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  1. A country cannot join NATO while currently in a conflict. So while there are disputes surrounding Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk, Ukraine won't be accepted into NATO. These could last for a long time. Also, keeping Ukraine from developing their own natural gas reserves is an economic win. Here is an interesting look on nuclear war and its game theory:
  2. Following leo's guided self inquiry I got my first experience of nothingness. This was before any psychedelics. Did not last long and I could not really make sense of it. My heart started going 100mi/h and i felt a lot of fear. Nothing compared to later psychedelic experiences, but glad it happened when it did.
  3. Got a lot of value from the MBTI personality test. Reading about infj, i felt really understood for the first time ever! Made me feel less lonely.
  4. I went to an organised retreat with serious shamans. Best setting I could possibly imagine. Would definitely not have gotten the same result from doing it solo. Expensive though. If you have access to 5meo at home, I would start very very very small. I have only vaporized bufo and cannot speak for plugging/snorting.
  5. Like Leo said earlier, this desire for total emotional control is rooted in ego. You can de-tatch yourself from these emotions and observe them instead of letting them run your life, yes. I suppose monks with 20 years of meditative practice have more "control" over their emotions like you want. But you're probably better off accepting and feeling into your emotions more Feelings are great, be grateful for them haha
  6. When someone asks you where you found god ?
  7. @PlayOnWords i had amazing results using 5-meo to heal trauma and uncover subconscious patterns of behavior. Same for mushrooms
  8. I had the same worry, maybe she will and maybe she won't, i dont know your situation. Is she firmly apposed to psychs in general? Let her know how important it is for you. Maybe talk it out and express your concerns and she can do the same? Correct some stigma if necessary
  9. I saved for almost a year to go to a 5-meo-dmt retreat. Best money i ever spent.
  10. Reflecting on leo's video about human knowledge always only spanning roughly three generations: We only know it's 2019 because our parents told us so. And they only know because their parents told them. I started to wonder where the initial counting of years and time started. I had heard previously that our western calendar had gone through several modifications because of lag. So i decided to check out the different calendars and boy is there a lot. But what's so frightening about there being different calendars? Well, doing this work is questioning our pre-existing ground that we stand on to understand reality, right? And realising that different calendars count years differently, and therefore years being relative and that there is nothing special about the number 2019. It sure does chip away at the solidity of reality. We're not in year 2019, that's a projection. There cannot be years. So where in the "timeline" does that leave us? WHEN are we? I am not sure. But from what psychedelics have shown me, and of course all the theory, there is nothing but the present. It's just really hard to grasp and swallow fully. The illusion of time and timeline is a stubborn one. Here is the link to different calendar years: It's like I'm floating between time. Not knowing when i am. And boy does it feel weird and weirdly good. It feels true also. The groundless ground of time. By extension this means age (in years, or measured) is also relative. I (ego) am not absolutely 20 years old. This is the first time i have properly contemplated and researched something simple like calendar years and really discovered something for myself. Please share your thoughts on this
  11. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. I'm not always that good at presenting my views properly. I recently watched a few videos on the infj personality type and it seems like a common problem. Thanks for your input ❤️
  13. This is just not the case for me. I care about the things you mention. I do recognize that postponing practices is maybe not the ideal way to go. I take this path seriously. I started with psychedelics early, but not without spiritual experiences in meditation and reading books. As for the last part, it's on point with what i already practice. Did not understand this: "It sounds a bit like the patterns & repetitions return for lack of proper foundation & inspection of the recreation."
  14. My mind jumped to practices like meditation and psychedelics. I mean, those are sort of meant to get you to the 'now' where we already are, so you could say there is no process. On the other hand, the process is becoming more conscious of the now and life.