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  1. Isn't this the guy who fired his black police chief after he supposedly spoke out against police brutality? I am not Bernie or Bust and I do want more conscious leadership in the White House. However, based on his sketchy past and corporate backing, I cannot in good conscious vote for him if he is the nominee.
  2. Not to be too pessimistic but I wouldn't be surprised if Trump gets another 4 years. A new Gallop Poll shows his approval rating increased. The impeachment has seemed to rally his base even further. I think it really depends on voter turn out and who is the nominee. If Pete get the nomination (which I doubt because he doesn't have minority vote) the attacks against him will be brutal. And that is aside from the fact many people just wont be inspired to make that trip to the voting booth. I think we forget how much the average American is disengaged from the politcal process.
  3. There is a very real possbility that society as we know it will collapse in the not so far future. In fact, there was a report not too long ago about Pentagon officials predicting the collapse of the US military within 20 years due to climate change. https://www.google.com/amp/s/futurism.com/pentagon-report-predicts-military-collapse/amp As extreme weather disasters get more frequent/severe/expensive and food shortages become more common due to droughts it isnt too hard to imagine how society could slowly unravel. I really don't think it will be the type of collapse that happens abruptly due to one major event. Nor do I think it will be the end of mankind. Instead, I foresee a gradual collapse of our global industrial civilization. And this may ultimately be a good thing for the human species and the planet as a whole. It will pave the way for mankind to redefine itself and create a new story. But this is a long term benefit. Short term, collapse will be dreadful, dramatic and just plain ugly. Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler comes to mind depicting societal collapse in America.
  4. No mention of how climate change is and will exacerbate the refugee crises??? No mention of how western military intervention & foreign policies has ensued chaos and opened the flood gates for waves of refugees to flow into Europe??? If you really want to solve the problem, why not examine the source???
  5. Thank you for the video. On a side note I wish we could all vote to send Trump on a 4 week long Vipassana retreat.
  6. Thanks for those resources. He has some very good points regarding eco-fascism. I don't think it is brought up enough in current political discourse. I don't agree completely with his ideology and do see the value of entrepreneurship. However, given the severity of the climate crisis humanity may have no choice but to abandon stage orange capitalism. If we dont scale back and live within the bounds of earth's resources we face destruction.
  7. Not true at all. By not taking any U.S. casualities Iran positions itself on a moral highground. Now the ball is in Trumps hands. If he stikes its bad and if he doesn't its still bad. Iran will not come back to the negotiation table now without even more greater and demanding consessions (and rightfully so). They will probably increase uranium enrichment and develop even stronger ties with Russia and China. Trump's childish need to detroy Obamas legacy (by ripping up the Iran deal) basically destroyed any the United States credibility and has only jeapardized our ability to exert influence in the region. To some of his uneducated and short sighted supporters this may look like a win but it isn't. Trump has placed himself and this country in an even larger quagmire. We are witnessing the waning power of the American Empire. Being a bully doesnt work and it will be a hard felt lesson.
  8. This would be an absolute strategic disaster and I doubt the U.S. has the resources or the will to maintain an occupation. Why do you think it hasn't happened before? Iran is not Iraq in size, geography or militarily. The only long term stabalizer would be for the U.S. leaving the region completely in coordination with the Iraqi goverment. Perhaps we could still have some troops in the region to prevent any resurgence of ISIS. However the U.S. has ultimately lost the war and we need to come to terms with it. Trump only hastened this defeat with his terrible foreign policy. Russia and Iran have more influence in the region than ever before and we have lost our credibility and influence on the world stage. I think the Iranian strikes were very strategic. Any further escalation by America just further paints America as the aggressor and further isolates it. Iran is simply using Trumps bellicose policy against him and positioning itself on the moral high ground. This is important because it complicates the potentiality of America building any international (particularly Europe) coalition against them.
  9. For anyone who wants insight into how a conflict with Iran would go, watch this.
  10. Join the anti-War movement
  11. These times seem eerily similar to 2002/3. I remember being 14 years old sitting in my wood working class and everyone glued to the TV watching the Iraqi invasion unfold. My young mind couldn't grasp the significance of it then. Since then I've known high school class mates who were killed, family members who've came back dismembered and/or mentally disturbed. Now in my early 30s I've seen the world change rapidly before my eyes. The rise of nationalism in Europe and in America An increasingly worrying climate crisis Increase wealth inequailty and corporate power/greed So many of these issues could have been prevented and/or mitigated had we not spent the past two decades mired in war. Now in the opening of 2020, it seems like things are getting worse. We need to denounce this, even if it means getting out on the streets.
  12. I have a history of depression and anxiety. And schizophrenia runs in my family. I am deeply worried that if I experiment with a substances like ayahuasca or ibogaine it will completely alter my brain chemistry and I will have drug induced psychosis And before I am told that there are no such things as brains I still exist very much in the material world. And the thought of losing my mind terrifies me. I had an extremely bad trip from laced weed about 7 years ago. It left me in the ER and with random panic attacks for almost a month. This only made me more terrified of drug induced psychosis. Does anyone else have similar fears and experiences? Or even worse has mental illness in your family like mine? How did you overcome this fear? Thanks in advance.
  13. Has anyone else notice themselves become more socially awkward around people since doing consciousness work? Before becoming an avid meditator I seemed to be more outgoing. It was so easy for me to connect with other people and make friendships on the fly. I've never been an extrovert but I had no problem expressing myself around other people. Now I am more reclusive and would rather spend most of my time to myself. And this is mostly due to me feeling self conscious about my awkwardness. When talking I am more conscious of the subtle body language of not only the people I'm communicating with but myself as well. This often causes me to over analyze when communicating and leads to awkwardness. Another thing I notice is that I seem to be far less interested in small talk. I realize this is the type of convo most people engage in and it is good for networking and building rapport. I've heard of people becoming more outgoing since doing this work. For me it seems to have done the complete opposite. Has anyone experienced and overcome this? Its been this way for me for about 4 years now.
  14. How do you define winning? Also him having half the country's support means absolutely nothing. His voters are just as delusional as he is, hence why they voted for him. Sadly, most people are deeply misinformed and misguided (both on the left and right). The average American is fed a constant stream of lies via mainstream media and isn't open minded enough to seek out independent media, let alone do their own research to validate what their being told. It is for this reason that voters by and large can't be trusted to make conscionable decisions at the ballot box.
  15. That's absolutely terrible news. Unless you want to hasten the collapse of global industrial civilization. Another 8 years of Trump and his denial & inaction on climate change is a death sentence to the planet and a segway into eco-fascism. And that's aside from the broken healthcare system we have, the student loan crisis, increased wealth inequality, increased corruption in politics etc. None of which he will even attempt to address.
  16. I agree but perhaps not for the same reason. Its a distraction and its such a weak position to impeach him on that it may ultimately work in his favor come election time. I am no fan of Trump and I do believe he should be held accountable. However, we should hold him accountable on acts that ARE actually provable & impeachable offenses. I take the same position that Tulsi takes on this. The fact that so many progressives are supporting impeachment on this issue is a strategic blunder. We are basically being manipulated by the neo-liberal establishment. Just because we both (meaning progressives & neo liberals) despise Trump doesn't mean we go into battle with them. We must stand on principle regardless of how much a despise Trump. We beat Trump in the issues that matter. Student loan debt. Climate change. A broken healthcare system. Bribary in politics. etc etc
  17. Great commentary on the current fiaso on capitol hill
  18. This is very troubling since both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons in their arsenal. This implicates not only surrounding countries but the entire world. I cant imagine the amount conflict there will be when there are hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshi climate refugees fleeing from rising sea levels. Coupling this with the water scarcity and widespread food insecurity this region will face is even more concerning.
  19. Thanks for putting this phase into context.
  20. On a side note. There has actually been some relatively high conscious leaders in Africa post colonialism. Check out these two. Both of these men proposed great things for their countries and were tragically murdered. Thomas Sankara https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Sankara Patrice Lumumba https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrice_Lumumba Unfortunately many parts of Sub Saharan Africa are at the losing end of global capitalism. Its not as simple as categorizing these countries stage Purple/Red (which does play a significant role) without mentioning the role that exploitation and foreign intervention has played on the continent.
  21. If everyone was a sage and functioning at stage Yellow/Turquoise, I'd say government may not be necessary. Unfortunately humans who function at a low consciousness serve their own best interest and with brute, stone cold violence if necessary. Corporations are just a manifestation of this. Most corporations operate at a very very low level of consciousness (even the ones that claim to be conscious and environmentally friendly) and are strictly driven by profit, thus they would not recognize basic human rights. We need a system of governance that provides checks and balances. And one that keeps the greed and brutal selfishness of men( and women) in check. Without this corporations would just function as modern warlords. Hiring their own mercenaries, waging war with competitors, forming partnerships with other corps to exert more power and influence. Do you really want to live in a world like this? What we need is a more transparent government. And a government that aims to not only protect the masses but also aims to increase the level of consciousness of the collective as well. With this pursuit government would get better with each passing generation and there would be much less need for bureaucracy with passing of time.
  22. Criticism of Israel does not equate to anti-Semitism.
  23. This is a problem since we are in a moment in human history where we need an incredible amount of cooperation on a global scale to address the existential crisis we all face - The Climate Crisis. If nation states solely focus on serving their own best interest little if no substantial progress can be made. And we are running out of time. We cannot wait for the collective conscious of humankind to rise to the point where we it prioritizes something as urgent as the climate crisis. That is a sure path to extinction quite frankly.
  24. I am not familiar with UK politics but based on what I've seen with Boris we can pretty much kiss any hope of UK pushing legit policies on climate change goodbye. At least for the foreseeable future. Very sad day for UK and the world for that matter. The ironic thing is that the very policies that have pushed Britons to vote for a Brexit are the same set of policies that they continue to vote for. Similar to America, it seems a large segment of their population vote against their own best interest, suffers the consequences and then subsequently moves futher and further to the right after the fallout. It all boils down to a lack education and consciousness at the end of the day. A nation can rise no further than the collective conscious of its people. And I am beginning to accept the reality that people get the government they deserve.