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  1. Thank you @Thomas for sharing. That its a nice list. I actually read 3 books from there Taking in to account that you have experience in this field I want to ask you something. Can you recommend me a book/program that explain how to train for: 1.Strength, 2.Bodybuilding (Mass), 3.Fitness. Basic fundamental information on types of training for each one. I know that the answer to my question is in books that you posted here, but i don`t have time to read them all. I need 1or 2 that will give me the overall information Thank you
  2. @Doddie, you must find your own way. Read a lot. Personal development books (look at Leo`s list), Biographies...You`ll find what it is right for you
  3. Wake Up Productive by Eben Pagan is a self-help program, that specializes in helping you become more productive in your work and personal life. You can consider it as a system or framework that helps organize your thoughts, emotions and actions into productive energy. Working online for several years now, I know that my business depend on my productivity and ability to get things done. The content of the program includes: Section 1:Welcome video (78:24) and welcome webinar (49:36). The welcome video gives you an introduction and orientation on how to use the program and what outcome you can expect. Section 2:Fast start sessions. You receive one fast start session video each day for the first week of the training. These videos help you to get a jump start so you can be more productive immediately * Fast Start #1 – Clearing Your Mental Clutter (07:38) * Fast Start #2 – Completing What’s Incomplete (07:20) * Fast Start #3 – The Grey Zone (06:13) * Fast Start #4 – Eliminating Energy Robbers (05:53) * Fast Start #5 – The KEY To Productivity (17:49) Section 3:Weekly training. The weekly training is the main part of the program. You get one video each week and an exercise that you must do if you want to double your productivity in 90 days. * Week 1: Your Personal Success Ritual (24:09) * Week 2: The Inner Butterfly Effect (21:40) * Week 3: Friction Free Focus (35:50) * Week 4: Building Your “Focus Muscles” (20:31) * Week 5: “The 60-60-30 Solution” (24:07) * Week 6: Routine Rituals That Really Work (19:16) * Week 7: The Grey Zone (19:36) * Week 8: Your Most Valuable ACTIONS (26:49) * Week 9: The “Key” To High Energy (32:06) * Week 10: Inevitability Thinking (24:57) * Week 11: Transforming Emotions (22:40) * Week 12: Purpose (35:40) Section 4 Coaching calls. The coaching calls happen every two weeks. Eben holds a webinar where you can ask him questions about your progress in the course. The coaching calls talk about: * How To Future-Proof Your Business (52:23) * Your Personal Strategic Planning Summit (52:33) * Structure & Freedom (71:05) * Investing Attention (72:15) * Getting More Leverage (86:54) * Strategic Planning for Team Productivity (64:25) * Productive Investing (59:58) * Self-Esteem and How To Build It (26:21) Enjoy and share programs with same
  4. Hy @Jasper Toastmasters is awesome Why is that you probably wonder. well I`ll tell you my point of view. In 6 months I learn a lot about public speaking and leadership. And I learn by doing it. That its very important for my development 1. You learn how to speak in public: a. it is a very friendly environment and you will be encouraged to speak in front of people b. You will learn how to organize your speech so you have an impact with your presentations c. it will encourage you to develop your natural abilities (not like other clubs which teach you to speak like a robot) someone its a good storytelling, someone its funny, someone can inspire, someone can inform...you`ll find your way d. there is no pressure. you can do your speech when you want and how you want. You just follow the lesson rules and there you have it 2. You will learn about leadership and how to evaluate. This will help you a lot in your day to day life 3. You will meet people with same passions as you. Good quality people. You can just build a social circles or you can find a partner for a business (as i did). 4. Its cheap. In my country its like 10$/month (or something like that) This is my opinion. The club from my city its fu*king awesome. Great people and great learning environment I hope yours its the same. Share
  5. Executive Coach for RSD, Branson leverages his expertise to help men change their dating lives for the better and has coached men in over thirty countries on lifestyle development, inner game, and pick-up technique. Branson’s unique style of incorporating physicality, body language and vocal tonality is a product of his collaboration with RSD instructors in various cities across the United States and Europe. Branson advocates lifestyle development and self confidence as the key to success in life. Brad's Lifestyle Academy it is a personal development program wich is promoting in the importance of mind, body, and health development. Brad has developed supposedly universal patterns for coaching that anyone can understand and practice: You can find here: 1. Attitude 2. Momentum 3. Wealth 4. Lifestylism 5. Business 6. Social Studies 7. Adventure 8. Graduation More info(and the upgraded program: http://bradslifestylemastery.com/ ENJOY....and please post similar programs if you know some Thank you!!!
  6. @BeginnerActualizer , I had the same problem! They didn't understand me and start to tease and judge me. Not all of them, but most of them! Then I start to build other social circles. With people which had the same values as me. In aprox 6 months I've build around new 3-4 social circles If you are in a big city you have a lot of opportunities. Its likely to have: A Toastmasters club, ONGs (non governmental organizations), Books Clubs, Personal development clubs, etc. You can meet people with the same values as yours, get to know each others and do things together. For example I started with some friends a Personal Development Book Club. We approach only personal development books. We analyze in a Socratic way and try to understand how can we apply what we lean to our lives Your life is in stake. You must be a little shellfish here.
  7. :)))))) Every boy`s dream is to be cold approached by a girl
  8. @cena665, YES! Do it! But take care about it. Don't do the pickup your life purpose! It is ok to go in a immersion of a 1-2 weeks and focus on pick up, but don't overreact. Do pick-up because you'll learn how to get a girlfriend and you will understand how to have healthy relation. Try to avoid to become egotistic, don't try to pick-up every single girl you see and don't manipulate! Make social circles, have women friends, have fun Pick-up its just a part of your life. Your development is more important. Actually this are connected. If you become more charismatic, more funny, more stable you`ll attract more quality girls in your life. "You attract what you are not what you want"
  9. @frog_eater read ultramind solution by mark hyman. That's one of the best books that i've ever read
  10. Now there is online a lot of personal development material and its very easy to go for that charismatic teachers. They are so funny and its so easy to listen to them, but the value they offer is not so high quality. Leo, I like your videos because you deliver a high quality information in a very nice way. Can you make a video and teach us how to deliver a message/information like a pro Thank you
  11. I think every guy passed trough this kind of events. And its very hard to move on when you still have feelings for her, but you must understand that it is the only way. Ignore that feelings and do the right thing. TAKE CONTROL Here are a few tips that I use when I was in a situation like this and helped me to move on: 1. No contact! Try as much as you can not to meet her, see her, talk with her! 2. When she appears in your head shift to something else. School, home works, count ships, something else than her. 3. Do shits. Meet with your friends and have fun, involve in some projects at school, meet new people, play video games,...do something that takes your mind out from her. 4. Meet other girls. Its painful to meet other girls when you love yours. There is a hole in your heart right now. As the hole was created by a girl the hole can be filled by a girl. This is the easy way to move on, believe me So, @Grylls , go out there, meet other women, work on yourself and be what you are meant to be. Be a fucking man!
  12. Shift it is a program from Julien Blank aka RSDJulien The program is dedicated to "success with women" area, but can be taken as a personal development program also because its all about improving yourself Here is what you will find in the program: 01. Making A Shift 02. How SHIFT Will Transform You 03. What Is Game & Attraction 04. Destroying Limiting Beliefs 05. Are You A Victim 06. Superiority Mentality 07. Transcending Your Identity 08. Staying Motivated 09. Don't Do It For The Validation 10. Realistic Expectations 11. The Kickstart 12. LOVING Rejection 13. Getting Your References 14. Breaking Down Your References 15. Interpreting Your References 16. Learning From Your References 17. Resources 18. Building Momentum 19. Keeping Your Vitality Alive 20. Making Things Easy On Yourself 21. Getting Access To Beautiful Women 22. Getting Wingmen 23. Managing Relationships 24. Self-Love (30:43) 25. Epilogue - Final Thoughts (2:48) Good luck
  13. If you want mass you must train like a bodybuilder. One very important aspect its "Time under tension" - Basically you do the same amount of reps but you do it slow. If you do 20 reps in 1 min try to do 20 in 2 minutes. It hurts, but no pain no gain Then you must minimize the time between sets. take only 30 sec break , or.... You cand find more info free on youtube There are a lot good trainers out there
  14. I'm perfectly agree with you. Once you cheat/have been cheated its over. If you don`t know it you can feel it. The connection, the chemistry is not there any more. And a long and healthy relation is not possible any more. My focus goes to "why people tend to cheat" so you can fix the problem at the root cause before even happens