, but not quite off the meat yet Working on thy self daily, doing self inquiry so I can keep my feet wet Awareness is the key, Dont believe you can rise up above, just look at me to be continued....
  7. Why not pick the students who are most at risk, troublesome, socially inept, and/or emotionally scared. They have the most to gain from it at the end of the day.
  8. For a second I had to remind myself that I was reading a post on Actualized.org and not Stormfront. LOL. Are you really promoting genocide on a forum centered around non-dualistic teachings? In all seriousness though, I liked Leos video. Most of the Muslims I know do not hold extremist views (as far as I know) but most are pretty far from practicing Islam based on the core meaning of what Islam is all about. However, this exists in almost EVERY practiced religion. It almost seems instinctual for the human mind to pollute anything and everything with egotism/materialisn, even when it comes to true spirituality.
  9. I usually drop subtle hints when giving advice or sharing wisdom. Plus being on this path long enough (at least in my experiences) changes you so much that those closest to you will notice and start to wonder. I remember when I first started getting into spirituality, I would share new concepts with those closest to me and become agitated when their responses were not what I deemed favorable. Insight has taught me that this was just another manifestation of my ego and me attempting to manipulate reality. Another problem I had was looking down on others for being "less conscious". It took a while for me to break from this trap and see it for what it was again. True spirituality is recognizing that everyone has the capability of becoming enlightened (given the right set of circumstances) and that we are exactly where we need to be in our individual paths. At a certain point your presense alone will stand out to others and if they are curious enough they'll ask questions.
  10. I think most of the people classified as "social justice warriors" have good intentions but certainly have questionable means of protesting and communicating their point of view. With that said, I would equally presume that anyone whose quick to label a group of people as "SJW" or something "other" is just as far from enlightenment. : )
  11. 1. Fear of being ridiculed by my family and friends 2. Lack of motivation/drive 3. I am not around people who inspire nor challenge me 4. Addiction to sex and porn (I use it to compensate for a lack of passion in life) 5. Fear of being authentic 6. Being intimidated by those I deem "better" than me 7. My job ( half of my life is spent at work) 8. Not having enough time read, research, meditate etc. 9. Fear of failure 10. Fear of success
  12. I ask this because as of late I am growing more and more untrusting of other people. I know this mistrust ultimately emanates from fear. For some odd reason I have a fascination with missing persons cases and solving murder mysteries , which may eventually lead to a career in law enforcement. In these cases, I am confronted with the worse that humanity has to offer. And I have also come to the realization that a lot of seemingly good people have skeletons in their closet and there is no clue what one can be hiding. From watching Leos latest video, "Why People Seem Crazy" I know that everyone has their own unique perpective on reality and reasoning for doing things that seem "evil" or "immoral". I didnt interpret this as a justification for wrongdoing but more as an appreciation for the complexities of the human psyche. However, this for me only legitmizes my distrust for people. If people are so unpredictable with their behavior, how can one trust another? Is having mistrust for people a hindrance to self development and perhaps enlightenment?
  13. Describing it as an emotion is a far more concise description. Based on your post it sounds like you have the exact same experiences. For me the emotions/feeling do not always trigger a sense of sadness. There are times when it produces a great euphoria from either an experience in childhood or from a distant past. Or it could be me yearning to reconnect with the source/oneness.
  14. Thanks for your response. I will certainly look him up. The nostalgia has a very real sense of familiarity to it. Looking back I have always had these occurences, even when I was young but was never fully aware of what was going on.