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  1. I thought this exact thing when I saw will smith in a film with a younger version of himself a few years back. Can’t remember the name of the film but it was a popular one. Thinking actors could eventually be replaced by like you say a computer generated dead or past it actor or just completely made up characters altogether. Or not haha
  2. I have no idea of when I realised I was alive. It seems I just found myself here at some point and I’ve no idea at all when that was. My earliest memories are of being a toddler of about 3 years old, possibly 2 but I can’t be sure. These are just sort of fleeting memories though of a particular act of roaming around the house or being in the garden type memories. I personally find it very difficult to believe that anyone actually has any memories of being an actual baby under the age of 2. Certainly not any memory of any particular thoughts that might have been going on. Unless maybe being one of these freaks of nature type people with some kind of super memory condition. Then again what do I know, other than my own experience of memory
  3. You can’t deny though that sometimes we do need to be told we’re full of shit in no uncertain terms. The mankind is the bullshitting animal episode really hit the spot with me back when was released. He was listing all these things that were full of shit, and I was to myself laughing my ass off, yep yep yep yep, full of shit, and then he ended the list with, ‘and YOU… are full of shit😂 great line. But it opened my eyes and I couldn’t help but laugh and say to myself, oh yea, I really am full of shit. Sometimes these things just need to be said to get the point across
  4. It probably isn’t even a trick. It could be just having a recording of yourself being in that state from your own perspective, then having the viewer also in a massively altered state of consciousness whilst watching it. In an ordinary baseline human state of consciousness someone is likely always going to see a human Leo from their perspective because that’s the state they’re in. But if in a radically enhanced state themselves whilst watching, maybe they’ll see just what it is Leo is perceiving himself to be on the video recording. Providing they can still view some sort of tv set whilst in the alternate state and it hasn’t disappeared or something😂. That on the other hand could be claimed that it’s just hallucinations though, from a materialist perspective. But if one understands consciousness to a relatively good degree they would also understand what hallucinations actually are so that would undermine any such claim. Who knows ey? That’s my best guess at this time and as far as I’ve gone with my own work it pretty much makes sense to me about how that would be achieved. I could be very much wrong though
  5. It’s called contemplation not complication😂 your making it much harder than it is. Light as an independent source causes nothing. There’s no such thing. You are the light. You are the cause
  6. @bazera I was in your very same position. You’re in for a treat. It was a great starting point for me. Opens your mind to the fact there is much more to reality than meets the eye. I just moved on when other opportunities for further expansion and realisation opened up. You got me thinking, I might try and have a play around again tonight😂. Anyway as I said, good luck 👍🏻
  7. Hmm well it helped me realise that I am not only the body. But it lead me down a path of thinking I was an entity inside of a body, that could leave the body. It has that flavour to it. So in a sense yes it can shatter the belief of just being a physical body. You understand that there is more to you than just the body. But as I say, not to get lost in that, because you are so much more than what astral projection shows you also. But that may take some serious awakenings. That of the likes of what Leo teaches here. Certainly will expand what you already think yourself to be though there’s no doubt about that. And no I’ve never seen that starter kit I don’t really take any notice of croppers work anymore. But looking through that site there the course I used is still there. It was this one… https://yourpotential.teachable.com/p/the-10-step-conditioning-process
  8. Used to do it regularly. It wasn’t a natural phenomenon for me I learned it as it was part of my earlier development with spirituality. Before I came across the likes of Leo’s work and God realisation type of things. I continued to do it even once I realised it was more of the dream and not that I am actually an individual spirit in a body, leaving my body. Because it was fun and interesting. Certainly feels like you’re a spirit leaving the body that’s for sure. But you are the entirety of the illusion just as you are in every day waking life. But either way yea, no need to rummage through books that’ll feed you another illusory concept to go along with it, some crap about the spirit realms and all that, just buy Ryan croppers astral projection course on his website. Follow the 10 step instruction guide and hey presto, you should be off in no time. A month it took me to finally project using his methods, then I was up to it 3 or 4 times a week. Something to note though, don’t get lost in it thinking it’s the be all and end all, it turns out it’s just more imaginary stuff, like a dream, like your life. But it is a wonderful part of imagination to experience. All be it your very own imagination. There’s nothing out there, just you wandering around more of your imagination. With some extra perks that you won’t be able to do in your waking life. I sometimes think about doing it again when I go to bed, but then I just feel I can’t be bothered with remaining aware and just get myself a good nights sleep and maybe get lucid in a dream instead. On the odd occasion it happens spontaneously now, but not very often. Cropper! Easy to follow method and it works. Good luck hope you have some fun
  9. I put my life on it that Leo could make a 3 hour episode on Britney Spears and teach me and yourselves a thing or 2. More than a thing or 2. It’s such the story of everything leo talks about. As in the material world that just doesn’t work out. In a very deep manner. Maybe I’m wrong. But I bet he could talk about that situation and teach us so much about life through her situation. It’s nuts if you actually delve into it. Hey maybe anyway she’ll read my tweet and end up here watching Leo 😜😂👍🏻
  10. Spears genuinely needs teachings like that of what Leo teaches. Would be amazing if such a public figure actually followed the guy. Britney Spears has had an absolute disaster of a life, that which started out so good. An amazing example of some of Leo’s teachings. Hey, ya never know where a tweet leads😂
  11. Correct. And that piece of my imagination needs actualized.org 😂 Britney needs Leo, she just doesn’t know it. Leo could actually sort her out😂
  12. But how do you explain that I am here? I literally am here. I also just told Britney Spears on Twitter to get on to actualized.org because I think it’d be the absolute best thing for her😂 because she seems so fucked up😂. Not that she’ll even read it. But what an amazing thing that would be if Leo could get through to that poor girl! Oh and yea that aside, your idea of solipsism is incorrect because here I am, absolutely here. Solipsism is true. Just your idea of what solipsism is, is incorrect. Let’s get Britney onto actualized.org and I bet that would cause a cu** of a shit stir😂 that would be fucking funny😂
  13. Not that I’m wanting you to take this as a cert that it’ll happen but it certainly can. My parents are living proof. Married young and had a couple of kids. Split, divorced, then 4/5 years later got back together, remarried and had another 4 kids. They couldn’t be happier with their relationship and the way they live their lives and family. I’m fully aware this is a rare occurrence but seems I was smack bang in the middle of it being a child of their first marriage I personally witnessed first hand this happen. There is one factor which is that they already had children together which kept them in close contact whilst they were apart. As I say these things are no cert, so don’t rally on this one story to set your hopes too high. Because every situation is uniquely different. But yes, of course it’s possible
  14. Dreams are a dream within your dream of life. A lesser than ordinary waking state of consciousness. So you have your ordinary waking day, that’s a dream. But within that dream, you have another dream, which is what you call you nightly sleeping dream. That’s the basic human ordinary condition. You can though realise that it’s all a dream within a dream. You can even dream at night, and dream from within that dream. It can go so deep you can dream within dream forever. Personally I’ve only dreamt within a dream, maybe 2 layers. But it’s clear to me you can keep going, forever and ever. One thing though is that this life, the one you have solidified as what you call life, is your main dream, any dream you have from there you will call or label imaginary. This is your ground, even though this is also a dream, and completely imaginary. But you can’t see this, you need to open up from here, awaken from this, to a higher degree of dream, to realise you’re dreaming this from there. And then from there, awaken, and awaken more, until the point you realise, that everything is a dream, and you made the whole thing up, even that thing that you think is the one dreaming. You are the dream👍🏻 x