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  1. Yesterday i saw his subscribers they were 678k today they rae 685k .He is getting to a million in few months.You can test this real time open his youtube page and refresh you will see how he is exploding. Every second. He is resonating with so many people. Thoughts?
  2. Jocko Willink Jordan B Peterson
  3. I am only extroverted with my(only 5) friends. Other than that i always go back into myself.
  4. @aurum. I don't like to speak much, I will be standing in a corner in public gathering. i will often say good morning in such a low voice that only i hear,i think. Prefer noding my head instead as Hi.
  5. What do you think are the best suitable jobs for introverts?? What if there is conflict in one personality like someone's job require him to be an extrovert and he is an introvert?
  6. The irony is Trump calls media Fake news and yet He treat people from Islamic countries exactly as the media has brainwashed him throughout his life.
  7. How do you sell that to Donald Trump??
  8. Can you tell more about your mentalist friend? What is it? Was he always a mentalist? Means has he learned mentalism or its genetic lottery? Or both?
  9. How mentalists like him can read our thoughts?? Is it a skill, that can be learned or genetic lottery??
  10. I have strong resistance to learning Computer programming. I often start to code. Then i feel like dying inside. My question is does everyone in the beginning face this kind of resistance ? Can i develop genuine interest in something that i have strong resistance for?
  11. Taylor Swift has 26 million subscribers. Math guy is depressed now.
  12. i also had same feelings for a girl. The way i overcame them, is playing in my mind over and over that i assume i have her and we are together. And Now i have found that she is a completely different person. She is asking me to stop doing the things i like very much. She is trying to control me. She is bringing more problems in my life than pleasure. Not the ideal thing to do but this helped me.
  13. Thnaks @BjarkeT @dude @Soulbass. What I like about them is , how it is possible to create these effects ?. I have watched them without sound and subtitles. Still i find them so mesmerizing. 2d.
  14. When i watch an animated movie i am so deeply satisfied afterwards like nothing else. I am drawn to them like crazy. If i am to a have a career i will definitely choose a field related to that. But the problem is i don't know what to learn or study. Anyone here who can steer me in the right direction. (I know i should be looking on the internet for the answer but i think maybe someone here might have some knowledge about where to start)