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  1. Wrong. I get it. I’ve had this before. Numerous times. Why everybody always says no one else gets it is beyond me? I get a hell of a lot that people say on this forum. But they always think it happened to me and ‘no one gets it’. Well I do get what you’re saying because I’ve been there
  2. I can vouch for this. Last couple of weeks I’ve had a few day and nights out drinking. Over that period I socialised with some very low consciousness people. I went out and drunk with some these people 2/3 times. Immature natured people. Nice enough don’t get me wrong but they to me seemed pretty under developed and I knew it. But I still met and drank with them. I’m fully aware my state lowers to levels under the influence of alcohol that can make me cringe in a sober state. To the point these people now think they’re good friends of mine and I must just simply ignore them now. A few drunken nights out and these people think they’ve found a great new friend because I was foolish enough to fall prey to the lower state antics. Nothing bad just the conversations, the problems they have are that of low consciousness people. I knew this but I was just having fun under the influence. Anyway it ended up with me slipping over, crashing my head on the ground and ending up the hospital getting a bad gash stapled up on my head. Seriously poor form of myself and I’ve no problem admitting that. Just a short phase of a few drinking days over a couple of weeks could have ended in disaster. All good though I’m fine and a good lesson learned. A lesson I already knew but clearly hadn’t heeded. Point being is that alcohol is the fools game. 1 or 2 drinks here and there not a problem. But there is absolutely no need to just head out and get totally drunk. It is low consciousness behaviour. Never had I had any injuries or daft behaviour during over 50 odd psychedelic trips, many of them very strong. Taken in the right environment in the correct manner as Leo has always discussed. But with drinking you just head out, wandering the pubs, clubs and streets with a terrible lack of awareness. No matter how aware you think you are in your sober state, the low state alcohol induces is a sorry state, and a complete waste of time. PEAK FOOLISHNESS
  3. But what about if it’s so infinite, that it just never ever makes it to being the point of your cousin talking to you? It is a potential but does it really ever have to be actualized? I mean you havn’t actualized it. You’ve actualized being on the receiving end maybe, but not vice versa. So how do you know this doesn’t just remain as pure potential of taking the actual stand point of your cousin. It’s being your cousin talking to you that is the finite aspect. The mere fact that reality is infinite suggests that it may never ever get round to being your cousin. Or it could suggest that you’re correct and it has absolutely no choice to be your cousin. Im not claiming it to be here one way or another. It’s just you seem so sold on your position I’m just throwing out a few potential scenarios that might relax your mind on your position and become a tad more open minded on the subject of solipsism and other people. I don’t think you’ve proved anything to be honest
  4. Is it also not possible that reality could infinitely avoid being your cousin speaking to you today and it was just a hallucination? Or you as reality completely and utterly imagining it ever happened in the first place? Just a thought to ponder
  5. 👍🏻
  6. This reminds me of Leo’s example of the snickers bar in his ‘state of consciousness is everything’ episode. Go watch that. Something may just click for you
  7. I’ve pondered on this walking through walls thing a lot in the past and I ran into some paradoxes but for myself I did come to a conclusion that has personally satisfied myself. No I can’t walk through walls😂 but I have in many lucid dreams and astral projection. That aside, during an awakening trip once I completely stopped time, the universe brought to a complete stand still, from my perspective. Now nobody else would have experienced this stand still along with myself. My totally elevated state of consciousness enabled this to be the case for me. And as it was also completely unbelievably solipsistic then there was no other to experience it anyway. That being said, the point being if I actually became conscious enough to walk through a wall, then anybody else would not be able to see it, not from their limited ordinary state of consciousness. And vice versa, if Leo or anybody claimed to myself that they had become conscious enough at some point and they had infact walked through a wall then I would not be at a sufficient enough level of consciousness to visibly see them walk through a wall. My limited state does not allow for me to walk through walls, or even see anybody else walk through a wall. Even a recording just would not work. Because in such a state whatever that might be like, once someone returned from that state to an ordinary state the ordinary states individual is not going to see anything other than a recording of a solid consistently physical world. I’ve read salvia trip reports where people have said became part of a wall, stuck in the wall, as the wall. But no recording would show this. It is a very paradoxical situation. It’s not a logical conclusion. It even sounds very fantastical, fantasy land. But given i already understand through direct experience that reality is paradoxical you can not escape paradox if you delve deep enough into your mind and reality. For me personally this has satisfied me as a conclusion as to why I can’t personally walk through walls, nor can I ever see anybody else walk through a wall, even if they claimed to have done at some point. It all stems down to my very own state of consciousness. Which ordinarily is far to low
  8. @Leo Gura I know you said a while back you wouldn’t show anymore live awakening videos due the backlash or derogatory responses or something along those lines. But just out of interest have you ever set up the camera and recorded yourself whilst then awakening to this alien consciousness? Then actually ran it back through to yourself and watching from your standard state of consciousness observing that and the sorts of ways you may be trying to explain it to yourself during the awakening with what your saying to yourself and how your acting or whatever it is you may be doing in that state?
  9. The answer to this is a resounding NO. Consciousness is the creator of all dreams. Consciousness is all there is
  10. I feel this recent topic of relative vs absolute is sending some people into fantasy land. Then again, this is Gods fantasy land🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. That 0 is identical to infinity. And God is infinity. From my experiences, or whatever it is you want to call it, but that’s the way I’m framing it here anyway, it’s not like a line that starts at zero and goes up and up type thing, it’s more like a circle where whatever point you want to start the zero, is also infinity. It circles back round. But even then that’s all a crock of shit because I’m using lines and circles and that’s just not it. At the end of the day you just have to awaken at some point to realise, and then you’ll understand why it can’t be described to you. Not even Leo with his tremendous delivery through his videos can truly describe it. That’s why he teaches to help lead people to it themselves, because that is the only way
  12. One things for sure.. you wouldn’t have a clue what was going on. It would be so vastly more developed technology wise that you’d be like a toddler attending university
  13. Amazed I don’t ever remember seeing that interview. An interesting take from that is that then Leo has taken the position that many of his forum members are at right now. It’s clear to see that from that position he was then to where he is now he does have many differing views. Which is fantastic for followers of actualized because it’s a great example of not just taking things on as a belief even though he holds Raston in such high regard and has the utmost respect for him. Parroters of Leo take note!
  14. I usually become lucid in night dreams through the hands. But they never turn into anything, the fingers just seems to shrink. But other than that they’re always a hand. There’s many things you can focus on, numbers are good. Or words, try to read and the letters will jump around or words change into other words. But all these things you must focus for a period of time, a good 5 to 10 seconds on a particular point. In a dream very much like most peoples waking life, your going around very invested in the narrative without stopping and focusing too much on any one thing. But when you do, you can become lucid very easily in your nightly dream. I remember years ago also Leo said he would just spend 20 minutes a day looking at his hand. He urged us to do it, over and over, just stare at the hand in a type of meditation. He said watch what happens you may be very surprised what happens. I done this religiously for a while but never ever got to the bottom of what this realisation may have been. After a period of time I could get the sort of swirl you get when staring at anything for a bit concentrated, like very mild effects of the visuals on lsd. Which is one of the triggers I can have to help trigger an awakening on a trip. The visual aspect. But nowhere near to the extent of an lsd trip. I’ve always wondered what that surprise might be. But I do not know. Unless that’s it and I’m expecting more
  15. Refreshed and ready to go 👍🏻