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  1. ahaha I really didn't mean to make it sound like I wanna be a religious leader. I just want to be psychologically advanced to the point where I can judge what type of person people around me need and then become that person for them so that they can grow. And I don't necessarily want the spotlight either, like man, I mean being able to give hope to a stranger who has a fucked up life through one interaction would be crazy.
  2. I haven't taken the Life Purpose Coarse although I wish to after I graduate high school. I did however start reflecting on the teachings in book THE WAY OF A SUPERIOR MAN, and therefore started contemplating my life purpose. I had many visions, but this one felt so fulfilling on the inside, I am almost tearing up just thinking about it. Although it's not a 100 percent clear, I've never felt this way about almost anything, this vision feels so surreal. The vision itself seems a little unorthodox though. My Life Purpose vision: In my vision, I helped everyone that I met in my life; family, friends, drug addicts, sexual partners to become the best version of themselves possible. The best version of their unique self's. In my vision, I pushed people out of the comfort zones and helped them express their love for life and purpose in their own way. In my vision, I helped so many people become their best self, to the point where they themselves motivate and inspire others, which leads to a sort of butterfly effect of people growing and living the best life they can. In my vision, I gave people the belief and resources necessary to create a world where everyone can work together to live the most prosperous life. There are many sub visions that I had too, and I don't know how to interpret them: - I led the country. All aspects of the country improved, because people were so connected to their own purpose that they were giving their all into their craft. - I started a business, and everyone that worked under me and around me grew so much that they gave all they had to the business leading to success. - My sexual partner, grew so much internally that she would cry because of how good her life is --------------------------------------------------------------------x--------------------------------- This is all very new to me, and I just had this vision. Its kind of weird, because I don't even think I am at my best self to be able to lead others. This vision was one of the most powerful things I've experienced, in the sense that I started tearing up thinking about how peoples lives can change for the better and how I could source that change. I even imagine them thanking me. I imagine feeling a source of extreme pride when my friends succeed in life. The main reason I posting about this is I'm not entirely sure if this is what is meant by life purpose? Aaaaaand What more should I do now?
  3. @Spiritual Warrior Thanks a lot that is a great response, it really helps.
  4. @Leo Gura @BipolarGrowth @koops That's really interesting that you didn't find it counter intuitive. Me personally everything is somewhat new. I am most confused about the concept of being at your "edge". I know this wasn't the original question, but to all that understand the book, what does "edge" mean? Is it comfort zone? Why does he say don't go too far outside "edge" but stay near it. I'd really appreciate it if someone clarifies
  5. @Holymoly Do you maybe know why?
  6. @koops Yea a bunch people say that, me personally I dont understand most of the things in there. But yea Il try my best to follow as per my understanding of life, but I will reread it aswell thanks for response
  7. "The Way of the Superior Man" by David Deida is certainly not your run-of-the-mill personal development book. It offers a fresh perspective on the relationship between the masculine and feminine, and how a man can embody his masculinity in a way that is authentic and fulfilling. I have read this book twice but almost all the advice is counter intuitive. It also has different advice on purpose, saying that there are several purpose layers for ones life. It also has advice on having a good relationship with fear, befriending it. I have no idea what that means. Is this book any good? Is this a book I should follow? It has very counter intuitive advice about literally everything and I don't know if I should follow it. Someone please let me know
  8. Is there a way to permanently solve feeling bad after rejection and should we do it, or should we accept it as a common evolutionary experience.
  9. Thanks, that is what I am planning to do. But I'm very confused where all this resolving trauma thing comes in? Should I try resolving Trauma? It it even possible to deeply resolve all your trauma?
  10. I understand, these is all interesting experiences and insights. Do you think that it is even possible to completely get rid of trauma and it's effects? It seems like you have done a lot of work trying to do so. Also is it really self hatred, or is it just trying your hardest to prevent situations that have hurt you. Also could you tell me some benefits you got from resolving trauma?
  11. @Zedman Where can I learn more about these complex processes
  12. Yup your right, but I think it can be useful. Probably not the best to use it all the time
  13. Do you think your life is better after healing your trauma? Maybe trauma isn't a bad thing. Do you know any way I could get disciplined without using fear? Lmk. Thanks for responding.
  14. @nhoktinvt This does not make sense, how can you possibly transfer trauma?
  15. I get extreme motivation when thinking about my past trauma. I feel angry, and ready to do whatever it takes to achieve my goal. It is somewhat acts like an antidote to laziness. Many people refer to this as one's dark side. Should I use my dark side? Is there any negative consequences to using trauma as a source of motivation. Let me know.