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  1. It sounds like a good idea until someone buys a mysterious white powder that is laced with fentanyl.
  2. If you want to potentate mushrooms without consuming so much then pre-dosing 45 minutes before hand with a MAOI like Syrian Rue or Caapi will significantly boost the strength. I would recommend you start at lower doses however because you can go ultra deep administering in this manner.
  3. @bmcnicho yeah it definitely is considered prepared when powdered. I still haven't consumed anything more disgusting than a San Pedro smoothie! 🤣 It makes Ayahuasca seem like fruit punch.
  4. Absolutely, but it should start with a mission that has a bit more depth than just 'I want to be rich' don't you think?
  5. I can show you a miserable millionaire and a truly happy average income person. If you want an honest opinion, wealth isn't your major hold back right now it's your intentions that appear to be underpinned by egoism.
  6. You're not supposed to idolize them in this way. Worshiping false deities is wrought with dangers, find your own truth.
  7. I'm going to assume you procrastinate about most things and seek external validation to justify your choices. Just sign up to a beginners class in your chosen discipline and see if you like it. I would not pay too much attention to those who say MMA glorifies violence as this is an extremely limited viewpoint. It's like the old saying goes;
  8. Terrence McKenna, Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Teal Swan, Eckhart Tolle.
  9. Who study's in order to pickup? This is pretty weird tbh. I think men either have an innate ability to communicate with women effectively or they just don't. You're not going to learn from some other sleazeball, you're going to learn from your own experiences. You're also not going to see females contribute to threads like this either because it's cringe af. The goal is to be authentic in yourself and then find someone who likes you for you, not regurgitating some dumb pickup line you got off a shared chat group! 🤣
  10. That's the great thing about DMT. The fear never really goes away no matter how many times you blast off, not fully anyway. I don't necessarily agree with some of the advice regarding small doses, at least when you're vaporizing xtals. I've personally found pre-breakthrough doses to be extremely uncomfortable because you're still partly in your body and partly shattered in sort of blended state of consciousness. It's not very nice. If you want a nice introductory experience I would suggest making a 20% - 30% changa blend and puffing on it this way. Just start with half a cone first as you can still blast yourself off until you've tested your changa potency and/or your interaction with the molecule. The herbs in changa tend to synchronize with the body better and it provides a more grounding experience without blasting yourself to smithereens. There are many recipes online for different changa blends but this is probably my all time classic favorite blend from down under: 30% ayahuasca vine and/or leaf 20% mullein 20% passionflower 20% peppermint 5% calendula 5% blue lotus I also like to use different flowers and herbs to create a really funky looking blend that is interesting to look at and pleasant to smoke, see attached photo. With that said until you've experienced a true breakthrough you haven't really done the trick with DMT. Anytime I've had a really scary experience on spice I will wait a while until my mindset is clear and I'll smoke in the morning under a bright sun. The sun is very healing and I've found you're much more likely to have a pleasant experience in the morning under the sun with the spirit molecule. I believe the serotonin and melatonin levels in your brain have an influence aswell but night time DMT consumption isn't for the faint of heart. I am also very selective on the type of music as I have found sound greatly alters the experience also. The only way to know is to experiment. Safe travels.
  11. If you can get your hands on San Pedro powder this is slightly easier to consume, you mix it in water and quickly consume before it turns to mucus. The doses vary depending on potency but the powder is typically made from the dried green skin of the cactus and not the flesh as it's more concentrated in the skin. But as others have said it's so disgusting and the purge is heavy. I have had some nice experiences with mescaline and cactus powder though, it's great to take a functional dose for you and then go for a walk somewhere in nature.
  12. You're not meant to smoke salvia, not really. The traditional method is to chew the leaves.
  13. I've been a weed smoker my entire life and in my experience after dozens of psychedelic experiences on most substances, my current relationship with the plant is vastly different to what it was before. I'm able to have full breakthrough experiences on weed now but I have stopped consuming it regularly like I used to before I discovered psychedelics. I've found weed to be far too numbing if consumed regularly and after any breakthrough experience on psychedelics it was severely limiting my self-development. I wasn't able to remember my dreams and learnings from the integration process wasn't as profound if I was greened out regularly. I've since changed to smoking weed more ceremonially, maybe once a month instead of every day and setting a genuine intention. This has potentated my weed experiences significantly as obviously my tolerance levels aren't as built up and I'm seeking an outcome from the altered state of consciousness not just getting stoned and eating junk. I used to defend my weed smoking habits but it just makes me lazy if habitually smoked and I do not get the profound internal reflections that I do on psychedelics. Infact they work in almost opposite ways with weed working in the shadows and numbing you whereas psychedelics work in the light to unearth things on a path to self discovery. There are certain benefits to both but in my view they work in entirely opposite ways.
  14. Good morning everyone, I was hoping to hear from people who have experienced the phenomenon of sleep paralysis and accompanying nightmares during their awakening and the strategies they employed to confront this. I have had some particularly traumatic dreams usually after ceremony or during the following integration phases. I have been listening to Hanuman mantra's (Ramaskandam) to help. I've also started exploring with incense resin, rapé and I'm doing yoga, saunas, cold plunge pools etc which has assisted in managing some of the negative entity attachment and associated energy. I've started to look for deeper meaning from these dreams to decrypt them. As a brief summary I've had instances where I am being chased in a labyrinth and getting trapped between extremely narrow passage ways. Within these tight spaces I am unable to move with dark entities hunting me down. I'm left to defend myself with archaic weapons like saws and having to kill these entities in extremely graphic ways. I've been trapped in this scenario where time dilated like crazy and it felt like weeks/months then only being able to jolt myself awake screaming after some time. My wife was extremely terrified by the sound I made coming out of it, as it was some kind of demonic howling. It really rattled me and it took about a week to recover from the trauma of this particular experience. It has been about a month since that specific event and my existing coping mechanisms did assist however I have started to feel this energy creeping back in to a degree during my sleep, although it's presenting in a dissimilar way. I want to front foot it this time so I would really appreciate any feedback from anyone who has had similar challenge's during thier awakening and any strategies utilized that assisted in managing it. Thank you in advance.