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  1. Ya know I’ve thought about this and actualized reaching the wider audience is likely to spell the end of this forum. And for good reason too. I’m in total agreement that the teachings need to be more widespread, they’re too good too unique for them to stagnate at where it’s reached at this point. Definitely the speaking on others podcasts and that is a great move to expand. I think at the minute there’s a million or so subscribers, so say for instance that was doubled, it’s going to draw in a serious amount of skeptics and debaters, argumentative types that will plough this forum with the biggest load of bollocks you could ever wish to read. Out of a million new subscribers you might get a couple of thousand that are genuinely serious about the work, at best, and the rest are likely to just be full of shit. There’s no doubt it’s time to expand and reach more and more people. But I just read some nonsense from some bloke on here a couple of threads that were locked pretty damn quickly, some religious babble, having a pop. Theres no doubt that more and more of this type thing will crop up. There’ll be locked threads here there and everywhere. So I’m thinking the forum will either die a slow death and be shut down altogether, or Leo will decide on not interacting with it anymore. And just leave it to his moderators. Which would be a massive shame because I don’t know of anywhere else where you can seriously interact with a teacher, with genuine questions and get a response, usually within a couple of hours, provided what your saying is genuine and not just fucking about after a rise from people or whatever. Even some of the non sensical things said on here will get a response from Leo. Some of us are actually trying, trying to figure this shit out, trying our best and the forum is great for that when your able to interact with Leo and others on here that are way further ahead of the game than the likes of myself. So a lot can be learned. To be honest I wouldn’t blame him if he stepped away from the forum, there’s more than enough on here already if you search. Every question we ask has already been asked, and in most cases a good in depth response from Leo is usually found within the thread. There’s also hundreds of hours of videos already, with more to come, if ya can’t get off the ground and up and running with this work with what’s already here then ya may as well just give up and crack on with life. Because the catalogue of work already is nothing less than tremendous. But I do believe there’ll be a lot of shit on here once the possible mainstream herd like audience appear. So I wouldn’t blame him if he just said fuck it, I don’t need this crap. Even the likes of that Murphy dude comes on and spouts some real dogshit. I’m not sure if he’s actually started a thread that hasn’t eventually been locked. And with good reason he’s just spouting absolute bollocks half the time. I’m no stranger myself to a few posts that may seem a bit out there, but they’re genuine and I’m sure anyone with half an imaginary brain😂 could appreciate at least I’m genuine at least I’m trying. Leo’s touched on shutting down this forum in one of his recent episodes and on his last he said something along the lines of he’s amazed at how few decent questions he gets asked on here. I thought yea I’m probably guilty of a few of them myself but at least they’re coming from the right place. There’s been some great questions and opinions on here that I personally feel I’ve learned a lot from. But they’re now all already there, to be searched and read through. It’d be as I’ve said a great shame if he does cast this aside, because it’s great to be able to interact with him, but we have to appreciate that he’s his own work to do, and at 10 times the rate that any of us can do it, to actually keep this up and teach it so in depth. Maybe I’m wrong. I love the forum, but things change and move on, and it very well might just become its watch the actualized videos, listen to whatever podcasts he goes on, read and watch the blog content, and that’s ya lot. And as I say, I wouldn’t blame him if that ends up the case. Because there’s a lot of shit cropping up on here and with growth, part and parcel of that growth will be an added amount of bullshit appearing on this forum. But to grow Actualized, that may just be what ends up happening. It’ll be more widespread, but less interaction with him himself
  2. I think the young lad Dan from the ascend podcast would be a great little chat. He can be a bit of a new age type at times mind but he’s definitely an open minded lad and would certainly have loads of questions and give the opportunity to express yourself. Uk based too so I’m a bit biased. He’s had some interesting guests but having you on there would be a whole other level. Would love to hear you have a chat with Mike Tyson too that would be very interesting. Not too sure that’d be the best route to go down though as he seems to just sit there getting stoned on his podcast😂 but I’ve no doubt he’d love to chat to the likes of yourself he’s forever going on about God and his 5meo experiences. Seems a shame that he’s not found the right means or person to help him interpret just what it is he’s been experiencing properly. That could be you Leo😂
  3. Sit there and read, or listen, listening is probably better. On audible. To Neville Goddard’s lecture series. There’s 12 of them. They probably are the greatest listen you’ll ever encounter. Goddard is up there with Leo. And for me Goddard is I step above leo. Not as in he’s better. Not as in he’s been in higher or deeper states of consciousness as Leo has. But this guy knew his shit. Like 70 years ago or something. I’m listening to lecture 2 right now and the way he speaks about evolution and science and consciousness is on another level. Its just called Neville Goddard lecture series i think. You’ll find it on audible. When you’ve had massive awakenings, u just know, u just know that what is being said is the absolute truth. The marvellous thing is from what I can tell the guy never ever took a psychedelic. Anyway I’m throwing this out there to all of you on this forum because I think Goddard dishes out the greatest messages I’ve ever been privilege to witness. A personal opinion. And I hope @Leo Gura reads what I’ve written here. And if you havnt taken in the teachings of Goddard yourself already then I hope you do. Because the application of them will be without doubt the cure to your issues. Health wise that is. And I know you’ll get it and probably know better than most how to implement it. Because you understand consciousness. Better than most anyway. Lecture series 1-12 Neville Goddard. Dispose of it at your peril. Goodnight 👍🏻
  4. There’s a centre point ya know to everything that can be. A centre point to you realising consciousness. There’s that central point, where you just get it. And everything wraps around that. That point is nothing. But from a relative point of view where is that point. That point is the video from Leo called ‘what is reality.’ Its so fucking pin point it’s probably the greatest piece of work I’ve ever encountered. I’ve had many awakenings, but sometimes I still just need reminded, because I know I again get wrapped up in the dream. So I throw that on to remind myself. When you wake up and unravel it all you get that centre piece. You become that centre piece. You become the centre you become it all. But you come back, ya lost again and u know your back in bullshit land. That video from Leo, ‘what is reality’ is possibly the greatest piece of work of all time. Ya know your sliding back into the bullshit so ya listen to that video again and ya can reground yaself, but not reground as a fool, reground in a little bit higher state of consciousness than that nonsense baseline materialistic level. I know I’m not enlightened. I’ve had enlightenment episodes but I can’t make them stick. To the point I feel as I always did, but I know reality is imaginary🤷🏻‍♂️. It is the greatest piece of work, once understood once experienced once, once I can’t explain. His highest teaching he says. He ain’t wrong, cus once u get it, there’s no going back. U can go back, and live basic normal life. But you can never really go back, cus u know your full of shit if u do. Greatest piece of work of all time😂 better than the bible that video haha
  5. Ya know we all sit here and try say we got this shit. Which tbh a good few of us have to a degree. We know it’s fucking imaginary, just like Leo says. It’s a fucking dream. And it fucking is. Many of us have been in states where we know full fucking well this is a dream. I’m dreaming from here, your dreaming from there, leo is dreaming from his little perspective. There really is a few of us that know it. We truly know we’ve awoke on psychs or whatever we fucking know it. But don’t tell me your not still shit scared. Because ya can see it a million times. But yet still ya still shit scared. I am. Leo is too. Cus we’re all still here, babbling rather than just going all out. Leo will be the first to tell ya, he knows but he doesn’t know what the fuck to do with it. Because he doesn’t want to die, he doesn’t know what to do with it. He doesn’t know where to go when this physical system ends. He knows what it is, but he still truly doesn’t know. He doesn’t want to be me, he doesn’t want to be u, and vice versa, we don’t want it the other way. So we cling to what we are, until we’ve no other fucking choice other than to do whatever it’s is that’s forced upon us. Just taking up another conception of self and just being. Just being that conception of self. Same way you can’t help being that concept of self, I can’t help this one, and Leo can’t help that one. Ya just gonna be the awareness rocking about taking on all forms and it’ll always be you. It’ll always just be you. Even if u think there’s someone else over there, there’s no one else over there, it’s just you, all the the time, forever. You will be Leo, you will be me, I will be you, it’s all happening, right now, it’s always us🤷🏻‍♂️. You think you feel you now an I think I feel me, but I will feel you and you will feel me. It’s just always us. That’s it. Forever and ever. And ever. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet me. Fucking bollocks to it ey. You just make sure you get shit right cus I can’t be assed being you, not having a fucking clue😂. So watch Leo’s videos and let’s have a good life hahahaha👍🏻
  6. I’m not even sure if this relates tbh. But I had a dream where I went on holiday for 10 days. I lived the full 10 days. Or it certainly felt that way. I woke up, obviously the following morning and was like wtf was that. I even checked my phone to see the time and date to make sure it was the following day. Which of course it was, I’d just had a normal nights 7-8 hour sleep or whatever it was. But I have memories from that dream of the whole 10 days from coming out the airport to heading back to it 10 days later. Still I think that was fucking mental. How on earth could I experience 10 days in 8 hours. For me it was just like well if that doesn’t prove to myself that time is relative then nothing will. Conclusion, time and memories are absolute bollocks. Not that I understand totally how it works but there could be nothing more clear to me when it comes to time
  7. I havnt watched your sadguru video. If I’m honest I can’t be be assed. You don’t need to watch him to realise what self love is. He can spout all sorts, we all can. Ya just realise, ya realise self love. It’s nothing to do with what u hear from anyone else. It’s nothing to do with your thoughts, on or about anything, it’s nothing to do with what u see outwardly, it’s nothing to do with that egoic love ya feel for yourself as in an individual. Or even loving every other human being. It’s absolutely total! It’s loving all that, everything, from what u believe is out there, to everything you feel is inside, and more. It’s everything. It’s the understanding that you are all, the deepest romantic love you can feel for someone, to the shitty pebble you see on the street when ya sat there looking out the window whilst having a cigarette. Understanding that all the feelings and emotions and visual aspects, the life and the death, the pain and the hurt, the love and the hate, from a relative standpoint point, is from an absolute stand point, all you. It’s all you it’s all within your consciousness, and consciousness is all there is, and you are consciousness, and accepting and loving all that is. Self love isn’t just loving your individual self totally, it’s loving all that is. And that, is a miraculously difficult thing to do. Because it means loving everything you hate. Not just accepting it. But loving it. How do you get there? I’ve no idea. But I’m trying😊
  8. I think leo should do something special for us for his birthday.... a special video on how birthdays are the biggest crock of shit going seems we were all never ever born to have a birthday 😉😂
  9. You know with these videos, if leo is speaking from start to finish, and you take the speaking literally as in it was a straight line, word for word, word after word, sentence after sentence, then your already lost on what he’s trying to communicate. You can’t just go straight through you’ve got to weave in and out yourself in between what’s being said, use a bit of nouse and interpret what’s being discussed and not just take at face value. Because it is impossible to fully communicate using words alone. I’m not keen on using such phrases but it is a genuine case of ‘read between the lines’ and not just flat out taking in what has been said. It’s a skill to shoot these videos and communicate them in the fashion he does, but don’t disregard the skill needed to take in and interpret the communication from the listening/watching side of things. And to be fair, if Leo is in a state of consciousness where his hand turns into a tentacle, then his hand is a tentacle. Just because from your observing perspective and state of consciousness you may be in at the time his hand is a hand, does not mean that it is a hand. From your state yes from his state no. Granted if he cut off the tentacle, when he returns to a lesser state it would actually be a hand there cut off, but that’s because of the return to that particular state. If he stayed in the state of it being a tentacle forever, then it would always be a tentacle cut off laying on the floor not a hand. You could claim that’s just hallucination, but you’ve got to get to a point where you realise reality is 100% percent hallucination. Different states hallucinate different things. Someone standing in front of you would be hallucinating your face from that perspective in consciousness, yet if there was another person stood behind you they would be hallucinating the back of your head. And you standing in the middle would be hallucinating whatever the hell your focused on looking at. And all that said, all three perspectives are actually happening in the exact same place, which is nowhere. Not one from over there and another from over here, same spot same place, different state of consciousness. It goes so fucking deep it becomes absolutely mid boggling to try and interpret from a limited human perspective. And the great thing about it is, overall I’m nowhere fucking near wherever it fully goes, absolutely nowhere near. But some things are so blatantly obvious without you being able to fully explain through wording and language once you reach particular states yourself especially with the use of psychedelics. Manipulating these things would be another story altogether. And I’ve no doubt that consciousness itself can manipulate anything at all that it wants. One of those things being you not having any idea
  10. To not intervene would be a serious lack of consciousness on your part. No more to be said on the matter really
  11. @Javfly33 😂 I know, but what else are ya supposed to do. And anyway, I’m not conscious of this right now, I’m just aware that I have been conscious of it during awakenings. To be conscious of these things on a daily basis would be levels upon levels to the extreme of where I currently find myself, that’s a totally different thing altogether. I feel I’m nowhere near. So I’m far from enlightened, and would never claim to be. Just ya average joe still playing the game🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏻
  12. @Someone here your quite obsessed with the idea of solipsism arnt you😂 I always see you jump on anything to do with the matter. The thing is, the deeper ya seem to go with awakenings, the more solipsistic it becomes. I’ve found it’s a bit paradoxical. Because you can realise your imagining others from this perspective that they are illusionary. But your also imagining them from within them, as your imagining yourself from within yourself. Your imagining everyone from all possible angles simultaneously in the absolute sense outside of the constructs of time and space. Without a single piece of information let’s say missing. Infinitely put together with absolute perfection. So it’s absolutely solipsistic. So although there are others, there actually isn’t, because it is all you. From the relative perspective, you are literally visualising nothing other than a hallucination of another version of yourself. That’s kind of a short description of what I’ve realised. There wouldn’t be enough space on this forum to go into detail. These things need directly experienced. And within 10 minutes of realisation you could contemplate and realise enough that would write you a 200 page essay on. I’m not sure what you’ve done or what methods you might have used to gain any insights, or whether you just mentally masturbate over these issues as the phrase goes. Either way, the further and deeper you go, the more outrageous it all gets
  13. I find it quite humorous the struggle people have in accepting others as imaginary. Loads of these same people happily accept that for instance a table, a chair, other objects, all objects are imaginary and held only within their consciousness. Claim to have discovered this. Yet when it comes to people, they can’t accept. Really, when you think about it, you only have to discover one imaginary thing, let’s say a chair in a room, chairs seem to get mentioned a fair bit around here. So if the chair is imaginary, if someone walks in the room and sits on it, then quite clearly the person sitting on it is also imaginary. Your not gonna get some bloke who’s real, walking into the room where you are, and sitting on a chair you’ve discovered to be imaginary. Seriously where is the sense in even debating that. Imaginary chair, imaginary person sitting on it. Reality isn’t half and half, real people imaginary objects. It’s all one, it’s all in. Infinite imagination