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  1. The way I deeply feel about a certain situation often aids me in making decisions in life. This is not a problem until it’s about big decisions as it’s difficult to delineate whether I’m feeling true intuition or some sort of irrational fear or feeling. for example, let’s say I get an offer from a job, it seems perfect. The work environment is ideal, it suits my life purpose, it will truly grow me ect, but I have a feeling that it’s a bad decision to go through with for no apparent reason. Do I trust this feeling? d This is a common theme is pretty much every decision in life, it almost seems compulsive, I’m not sure if it’s intuition or irrational fear
  2. @Breakingthewall What does that mean to you? Can you please elaborate. How is the most authentic way to live in this situation?
  3. Thanks for responding. @Judy2 I tried focusing on two things in my life and it's very difficult. Like I never made more progress on an area than when I focused a 100 percent on it.
  4. Thanks for the response. @Leo Gura what about material desires? I saw your video on burning karma where you suggested on burning your karma first before getting fully into spirituality. Logically I think that's a great plan (personally I want to do it that way) , however I have this irrational fear or intuition (I'm not sure which one it is) that I have to pursue spirituality now because I'll get better opportunities and guidance doing it now (and that I won't get this guidance later). I kinda want to pursue it later but can't help feeling this way. What do you think about that?
  5. After reading "The Way of the Superior Man" a few times I decided it was time to find my true purpose. I sat in my room for a couple hours with no distractions or anything and it hit. The true desire that I really wanted was to know truth and enlightenment. This wasnt new to me, every time I am left with no distractions I end up obsessing about truth like nothing else mattered (until I get distracted by life again). The issue is, I have other goals that I want to achieve, like I also have a strong desire and huge vision to make music and perform, which is also something I absolutely want to do. I'm just afraid if the music vision is a fake desire or not (like influenced by society around you). Like I really don't want to give that vision up, I have an extremely strong desire to perform since I was very young. However when Im alone without distractions I end up almost always obsessing about truth. Also like I have other things I want to achieve, I haven't had an intimate relationship yet which kills me too. Like should I do the music thing first, or is temporarily ignoring the desire for finding truth going to fuck me up in the long run? I'm scared of choosing the wrong purpose, please help.
  6. @Sincerity advice seems really fucking good. one thing I realised is that the reason why people don’t do the work is simply because you don’t want it enough. I personally had put on some weight last year, and because I really wanted to get fit because of a girl I lost 10kg in 3 weeks. Which is super unsafe but still. It was the first time I felt that I really want something. So yea bro that’s the root cause in my opinion.
  7. Thanks for the response. Firstly, how do you know that after death you switch from ego “self” to god “self”? Also how do you know that we could possible be sent back to the same dream? If you know this from personal experience, how can you even make sure that the insights you got are true? Aren’t all experiences including psychedelic trips just another appearance in consciousness and therefore not 100 percent verifiable? this is the thing I feel everyone’s overlooking and I’m panicking about
  8. All we can confirm for sure is that “I am”. There is consciousness, as through consciousness we experience everything. But how do we confirm that everything appearing in consciousness is or is not true? This question not only extends to observable science but also to psychedelic trips and other forms of peak experiences as they also appear in our consciousness the same way science does. I mean, isn’t it completely possible that yogis and spiritual teachers come up with a model of truth that is completely different for what truth really is? Leo said after we die we become infinite love, but is there anyway to confirm this?Isn’t it possible that after we die we experience something completely different?
  9. ahaha I really didn't mean to make it sound like I wanna be a religious leader. I just want to be psychologically advanced to the point where I can judge what type of person people around me need and then become that person for them so that they can grow. And I don't necessarily want the spotlight either, like man, I mean being able to give hope to a stranger who has a fucked up life through one interaction would be crazy.
  10. I haven't taken the Life Purpose Coarse although I wish to after I graduate high school. I did however start reflecting on the teachings in book THE WAY OF A SUPERIOR MAN, and therefore started contemplating my life purpose. I had many visions, but this one felt so fulfilling on the inside, I am almost tearing up just thinking about it. Although it's not a 100 percent clear, I've never felt this way about almost anything, this vision feels so surreal. The vision itself seems a little unorthodox though. My Life Purpose vision: In my vision, I helped everyone that I met in my life; family, friends, drug addicts, sexual partners to become the best version of themselves possible. The best version of their unique self's. In my vision, I pushed people out of the comfort zones and helped them express their love for life and purpose in their own way. In my vision, I helped so many people become their best self, to the point where they themselves motivate and inspire others, which leads to a sort of butterfly effect of people growing and living the best life they can. In my vision, I gave people the belief and resources necessary to create a world where everyone can work together to live the most prosperous life. There are many sub visions that I had too, and I don't know how to interpret them: - I led the country. All aspects of the country improved, because people were so connected to their own purpose that they were giving their all into their craft. - I started a business, and everyone that worked under me and around me grew so much that they gave all they had to the business leading to success. - My sexual partner, grew so much internally that she would cry because of how good her life is --------------------------------------------------------------------x--------------------------------- This is all very new to me, and I just had this vision. Its kind of weird, because I don't even think I am at my best self to be able to lead others. This vision was one of the most powerful things I've experienced, in the sense that I started tearing up thinking about how peoples lives can change for the better and how I could source that change. I even imagine them thanking me. I imagine feeling a source of extreme pride when my friends succeed in life. The main reason I posting about this is I'm not entirely sure if this is what is meant by life purpose? Aaaaaand What more should I do now?
  11. @Spiritual Warrior Thanks a lot that is a great response, it really helps.
  12. @Leo Gura @BipolarGrowth @koops That's really interesting that you didn't find it counter intuitive. Me personally everything is somewhat new. I am most confused about the concept of being at your "edge". I know this wasn't the original question, but to all that understand the book, what does "edge" mean? Is it comfort zone? Why does he say don't go too far outside "edge" but stay near it. I'd really appreciate it if someone clarifies
  13. @koops Yea a bunch people say that, me personally I dont understand most of the things in there. But yea Il try my best to follow as per my understanding of life, but I will reread it aswell thanks for response