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  1. It’s just the way it has to be love🤷🏻‍♂️ don’t fret. It is what it is. All good 😊
  2. Oh yea I triped last night. That’s just one of the biggest take aways. Seems plausible. I just don’t want to trick myself👍🏻
  3. One question Leo, if you could be so nice to answer😂. Is behind everyone eyes completely empty? Other than what you project to them? Then that’s what appears? As though it’s them? But actually it’s you🤦🏻‍♂️?
  4. Yea but even in lucid dreams, I’ve had more than I care to remember, unbelievably lucid, you still don’t know how the people, houses, places, and whatever else is there in the environment are being created by you, and why even these things at all. You still feel very local to the body you are in the dream, even when manage to change the environment within the dream. So for me this still wouldn’t be enough
  5. Listen to Leo’s video part 3 of what is duality. Start at 46 minutes 35 seconds in. Listen for as long as you like from there. But listen to that particular section, until you get it! Until you genuinely get it!👍🏻
  6. @Paradoxed 👍🏻
  7. What are these Magic mushroom chocolate bars like? I’ve 2 3.5g bars. Not sure on what to take of them. I have had 5g of straight liberty cap magic mushrooms. Which was a bit fucking weird if I’m honest. But what comparison can I make with these bars of chocolate and judge a reasonable amount to eat? Any advice would be welcome thanks
  8. YOU actually won’t die. In a sense you could say it’s like you watch your death. Like watching a death in a movie, or watching someone else what you think ‘actually’ die. Alls you’re doing is watching a death from a first person point of view. It’s not a problem. What you really are won’t die. What you’re identifying with will. Your mix up of your identity, is causing this issue. You are what’s aware of the body you think you are that’s dying, or dies. The awareness itself, not what it’s aware of. Yes you are that too, your it all, but what your talking about is just that constricted limited identity of your human body that your true self, ‘awareness’ is aware of. It’s genuinely not an issue. It just seems so. Awareness will become aware of being something else. So yes, that rat you see, that bird, snake, dog, ant, whatever animal or being you see, is just feeling like you, because it is you. The awareness in that thing, is just you, what you would be being that thing, if you were that thing. Also you are me being you, so I wouldn’t want to bullshit you would I. And vice versa, I am you being me. So we’re helping each other out here with this communication. But hey I am completely imagining you here, completely. So how does that work you may say?? Take some psychedelics and awaken before you die buddy and awaken to me. I’ve done it and awoken to you, so at this end it’s all good. We just need to tie up your end by the sounds of it and that strange loop of your end and my end being the exact same place forever and eternity will make absolute sense for you. Take care
  9. Ya know something.. the real work, it’s not ugly and it’s not painful. If what you truly want is truth, there’s nothing ugly and painful about it. It’s brutally shocking, it’s unbelievable. But if you want truth, then it’s beautiful when discovered. Nothing ugly about it. Only your own bullshit makes it seem ugly and painful. Your resistance. If you truly want the truth, then every realisation, every awakening, is just shocking beautiful. The pain is imaginary. The truth is not
  10. Well it’s pretty straightforward to be fair. Because there is no solid outside world out there, the outside world is within you, it’s mind. So when you start playing with the state of your mind, whether it be through psychedelics or meditation or whatever, the seeming outside world will alter too. Including letters seeming like they’re jumping around. You’re loosening that stranglehold of you being here and an outside world being there. It’s merging. You should have a bit of a revelation at this point really. I mean it becomes pretty obvious, even when it’s just something that doesn’t seem too big of a deal like letters jumping about a little. But then again mind, you can be as ignorant to the obvious and completely deny to yourself this is the case. Or you can just open your mind a bit and be like oh yea, of course, it’s obvious
  11. Well this is just a complete assumption. I’d suggest you don’t assume why people are searching or what initially triggered their search in the first place. Certainly for myself I never went in some deliberate search of god. My initial queries came from a lack of understanding of why is it always ‘now’? And my questions of what is actually going on here? What is this? What is reality? It just so happened that these questions lead to the discovery of god being the answer to them all. That does not relate in any way to your assumption of why MANY MANY people go in search of god. It just so happens that’s what you find when you go in search of uncovering reality. Also many many people may just go in search from the basic question of if there is a god, then what is it? I’m just not on board with your claim and see it as far to narrow of an assumption
  12. What are we saying enlightened is? There’s probably loads of enlightened people. If it’s realising your God, then even I’m enlightened. Enlightenment just in itself seems pretty low level in God realisation to me now. To be aware of the ins and outs of it is what creates depth to an enlightenment. Not just a realisation, but the depths of things like how you are constructing other people, the complete make up of how this shit is being done. Not just people, everything. And just using ‘imagination’ just isn’t good enough. Not just realising that it’s an illusion, but an understanding of exactly what you’re doing to create it. Completely deconstructing the web. The only person I’ve ever seen come close to these sorts of understandings is Leo. None of the other supposedly enlightened people we see videos of even comes close to explaining the ins and outs of what is actually going on. Yea they babble some pretty wise stuff, they know consciousness is all there is, they know that’s god. I’m not sure there’s anyone on the planet that is truly enlightened to the degrees which I personally would call enlightenment.
  13. Nice attempt at some sort of rhyme. An attempted poem of sorts. YOU are God I’m afraid young chap. The full absolute. Pure, just twisted up. Unravel it and it’s the exact same. You Are it in its fullness, whole and complete. And that’s all there is. Just twisted and knotted and webbed, confused by yourself. It’s easy to do, just much more difficult to unravel. Take a shoe lace, tie a shit load of knots in it, it’s so easy to do. Knot after knot after knot. Then try to unravel them all. You’ll be clueless from the get go. You’ll be completely lost in the knots. How the fuck can I unravel this thing. Yet it was so easy to do. Why is it so hard to undo what I done? That’s like God, and YOU. God is the unraveled straight lace, YOU are the lace with all its knots in it. It’s all just the same thing. YOU are YOU, there only ever was one YOU. Take care, goodnight
  14. Seems like some pretty dangerous advice to be dishing out tbh. I’m pretty well versed with lsd and to advise missing a nights kip then get on lsd and get off to sleep and you’ll just wake up God realised with control over reality seems a bit too far fetched. Not convinced at all. There’s a lot of people here who are more interested in just egotistically manipulating reality than in what awakening truly is. Sounds pretty dangerous to me and that an idiot would follow this advice and end up in some pretty dangerous circumstances. When tripping I think preparation is a key component and going into a trip in that manner seems amateur and foolish. Just my personal opinion. I wouldn’t be attempting that from that advice anyway