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  1. Quantum mechanics enlightenment explanation
    On Leo's comments at 6:00 in How Psychedelics Work
    As i said science is not Truth itself it is a part of Truth but not the whole.    Scientists studied what this reality was made of and in the early 20th century they discovered shockingly that matter at the smallest levels exists as wave functions - when not observed the wave function exists as infinity - or a superposition (all possible positions) .  When observed it collapses into a particular possiblity.  But what is a wave function? Nothing really.  But it exists.  Dream stuff.
    And that's literally what you are.  You are a collapsed finite possiblity of Infinity.   You are everything (which is nothing because everything includes nothing making the two identical)  collapsed into something.
     And it is possible to collapse that possiblity that you currently are into the superposition , aka infinity.   That's enlightenment.  
    It seems very radical and hard to believe  - that's why most scientists either don't look at the ramifications of quantum mechanics or they know but they look the other way because its so radical.  But if they delved into mysticism and spirituality they could actually see the full fruition of their work by becoming Truth itself.

  2. My Enlightenment Self-deception
    My Enlightenment Self-deception
    Yes, this is very common. This is the whole path. If there wasn't some kind of resistance it would be too easy.
    I've found that it's crucial to get really clear about what you want -- why do you want awakening? -- and to do deep introspection about what is holding you back. What are all the things you're attached to which keep you from living in God-consciousness? Make a list. It's gonna be a long list. That's all the stuff you gotta work to let go of and heal.
    Healing yourself and making yourself whole is very important and not to be overlooked in this work.
    You're not gonna be able to sustain God-consciousness is you're tainted with all sorts of fears, judgments, wounds, traumas, grudges, anger, cravings, ideologies, etc.
    You have to reach a level of inner purity where you are ready to say, "Okay, I freely surrender myself in the service of God. This is no longer about me and my petty cravings and grievances. I'm willing to surrender the self for good and to live selflessly in the service of others. I want God more than anything else in the world."

  3. Trump Will Be Hard To Beat
    Trump Will Be Hard To Beat
    That's, like, your projection man.
    I'm observing the whole thing like watching a group of chimps flinging shit.

  4. "Through the looking glass" blog post
    "Through the looking glass" blog post
    Something to whet your appetite

  5. Does god exist?
    How is it that God exists?
    No. There's a lot of muddled talk in this thread. The clear answer is this: you can become directly conscious of what God is, why it is, and where it came from.
    Be careful with falling into the "I don't know" trap. People say "I don't know" thinking that's all there is. But there's actually something here that you haven't discovered yet which you can discover. You can discover precisely what God is. God is not an idea.