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  1. Wanna know what's funny? Every single human being alive today exists only because of a long chain of countless ancestors who all managed to bang chicks and produce offspring. With the likes of Tate dangling at the end of that chain, bragging on youtube about getting pussy. Woah bruh.
  2. Isn't that interesting? You'd think that there could only be one. At least only one that makes sense. There has to be exactly one that is true, or there is no such thing as awake at all. Those are the options.
  3. @Hibahere Scary but true. Relativity can only crumble and collapse in on itself. It's a bottomless regression and so it can't actually exist. No truth can be found there. Whatever it is that does exist, whatever the truth of existence is, must therefore be absolute. That's the good news.
  4. If you can name it, then it's an appearance. It's the gateless gate thing. From one side, enlightenment seems to exist. From the other side, it never existed.
  5. @Schizophonia You are scared stiff at 1000 silly things, my man. It's no wonder that your love is buried so deep. Want to prove that you have love? Start doing little things that make you uncomfortable. Find out how freeing it is to get over them. That's an act of love, for yourself.
  6. @Inliytened1 Lol he was saying that the tree exists with nobody around. He was saying there is never anyone around (i.e. no self), just the appearance of a tree. You interpreted as materialism because of your own paradigm lock, not his.
  7. Regardless of anything else, I think one thing should be quite clear. If someone is complaining about not having their awakeness acknowledged, then it's because they have nothing else to contribute to this conversation.
  8. That's the only place in your framework that you know to put them. Just like many people can only attribute Leo's rants to arrogance. That's as far as they, and you, can see.
  9. I was raised with feminist values. Then I passed through red pill and MGTOW, because feminist values had destroyed my life. All I did was not stop there. I kept going, and so can you. Remember the pre/trans fallacy, you can criticize from above or from below.
  10. I do take Leo seriously. And I take the others I mentioned seriously as well. They are most definitely speaking from experience. There's no need to be angry about people having different opinions or disagreeing with Leo. This place is worth a lot, and it would become completely worthless (and vacant) if every dissenting voice were expelled. Embrace friction. Everything in the universe grows because of it. Including you, and Leo, and each of us.
  11. This forum needs more people like him and Axiom and Flyboy. Not to stir up shit or start a food fight, but to maintain healthy variety of informed perspectives. The last thing this place needs is more clones.
  12. @Bobby_2021 Those are immature and unhealthy ways of relating. I don't doubt that this is how it works for many people, but it doesn't strike me as something worth perpetuating on a self-actualization forum. It's a false dichotomy, there is the third option: Outgrow chimpery.
  13. This arrived in my mailbox today, will be experimenting with it soon. I'm a noob so any helpful info or suggestions most appreciated.