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  1. This thread is a trap for delusion
  2. I met Leo once in a dream, he was like "what the hell are you doing outside my house? You need to leave" so i left feeling sad and disapointment, this was a lesson of idolism, if i had the chance to meet him back then, i would have traveled for days, not for learning or information, but only to meet and be with him in the present, can anyone comprehend? I suspect you can
  3. If the navel chakra is so important,then what symptoms would a blockd navel chakra bring? My navel is extremely sensitiv and i get spasms if someone where to touch that area, its like i get electric shock in my genitals😂
  4. Also i keep seeing 666 over Leo's head in his intimate blog videos 😈
  5. I had a dream one night about 8 years ago, where i whitnessed a man fall down on train tracks and got run over by the train, after the train passed by i jumped down to help him but he was now so small that i could pick him up and hold him in my hands weird.. anyways i told my gf about the weird dream.. The following day was sunday and my girlfriend and i went to church (occationally we went to church) and the preacher talktheme was "mind the gap" he kept talking about the similarity of minding the gap between pavement and train in trainstations to taking care of your life (we dont even have trains in this country) so yeah that def gave me a hint of god
  6. I love these questions, though if the answer was clear, this forum would be empty.
  7. Leo why not use your wisdom and create a system solution videos to help us kill this nasty habit, you can get inspired by people like Allan Carr, but go beyond their material and create a practical system that will save lives and give health to millions.
  8. You stumbled upon this concept called non-duality, this is the knowing of your true self, its a path of realization (Enligtenment). You can reach it by luck or by seriously raising your awareness, (our current awareness is too low to see over the fog, so to speak) Some few people on this forum are maybe enlightened, alltough most are not including Leo himself, (as i understand)
  9. Well congratulations! You are a natural astral projecter, stop projecting fear and start exploring the realms, project your self in a cloak of light and you will be safe from negativity,
  10. Your fathers alcohol problem is his own problem to fix, you cant do it for him. I grew up with an alcoholic mother but i got away in time, my love for my mother faded away and today, i look back on that time as a time off extreme sorrow and pain, so you are taking a hard decision, but take it and dont look back, damage is already done to you, stand tall and take ownership of your life and future
  11. I think, slut is a product of low consience culture, shaming would be the same cultures way of dealing with this problem reactive. Obviously with birthcontrol now the problem isnt as bad in society, but still...
  12. In that case, do you have any tips on raising your awareness while working? I work 8 - 10 hours a day in monotomous sanding and tapeing processes..