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  1. I am also interested in this topic. I would like to now how you became aware which is your zone of genius. ?
  2. Thanks @Jani and @Henri for your advices. The lack of concentration was also always a problem. It is possible with meditation to improve? I would like also to understand why I loose so much concentration. many thanks I feel very grateful for yours response ???
  3. Hello everybody, this is my first post and I want to share with you something I would like to cut from the root and is annoying me since I was in the school. The good news is that I started to follow Leo's videos and I became more awareness in the way my mind is functioning. The thing is that every time I sit and read an article a book or web page with some specific information that I should learn for my work I fell a lot of tension and I loose a lot of energy. The tension start to appear when I need to reason, think over or reflect about what I am reading. In that moment a lot of thought appear like " you are not capable" and I start to feel anxious and then I star doubting about what I am reading, then I ask questions from what I am reading and I have the feeling that I am asking to me stupid questions and I star to doubt to much and I end without learning and not understanding anything. I start looking why I react like that every time I want to study and I think is insecurity, anxiety and judgment on my self that generate a lot of tension and I loose a lot of energy. So, How can I improve the process of learning and enjoying it without feeling so tense? Which are the best way to learn and incorporate out of the most of knowledge without our self judgment in the way we process the information? Thanks a lot in advance
  4. I have the same problem. I am in a relationship but I realized I am very needy and I find out I am living his life and not mine. I do not know how to cut this issue from the root. All my relationships were exactly the same and I want to finish with it, but I honestly do not now how to start. I would appreciate any suggestion. Thanks!