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  1. Nahm will be able to back you up because your ego is well and truly co opted this to the point you think there’s a separate nahm to back you up. Enjoy your trip😜👍🏻
  2. Still get the feeling that most of these type posts I see of it’s all me, I’m god, is just ego. The ego me. I. Not seeing enough from anyone that this me they’re talking about is anything other than the ego ‘I’. Seems too many people think they’ve got it when they don’t. As in nowhere near. We wouldn’t be chatting this shit if we got it
  3. I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as say THEY LIE. As Leo says there self deception is always operative, it’s always potentially at play. But your claim as to ‘they lie’ is of your own personal memories, so your ego still seems very much in the game in that situation. They don’t directly lie as such when investigating the nature of reality itself. You can certainly misinterpret, that’s for sure. But what you’ve got to remember when it comes to the relative, your own personal memories, is that from an absolute sense none of them are true. There’s much more chance of self deception when it comes to investigating your own personal life than when investigating what reality is in itself. Just absolute truth. Hopefully that makes sense
  4. Put the tv on under the influence of a decent dose of lsd. Provided you know what your doing when it comes to psychedelics. Watch the people on the screen. They’re out of your control doing what they do on screen in a similar sort of way to how ‘real’ people do what they do. Watch what happens. Watch them move, watch and listen to them talk. You’ll realise your generating the tv in itself, but in this case just watch the people. The way their mouths move, how they’re moving in general. How the voice loses synchronicity with the movements of the mouth. That infact the faces can morph into any possible face that can be displayed. Even your own face on the characters displayed on the screen. Deep realisations can be had here synonymous with the generating of so called ‘real’ people. In ordinary consciousness it’s all perfect, all in sync, believable and virtually impossible to see through. In an expanded state, it’s possible to see pure imagination at play, including how your generating other people. It’s not that different, the process is very similar. These words will not help you grasp it, only through the direct experience do I myself even know what I’m trying to get across. Without that direct experience what I’ve just wrote would just seem like a complete load of nonsensical jibber jabber even to myself. No explanation can compare to direct experience
  5. Seriously if ya can’t read between the lines of what he meant by that remark then you need to backtrack on the videos by many years, and take them in from where your at. The most recent one is clearly out of your depth
  6. That dude Langan had some damn interesting things to say in that clip from 9 years ago. Never come across him before. I’ll be interested in what he’s got to say in this next one in a few hours, see what he’s got to say 9 years on. Been struggling lately to find anyone of the modern era speaking a little bit of sense. He could be a complete idiot by now mind 😂. But that last clip was certainly interesting to say the least. Good share I’m looking forward to that now
  7. No is the straight forward simple answer. He wasn’t a real person in the sense of what you think of as a real person. I’ve absolutely no doubt in my mind about this. All characters from the bible are representations of states of consciousness. All the stories are symbolic in nature and not anything that ever happened regarding ‘real’ people. It’s the writers of these stories who were the enlightened ones. Whoever they actually were. There was man walking the streets as Jesus, or Moses, or any of them. If your going to look at it like that, as in take it literally then they may as well be complete myths. It’s completely misinterpreted. Jesus Christ is you, your very own awareness, your consciousness, the imagination imagining you right now. The crucifixion represents God laying down to become the humans that we are, kind of like the death of his unlimited infinite nature, although maybe not death to it but falling asleep to it. The resurrection represents your total awakening to that what you really are, infinite consciousness. They’re the states that particular story represent. Not a man ‘actually’ pinned to the cross an all that. These things in the literal sense need dropped. Looking outside for a Jesus is 100% incorrect. Not even a slight doubt in my mind. Controversial maybe. A bitter pill to swallow for some. Because of the attachment to it. Ego has completely corrupted the teachings of the bible, leading to questions like this being asked. It’s just the way it is. Awaken to the fact
  8. In the exact same spot, spinning a spiral of imagination around the empty void that you are, creating a dream, hallucinating and solidifying it by believing it, and finding yourself lost in the very centre of it as a subject in it. Creating a timeline of past and future by swirling this imaginative act voraciously around at ludicrous speeds where the imagined human mind is unable to keep up with it, leaving your human mind, or whatever limited mind your imagining having, lost believing it’s all real. But not before anything, not before your ‘birth’, but just in this exact very same moment, the eternal moment of now. Life after life, but not after, as that intuits a linear time frame, which doesn’t exist. That’s kind of the only way I can explain what I feel I’ve discovered up until now. Expanding and contracting from infinite to limited. No before, same moment. This stuffs so difficult to word but was completely obvious during a deep psychedelic trip
  9. Luck and coincidence do not objectively exist as a truth. I see them as no more than a subjective feeling. And a subjective feeling of people living unconsciously. The higher level of consciousness one operates from would no doubt reduce the feeling of luck or coincidence. And a person operating from a seriously high level of consciousness would likely not feel any luck at all. Because they would be so aware of how they’ve used the power of imagination to create the so called ‘luck’ or ‘coincidence’ to manifest itself in their life, whatever the situation is that arises. Someone who is constantly believing they’re lucky and having lucky things so to say happen to them over and over, are just occupying that state, without realising it’s just a state, so basically unconsciously inhabiting a state of luck. A highly conscious person I’ve no doubt could inhabit that particular state, knowingly, consciously, therefore there being nothing lucky about it, as they are conscious of their own manifestation. Easier said than done. But definitely possible. And anyway luck is so relative, if you find 50 quid on the floor you think your lucky, but when whoever dropped puts their hand in their pocket looking for it, it’s going to be the feeling of an unlucky moment, yet we are talking about the same 50 pound note supposedly causing both luck and unluckiness in one simple move. Only one way of putting really. Luck, is a load of bollocks
  10. I feel like your adding too many layers to this. You say there’s no external world, yet you say there could be a universe out there of floating chairs. From what I’ve gathered there is no external world. Only this. Whatever you have now is the entire universe. Anything else out of your direct experience is concept and imagination. Leo’s got a good video where he describes this well, what is actuality or something like that. This chair universe your on about, does not exist out there somewhere, that’s all just concept and imagination on your part. The only chair in the universe right now is the one your sitting on, if you are, and any others within your visual field. There are no other chairs and there certainly isn’t a universe of floating ones somewhere, in any dimension. You as God are not imagining a floating chair universe, your imagining a universe where your ass is sitting on one in a room for example. I guess in a lesser sense you are imagining it, but only conceptually. On the other hand if you as God decided to imagine a floating chair universe, physical like this one, then that is where you would be, in that universe, not this one. And this one, would be the conceptual imagined universe from the point of view of that, and this one wouldn’t exist, only the floating chair one. Provided there was some point of view to be had from that universe of floating chairs, which there would have to be to some degree as that’s what you as God would be experiencing. But the point of view of being a universe of floating chairs is not going to be able to imagine this current universe conceptually unless you were a subject in it with a thinking mind, which as a chair, I very much doubt would be the case😂. All exists as potentiality, but unless you do it in actuality, then it’s just conceptual jargon. Seems to me your straying a little with such ideas, but paradoxically it’s the questioning of it all that’s needed🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Sometimes I find myself highly amused by the simplest things, this quote is one of those things. Tremendous 😂
  12. That’s a pretty cool way of seeing that. Can’t say has ever crossed my mind. Not sure there’s actually anything in it mind as at the end of the day it’s just a symbol. But quite interesting to say the least. I do wonder though if anyone is ever gonna take notice of Leo when he says ‘don’t post whilst high’ 😂
  13. I’ve just watched a movie called ‘Chaos Walking’. Really good film. Now it’s not about awakening, but it has a concept of everyone being able to hear and in some cases see each others thoughts. There’s a good story to it that aside it’s a good watch. But where I’m relating it to spirituality is that if you take the concept of reading people’s thoughts, reading their minds, and the fact that many people seem to think that if we’re one, all God, that we should be able to access other people’s minds, that the reality of that would not be as fantastical as it sounds. Infact it would be horrendous if that were to be the case. Why anybody would want such a thing is beyond me. I’ve no doubt it would be a serious regret for someone if they were actually able to do it in realty. The film portrays the idea really well, along with a visual aspect of the concept too. Just watching it made me conscious of how perfect reality is, as it is. And any of these egoic desires anyone may have to improve upon Gods design with thinking such a thing as accessing other minds would be a good thing would be seriously misguided. It would make you nothing short of totally insane if you had to deal with accessing other minds. Reality is absolutely perfect. Yea so I advise anyone to give it a watch. It’s worth it anyway even if you arnt relating it to anything like that
  14. A really good watch good use of 4 hours I have to say. Spira is clearly very advanced it’s difficult to find much fault at all with what he communicates. But I do empathise with him a little. I see he’s still attached to this promise he made early in his life to not take drugs. He doesn’t condemn psychedelics but I’m not sure he grasps entirely the positives. Having such a deep understanding as he does I think he should be able to see through the fact that he doesn’t have to hold on to that promise to himself. He’s at an age where his life is sorted, he’s everything in place and is happy. It’s done. And has a deep understanding of consciousness. Why change that? But I would suggest that now would be the perfect time for him to eliminate that promise to himself and make use of psychedelics and explore consciousness more, in ways that he hasn’t yet invested in. His awakening would raise 10 fold in my opinion and who knows to what level of understanding it could lead him to. Maybe one could say why? What’s the need, he’s done all this without the use of psychedelics? But it could open so much more to him. Obviously it’s his personal preference and I’ve no issue with that. But I do think he’s missing out on so much when it comes to the exploration of consciousness
  15. Not sure if this has previously been posted so forgive me and just delete it if so. But I just came across this video. Personally I think the guys full of shit and struggled to sit through his babble of bullshit, just my personal opinion. What would you say in response to this dude @Leo Gura ? Or anyone here’s response for that matter?