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  1. @Bazooka Jesus yea 😂 but I’m here and I’m keeping myself entertained and distracted simultaneously and that happened to be the outcome. So I do get your point. Simultaneously being aware of both ends of the spectrum I guess. Which…. Leaves me smack bang in the middle 😂 so here am, doing this. I won’t derail the thread anyway leave at that 👍🏻
  2. So your dream of this dude burnt up and dematerialised. Just like whoever you were encountering in last nights dream. Not really too much of an issue. You’ll fire him up and burn him up again and again unto infinity. Him and every other possible version of a human being. I wouldn’t fret over it to be honest
  3. 😂 so fucking straight to the point. The expectant answer was to be all these guru like meditation or whatever methods. No… just sorted some 5meo. It’s the best response on this whole thread. No fucking about. Comedy 😂
  4. Hahaha but it is though mate. Your just not conscious of it. Your life being hard and not great to your ego is because your not conscious of how your doing it. Your not conscious of the mirror. How what seems like the outside is completely and totally mirrored to your concept of self. If it was a computer running a program then it would be running pin point spot on absolutely no inconsistencies. But your like a human looking at the codes of the program and not understanding them, not getting what’s in front of your very eyes. The mirrored way that consciousness works with to create your reality is absolutely ludicrous mate. It’s such a total reflection it’s painful when you see it. Painfully beautiful. I was embarrassed during one awakening that I had to cover my eyes, I couldn’t even look at the walls of my home I was so looking at myself in the mirror. I became shy to the beauty of my own being and nearly broke down in tears. I couldn’t look. If I’d have looked for lengthly periods of time I felt like I would die to it. The issue is that your concept of self needs to change from being a finite individual in a great big outer massive world, to becoming the whole universe, and I don’t just mean just the physical universe, I mean everything. Yep it took psychedelics for me to see and be this. But at the end of the day it is what it is and denial in these states becomes impossible
  5. Night time dreams are weird man. Great for investigating reality though and the similarities once lucid too. I’m a reasonably decent lucid dreamer myself. Can’t always pull it off but I’d say a good 4 or 5 really lucid dreams a month on average. I’ve had an issue with the dream characters the last few months though and it’s seriously irritating me😂 in a soft sort of sense. I’d noticed that whenever I ask a dream character what year it is, they just have no answer for me😂. They either just blatantly refuse to respond or change the subject. And I’m there like just fucking tell me what year it is like😂. They can seem confused when they try to think of what year it is, and I’m there thinking these fuckers havnt got a clue, they don’t know what year it is, not in terms of the real year or a made up year for the dream. I challenge anybody who can get lucid in dreams to ask any dream character this question of what year is it, and I’m almost certain they won’t get an answer. It’s so frustrating I’ve began to think I bet this just isn’t in my dreams, I bet it would happen to anyone in their dreams. I mean obviously I can’t be certain but anyone reading this who can lucid dream let me know if you can get any of those fucking characters to tell you the year😂. A little off the subject of the thread I know but it’s still dream related haha
  6. In a sense you’ve actually got it. But the issue here is you’ve got it in theory. Your not conscious of it. And neither am I. But I have become conscious of it. So my understanding comes through direct experience rather than theory or belief. To me right now it feels like belief, because I have been unable to retain the state of consciousness that enables me to grasp this absolutely and truly. It lies so deep in your subconscious that to truly get it, permanently, is going to take a huge amount of work. You’ll probably have to aim your whole life purpose towards it. Otherwise it’ll just be glimpses, awakening experiences, things of that nature, and you’ll have a much better understanding of reality from this finite limited perspective. You’ll be your self, with a little ‘s’ understanding much more of what you really are. A bit like me in a sense, still getting wrapped up in things, and becoming confused about things that you are sure you know. Because you’ve become conscious of them, but are not ‘now’ or not always conscious of them. I still have the fear of losing my ego self on a permanent basis. I’ve collapsed it before but it comes back. I think if you collapse it forever, totally, you will just be nowhere. But I mean nowhere in a totally different way as in what people in general think nowhere is. That’s also collapsing time and space, so the visual field will disappear. But you still will be. And that ‘be’ will be also ‘me’. It’s a very strange phenomena, but it is what it is. You are me, and I am you. But not in the way any theory might be able to explain. What can ya do? Just become more conscious, more and more until your it all, then the whole thing will fall apart. But at the same time that ‘apart’ will be so together it makes absolutely no sense at all to the human mind. Just is what it is. I’ll see ya when we unite I guess. When you fully awaken, when I fully awaken, then actually end up being the same being, at the same time, in the same place, forever. Don’t worry your not alone in trying to work this shit out hahaha👍🏻
  7. There’s absolutely no doubt about this. Around 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a condition called essential tremor. 5-6 years before psychedelics were even a consideration in my mind. The doctor told me that’s it once you have this it’ll either stay the same or deteriorate with it over many years. Gave me some tablets to take daily to suppress the tremors. Looked up an the internet and read books on it, the condition is supposedly irreversible. Was on these until about 3 years ago. When I had a massive awakening on lsd. I could see the imaginary nature of this condition. It became ultimately clear to me exactly how I had created the condition myself, the exact process of mind that formed it within me. It was all my own doing. I used literally used my mind in a higher state of consciousness to remove all the built up aspects that I realised had been the cause. It’s an unexplainable process that could only be done within ones own mind. It was like self therapy in a sense. My state was so high I would not be able to follow the procedure I used within mind from my ordinary state of consciousness. From that day onwards, no tremors, no tablets, no condition. And I call it a condition precisely because that’s what it was, conditioned into me, by myself, unconsciously. And then consciously unconditioned. To me it was a miracle in action. No cure, my fucking ass. Consciousness was both the cause and the cure. Try telling that to a doctor or material scientist though 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Wasn’t a bad film quite enjoyed it. I liked the blend of comedy surrounding a serious theme. What struck me was how well they actually got down the idiotic ways of modern society. More interested in foolish social media stories and entertainment news than the real world. Obviously comedically exaggerated but let’s face it they weren’t that far off. It was a good piss take of modern society was my overall opinion
  9. Those videos are fantastic. Shows a side of leo that he gets out and enjoys the world. As I’ve seen a few here previously label him as like some sort of hermit type guy which clearly is not the case. Reminded me of when I went to Tomorrowland a couple of years ago in Belgium. Im not even a massive clubber or anything myself but to take in that type of atmosphere and lose yourself in the music is God partying in its human form at its best. Just goes to show that you don’t have to be some guru type nonsense shaman or whatever to be God realised. Realising and enjoying your creation is what it’s all about! Great videos
  10. Ya know, this means that there’s nothing going on behind anyone else’s eyes! That is so fucking fundamental it’s ludicrous. There’s no way of explaining this. It just is what it fucking is. Jesus Christ! No other saying does it justice. That’s what it fucking is. That’s what I am, that’s what you are…. Simple……………. Jesus Christ. Very clever. Very very very fucking clever. Amen 🙏 people. See ya when I be ya 😂
  11. I think ya know, ya animating everything else. Everything and everyone. As in there is nothing else but yourself. And that outside world that you see, is nothing other than a reflection of what you believe yourself to be. There’s a great mystery about God, as in ‘it’ or ‘he’ however u want call it, becomes you and solely you, until you get it! And then you, as the puny tiny you that you think that you are, become ‘it’! You realise your the whole thing. Almost like a video game where your the main character. But your every character. You just never knew it. All characters react to you. It doesn’t seem like it, it seems like they’re doing their own stuff. But they ain’t. Each and everything is responding to you. Which means Leo totally gets what I’m on about. Because he’s on auto pilot responding to me. Seems solipsistic, but it ain’t, because its vice versa. I don’t know how God does this shit, I do not know. But it does. It’s love is so great it becomes you, for you to then be allowed to become it. But that ‘it’ is the exact same ‘it’ as I am. The ‘it’ that you are… is the ‘it’ that i am! But somehow m, it’s fragmented us and broken us up, to take on every perspective. I mean think about it, you can’t take on my perspective from your perspective! That’s impossible. You can’t be me whilst being you. So we are what we are. Im me, your you. Yet we are the same thing. I know I know what im getting at here, not sure anyone else does. Leo probably does. I’d guess he does. But even that in itself seems futile. Never mind. I guess none of us will truly get it until we become ‘it’. The whole aim of the game. To become us, then become ‘it’. Ok im done haha goodnight 😴 👍🏻
  12. It’s just always us, making stuff up. Till we stop making stuff up hahahahaha. It’s so fucking funny. It’s hilarious. One thing I don’t know is whether I’ll ever be looking out of your eyes. I do not know that. But what I do know is that those eyes you look out of, are the exact same eyes I look out of. I don’t know if it’s gonna switch from me to you and all that bollocks. But I’d assume it will happen. Because what I look at in the mirror changes into every other person. So I guess that I’ll see myself at some point as every other person in the mirror. It seems obvious. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but it is what it is. Goodnight folks. Love yas all, because I clearly am ya’s all. Still not quite getting how it works. But…. Clearly, it works🤷🏻‍♂️😂👍🏻
  13. It is what it is guys🤷🏻‍♂️ For fucks sake seriously! You’ll stop it when you stop it! You’ll keep making it up over and over until u get it! Then you’ll get it! And make it up all over again! Why are you you and why am I me??! You just keep doing it. You can’t stop it. Until you stop it! You gotta be you, and I’ve gotta be me, forever and ever! Until you stop it!😂 are you not getting it? Forever! Time is curved repeateing. Over and over and over again. We’re doing this forever, until we stop doing it. Then u will realise that you are me and I am you. You’ll get it it, then you’ll fucking do it again, until you realise you done it again, and off we go again😂. It’s so crazy, but it is what it is. See ya next time matey👍🏻
  14. God is the master of forgetfulness! If it didn’t forget it could never remember. Remembering is the chief moment of remembering something you forgot. It/he/her whatever you want to call it, has to forget to remember. It’s the same in everyday life. The beauty of remembering something simultaneously is the realisation that you forgot. If you don’t forget, you can never remember