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  1. I’m gonna counter this slightly. Because if there ever is a formed reality the awareness of that reality is the same awareness that you, or @Someone here currently are. So in a sense it is still you. Only of a different configuration you could say of your ego/limited consciousness, therefore giving a completely different sense of ‘I’ from an egoic perspective, basically a seeming different person to what you currently are aware of being. Once expanded to infinite levels it’s all the same one singular consciousness. So in reality it is ‘you’ which was scared of that video as you put it, just under a different configuration, conditioned so differently, completely uniquely, that you wouldn’t recognise it to be, until once again expanded to levels of infinite consciousness
  2. There is no next, no after. Time is a construct that your ego mind is holding within it. Your egoic imagination will not determine any so called ‘after life’ activity. Because that will be obliterated. What you will be imagining in that seeming ‘then’ will be right now, in this very moment, the one and only moment that has never moved forward in time. The one timeless moment. And it won’t be affected by a finite @Someone here limited imagination. You as infinite consciousness will just limit yourself again to a new, or you could say different form of limited mind until that expands and awakens to itself again back to the exact same place of no place, time of no time. Hence never having even moved or zipped through time in the first place, just limiting and tricking itself into believe such. Expand contract, expand contract, forever and ever, for eternity
  3. Someone’s finally been able to dissect some of what there is to be taken away from the show 👍🏻. I think some people must be trying to watch it blindfolded whilst on mute 😂. Either that or they just look at the tv gazing through the thing without being able to read into the storyline and read between the lines to take in the meanings the show intends to project
  4. Yea actually one of the things that drew me towards Leo is the fact he kept telling me/us in his videos things like I’m full of shit😂. Sometimes we just need to be told in no uncertain terms, and it really made me turn round and look at myself. And low and behold, there I was, full of shit😂 still am tbf but not quite as much haha
  5. Tbh it’s kinda out there on its own really I can’t relate it to any show I’ve previously watched. It was only a couple of seasons if I remember correctly won’t take you too long to run through. Just give it a go
  6. The Thundercats was the bomb for me. I couldn’t get enough of it. That’s the original from the 80’s. I rewatched it again when I was older just for nostalgic sake. And I still enjoyed it. I was quite surprised rewatching when older and notice that at the end of each episode there was piece of wisdom to be taken from the storyline of each episode which they would highlight at in an end of episode conversation between the characters. As if used to in-still good values in the child watching. I was quite amazed seeing the show as an adult in a different light and realised just how many of my adult values may have been instilled in me just by being so obsessed with the program without me even realising this was the case. It was quite an eye opener tbh
  7. Top top quality show. He mentioned it in a video years ago and I couldn’t find it so I enquired and he said it was on Amazon to watch. Definitely worth the watch. It’s likely not rated highly because the people rating it lack a good level of consciousness to be able to see it for what it is
  8. No I’ve seen it mate. What I meant was that what Leo is saying that your confused about is some serious shit. Seriously deep deep awakening
  9. Yea, well, that’s some pretty serious shit. Awakening to a degree that’s not going to be explainable on a forum, or through a video
  10. Lsd is my weapon of choice you could say. More so because the others have so far been unavailable to me as of yet. I understand what your saying to a degree why you find it difficult to understand how people don’t have the realisation. But they need a reference point to go from, and the majority of lsd users arnt even aware of awakening in the first place. They are generally stage orange type who can not for an instant fathom such a thing. So they are just tripping you could say, in a backward type manner. Stage green too but more hippy style, you ain’t gonna get a truly god realised hippy to be honest with ya. I’ve had many god realisations, and many others into reality and it’s construction, my construction etc. A total feel of awakening, yet still I know that it’s limited, I realise the limits of lsd, they are there clearly. The 5meo’s are surely to be a step up
  11. Sounds like you could do with watching his latest video on being decisive. It’s seems like your dithering too much and pondering on this i.e not going full throttle. A decisive decision needs to be made. Your either going to do it, or your not. Make that decision. I was pretty awe struck on how that video spoke to me, I sat back and realised how lately I’ve been taking my eye off the ball, coasting, lack lustre in my going abouts of things, in many areas of my life, including meditation. To sit there and watch an listen to that episode helped me realise that lately I’ve been going nowhere, resting on my laurels, partaking in activities that do me no service other than make me stand still, even possibly taking backward steps. So decisiveness is necessary, and in your own situation too, as far as I can tell. Oh and welcome!
  12. And how exactly from what I just said do you work out I’m missing that? I wasn’t even talking about that. I was making a point about a completely different facet. I’ve had my whole reality collapse to the point where it’s clear all form is absolutely nothing, one in the same. Although I’ll openly admit I’m not conscious of it right now. Your response was poor. Because it has absolutely nothing to do with what I was on about. Makes it clear to me you have absolutely no idea what your on about. Full of shit comes to mind. I’m out of this threads conversation now ta-ra 😂👍🏻
  13. It is so obvious though that this is the case when your reality unravels during a massive awakening. It leaves no room for others. Obviously depending on the nature of your awakening because there’s so many facets. But when you awaken to how others are constructed, down to how they even look the way they do as in their physical appearance, the reflective mirroring relative to yourself. And I don’t just mean reflective to your own physical appearance I mean reflective to every aspect of your mind, producing the mirrored reflection of everything and everyone you perceive. Others can only be the way there are in every single way in relation to what you yourself have cemented an perceived yourself to be. Then when back in your ordinary state you try to comprehend this, it’s like your hitting a brick wall. You try to figure it out with your limited mind, and in the realms of separation and duality it just doesn’t work. I accept though that I’ve seen right through this, became conscious of it, and can put a mental image still to what my direct experience was. Even though I’m not conscious of it now. Only memory serves me with this understanding and not my ordinary everyday state… until I become conscious of it again. Somehow somewhere though in my mind I’m not accepting it, I’m aware of the fact I’m truly not somewhere deep down, my ego must be fighting against it every second of the day, to cover up what I actually know deep down. Otherwise I’d be directly conscious of it right now, which I am not
  14. It’s actually tremendously consistent. That’s one thing you realise when you do wake up from it. That’s the genius that Leo and many here talk about. Just how consistent and genius the construction is. That’s why your having this conversation right now because you can’t figure it out due to how consistent it is