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  1. Before creating any course i highly recommend you to attend hatha yoga teacher training program designed by Sadhguru. All the best ?
  2. I am from south india. I do coconut trading business locally. But now im going to manufacture virgin cold pressed coconut oil. How do i differentiate from my competitors ? Everyone is yelling the same "extra virgin, organic, cold pressed". How can i differentiate from others ? Should i differentiate my product or customer service or packaging and design or find specific audience ? How to be a purple cow ? I requested @Leo Gura to make a video on this subject. "How to create remarkable products ?" But he is busy with his schedule. I need your help guys. Give your suggestions below. Thank you?
  3. wow.. most of them have leo in their vision board And here is mine <3
  4. Inner engineering and Life purpose course <3
  5. @BjarkeT thank you for your suggestions. It's really helpful.
  6. From the books that i have read : Psycho-Cyberneticsy by Maxwell Maltz And The big leap by Gay Hendricks
  7. How to be more creative ? How to create remarkable products ?
  8. I have done inner engineering program (in Tamil language, 7 day program) a year back. Sure it transformed my life. The way i look at life had totally changed. At the end of the program sadhguru teaches a kriya yoga called shambhavi mahamudra. You have to practice this yoga every single day. This yoga sets up the proper conditions for higher conscious level within you. I have done shambhavi mahamudra for 6 months straight without missing a single day. Sadhguru says that if you keep on practicing shambhavi mahamudra you will find the YOU, you are not your thoughts, emotions and body. Benefits that i experienced : 1. Higher consciousness 2. Well being and mental balance. 3. You will become more healthy. If you have any chronic disease i promise you that it will disappear. ( I had wheezing problem now i am totally free from it ) 4. The love for life became more. Due to personal reasons i was not able to continue my yoga practice for couple of months. Now i again started practicing shambhavi mahamudra for a month now. I am looking forward to attend advanced isha programs. But i am not sure if you are following Leo's work then you may find some conflicts with the program because leo is more into thinking, analysing, judging, not staying on a single path and mixing different practices and principles. I have more respect on Leo's work but when it comes to enlightenment it is better to take instructions from who has already done it. Inner engineering program gives you simple principles for good life and a powerful shambhavi mahamudra kriya which is basic practice for enlightenment. I highly recommend you to attend inner engineering program.